Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1318: Slaying Vajra Elephant Lord

Chapter 1317: Phantom Ruler Advances to the Empyrean Realm

As soon as Yang Feng stepped into the phantom sea, a strange force shrouded him and distorted the scenery in front of him.

“You want me to enter an illusion? Thats not something you can accomplish!”

Yang Feng smiled coldly, and the Phantom Ruler suddenly appeared behind him. An eye opened on the Phantom Rulers body and absorbed the phantom seas phantom force.

A frightening whirlpool appeared in the phantom sea and swallowed all the phantom force, and rabbit-like phantom beasts with a mysterious rune on the forehead emerged.

The phantom beasts are Holy Spirit Warlock rank existences and there are hundreds of them in total. When faced against hundreds of Holy Spirit Warlocks, even a quasi-Empyrean wouldnt dare to fight them. However, when the phantom beasts saw the Phantom Ruler, as if mice that have seen a cat, they ran away in different directions.

Phantom Ruler glimmered, and countless threads ejected and stabbed the phantom beasts.

The phantom beasts shriveled strangely.

Among the 12 quasi-Empyrean rank mechanical rulers under Yang Fengs command, the Phantom Ruler has the greatest evolutionary potential. It has the potential of advance to an Empyrean.

In the phantom sea, there are phantom beasts everywhere. Even if its a quasi-Empyrean, if they enter the phantom sea and make a misstep, they will be disorientated by the phantom beasts and fall into eternal sleep.

With the Phantom Ruler clearing the way, Yang Feng soon entered the deepest part of the phantom sea.

In the deepest part of the phantom sea, there is a narcissus that exudes mysterious phantom force. In the narcissuss stamen, there is a floating blue fruit.

The blue fruit is the legendary Dream Spirit Fruit. If a pinnacle quasi-Empyrean with illusion arts as the foundation consumes the Dream Spirit Fruit, they will be able to advance to an Empyrean.

Next to the Dream Spirit Fruit, there is a curled up python 1 million kilometers long. The terrifying python is shining with countless runes and emitting quasi-Empyrean rank fluctuations of power.

The terrifying python, which is even bigger than Earth, suddenly looked in a certain direction, and its eyes emitted mysterious fluctuations.

“Quasi-Empyrean rank dream python! Can easily make the intelligent life forms of a star fall into a dreamland and enter eternal sleep. Devours the dream force of intelligent life forms to sustain itself and has the potential to evolve into an Empyrean. If you swallow this Dream Spirit Fruit, you may be able to advance to an Empyrean in one fell swoop. Its a shame, but now that you met me, you can only die.”

A cold voice reverberated in the area. Yang Feng emerged from the phantom sea, arrived in front of the dream python, and punched it.

Without any sound, the dream python, which seem to be unreal and non-existent, collapsed strangely and turned into fragments.

The Phantom Ruler flew out, opened numerous black holes all over its body, and absorbed the fragments of the dream python.

Yang Feng extended his hand towards the Dream Spirit Fruit. All of a sudden, he frowned and looked towards the rear.

Fearsome dragon qi surged in the rear, and a handsome powerhouse equipped with a black battlegear, with black dragon horns on the head, emitting an overbearing aura, walked out.

“Dream Spirit Fruit! Although it is not a treasure that I need, but it is still a first-class god grade treasure of heaven and earth. You… are not a powerhouse of our Gumana Universe! Then go to hell! Remember, the person who killed you is Black Dragon Emperor!”

Black Dragon Emperor walked out of the void, and his eyes surged with dense killing intent. He extended a hand, which surged with terrifying dragon qi and shot towards Yang Feng.

If it were any other quasi-Empyrean rank powerhouse, they would be squashed by Black Dragon Emperors hand.

“Fourth form!”

Yang Fengs eyes surged with killing intent. The Xi Shen Armor broke out with countless mysterious runes, and a blurry projection appeared and fused with Yang Feng.

Yang Feng unleashed a halberd slash, and four visions, namely a river of time, spatial gates, stars, and a black hole emerged and shot towards Black Dragon Emperor.

“Youre Devour Lord!”

As soon as Black Dragon Emperor saw the four visions, his expression changed dramatically and his arrogance disappeared. He crazily stimulated his strength.

Black Dragon Emperor broke out with countless mysterious runes, erupted with terrifying true dragon qi, and extended his hand.

Shrouded in the palpitation-inducing true dragon qi, a terrifying black true dragon knocked into the four visions.


Along with an earth-shaking blast, the black true dragon was crushed by the four visions, and terrifying force slammed into Black Dragon Emperor, prompting him to spurt out a mouthful of blood.

Ling emerged from the void and brandished the Whip of the Ruler. As if a poisonous dragon, the Whip of the Ruler tore the firmament and slammed into Black Dragon Emperor.

