Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1325: The First Fiend Emperor

Chapter 1324: Devouring Golden Crow Emperor

With a fierce flash in his eyes, Golden Crow Emperor landed on a Leaf Origin Ship and chased after Yang Feng.

A brand of Golden Crow Fire was engraved on Yang Fengs body. Even if he runs 10,000 kilometers away, he wont be able to escape from Golden Crow Emperor.

Green Dragon Emperor frowned slightly and shouted, “Come back, Golden Crow Emperor! Dont be reckless!”

“Fuck, why am I in such a hurry! This is an illusion! Its a top illusion, to boot!”

Golden Crow Emperor is worthy of being an unequaled overlord-level Empyrean. In an instant, he came beck to his senses, scanned Yang Feng with his tremendous soul force, and discovered some abnormality.

Although the Phantom Ruler is not a match for the unequaled overlord-level Golden Crow Emperor in frontal battle. However, with its fearsome phantom force, the Phantom Ruler can guide and amplify certain emotions of Golden Crow Emperor.

The Phantom Ruler is an existence that no Empyrean rank powerhouse can underestimate. Furthermore, even Eternal Sovereigns can be affected by its abilities if careless.


A golden horn broke out from the Eternal Origin Sea and slammed into the Origin Leaf Ship, and an overbearing force instantly crushed the Origin Leaf Ship.

“Devour Lord, damn you!”

Golden Crow Emperors both astonished and furious voice transmitted from the Origin Leaf Ship before he fell into the Eternal Origin Sea.

Golden Crow Emperors eyes flashed with a decisive color. He burned his blood and used his wings to swim towards the Island of Eternity.

With Golden Crow Emperors strength, he can return to the Island of Eternity within 10 breaths of time.

A large hand extended from the Eternal Origin Sea, grabbed Golden Crow Emperors leg, and pulled him to the bottom of the Eternal origin Sea.

Golden Crow Emperor previously barely resist the Eternal Origin Seas pulling force. Now that Yang Feng pulled him as well, he was dragged to the bottom of the sea.

The Eternal Origin Seas dissolution force shrouded Golden Crow Emperor and frantically decomposed his power.

“Devour Lord, we are comrades-in-arms from the same universe! Let me go! Lets resist the invasion of Gumana Universe together!”

Golden Crow Emperors eyes glimmered coldly, and he roared. At the same time, his remaining two claws shot towards Yang Feng lightning fast.

If Yang Feng hesitates for even a moment, he will beheaded by Golden Crow Emperor, and then decomposed into pure Eternal origin force by the Eternal Origin Sea.

Ling appeared at once, brandished both fists, and punched the claws of Golden Crow Emperor, knocking them away.

After knocking away Golden Crow Emperors claws, Ling rushed forward and attacked the other party.

Originally, with Golden Crow Emperors strength, even though Ling and Yang Feng have joined forces, they would not be a match for him. However, inside the Eternal Origin Sea, Golden Crow Emperors power is being constantly decomposed. He cant display even half of his strength.

Thanks to the Kunmo Stones, both Yang Feng and Ling have the ability to absorb the power of the Eternal Origin Sea. They can display 70-80% of their strength in the Eternal Origin Sea. Under these circumstances, Golden Crow Emperor suffered continuous wounds and issued miserable creams.

Green Dragon Emperors eyes glimmered coldly, and he uttered in a loud voice, “Devour Lord, Golden Crow Emperor is an unequaled overlord of our universe! And is pillar of our resistance against Gumana Universe! If you kill him, the combat strength of our universe will be weakened by a fraction. Please consider the overall situation and spare him this time! I can assure you that so long as he lives, he will never oppose you again!”

Yang Feng smiled coldly and said in reply, “The overall situation? Then why did you guys ignore the overall situation just now? You joined forces with those aliens and attacked me! If we have worked together just now, the remaining Empyreans of Gumana Universe wouldnt have escaped!”

If Golden Crow Emperors group of 3 unequaled overlord-level Empyreans joined forces with Yang Feng, then the remaining Nova Lord and Myriad Trees Ancestor wouldnt have escape.

But the 3 unequaled overlord-level Empyreans attacked Yang Feng instead. As a result, Yang Feng decided to choose the plan B and escape from the Island of Eternity.

Green Dragon Emperor said, “Devour Lord, if you kill Golden Crow Emperor here, itll only serve as fodder for your enemies. Why dont you give me face and let this matter rest?”

A black hole emerged in the Eternal Origin Sea, swallowed Golden Crow Emperor, and channeled a tremendous stream of life origin into Yang Feng.

Green Dragon Emperors expression became extremely unsightly.

