Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1332: Gathering

Chapter 1331: Storming the Twin Universe Flower

Yang Feng stepped into a torrent of time, crossed the void, and extended his hand, and large hands extended and grabbed eight Eternal Fiend Bones.

The other nine Eternal Fiend Bones glimmered, entered the void, and disappeared.

The four fiend emperors fighting Michaelias group surged with demonic qi and escaped in different directions.

“You want to escape?! Fat chance!”

Yang Fengs eyes suddenly surged with mysterious runes. As if an unequaled god, he beckoned with his hand, and the Wheel of Time radiated abstruse, dazzling rune light.

Four torrents time emerged from the Wheel of Time and shrouded the four fiend emperors.

The four fiend emperors trembled slightly, and their speed became extremely slow.

Michaelias group of four flew out and attacked the four fiend emperors.

Time runes flew out from the Wheel of Time and entered the bodies of Michaelias group of four, making their speed soar.

Lings Whip of the Ruler whipped a fiend emperor like a poisonous dragon.

The fiend emperor was not Lings opponent to begin with. Now that the Fiend Domain was broken, he was weakened by the Wheel of Time, and Ling was strengthened by the Wheel of Time, the fiend emperor is naturally not a match for Ling.

Within a dozen plus breaths of time, the fiend emperor had his bones broken and flesh mangled by Ling.

Rune chains emerged out of nowhere, stabbed the fiend emperor, suppressed him, and pulled him into a sealing jade coffin.

Ling raised her slim eyebrows, brandished the Whip of Time, and attacked another fiend emperor.

After the Fiend Domain disappeared, Ying became far stronger than a fiend emperor who lost most of his mental faculties. When Ling and Ying worked together, it was even more so as if crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood. They dealt a fiend emperor serious damage in just a few moves.

The rune chains appeared again, stabbed the fiend emperor, and suppressed him.

Ling and Ying joined hands again and attacked the other two fiend emperors, and then defeated and suppressed them.

In a mysterious space, there is a black coffin engraved with countless abstruse runes suspended, emitting fearsome pressure.

“Curses! If it wasnt for the fact that I awoke ahead of time, I would be able to slay you! Devour Lord! How dare you kill my avatar and destroy my secret treasures. When I awake, I will kill you!”

A furious roar came from the black coffin. Fate force surrounded the black coffin and erased all traces of fate in this area.

Stars fell down from the sky and bloody clouds roiled and burst out with bloody rain.

“Stars fall, blood pours down from the sky! Those are signs that Empyreans have fallen!”

“Four Empyreans of our universe have fallen!”

“Those Empyreans didnt die in the universe battlefield, but died in internal strife! Thats saddening!”

“Our universe is weak to begin with. Yet now four Empyreans have fallen! Im afraid the gap with Gumana Universe has only widened!”


When they saw the visions of stars falling and the bloody rain, the eyes of powerhouses of different races flickered with worry.

Every Empyrean is a prodigy among prodigies, a freak among freaks, a the top combat power of a universe.

In the long history of the universe, in order to advance to the Eternal realm, many Empyreans have cast secret methods and sealed themselves in an attempt to resuscitate in this era.

However, most of the Empyreans died in the long river of time due to various accidents.

When the eight Warlock Emperors of the human race rose back in the day, they killed many Empyreans who have sealed themselves.

According to the analysis of human Warlocks, the number of Empyreans that will appear in this era may reach 100. As for the Empyreans that fell, it is fundamentally impossible to fill their place in a short time.

“Devour Lord is invincible! But hes killing too many people!”

“Unless Devour Lord advances to the Eternal realm, he will be besieged by the other Empyreans. He killed too many Empyreans of our universe! Im afraid he will have to fight a lone battle in the future!”

“After slaying so many Empyreans of our universe, who will ally with him to fight against powerhouses of the other universe?”

“Devour Lord is too cruel. If he showed mercy, compromised with other Empyreans, and fought together with them against the powerhouses of Gumana Universe, that would be great.”


Powerhouses in the void watched Yang Feng, and their eyes shimmered with complicated emotions.

The death of Golden Cicada Lord and the other Empyreans is a huge blow to the world of Warlocks.

Yang Feng swept the powerhouses in the void with a cold gaze.

The powerhouses in the void were silent, not daring not say anything. The four Empyreans that besieged Yang Feng, including the unequaled overlord-level First Fiend Emperor, were slayed. Such combat power can be rated as heaven-defying, surpassing that of the eight Warlock Emperors of the human race. Now no one dares to violate Yang Fengs dignity anymore.

