Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1330: Defeating the Fiend Emperor

Chapter 1329: Cutting Down Two Empyreans in a Row

“Pretty good! Swallow Moon Crocodile Emperor, your strength is pretty good!”

Yang Fengs eyes flashed with praise. All of a sudden, he became illusory. He disappeared from the present and appeared in the future.

The Cyan Kunpeng Lance stabbed Yang Feng and passed right through him, as if it stabbed a mirage. Even though it unleashed a karma spell, but it still wasnt able to follow Yang Feng to the future and stab him.

Yang Feng emerged from the future, appeared behind Swallow Moon Crocodile Emperor, and unleashed a halberd strike.


The Moon Spirit Bead shone, appeared in front of the Warbringer Halberd, and blocked Yang Fengs full strength blow.

This time, tiny cracks appeared on the Moon Spirit Bead. The bead received hard to mend serious damage.

The Moon Spirit Bead is extremely mysterious and has all kinds of incredible magical powers. Even so, it cant resist the continuous attacks of an unequaled overlord-level Empyrean like Yang Feng.

The Moon Spirit Beads instant movement, which makes it similar to a death substitution secret treasure, requires the consumption of its origin force. The bead can hold on for only a couple of times.

“First Fiend Emperor!”

With a fierce gleam in his eyes, Swallow Moon Crocodile Emperor faced the sky and roared.

After he mastered the peerless secret method Space-Time Walk, with the power of the Wheel of Time, Yang Feng can freely disappear from the present for a short time and go to the past or future, which is simply unbelievable.

With the exception of the First Fiend Emperor, Swallow Moon Crocodile Emperor and Cyan Kunpeng Emperor are no match for Yang Feng.

“Fiend Domain!”

The First Fiend Emperor stared firmly at Yang Feng, as if facing his mortal enemy who promoted to an Eternal Sovereign in the past. Countless mysterious runes appeared, and vast demonic qi diffused from him.

Eighteen Eternal Fiend Bones containing Eternal aura flew out from behind the First Fiend Emperor.

The eighteen Eternal Fiend Bones are secret treasures the First Fiend Emperor refined from the bones of a powerful Eternal Sovereign. After obtaining the bones, the First Fiend Emperor threw them into a cave full of demonic qi and had them absorb the blood essence and souls of 13 Empyreans. He spent millions of years to refine them. Each of the bones is an unequaled secret treasure. When the eighteen bones combine, they are even more powerful.

As soon as the eighteen Eternal Fiend Bones flew out, endless demonic qi mixed with strands of Eternal aura formed a terrifying demonic world that sealed the void.

Endless demonic qi surged and fixed the flow of time.

“Devour Lord, this is my Fiend Domain world! In this world, the past, present, and future are one, are in my grasp! You can no longer escape to other times! Now go to hell!”

The First Fiend Emperors eyes shimmered fiercely, and he brandished the Sword of the Fiend Emperor and slashed at Yang Feng.

Countless mysterious runes shone, and a terrifying sword ray that seems to be constructed from the universes malice slashed towards Yang Feng.

“Indeed. The past, present, and future are one in this Fiend Domain world. To be able of breaking my invincible secret method, youre worthy of being an unequaled overlord-level powerhouse, First Fiend Emperor!”

Yang Feng looked at the Wheel of Time, whose light dimmed by a lot, and praised.

Yang Fengs Space-Time Walk is a kind of secret method that can enable him to freely travel between the past, present, and future. It can be rated as unbreakable. Thanks to it, Swallow Moon Crocodile Emperor and Cyan Kunpeng Emperor were in the palm of his hand. Only the First Fiend Emperor was able to restrain Yang Fengs secret method

If it were not for the First Fiend Emperor, Yang Feng would be able to kill Swallow Moon Crocodile Emperor and Cyan Kunpeng Emperor without suffering any injuries. This is the terror of the unparalleled secret method Space-Time Walk of Time Lord.

“However, even though you broke my Space-Time Walk, youre still not a match for me!”

With a cold glimmer in his eyes, Yang Feng beckoned with his hand, and the Green Yang Halberd appeared in his hand. The Green Yang Halberd trembled and cheered, fully accepting Yang Feng as its master.

A magnificent aura broke out, and a dazzling green sun emerged and shot towards the demonic sword ray.

When the dazzling green sun appeared, countless tongues of green sunfire splashed in all directions and ignited, burned, and purified demonic qi.

In an instant, the green sun collided with the sword ray that contains universe malice.

In a flash, the green sun smashed the sword ray containing universe malice, and distorted shock waves spread in all directions.

The weakened green sun slammed into the First Fiend Emperor, and fearsome green sunfire burning wildly enveloped him.

