Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1331: Storming the Twin Universe Flower

Chapter 1330: Defeating the Fiend Emperor

“Devour Lord, why dont we stop here?”

Terrifying demonic qi surrounded the First Fiend Emperor, and his injuries began to heal quickly at a speed visible to the naked eye.

“Stop here? You tried to stop me from advancing to an Empyrean, which is something unforgivable. Yet now you want to stop here with just a few words? You must be out of your mind.”

Yang Fengs eyes glimmered brightly and locked on the First Fiend Emperor. At the same time, he erupted with countless mysterious runes and extracted the life origin of the three Empyreans, strengthening his body and soul.

“In that case, lets see who will be the one to die!”

With a fierce flash in his eyes, the First Fiend Emperor broke out with innumerable runes constructed from demonic qi and slashed with his hand, and a rift opened in the void.

Four black coffins engraved with abstruse runes flew out of the rift.

The lids of the four coffins opened, and four fiend emperors with a blank look in their eyes, yet emanating Empyrean rank aura emerged from the coffins.

“Fiend emperors! Four Empyrean rank fiend emperors!”

“Thats four fiend emperors that are equivalent to Empyreans!”

“Four fiend emperors. Four Empyrean rank powerhouses. So this is the First Fiend Emperors trump card! What a scary trump card!”


As soon as the spectating Holies saw the four fiend emperors, they inhaled a breath of cold air. Each Empyrean rank powerhouse is an extremely gifted being invincible in an era.

An Empyrean can enable a weak race to soar and turn into a fearsome race that dominates an era. However, the First Fiend Emperor took out four Empyrean rank fiend emperors at once, which can be regarded as beyond incredible.

“This is what I saved up after 100 million years. Except for the fiend emperors who were slayed, all other fiend emperors ultimately fell into my hands. They are the embodiment of the universes dark forces! Devour Lord, since you insist on being my enemy, then let me cut you down! And take everything you have!”

The First Fiend Emperors eyes flickered ferociously. All of a sudden, he ejected and shot towards Yang Feng.

The figures of the four Empyrean rank fiend emperors fluttered, and they turned into four rays shooting towards Yang Feng.

“First Fiend Emperor, Im not without support, either!”

Yang Feng smiled faintly. Teleportation beams surrounded Yang Feng, and Ling, Ying, Michaelia, and Shi Yu appeared in front of him and attacked the four fiend emperors.

A torrent of time surrounded Yang Feng, and he appeared in front of the First Fiend Emperor in a flash. Accompanied by a string of afterimages, the Warbringer Halberd in his hands stabbed at the First Fiend Emperor.

The First Fiend Emperors eyes shimmered fiercely, and he cast various powerful offensive spells and attacked Yang Feng.

The void shook continuously, and terrifying shock waves spread in all directions.

The Fiend Domain world constructed by the eighteen Eternal Fiend Bones is extremely powerful. Despite 10 Empyrean rank powerhouses fighting inside it, it is still standing strong.

Yang Feng stifled the First Fiend Emperor, and wounds appeared on the other partys body. Ling also stifled a fiend emperor. Ying tied with a fiend emperor. Michaelia and Shi Yu, the two pseudo Empyreans, could barely withstand the attacks of the remaining two fiend emperors. As a result, there numerous wounds appeared on the bodies of Michaelia and Shi Yu.

The Fiend Domain world is full of demonic qi and contains the power of the demonic path. It is the domain of the fiend emperors. In this world, the fiend emperors heal at an amazing speed and grow stronger.

Michaelia is weaker than Shi Yu. In the end, a fiend emperor broke her defenses and nearly sliced her in two with a sword strike.

“Devour Lord, you dont want to reconcile with me. But you dont know that I dont want to reconcile with you, either. As long as I slay you and take everything you possess, I will have the hope to advance to the Eternal realm! You are my Eternal opportunity! Youre going to die today! No one can save you!”

The eyes of the First Fiend Emperor, who is covered in blood, flashed with a savage shade. He cast various powerful offensive secret methods and recklessly attacked Yang Feng.

As long as that fiend emperor kills the pseudo Empyrean Michaelia, the First Fiend Emperors momentum will snowball, and he will ultimately slay Yang Feng.

“As expected of the First Fiend Emperor, of an unequaled overlord from the Eternal Sovereign age! You deserve fro me to go all out to kill you! In that case, you can be at ease and go to hell!”