Countless mysterious runes shone, and the Blue Mirror of Fate flew out.

Yang Feng waved his hand, and a strand of the First Fiend Emperors fate aura entered the Blue Mirror of Fate.

The Blue Mirror of Fate shone and radiated fate aura, and its surface distorted. Yet nothing appeared in the end.

Yang Fengs eyes flickered with a dignified shade: “To be able to erase his fate traces, thats an old monster that has existed since the Eternal Sovereign age for you. Truly amazing.” The legend claiming that the First Fiend Emperor once competed with an Eternal Sovereign over a Eternal slot seems to be true.”

Since the goal of the First Fiend Emperor and Yang Feng is to advance to the Eternal realm, theres no way their contradictions can be reconciled. As such, Yang Feng had no qualms to slay the First Fiend Emperors avatar and seal the four fiend emperors.

“Lets go to the Twin Universe Flower!”

Yang Fengs eyes flashed coldly, and he went towards the Twin Universe Flower.

Ling and Ying and a torrent of steel followed behind Yang Feng.

Michaelia looked at the backs of Ling and Ying, and her beautiful eyes flickered with unwillingness: “Damn it, Im still too weak!”

Shi Yu sighed faintly: “I wish I could advance to an Empyrean right now!”

While under the blessing of the Magic Note Throne, Michaelia and Shi Yu possess Empyrean rank fighting strength. But they are still quasi-Empyreans in essence. Once they enter the Twin Universe Flower, they will lose the blessing of the Magic Note Throne and wont be able to interfere in the fighting between Empyreans. This is the reason why Yang Feng had them guard Ninth Warlock Imperial Court.

“Devour Lord is going to the Twin Universe Flower!”

“He is going to fight in the Twin Universe Flower!”

“The Twin Universe Flower is a passage linking the two universes, with powerhouses of Gumana Universe roaming everywhere! Yet hes actually going there!”

“What boldness! Thats Devour Lord for you! What an unswerving spirit!”


The powerhouses of the world of Warlocks watched with a burning color in his eyes.

When the Twin Universe Flower comes into being, a stable channel connecting the two universes will appear. Unequaled overlord-level Empyreans can cross into the other universe through the stable channel.

This means that the Twin Universe Flower has become the focus of the fight between the two universes. If any one universe occupies the Twin Universe Flower, they will gain a bridgehead from where they can make incursions into the opposing universe and where they can retreat to and defend.

There are countless precious resources in the Twin Universe Flower, many of which are extinct in the universe. Once you occupy the Twin Universe Flower, you will be able to get a lot of resources and become more powerful.

Powerhouses of many powerful races in the world of Warlocks watched Yang Fengs back silently.

It is true that there are countless precious resources in the Twin Universe Flower. But there are many Empyreans compering there. If anyone below the Empyrean realm enters that place, they will become prey for Empyreans.

Even peerless prodigies like Golden Qilin Prince and Phoenix Princess stand no chance in front of genuine Empyreans. Naturally, the powerhouses of the world of Warlocks dont dare to step in lightly.


When Yang Feng arrived in front of the Twin Universe Flower, countless mysterious runes appeared in his eyes, and a ray containing Eternal aura flew out of his eyes and entered the Twin Universe Flower.

The Twin Universe Flower radiated dazzling light, and a huge passage opened.

Yang Feng stepped into the huge passage, followed by the tremendous mechanical legion.

The Twin Universe Flower on Gumana Universes end shone with countless mysterious runes, and a huge passage opened.

“Someone seized the Eternal opportunity!”

“Someone obtained the Eternal opportunity.”

“The Twin Universe Flower opened! Now anyone can enter it and look for opportunities!”

“Lets go! The Twin Universe Flowers belongs to our universe!”

“As long as we occupy the Twin Universe Flower, our universe will gain an advantage. And become more powerful!”


At the entrance of the Universe Twin Flower on Gumana Universes end, there are large armies. In the center of each army, there is an Empyrean rank powerhouse emanating Empyrean pressure.

Those armies rushed into the Twin Universe Flower without hesitation.

Under the suppression of the three Eternal Sovereigns, its basically impossible to advance to the Eternal realm in Gumana Universe. But if they enter the Twin Universe Flower and plunder its resources, and then conquer the world of Warlocks, make great contributions, and obtain the favor of the universe will, the Empyreans may have a chance to advance to the Eternal realm.

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