Under the attack of the Whip of the Ruler, the defensive barrier placed on Black Dragon Emperor collapsed into pieces. The Whip of the Ruler whipped Black Dragon Emperor. With this attack, bones were broken, a gash appeared, and blood spilled.

“Empress Ling! Devour Lord! I shall remember this!”

With a flash of resentment in his eyes, Black Dragon Emperor roared bitterly, ready to cast a spell and escape this place.

All of a sudden, Ying appeared without warning and stabbed with the Lance of the Ruler. In an instant, the Lance of the Ruler pierced Black Dragon Emperors scales, penetrated his head and soul, and nailed him.

Ling whipped Black Dragon Emperor again, inflicting sever damage upon his body and soul.

A black hole emerged, swallowed Black Dragon Emperor, and frantically devoured his life origin.

Black Dragon Emperor is a powerful Empyrean, even slightly stronger than Golden Ape Emperor. Unfortunately, Yang Fengs group of three launched full strength attacks from the get go. In particular, Yings surprise attack was marvelous. Only then were they able to kill him in one fell swoop.

If it were a frontal battle instead, then even though he is not a match for the other side, Black Dragon Emperor still would be able to escape.

As he refined Black Dragon Emperors life origin, Yang Feng felt his reserves improve constantly, and his eyes shimmered with the shade of elation, “As expected of the Twin Universe Flower! It is indeed the greatest opportunity for me to advance to an Empyrean!”

“This is yours!”

Yang Feng picked up the Dream Spirit Fruit and threw it to the Phantom Ruler.

The Phantom Ruler swallowed it at once. In an instant, countless mysterious runes appeared all over its body, and strange phantom force slowly diffused from it.

Countless runes shone, and the Phantom Ruler broke out with terrifying devour force and frantically devoured the power of the phantom sea.

The whole phantom sea churned, and a tremendous stream of phantom force flowed into the Phantom Ruler, making it more formidable and terrifying.

After more than a dozen breaths of time, the Phantom Ruler devoured the phantom sea completely, and Empyrean aura slowly diffused from it. It directly broke through the Empyrean wall and became an Empyrean realm existence.

Yang Feng watched the Phantom Ruler advance to the Empyrean realm and mused, “If I wasnt keen on having a perfect advancement, I could also advance to an Empyrean at this time. But if I did that, it would negatively impact my chances at advancing to an Eternal Sovereign.”

Phantom Ruler promoted to the Empyrean realm without absorbing universe origin force. Such a powerhouse only possess Empyrean fighting strength. Without incredible fateful encounters, it is basically impossible for such a powerhouse to advance to the Eternal realm.

Since Yang Feng is focused on advancing to the Eternal realm, he naturally wouldnt advance to an Empyrean in this way.

“The number of powerhouses in Gumana Universe should be much higher than that of our universe! I can use Black Dragon Emperors identity.”

Yang Feng took out the Mask of Fantasy Spirit Emperor and put it on. With a flash of light, he changed into Black Dragon Emperor. His aura and soul fluctuations became identical to those of Black Dragon Emperor, as well.

Lights shone, and Ling, Ying, and the Phantom Ruler disappeared and hid at Yang Fengs side.

“Soul force is being suppressed! Has the world of the Twin Universe Flower evolved further?”

Yang Feng unleashed his soul and spread it outwards. But then he discovered that his soul force that could easily cover a world was compressed, to the point that he can only scan an area 1,000 kilometers in radius.

If it were in the starry sky, Yang Feng could easily scan an area tens of thousands of light-years in radius with his soul force. If it were on Cangzhi Plane, Yang Fengs soul force could cover an area millions of kilometers in radius. This phenomenon stems from plane origin force suppression.

With a flash of white light, an Empyrean with a thick elephant trunk, an elephant upper body, and a dragon lower body, glittering with golden light, flew over from the distance and landed in front of Yang Feng.

Yang Feng learned from Black Dragon Emperors memories that this Empyrean with a thick elephant trunk, glittering with golden light is Vajra Elephant Lord, an ancient Empyrean of Gumana Universe. This Empyrean possesses tyrannical fighting strength and is even slightly stronger than Black Dragon Emperor.

Not unlike in the world of Warlocks, there are many Empyreans sleeping in Gumana Universe, waiting for the universe great tribulation to unfold and a chance to advance to the Eternal realm to arise.

The universe energy level of Gumana Universe is half an energy level higher than that of the world of Warlocks. But with 3 Eternal Sovereigns stifling the universe, no matter how talented an individual is, it is impossible to advance to the Eternal realm. If you try to advance to the Eternal realm in Gumana Universe, only a path to ruin will await you.

Only during the universe great tribulation, when two universes are devouring each other, will the three Eternal Sovereigns allow Empyreans to attack the Eternal realm.

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