Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1326: Advancing to an Empyrean (I)

Chapter 1325: The First Fiend Emperor

“Its Golden Cicada Lord! He took action!”

“Why? Devour Lord hast offended him!”

“Devour Lord is too strong! He hasnt advanced to an Empyrean yet, but he is already this strong. Once he advances to an Empyrean, will anyone still be a match for him?”

“Many people dont want to see Devour Lord advance to an Empyrean!”

“Once Devour Lord is really promoted to an Empyrean, those old monsters wont be able to rest in peace.”


The spectating Holies and Great Holies immediately recognized the identity of the Empyrean assassin, and felt a chill well up in their hearts.

Now that the Twin Universe Flower has emerged, a channel linking the two universes has appeared. Yet Empyreans are still sniping at other Empyreans of their universe. This naturally gave rise to a chill inside the Holies and Great Holies.

These Empyreans cast secret methods to slumber millions, tens of millions, or even hundreds of millions of years for the sake of the sole Eternal slot. The Eternal realm is the only and ultimate goal of these Empyreans. Naturally, they wont miss any opportunities.

A figure flashed, and Ling appeared in front of Yang Feng, raised the Unbreakable Shield, and activated a powerful defensive barrier.


The golden arrow is a full strength attack of Golden Cicada Lord and is extremely powerful. However, it only set off ripples on the defensive barrier conjured by the Unbreakable Shield.

“Empress Ling!”

“So strong! What is that secret treasure?”

“What powerful defense. It was able to withstand Golden Cicada Lords finishing move.”


The eyes of the spectating Holies and Great Holies glimmered with enigmatic color, and they commented one after another. The human Holy Spirit Warlocks showed smiles of excitement.

At this moment, Yang Feng has already stepped into the Eternal Gate. He is walking towards the deepest part of the gate.

Ripples rose in the void, and a crocodile as big as a star, with 24 moons suspended above the head and a pair of flesh wings on the back, emerged, opened its big mouth, and bit at Ling.

“Swallow Moon Crocodile Emperor appeared!”

“Hes an unequaled overlord-level Empyrean!”

“Swallow Moon Crocodile Bite is one of the most scary attacks in the world! Even unequaled overlord-level Empyreans wouldnt dare to take it head on.”


When the human Holy Spirit Warlocks saw this scene, anxiety flashed in their eyes.

This is a fight between Empyreans. If Holy Spirit Warlocks joined this fight, they would be nothing more than cannon fodder — fairly advanced cannon fodder.


Swallow Moon Crocodile Emperor bit the defensive barrier of the Unbreakable Shield and stuffed the Unbreakable Shield together with Ling into his mouth.

Along with crisp sounds, the barrier of the Unbreakable Shield broken bit by bit.

“I shall be your opponent!”

Golden Cicada Lord just wanted to move forward, when a terrifying angel sword ray emerged and slashed towards Golden Cicada Lord.

Golden Cicada Lord frowned slightly and raised the Golden Cicada Slayer Bow, and fearsome golden light shone, crushed the angel sword ray, and sent Michaelia flying.

A frightening energy shock wave spread in all directions.

“Get lost! Angel queen, even though you have the blessing of the Magic Note Throne, but youre not a match for me! If you refuse to get lost, then go to hell!”

Golden Cicada Lord bellowed, a fierce flash in his eyes.

Michaelias pretty eyes flickered coldly, and she said, “Im indeed not a match for you. However, my task is only to stall you for a while! Golden Cicada Lord, theres still time for you to surrender. Otherwise, once my older brother promotes to an Empyreans, the golden cicada race will be exterminated.”

“Devour Lord promoting to an Empyrean? Impossible! In the universe, who knows how many people want to see him dead! Youre going to be buried together with him! Let me send you on your way!”

Golden Cicada Lord smiled ferociously. His figure fluttered, and he raised the Golden Cicada Slayer Bow and fired at Michaelia.

Ripples rose in the void, and a cyan kunpeng as big as the sky, emitting Empyrean pressure flew out and shot towards the Empyrean Gate.

“Cyan Kunpeng Emperor, hold up!”

Countless mysterious runes shone in the void, and a Shi Yus incarnation of a golden giant, which is as big as the sky, appeared and sent a fist flying towards the cyan kunpeng.

“Fuck off!”

With a fierce flash in his eyes, Cyan Kunpeng Emperor knocked into Shi Yus incarnation of a golden giant, and tremendous force broke out and sent her flying.

Cyan Kunpeng Emperor is a terrifying existence infinitely close to the unequaled overlord-level. Naturally, he can send a false Empyrean like Shi Yu flying.

