Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 132 – Surrounding Israel (II)

Chapter 131 – Surrounding Israel (I)

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Israel said some cruel words with a smile: “Snow White Madam, I know that Savage Claws Great Warlock Isadore admires you greatly. As long as we work together, then with some tricks, we can easily assassinate him. Afterwards, well each eat half of his corpse; thus greatly upgrading our strength.”

Although hellion Great Warlock rank experts didnt need to consume humans in order to preserve their reason, but devouring a Warlock of the same rank would still spell great benefits for them; therefore, this was the reason why hellions were one of the most terrifying enemies of humans.

A fierce voice came from that chunk of ice: “I wont surrender and will never join you.”

Israel said with a slight smile: “No, youll surrender! You were stabbed by the legendary dagger Kiss of the Damned. Even with the legendary secret treasure Snow Ice Box, at the most, youll only be able to bear it for another three days. Three days later, your Snow Ice Barrier wont be able withstand my erosion anymore and will vanish into nothing. After I capture you and implant you with my clans pure bloodline, then youll transform into a hellion. By that time, youll certainly change your mind and become my wife.”

The art of switching to the Hellion Clans bloodline was extremely terrifying. From the era of the 3rd Warlock Dynasty until now, the Hellion Clan was repeatedly attacked by human Warlocks, yet they still didnt went extinct, but rather quickly developed after several ups and downs. That was only possible because the hellions art of switching bloodline was formidable.

If there was no Great Warlock defending Turandot Subcontinent, then the hellions could transform Turandot Subcontinents tremendous human population of more then 10,000,000,000 into low-level hellions within a year. Hellions were like cancer cells parasitizing the human body that would quickly spread if one was the slightest bit careless.

That chunk of ice became deathly silent. No matter what Israel said, there was no response from the chunk of ice.

As a Great Warlock, Israels perception was extremely frightening. No life form was able of escaping his perception within an area of more than a dozen square kilometers. But there were too many insects in this area; therefore, he didnt notice that there were several mechanical mosquitoes spying on him.

One day passed in a flash. The black flames had already melted the crystal clear chunk of ice into a thin layer.

Israel suddenly creased his eyebrows, then looked southwards. With his extraordinary hearing, he could clearly hear the mechanical rumblings coming from that direction.

Israel said coldly: “Go, get rid of them!”

“Yes, Master! Well tear those lumps of steel into scrap iron.”

Outside the valley, the three Dragon-Winged Demonic Fire Apes gave sinister smiles, before instantly erupting with the terrifying life force of pinnacle level-3 Warlocks. Their figures shook and as if embodying three clusters of fire, they swept southward.

The three Dragon-Winged Demonic Fire Apes flew for six kilometers southward, before finally seeing densely packed four types of primary battle robots advancing in their direction. The troops surpassed 100,000 units and were composed of level-8 bladed robots, gunner robots, artillery robots and shielded robots.

When the three Dragon-Winged Demonic Fire Apes saw this scene, their scalps turned somewhat numb and their rampant arrogance disappeared in a flash.

Every level-8 primary battle robot was more than five meters tall and was equipped with all kinds of military weapons. With just a single glance, one would know not to mess with them. As long as there were less than ten units of those level-8 primary battle robots, then the three brothers, the Dragon-Winged Demonic Fire Apes, could easily destroy them. But against one hundred thousand primary battle robots, even if they went all out, they might not be able to completely destroy those level-8 primary battle robots.

Once the three Dragon-Winged Demonic Fire Apes appeared, the level-8 gunner robots immediately adjusted their aim, before their gauss cannons rumbled madly and countless terrifying gauss cannon shells madly swept towards the three Dragon-Winged Demonic Fire Apes.

In a split second, a network of countless red fire shrouded the sky.

Suddenly, a sense of danger pervaded the minds of the three Dragon-Winged Demonic Fire Apes. They roared furiously. Countless flames formed a flame cover around them; following which, they directly fled into the valley covered in ice and snow.

The level-8 gunner robots smart microchips were equipped with the most advanced trajectory prediction system and with the super computing optical computer within the Portable Fortified Stronghold, the Dragon-Winged Demonic Fire Apes escape root was completely sealed.

Countless gauss shells exploded on the three Dragon-Winged Demonic Fire Apes flame shields, crushing them after less than a second. In a split second, countless gauss shells bombarded the three Dragon-Winged Demonic Fire Apes, riddling them with gaping wounds and causing a mist of blood around them; following which, they immediately fell to the ground.

If it was a level-2 extraordinary life form or lower, then they would have already been pummeled into mincemeat by those gauss shells. But the three Dragon-Winged Demonic Fire Apes were pinnacle level-3 extraordinary life forms; even though they were pierced through by countless gauss shells, they still hadnt died.

Three bloody magical radiances shot up and directly merged with the three Dragon-Winged Demonic Fire Apes bodies that were nearly torn to bits. Their bodies riddled with gaping wounds at once recovered, only their complexions pale. They knelt weakly beside Israel and said with great shame: “Master, were very sorry, we arent up to par with the task!”

Israels eyes were extremely cold. He casually flicked his hand; flames congregated into an eye of flames and shot towards the sky

The sight within a radius of several dozen kilometers of the scene was entirely taken in by the eye of flames.

Israel silently recited an incantation. A second later, he pointed towards the sky.

A crimson radiance entered the sky, followed by countless fire elemental particles congregating.

As if a scene straight from hell, a large sea of fire quickly took form; five seconds later, it reached an area of several kilometers in radius. Fireballs fell from the sky, madly shooting towards the one hundred thousand primary battle robots down below.

Not long ago, Israel had taken advantage of this spell, Rain of Fireballs, and instantly slayed the several thousand units sent by Yang Feng to chase after Olerya.

The mechanical shielded robots among the primary battle robots raised their shields and instantly shrouded them selves and the primary battle robots that they were protecting with level-3 protective covers.

The rain of fireballs fell by the thousands and tens of thousands, bombarding the shielded robots protective covers, before successively collapsing. Very strangely, they were absorbed by the level-3 protective covers and turned into energy for the level-8 shielded robots to use.

The new technology contained within those level-8 shielded robots enabled them to defend against energy attacks and then adsorb energy. Any energy attacks that didnt exceeded their defensive limit, the energy from the energy attack could be absorbed for their own use. Even though the mechanical shielded robots was a battle unit with the lowest level of xizu technology, yet it still had various miraculous powers.

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