Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1329: Cutting Down Two Empyreans in a Row

Chapter 1328: Cutting Down Golden Cicada Lord

The Warbringer Halberd stabbed towards the fiend true dragon, and three Empyrean projections exuding unequaled overlord-level aura emerged from the river of time, cast all kinds of incredible secret methods, and hurled attacks at the fiend true dragon, blasting it into pieces.


At the moment when the fiend true dragon was blasted into pieces, the First Fiend Emperor was blown 10,000 kilometers away. His body was crushed all over, and blood spilled.

“Astounding! Thats the First Fiend Emperor, the legendary primogenitor of fiends.”

“He is the First Fiend Emperor! He has existed since the Eternal Sovereign age and competed with an Eternal Sovereign!”

“Thats an unequaled overlord-level Empyrean! He was surprisingly seriously injured by Devour Lord! How dreadful!”


The powerhouses hiding in different spaces drew in a sharp breath when they saw this scene.

The First Fiend Emperor is an unequaled overlord-level Empyrean who has existed since the Eternal Sovereign age and possesses tyrannical combat power. Ying is also an Empyrean rank being. But when faced with the First Fiend Emperor, she was blown away in a single move.

Yet now the First Fiend Emperor sustained serious damage from Yang Fengs attack. This is simply unbelievable.

“Lets attack together and kill him! If we dont kill him today, we will be the ones to die! If we dont go all out now, we wont even have a chance to do that later!”

Golden Cicada Lords eyes flashed fiercely, and he gritted his teeth. Countless mysterious runes appeared around him. Swallowing golden cicadas with a ferocious mouthpart and countless mysterious runes engraved on the body appeared, turned into a terrible golden swarm, and flew towards Ling, Ying, Michaelia, and Shi Yu.

The swallowing golden cicadas are ferocious insects that Golden Cicada Lord spent countless treasures of heaven and earth on and fed his blood essence. If careless, even an unequaled overlord-level Empyrean can be turned into a pile of bones by the swallowing golden cicadas.

The swallowing golden cicadas are Golden Cicada Lords trump card and they were meant to be used in the fight for Eternal opportunities. They have always been hidden. But now, in order to kill Yang Feng, he couldnt have so many considerations.

Golden Cicada Lord attacked Yang Feng and tried to prevent him from advancing to an Empyrean. With Yang Fengs character, he will definitely kill the other party.

Two of the three fate-type Empyrean grade secret treasures have fallen into Yang Fengs hands. Furthermore, Yang Feng has advanced to an Empyrean. Even if Golden Cicada Lord tries to escape, Yang Feng will find him. Now his only chance at survival is to kill Yang Feng.

The swallowing golden cicadas are extremely fierce and can easily devour even a Empyrean. Ling, Ying, Michaelia, and Shi Yu had no choice but to cast powerful offensive secret methods and crush the nearby swallowing golden cicadas.

Golden Cicada Lords eyes glimmered with a pained shade as he watched this scene. When they unite, the countless swallowing golden cicadas can kill even an Empyrean. But now that they dispersed into four parts, they were being slaughtered by Ling and them. With a flash of determination in his eyes, he burned his blood and poured all his power into the Golden Cicada Slayer Bow.

In an instant, a golden arrow containing frightening law of karma locked on Yang Feng and shot towards him like a meteor.

Swallow Moon Crocodile Emperor erupted with countless runes, and 108 moons he swallowed emerged and radiated bright moonlight.

The moonlight formed six pairs of moonlight wings on Swallow Moon Crocodile Emperors back. The six pairs of moonlight wings flapped, and Swallow Moon Crocodile Emperor appeared in front of Yang Feng in a flash, opened his big mouth, and bit at the other party.

Cyan Kunpeng Emperors eyes flickered fiercely, and he broke out with countless runes. A Cyan Kunpeng Lance made from Eternal Sovereign vertebra and inscribed with numerous images of true spirits flew out, broke out with the essence of wind, and stabbed at Yang Feng.

Whether it is Golden Cicada Lord, Swallow Moon Crocodile Emperor, or Cyan Kunpeng Emperor, they are all far stronger than Blue Moon Merfolk Empress, only a step away from becoming unequaled overlords. When faced with the joint attacks of the three, even an unequaled overlord-level Empyrean would retreat.

“Before I advanced to an Empyrean, it would be really hard to resist the three of you working together. But now, your moves are full of flaws in my eyes! Let me bestow you death!”

Yang Feng smiled coldly. The Wheel of Time appeared abruptly and shone with countless mysterious runes, and a distorted torrent of time shrouded him.

Inside the distorted torrent of time, Yang Feng seems to have disappeared from the present and arrived in the future. He suddenly evaded the attacks of the three Empyreans. In the end, he appeared in front of Golden Cicada Lord, brandished his halberd, and stabbed at the other party.

