Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1319: Eternal Origin Sea

Chapter 1318: Slaying Vajra Elephant Lord

Vajra Elephant Lord asked with greed in his eyes, “Black Dragon Emperor, what was your harvest?”

Yang Feng answered, “Vajra Elephant Lord! I saw a Dream Spirit Fruit over there! But I was defeated by Empress Ling and Devour Lord and had no choice by to retreat here.”

Vajra Elephant Lords eyes shimmered with greed, “Dream Spirit Fruit! Its a treasure that can enable one to promote to an Empyrean.”

Any treasure that can enable one to the Empyrean realm is a peerless treasure among peerless treasures. Even in Gumana Universe, no more than ten such fruits have ever existed.

God knows how many quasi-Empyreans with illusion arts as the foundation long for such a treasure. At the same time, if an Empyrean proficient in illusion arts gets the Dream Spirit Fruit, their fighting strength will be upgraded.

If fearsome Empyreans such as Vajra Elephant Lord and Black Dragon Emperor consume the Dream Spirit Fruit, their soul force and resistance to illusion arts will be upgraded.

Vajra Elephant Lord suggested, “Black Dragon Emperor, why dont we join hands and snatch away the Dream Spirit Fruit?”

Yang Feng and Ling are Empyrean rank powerhouses. At the prospects of facing the two at the same time, Vajra Elephant Lord feels somewhat apprehensive. As such, he needs to work together with Black Dragon Emperor.

Yang Feng raised a question: “Okay! But how do we divide it?”

Vajra Elephant Lord responded, “Ill get the Dream Spirit Fruit. Then Ill help you get a treasure of heaven and earth of equal value.”

Yang Feng refused categorically: “No way! If you want the Dream Spirit Fruit, then let me choose ten treasures you have on you. And I want to chose them now. Whether we are successful or not, I wont return them. Furthermore, except for the Dream Spirit Fruit, the rest of our spoils shall belong to me.”

Upon hearing Yang Fengs counter-proposal, the suspicion in Vajra Elephant Lords eyes dissipated slowly. He contemplated for a while, and then finally greeted his teeth and said, “Fine!”

Vajra Elephant Lord waved his hand. Countless mysterious runes shone, and a vast small world appeared in the void.

In the small world, there are countless sparkling treasures. If any one of those treasures falls into the hands of an ordinary person, it will become a cheat that will change the fate of said ordinary person.

“Choose whatever you want!”

Vajra Elephant Lord had a pained look in his eyes. The treasures in the treasury are extremely precious, and many of them are precious even to Empyreans. But those treasures are nothing when compared to the Dream Spirit Fruit.


Yang Fengs eyes flickered coldly. The Xi Shen Armor shone with countless runes, and a blurry projection emerged and fused with him.

The Warbringer Halberd appeared in Yang Fengs hand and, as if a poisonous dragon, stabbed towards Vajra Elephant Ruler.

Four visions, namely a torrent of time, spatial gates, stars, and a black hole, emerged, converged together, and formed a terrifying halberd ray stabbing towards Vajra Elephant Lord.

“Youre Devour Lord!”

With a look of shock in his eyes, Vajra Elephant Lord bellowed, erupted with countless runes, and radiated golden light.

Yang Fengs halberd stabbed into Vajra Elephant Lords body and got stuck, unable to pierce further.

Vajra Elephant Lord is known for his defense and strength. His physical defense is even greater than that of many unequaled overlord-level Empyreans.

Ling emerged from the void, brandished the Whip of the Ruler, and hit Vajra Elephant Lord in the head, and the other partys head burst open.

The Phantom Ruler appeared and opened an eye on its body, and strange phantom light instantly slammed into Vajra Elephant Lord.

Vajra Elephant Lord has amazing defense and extraordinary strength. His only weakness is his weak resistance to illusion arts. When he was hit by Phantom Rulers phantom light, his soul fell into a stupor for a moment.

At this moment, Ying emerged, and the Lance of the Ruler in her hands turned into a stream of light and pierced Vajra Elephant Lord in the heart.

Under the surprise attack of the four Empyreans, Vajra Elephant Ruler sustained serious damage.

A black hole emerged, swallowed Vajra Elephant Lord, and frantically devoured his life origin.

Yang Fengs eyes flickered with the color of excitement, “Amazing! So this is Empyrean origin! My reserves have become more profound. The Empyreans in the Twin Universe Flower are the greatest tonic for me.”

“Fortunately I disguised myself as Black Dragon Emperor. As such, the surprise attack against Vajra Elephant Lord went smoothly. Otherwise, even though I can defeat him, it would be extremely hard to kill him.”

Yang Feng quietly reflected on the fights successes and failures.

