Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 133 – Surrounding Israel (III)

Chapter 132 – Surrounding Israel (II)

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Ten seconds later, the surrounding area of several kilometers in radius had become a tract of scorched black, with potholes and rising black smoke everywhere. The temperature pervading this place was so high, that it would be difficult for ordinary people to bear it.

Yet the primary battle robots still walk forward expressionlessly in this kind of place, moving towards the valley covered in ice and snow.

Israels gaze became gloomy in a flash.

With Israels strength as a Great Warlock, he could only cast a meteorological spell with such a large area of effect like Rain of Fireballs five times a day. Meteorological spells capable of annihilating a mortal army of several hundred thousand people with a singly terrifying blow was one of the reason why Great Warlocks stood at the summit of Turandot Subcontinent.

When Israel saw the one hundred thousand primary battle robots, seemingly unaffected by the rain of fireballs, he became extremely shocked and his gaze alternated between bright and gloomy.

Israel cast a spell by casually clapping his hands and sealed the place where the chunk of ice with Snow White Madam in it was; following which, he released a terrifying pressure belonging to a Great Warlock and roared out: “Im Bear of Flames Master, Great Warlock Joyman. The friend that just arrived, please come out to chat.”

Bear of Flames was a first-rate Warlock group in Turandot Subcontinent and Great Warlock Joyman was its Master. Israel and Joyman were the same person.

“Im Yang Tie, a direct subordinate of Steel Citys Yang Feng. I came to investigate the site where the third division of Steel Citys mechanized infantry division was annihilated by someone. According to the information sent back by our subordinates, they were annihilated here in this area. Additionally, the one that annihilated them, used a large area of effect fire-attributed meteorological spell.”

“Joyman, Your Highness, when we arrived, you used a large area of effect fire-attributed meteorological spell to attack us. Could it be that youre the one behind the attack on our Steel City?” A young man with oriental features stepped out from the rear of the mechanical army and asked coldly.

“You actually dare to talk with me in that way, youre quite brave!” Israel flew out of the valley. His gaze fell on Yang Feng. Instantly, a terrifying life force erupted and a spirit pressure as vast as the ocean immediately smashed towards Yang Feng.

As a Great Warlock, Israel had already exceeded ordinary life forms and was at the boundary of becoming a terrifying pinnacle being just like gods, ancient fiends, ancient devils and other formidable and other terrifying pinnacle beings. With his terrifying strength, he could kill a level-1 Warlock or lover with a glance.

At this moment, a level-8 shielded robot beside Yang Feng stepped forward in a flash, raised the shield in its hand and instantly started a level-3 protective cover to block in front of Yang Feng.

The protective cover released by the level-8 shielded robot had comprehensive defensive ability. It didnt matter in the attacks were of the physical or magical nature, they were all equally unable of penetrating this level-3 defensive cover.

The gunner robots instantly adjusted their aims, followed by the frantic rumbles of countless gauss cannons, before madly shooting at Israel.

The artillery robots also adjusted their aims; following which, as if raindrops, countless missiles and shells madly shot towards Israel.

Israel hadnt thought that Yang Feng would go as far as to launch a sudden attack on him. Countless gauss shells instantly destroyed the level-4 life force continuously revolving around him; following which, countless gauss shells hit his body, immediately sending him flying, before crashing into the valley.

Countless shellfire rumbled, with all kinds of shells and guided missiles bombarding Israel and the three Dragon-Winged Demonic Fire Apes.

The three Dragon-Winged Demonic Fire Apes couldnt react and were immediately blasted into sieves by the countless shells.

Three level-8 bladed robots flickered madly amidst the hail of shells. They appeared in front of the three heavily wounded Dragon-Winged Demonic Fire Apes in a single breath, before immediately chopping down at their heads.

The three Dragon-Winged Demonic Fire Apes were terrifying extraordinary life forms. They had extremely tyrannical battle prowess, comparable to pinnacle level-3 Warlocks. However, due to a moment of carelessness, they were killed by the huge mechanical legion.

With every level of xizu technology that was cleared, terrifyingly, the battle prowess of the mechanical legion would rise geometrically.

“Stop!! Im Bear of Flames Master, Joyman! Do you really want to be enemies with my Bear of Flames?”

Along with a raging roar, a flame storm instantly gushed out of the valley and formed a pillar of flames, blocking the mechanical legions long range attacks.

With his hair disheveled and bleeding from the corners of his mouth, just like a flame demon, Israel stood in the middle of the flame storm and glared angrily at Yang Feng.

Every Great Warlock rank expert was at the peak of Turandot Subcontinent. In the Turandot Subcontinent, the words of Great Warlock Joyman, who was now Israels avatar, carried great authority, while he himself was the target of veneration for countless people.

Yang Feng waved his hand and the attack ceased. His expression fierce, he roared overbearingly: “You actually dared to attack me. If you dont give me a proper explanation, then Im getting rid of you here and now and then gonna lead my mechanical legion to raze your Bear of Flames!”

Israels eyebrows creased slightly as he had a headache: “Why did I ran into such a moronic silk pants at this time? Doesnt he knows that even if he hides amongst those mechanical golems, I would only need three moves to kill him?!”

In peace times, Israel would definitely break into that mechanical legion and kill Yang Feng and then quickly leave. No matter how strong that mechanical legion was, there was no way for it to contend against a Great Warlock.

But Great Warlock Snow White Madam was currently sealed in the valley. If she were to be released, then Israel would be in big trouble.

The legendary dagger Kiss of the Damned was a level-4 secret treasure used for assassinations. In Turandot Subcontinent, the Hellion Clan didnt had more then four of them. Without a Legend rank secret treasure, it was nearly impossible for someone below the Great Warlock rank to injure a Great Warlock. With a Legend rank secret treasure, even an Apprentice Warlock had a chance of assassinating a Great Warlock.

Legend rank secret treasures were very rare and even Great Warlock rank experts might not have one, with many Great Warlocks from weak backgrounds being forced to use level-3 secret treasures. Israel wouldnt give up the opportunity of obtaining two Legend rank secret treasures.

Israels eyes flickered with a fierce glimmer as he weighed the situation repeatedly, before finally making a compromise. He repressed his anger, dispersed the flame storm cover and casually tossed a bottle of elixir towards Yang Feng: “Regarding this matter, Im the one in the wrong. This is Neins Soul Elixir, its an ancient elixir capable of improving ones soul aptitude. It can also be used to break trough a bottleneck. With it, a level-1 Warlock has a 30% chance of promoting to a level-2 Warlock.”

Yang Feng quickly caught that vial of elixir. He immediately opened it and let a mechanical tentacle penetrate the elixir.

After the construction of the Portable Fortified Stronghold was completed, the analytical and computing power of the Portable Fortified Strongholds optical computer by far surpassed 3796s. Only because of this would an ancient elixir like Neins Soul Elixir be so quickly analyzed.

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