Blue Moon Merfolk Empress hid at the edge of the Island of Eternity. When she saw this, she was startled, and her eyes shimmered with fear, “Golden Crow Emperor actually died at Devour Lords hands. Devour Lord is so fierce.”

Golden Crow Emperor is an unequaled overlord-level Empyrean. Back in the archgod age, he was an extremely ferocious being that hunted true spirit-level Empyreans for their flesh.

Yet such an unequaled overlord-level Empyrean died at Yang Fengs hands. If this is known to the outside world, the whole world of Warlocks will be shocked.

Yang Feng hid in the Eternal Origin Sea and quietly waited for prey to appear. At the same time, he absorbed the power of the Eternal Origin Sea.

The Empyreans were very cautious. They hid on the Island of Eternity, not daring to set foot on the Origin Leaf Ships.

After waiting for an hour and seeing that the Empyreans have no intention to go to the Eternal Origin Sea, Yang Feng quietly left the Eternal Origin Sea.

The world of Warlocks, the location of the Twin Universe Flower.

Yang Feng turned into a wind of nothingness and flew out of the Twin Universe Flower without attracting anyones attention.

He crossed a warp gate, returned to Battle Demon Sects branch floating continent, and went to the sky above the branch floating continent.

Yang Feng broke out with countless mysterious runes, and vast, boundless pressure spread from him and swept in all directions.

The energies within millions of light-years and countless universe laws instantly converged and formed an Empyrean Gate containing terrifying power in the void.

“Thats the Empyrean Gate! Someone is attacking the Empyrean realm!”

“Who is it? Who is attacking the Empyrean realm?! Silver Autarch already occupied the only Empyrean slot in this era. How could anyone attack the Empyrean realm now?”

“What a fool! This eras Empyrean slot has already been occupied by Silver Autarch. Even a monster like Devour Lord is restricted to the quasi-Empyrean realm and cant advance to the Empyrean realm! Yet someones attacking the Empyrean realm now! What a reckless thing!”


Powerful wills reverberate in the void. Attracted by the energy fluctuations, Holies and Great Holies cast spells and traced the source of the fluctuations.

“Devour Lord! Devour Lord is advancing to an Empyrean!”

“He is advancing to an Empyrean at this time!”

“Didnt he enter the Twin Universe Flower? How come hes advancing to an Empyrean at this time?”

“He must have obtained tremendous benefits. He must have accumulated enough reserves in the Twin Universe Flower to advance to an Empyrean.”

“To attack the Empyrean realm now, isnt that too hasty?”


The wills of Holies surged in the void. Virtually no one is optimistic about Yang Fengs prospects to advance to the Empyrean realm.

The universe energy-level of the world of Warlocks is low. As such, only 1 Empyrean can be produced in each era. Even though the universes origin has recovered somewhat, but it is still very difficult to produce multiple Empyreans. It is almost impossible for Yang Feng to become an Empyrean in this era.


With a flash of intense killing intent in his eyes, Yang Feng unleashed a punch containing Empyrean rank power and attacked the Empyrean Gate.


Along with an earth-shaking blast, Yang Fengs body exploded inch by inch, and blood splashed everywhere.

The Empyrean Gate remained motionless and radiated mysterious light.

“What a shame. Although Devour Lord has surpassed ordinary Empyreans, but he still cant break the Empyrean Gate.”

“After absorbing Silver Autarchs soul origin brand, the Empyrean Gate has became stronger.”

“Only after the universe has fully recovered, will the Empyrean Gate become easier to open. Its still too difficult now.”


The eyes of the Holies and Great Holies flashed with regret.

At first, with Yang Fengs strength, he could smash the Empyrean Gate and easily advance to an Empyrean. However, Silver Autarch took the lead and occupied the Empyrean slot, making the Empyrean Gate abnormal.

“Sure enough, it was only right for me to choose to advance now! Only now can I tear the Empyrean Gate apart.”

Yang Fengs eyes flickered coldly. The Xi Shen Armor broke out with countless mysterious runes, and a blurry projection emerged and merged with Yang Feng.

Yang Feng unleashed a punch, and four visions, namely a torrent of time, spatial gates, stars, a black hole, emerged and slammed into the Empyrean Gate.


Along with a world-shaking blare, Yang Feng blasted open a hole in the Empyrean Gate.

Pure force and universe laws landed on Yang Feng. As a result, he transformed continuously, and his aura rose steadily.

Yang Feng took a step and walked towards the Empyrean Gate.

Ripples surged, and a handsome Empyrean radiating bright golden light, with a pair of cicada wings on the back, appeared in the void, raised a golden bow, and locked on Yang Feng.

Countless rays of golden light shone, and a brilliant golden arrow turned into a light beam and shot towards Yang Fengs heart at an unimaginable speed.

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