After Cyan Kunpeng Emperor sent Shi Yu flying, he turned into a cyan stream of light and rushed into the Empyrean Gate.

All of a sudden, the invisible Lance of the Ruler, which contain exceptional power, ejected from the Empyrean Gate and stabbed towards Cyan Kunpeng Emperor.

Cyan Kunpeng Emperor was focused on chasing after Yang Feng and destroying the other partys Empyrean ceremony. As such, he wasnt prepared to face a hidden Empyrean assassin.

In an instant, the Lance of the Ruler stabbed Cyan Kunpeng Emperor, and then extended and pierced his body.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Shi Yu stepped forward and brandished the Empyrean grade secret treasure Sword of Stone, and a sword ray emerged and slammed into Cyan Kunpeng Emperor. Cyan Kunpeng Emperors flesh began to petrify, break, and turn into powder that dispersed with the wind.

“Damn you!”

Cyan Kunpeng Emperor unleashed a shocking roar. Countless runes shone, and his cells split and recombined.

In one breath of time, Cyan Kunpeng Emperor regained his peak condition. He operated the essence of space and unleashed spatial blades shooting towards Shi Yu and Ying.

Although Cyan Kunpeng Emperor is an Empyrean infinitely close to the unequaled overlord-level, yet after suffering a surprise attack from Ying, he was dealt serious damage. Even though he cast a secret method to heal himself, but his strength was still greatly reduced. As a result, he was restrained by Shi Yu and Ying.

“Who is that?”

“Who is that Empyrean? Shes amazing! With one strike, she dealt Cyan Kunpeng Emperor serious damage!”

“Who is she? I dont think Devour Lord has such a powerful ally!”

“This strange power. Could Devour Lord have forged a second Empyrean golem?”

“A second Empyrean golem! Thats incredible! Devour Lords alchemy is really incredible!”


When they saw Yings fighting style and the fluctuations of power specific to Kings of Rulers emanating from her, the spectating Holies and Great Holies guessed the truth at once.

As the crystallization of technology mastered by Yang Feng, Ying and Ling didnt have to enter the Empyrean Gate and receive its baptism. As such, their fluctuations of power are different from those of normal Empyreans.

“A bunch of trash!”

Demonest Plane, in the deepest part of a deadly danger zone. A voice full of malice sounded abruptly. Countless mysterious runes shone, and a black crystal flew out of a coffin and entered the void.

The vicinity of Cangzhi Plane, in a secret realm full of demonic qi. The fiend emperor is curled up in a cocoon and is absorbing the surrounding demonic qi.

The black crystal suddenly appeared and turned into a stream of light that entered the fiend emperors cocoon.

“Who are you? You want to take my body? Screw off!”

The fiend emperor opened his eyes and roared, and his eyes surged with an overbearing shade.

“Its no use. Youre just one of the resurrection pawn I arranged. How can a pawn disobey the player? Now merge with me!”

A callous, cruel voice appeared in the fiend emperors soul.

Countless mysterious runes appeared in the fiend emperors blood and firmly locked his soul and power, making it so that he cant resist.

“Who are you?”

The fiend emperors eyes flashed with the shade of unwillingness, and he clenched his teeth.

“Who am I? I am the First Fiend Emperor, the fiend emperor who has existed since the Eternal Sovereign age, the only fiend emperor in the universe! All of you are my pawns, my nutrients. The body you cultivated isnt bad! Thank you for your hard work!”

A derisive, cruel, callous voice rang in the fiend emperors mind.

The fiend emperors eyes flashed with despair and unwillingness, and his soul was swallowed by a fearsome mouth in his sea of knowledge: “It turns out that I have been a pawn of another all my life! Im not reconciled!”

The fiend emperors body trembled slightly, and his eyes glazed over. In the next moment, his eyes regained their luster and burst out with brilliant light.

As if worshiping its monarch, the demonic qi in the secret realm flew towards the fiend emperor and flowed into his body.

“Not enough! This power isnt enough! Theres not enough time! Lets go!”

The First Fiend Emperor frowned and slashed with his hand, and a spatial gate opened in the void, revealing a space full of treasures.

A small jar engraved with countless bloody runes, emanating the aura of countless true spirits flew out.

The blood essence of a true dragon, a phoenix, a kunpeng, a qilin, a pixiu, a giant, and other Empyreans flowed out of the small jar and poured into the First Fiend Emperors body.

The First Fiend Emperor transformed constantly, and his aura climbed steadily. In an instant, he broke through and became an Empyrean. At the same time, his power rose madly.

When the blood essence in the jar was no more, the First Fiend Emperor was already emanating unequaled overlord-level fluctuations of power.

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