Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1322: Slaying Myriad Dragons Father

Chapter 1321: Fighting Myriad Dragons Father

There are many true spirits hiding in Eternal Origin Sea, each of which emits fierce aura.

The true spirit-level extraordinary life forms are not real entities, but beings formed from Eternal origin force. Although they possess unequaled overlord-level strength, but their real fighting strength is not at the level of a genuine Empyrean.

But even so, if these true spirit-level extraordinary life forms work together, they can even slay an unequaled overlord-level Empyrean.

Yang Feng used the Mask of Fantasy Spirit Emperor to disguise himself as an extinction python formed by Eternal origin force and swam freely in the Eternal Origin Sea.

After a while, the sea in front of the Island of Eternity surged with waves. Yang Feng silently emerged from the bottom of the sea and took a step towards the Island of Eternity.

Powerful rejection force came from the Island of Eternity and tried to repel Yang Feng.

“Empyrean rank rejection force cant stop me.”

With a faint smile, Yang Feng stepped on the Island of Eternity and looked at the center of the island with a burning color in his eyes.

Strands of the aura of fate transmitted from the center of the Island of Eternity.

After Yang Feng obtained the two great fate secret treasures, with the Fate Algorithm as the foundation, he mastered the law of fate. He has strong control over fate-type spells.

With his virtually Empyrean rank strength, Yang Feng can stir the power of fate to make an ordinary person have repeated fortuitous encounters and finally promote to an Infinity Warlock.

He can detect the aura of fate coming from the center of the Island of Eternity. His figure fluttered, and he rushed towards the center of the Island of Eternity.

Boom! Boom!

Along with rumbling sounds, a cyan mountain cracked. Countless cyan runes converged to form an expressionless Empyrean rank cyan rock giant, which stabbed at Yang Feng with the lance in its hands.


Yang Fengs eyes flickered with a fierce color. The Unbreakable Shield in his hands turned into a stream of light and shot towards the cyan rock giant.


Along with an earth shaking blare, Yang Feng was blasted 100 kilometers away. The cyan rock giant was blasted tens of kilometers away.

With a flash of light, Ling came out of the void, brandished the Whip of the Ruler, and whipped the cyan rock giants head.

A great force capable of smashing stars and destroying worlds broke out in an instant and crushed the cyan rock giants head.

A black hole emerged abruptly, swallowed the cyan rock giant, and frantically extracted its life origin.

Yang Feng quietly analyzed: “Its life origin is weak. Its at most only at the level of a Great Holy. Despite this, it has the strength of a genuine Empyrean.”

Any Empyrean rank powerhouse is a being that lived countless years and experienced countless battle before they reached their current level. It is only in the Twin Universe Flower, which is formed from the essence of two universes, that it is possible to produce so many pseudo Empyreans.

Boom! Boom!

A string of violent noise sounded as 10 ancient trees surged with countless mysterious runes and broke out with Empyrean rank strength in an instant.

“I dont have time to waste here!”

Yang Feng creased his eyebrows. Ripples rose in the void, and a swarm of mechanical rulers emerged and frenziedly attacked the 10 Empyrean rank ancient trees.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The 10 Empyrean rank ancient trees waved their rattans, which contain the essence of power. Wherever the rattans passed, a large number of mechanical rulers were blown into powder.

The mechanical rulers that appeared are enhanced Warlock Monarch rank units that possess fierce fighting strength. They were able to leave wounds on the Empyrean rank ancient trees.

Yang Feng rushed to the center of the Island of Eternity while his mechanical legion engaged with the Empyrean ancient trees.

In the Eternal Origin Sea, there are 7 unequaled overlord-level powerhouses as well as a large number of other Empyreans. If Yang Feng is delayed here, many variables will arise.

After crossing the forest of Empyrean ancient trees, an unending mountain range appeared in front of him.

Countless runes shone, and terrifying auras transmitted from the unending mountain range.

“Do it!”

Yang Feng ordered, a cold look in his eyes.

Ling pointed with a finger, and a spatial gate opened. All of a sudden, her life-bound level-7 stronghold emerged, and its Devastator Cannon erupted with countless runes.

A terrifying pillar of light ejected out of the Devastator Cannon and slammed into the unending mountain range. In the wake of the pillar of light, the mountain range was devastated.

A huge gorge appeared in the middle of the mountain range.

The mountain Empyreans were destroyed before they could even appear.

After firing from the Devastator Cannon, Lings level-7 stronghold puled back the cannon and disappeared.