Yang Feng smiled coldly, broke out with countless mysterious runes, and pointed with a finger, and the Wheel of Time suspended in the void, radiated brilliant light, and surged with time runes.

“The Wheel of Time? I admit that Spate-Time Walk is an unequaled secret method. But in my world, the past, present, and future are one! Even if Time Lord revived now, he would still be done for in my world!”

The First Fiend Emperors eyes flashed with derision, and he slashed at Yang Feng with his sword, filled with self-confidence.

“Theres more than one way to use the Wheel of Time!”

Yang Feng smiled faintly. In an instant, his expression became solemn, and he shouted loudly: “In the name of the Ninth Warlock Emperor of the human race, I shall use of the power of the entire human race!”

Countless mysterious runes shone. With Cangzhi Plane as the core, a magnificent voice spread to the whole universe.

The eyes of an Infinity Warlock of Battle Demon Sect flashed with fervor, and he said loudly, “Your majesty, please use my power.”

A radiance was extracted from the Infinity Warlock and disappeared.

“Your Majesty, use our power!”


In Battle Demon Sect, voices rang without hesitation.

In the vast universe, in a powerful Warlock group.

A Holy Spirit Warlocks eyes shimmered with a burning shade: “Your majesty Devour Lord, please use my power!”

In a mysterious secret realm, Kong Fangao suddenly showed a smile: “Devour Lord! Since you need my power, then take it!”

In all parts of the universe, nearly 90% of human Warlocks offered their power.

Cangzhi Planes underground world erupted with countless rays of sacred light, and a dazzling pillar of light flew out from the underground world and entered the Wheel of Time via a mysterious law.

Behind the Wheel of Time, countless projections emerged and gathered the wills and power of human powerhouses. Light condensed from countless runes ejected and illuminated the First Fiend Emperor.

Shackles formed from countless time runes firmly locked the First Fiend Emperor.

The First Fiend Emperors eyes flashed with disdain: “Is this your trump card? Even if you gather the power of the whole human race, you can seal me for less than ten seconds at most! We are strong enough to match a race!”

Yang Fengs eyes flashed coldly. The Xi Shen Armor broke out with abstruse runes, and a ten-kilometer-long Devastator Cannon extended from it.

“No! Stop!”

As soon as the First Fiend Emperor saw the Devastator Cannon, warnings went off in his mind. He felt a threat to his life and roared.

Countless mysterious runes glowed. The Devastator Cannon shone, and a brilliant Devastator Cannon beam containing the power to destroy anything slammed into the First Fiend Emperor.

In an instant, the First Fiend Emperor was swallowed by the Devastator Cannon beam.

Inside the Devastator Cannon beam, the First Fiend Emperors secret treasures emerged continuously, and then collapse and shattered. None of them could protect him.

After the Devastator Cannon beam disappeared, a black skeleton engraved with countless mysterious runes quietly suspended in the void, radiating brilliant light.

A black hole emerged, swallowed the black skeleton, and frantically devoured the First Fiend Emperors life origin.

“The First Fiend Emperor fell just like that!”

“Thats the first fiend emperor in the world, a fearsome existence who once competed with an Eternal Sovereign.”

“The First Fiend Emperor is an unequaled overlord-level Empyrean. And hes a powerful unequaled overlord-level Empyrean, to boot. Yet he actually died at Yang Fengs hands. Thats astounding!”

“From today on, no one can stop Devour Lords rise.”


The spectating powerhouses looked on with awe in their eyes.

“Escaped? To be able to escape under such circumstances, thats an old monster who existed since the Eternal Sovereign age for you.”

Yang Feng frowned slightly. Although he devoured a large amount of pure Empyrean origin from the black skeleton, but thats completely different from vast as a sea life origin of an unequaled overlord-level Empyrean.

“Since you have escaped! Then Ill accept the gifts you left.”

Yang Fengs eyes flashed coldly. He took a step, appeared in the center of the Fiend Domain, and extended his hand towards one of the eighteen Eternal Fiend Bones.

The Eternal Fiend Bone suddenly erupted with fearsome force, yet Yang Feng suppressed and grabbed it.

The remaining seventeen Eternal Fiend Bones suddenly broke out with abstruse runes, turned into streams of light, and flew in different directions.

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