“How is this possible? How could this happen! How could he evade the joint attacks of the three of us! I am an Empyrean! Even unequaled overlord-level Empyreans cant evade my attacks so easily!”

Seeing such a strange scene, Golden Cicada Lord felt his blood run cold and endless fear shroud his heart. Consequently, he stopped for a moment. Strange, hard to detect phantom fluctuations surrounded him.

“No, I was hit by a spell! This is an illusion spell, a brilliant illusion spell! This is an Empyrean rank illusion spell!”

After all, Golden Cicada Lord is an Empyrean and has a firm will. He recovered in an instant and understood that he was hit by an illusion spell. Otherwise, no matter how strong Yang Feng is, Golden Cicada Lord wouldnt have failed to keep his composure and his mind wouldnt have been shaken by fear.

At this moment, the Warbringer Halberd slashed Golden Cicada Lord and cleaved him in two.

A black hole emerged, swallowed Golden Cicada Lord, and frantically extracted his life origin.

Inside the black hole, Golden Cicada Lord struggled madly, a look of fear on his face. Nevertheless, he had all of his life origin extracted in a few breaths of time and turned into ashes.

“So powerful! After he advanced to an Empyrean, Devour Lord has become so powerful!”

“Space-Time Walk, this is the signature spell of Time Lord. With it, you can travel freely between the past, present, and future. This is a most terrifying evasion spell.”

“Space-Time Walk can be used to dodge into the past or the future, and then return to the present. This is an unrivaled spell Time Lord employed at the time. Devour Lord not only has the Wheel of Time, but he can also cast this spell. He has become unrivaled.”

“Unless an Empyrean proficient in the essence of time steps in and interferes with time, only defeat will await any Empyrean who is faced with Devour Lord!”


The Holies and Great Holies inhaled a breath of cold air when they saw this, and their eyes flickered with a dignified shade.

“Space-Time Walk! This is an unequaled spell of Time Lord!”

“Devour Lord was actually able to make this Empyrean rank spell see the light of day gain!”

“No matter how powerful a spell is, it becomes useless if it cant hit. Back in the day, there have been many archgod Empyreans who were stronger than Time Lord, but they were ultimately defeated by Time Lord thanks to the unequaled spell Space-Time Walk.”

“Now that Devour Lord has mastered the Space-Time Walk spell, Swallow Moon Crocodile Emperor and Cyan Kunpeng Emperor are done for!”


When the spectating human Warlocks saw this scene, excitement flashed in their eyes, and they commented spiritedly. The whole human magic network was jubilant and excited to no end.

Standing in a strange space, Dawn Lords eyes flickered with complicated emotions, and he sighed faintly, “Space-Time Walk! The unequaled spell Time Lord wielded back in the day! He actually mastered it. Devour Lord is truly a despairing being.”

Dawn Lord didnt enter the Twin Universe Star to compete for resources. Instead, he wisely chose to adventure in secret realms in the world of Warlocks and improved his strength.

Within the Twin Universe Flower, there are countless powerhouses. There are even unequaled overlord-level Empyreans looking for opportunities. If Dawn Lord entered the Twin Universe Flower and ran into an unequaled overlord-level Empyreans of Gumana Universe, he would likely have died. He was very rational and didnt go there.

After devouring Golden Cicada Lord, Yang Feng took a step in the torrent of time, appeared in front of the Swallow Moon Crocodile Emperor in a flash, and slashed at the other party with the halberd in his hands.

“Ive been waiting for you! Die, Devour Lord!”

With a fierce glimmer in his eyes, Swallow Moon Crocodile Emperor, opened his mouth and ejected a bead, the Moon Spirit Bead, radiating endless moonlight.

The Moon Spirit Bead is an Empyrean grade secret treasure Swallow Moon Crocodile Emperor refined by swallowing the moons near 10,000 planes and spending countless treasures of heaven and earth as well as the bone essence of 6 Empyreans. It is extremely powerful and can quell even Empyreans. It is Swallow Moon Crocodiles trump card and the thing he banks on to fight for Eternal opportunities with unequaled overlord-level Empyreans.

Yang Feng smiled calmly, and then blurred. He disappeared from the present and came to the future.

The Moon Spirit Bead hit Yang Feng and went straight through him, as if it hit empty air.

In an instant, Yang Feng returned to the present, appeared under Swallow Moon Crocodile Emperors belly, and slashed at the opponents belly with the halberd in his hands.

A strange rune shone, and the Moon Spirit Bead appeared in front of the Warbringer Halberd and blocked Yang Fengs finishing halberd strike.


A terrifying explosion erupted in an instant and spread in all directions. Green halberd rays slammed into Swallow Moon Crocodile Emperor and opened eerie wound on his body.

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