In terms of power alone, the Devastator Cannon can seriously injure an unequaled overlord-level Empyrean with one shot. It is the most powerful weapon in Yang Fengs possession at present.

However, Empyreans grasp all kinds of powerful secret methods. As such, unless they are forced into a situation where they cannot evade, its is extremely hard to hit them.

A black hole emerged, swept towards the mountain Empyreans, and swallowed the part of Eternal origin that hasnt scattered yet.

Countless engineering robots flew to the place where the mountain Empyreans were destroyed and collect all kinds of precious minerals.

Yang Feng continued to fly towards the center of the Island of Eternity.

After crossing the mountain range with mountain Empyreans, a limpid lake emanating sacred light appeared in front of Yang Feng. In the center of the lake emanating sacred light, there is a snow-white lotus radiating Eternal aura.

“Found it!”

Yang Fengs eyes broke out with countless mysterious runes, and he looked around the snow-white lotus.

After careful observation, Yang Feng pondered for a moment. With a flash of unswerving determination in his eyes, he came to the lake and touched it.

Formidable force flowed into him and nourished his body and soul.

“This sacred lake 10 times better than the golden lake!”

There was a flash of excitement in Yang Fengs eyes. He jumped into the sacred lake and strode towards the snow-white lotus in the middle of the lake.

“At last! They would never have imagined that I would arrive here first. The Eternal opportunity is definitely mine!”

A voice full of overbearing self-confidence came from a distance, and Myriad Dragons Father, who is scorched black, exudes a stench of decay, is covered in wounds, and is shrouded in true dragon qi, appeared at the edge of the lake.

“Black Dragon Emperor! What are you doing? Get out of here! Or die!”

When Myriad Dragons Father saw Yang Feng in the lake, his eyes widened from anger. He roared fiercely and sent a dragon claw containing terrifying dragon qi and frigid killing intent shooting towards Yang Feng.

The Eternal opportunity is the ultimate goal of all Empyreans. Even if it were a close relative standing in front of him, Myriad Dragon Father would cut them down mercilessly, let alone Black Dragon Emperor.

Yang Feng frowned slightly and shot towards the snow-white lotus: “Its really not that simple!”

With a flash of ripples, Ling appeared, brandished the Whip of the Ruler, and attacked Myriad Dragons Father.

“Empress Ling! Youre not Black Dragon Emperor! Youre Devour Lord! So you killed the real Black Dragon Emperor. And you killed Grandwood Lord, as well!”

Myriad Dragons Fathers eyes flashed, and he guessed the truth. He sent a claw shooting towards the Whip of the Ruler. His claw erupted with countless strands of true dragon qi and blasted the Whip of the Ruler away.

With a flash of ripples, Phantom Ruler emerged and opened a strange eye on its body, and phantom light slammed into Myriad Dragons Lord.

Myriad Dragons Fathers eyes blurred and lost focus for a moment.

Ying suddenly jumped out from a shadow, and the Lance of the Ruler in her hands stabbed towards Myriad Dragons Fathers heart like a poisonous dragon.

When faced with a surprise attack from the three Empyreans, an ordinary Empyrean would be in danger of dying.

“Three Empyreans! Devour Lord, you hid your strength quite deeply! You actually have three Empyrean guardians. Its a shame, but even if its three Empyreans, they are no a match for I, Myriad Dragons Father!”

With a fierce flash in his eyes, Myriad Dragons Father burned his true dragon blood, broke out with dragon scales containing mysterious runes, and surged with true dragon qi.

When Yings Lance of the Ruler stabbed into Myriad Dragons Fathers dragon scales, it issued grating noise and tore open a large wound on the other partys body, and blood spilled.


With a ferocious glimmer in his eyes, Myriad Dragons Father sent a fist containing countless strands of dragon qi smashing towards Ying.

Ying raised the lance to block in front of her. With a loud blast, as if a broken rag doll, she was blown 10,000 kilometers away by Myriad Dragons Fathers strike. She trembled and oozed blood from between her lips.

“Illusion arts are both strong and weak! For a true dragon like myself! An Empyrean proficient in illusion arts is but an ant!”

With a fierce glimmer in his eyes, Myriad Dragons Father opened his mouth, and a True Dragon Bead appeared, tore the firmament, and slammed into the Phantom Ruler.

Endless strands of dragon qi erupted from the True Dragon Bead and twisted wildly.

The Phantom Ruler trembled. Under impact of the true dragon qi, cracks appeared on the Phantom Rulers core chip.

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