Every Empyrean is a fearsome existence at the top of the universe. Yang Feng currently has three Empyrean rank assistants by his side. However, although it may be easy to defeat an ancient Empyrean such as Vajra Elephant Lord, but its very hard to kill them. Yang Feng plotted for Vajra Elephant Lord to lower his guard. Thanks to this, the surprise attack succeed and Vajra Elephant Lord was killed.

“Black Dragon Emperor has a wide circle of acquaintances in Gumana Universe. He knows far more people than Vajra Elephant Lord. Lets use his identity in the Twin Universe Flower.”

Yang Feng changed into the Black Dragon Emperors form and continued to fly to the depths of the Twin Universe Flower.

Countless Interstellar Probes flew in all directions to explore the environment of the Twin Universe Flower. They sent all the information they collected back to Yang Feng.

In the Twin Universe Flower, on a spirit mountain, there is 100-meter-tall Golden Sun Chrysanthemum. At the Golden Sun Chrysanthemums stamen, there stands a person. That person is Gold Qilin Prince.

“So this is the Golden Sun Chrysanthemum fruit! With it, my chances of advancing to an Empyrean will increase by another 10%.”

The Gold Qilin Prince looked at a fruit radiating golden light in the center of the Golden Sun Chrysanthemum with a burning color in his eyes.

“You are world of Warlocks Golden Qilin Prince? I happen to lack a carriage-pulling beast. Be my carriage-pulling beast!”

A cold, haughty voice sounded in the void, and a handsome young man with a silver horn on the head walked out of the void and gazed at the Gold Qilin Prince, a look of derision on his face.


Upon seeing the young man with a silver horn, Golden Qilin Prince turned pale in the face. He broke out with countless mysterious runes, turned into a golden ray, and fled into the distance.

Golden Qilin Prince is an invincible prodigy of an era. But compared to an Empyrean, he isnt worth mentioning.

“Its your honor to be a carriage-pulling beast of I, Silver Spectre Lord! In the future, when I advance to the Eternal realm, I will help you promote to an Empyrean!”

Silver Spectre Lord smiled coldly and took a step, and a road formed by silver-white light appeared at his feet. In an instant, he crossed 100,000 kilometers, appeared behind Gold Qilin Prince, and extended his hand.

Endless silver-white light surged. Golden Qilin Prince trembled, endless golden light shone, and secret treasures emerged one by one.

“What a naughty young qilin!”

Silver Spectre Lord smiled lightly, extended a finger, and touched the secret treasures released by Golden Qilin Prince.

Swept by the silver-white light, the secret treasures dimmed and were sealed.

Shrouded by the silver-white light, Gold Qilin Prince turned into a silver-white qilin the size of a fist, a dull look in his eyes.

“Gold Qilin Prince was suppressed just like that! Its terrible!”

Phoenix Princess saw what happened from a distance and felt a chill in her heart. Her figure fluttered, and she cast a secret method and disappeared.

“A young pure blood phoenix! Thats quite fast! What a pity!”

Silver Spectre Lord looked in the direction of Phoenix Prince, and regret flashed in his eyes.

Phoenix Princes is a quasi-Empyrean rank powerhouse and is proficient in countless secret treasures. In the first moments, she cast a secret method to hide her aura and ran away. Even a terrifying powerhouse like Silver Spectre Lord cant find her.

“Dont! Dont kill me! I surrender!”

On a spirit mountain, a Holy of the world of Warlocks implored a Great Holy of Gumana Universe.

“Die! Damn alien!”

With a ferocious smile on his face, the Great Holy of Gumana Universe stabbed his hand into the head of the Holy of the world of Warlocks and crushed the other partys head.

“The Night Immortal Grass is mine! With it, I will have a chance to promote to a quasi-Empyrean!”

The Great Holys gaze fell on a tract of black grass not far away, and his eyes flickered with a scorching shade.

A huge tongue emerged from the earth abruptly, shot towards the Great Holy, drew him into a large mouth, and disappeared.

In the Twin Universe Flower, there are rare treasures of heaven and earth everywhere. At the same time, there are dangers everywhere.

Furthermore, the powerhouses of the two universes are fighting each other. As such, powerhouses are constantly dying in the Twin Universe Flower.

Yang Fengs incarnation of Black Dragon Emperor adventured in the Twin Universe Flower. With the help of the information provided by the Interstellar Probe, he plotted against an Empyrean called Mountain Lord and devoured his life origin. At the same time, he collected countless precious resources.

Every Empyrean is a huge treasury with countless treasures. When he slayed the three Empyreans, Yang Feng also obtained the treasures they carried with them.

The two Kings of Rulers Ling and Ying absorbed many precious minerals from the treasuries of the three Empyreans, which increased their strength by a large fraction.

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