Endless green sunfire intertwined with the First Fiend Emperors fiend force, and strange black smoke appeared. Strange faces appeared in the black smoke and issued hair-raising cries.

Swallow Moon Crocodile Emperor operated the Moon Spirit Bead and Cyan Kunpeng Emperor operated the Cyan Kunpeng Lance and attacked Yang Feng.

Since the starry sky has been fixed by the eighteen Eternal Fiend Bones, Yang Feng can no longer use the Space-Time Walk to travel to an alternate space and cannot dodge the attacks of the two Empyreans.

“Sure enough, I cant dodge your attacks now. However, if its just you guys, then I dont need to dodge your attacks! Fourth form!”

Yang Fengs eyes flashed with a cold killing intent. Countless mysterious runes appeared on the Xi Shen Armor, and a blurry projection appeared and merged with Yang Feng.

A vast and endless power poured into Yang Feng from the Xi Shen Armor, making him more terrifying.


Yang Feng unleashed a halberd slash. Inside the green halberd ray, projections of stars containing the essence of power appeared and shot towards Moon Spirit Bead.


Along with a deafening blare, the Moon Spirit Bead was blasted into countless fragments.

“My Moon Spirit Bead! Devour Lord, I wont rest until you die!”

When Swallow Moon Crocodile Emperors secret treasure was broken, he coughed up a mouthful of blood. His eyes shot with blood, and he unleashed a shocking roar.

“You wont have that opportunity!”

A cold voice sounded in the void. A green halberd tore the firmament, slammed into Swallow Moon Crocodile Emperor, and sliced him in two, and then a black hole emerged and swallowed Swallow Moon Crocodile Emperor.

“A chance!”

Seeing that Swallow Moon Crocodile Emperor was swallowed by the black hole, Cyan Kunpeng Emperor was not startled but elated. With a frigid killing intent in his eyes, he burned his blood, and the Cyan Kunpeng Lances speed accelerated to the extreme.

Along with a series of afterimages, the Cyan Kunpeng Lance appeared behind Yang Feng and stabbed at his heart.

If the Cyan Kunpeng Lance pierces through their heart, then even an unequaled overlord-level will suffer severe damage to both the body and soul.


At the moment when the Cyan Kunpeng Lance was about to pierce into Yang Feng, the mechanical wings engraved with countless mysterious runes behind Xi Shen Armor slapped the Cyan Kunpeng Lance away.

“Thank you for coming to throw away your life!”

Yang Feng turned around and unleashed a halberd strike, and a tyrannical halberd ray shot towards Cyan Kunpeng Emperor.

“I will die! I will die! I will die! No, I dont want to die!”

Fear welled up inside Cyan Kunpeng Emperor, and a flaw appeared in his actions.

“No, I was hit by an illusion spell!”

In an instant, Cyan Kunpeng Emperor was hit by a realization. But before he could react, the green halberd ray sliced him in two.

A black hole emerged, swallowed Cyan Kunpeng Emperor, and frenziedly devoured his life origin.

Swallow Moon Crocodile Emperor and Cyan Kunpeng Emperor struggled inside the black holes as their life origin was devoured. After a few breaths of time, they turned into dust that was carried out of the black holes by wind.

“So strong! Two Empyreans have fallen just like that!”

“Devour Lord is really fierce!”

“Swallow Moon Crocodile Emperor, Cyan Kunpeng Emperor, and Golden Cicada Lord, these are ferocious Empyreans who were invincible in an era. Even among Empyreans, they are top existences! Yet Devour Lord killed them all by himself! Thats unbelievable!”

“Unequaled overlord-level Empyrean! Devour Lord could already compete with Empyreans while in the quasi-Empyrean realm. In that case, now that he promoted to an Empyrean, its not surprising that he stepped into the unequaled overlord-level domain.”

“No wonder those Empyreans wanted to stop him from advancing to an Empyrean. They were afraid that such a monster would break the cage once it advanced to an Empyrean.”

“While under the siege of four Empyreans, including an unequaled overlord like the First Fiend Emperor, Yang Feng actually killed three of them! Thats beyond incredible!”

“Only the First Fiend Emperor is left! It seems that he wont be able to escape this calamity!”

“The Ninth Warlock Emperor may very well be the strongest Warlock Emperor of the human race!”


When the spectating Holies and Great Holies saw this, their eyes flickered with the color of shock. They were aware that Yang Feng was bound to become an unequaled overlord and be tyrannically strong once he advanced to an Empyrean. But they never expected him to be able to easily kill three Empyreans while being besieged by four Empyreans.

This kind of achievement can be rated as unbelievable, exceeding the achievements of the previous eight Warlock Emperors of the human race.

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