Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1334: Joining Forces

Chapter 1333: Cutting down White Qilin Lord

Green light shone, and the pale-faced Ghost Cicada Autarch appeared 10,000 kilometers away.

“Not bad! To be able to dodge my attack, you do have some skill!”

A calm voice sounded in the void, and Yang Feng turned from illusory to real and appeared in the void.

“Devour Lord!”

As soon as Green Dragon Prince saw Yang Feng, a gleam of complicated emotions streaked across his eyes.

When Green Dragon Prince came out into the world, with his true dragon bloodline, he looked down on mere human Warlocks. Ever since Yang Feng defeated him, Yang Feng evolved at a speed far exceeding that of his peers and finally created the Ninth Warlock Imperial Court of the human race and became a frightening powerhouse. Consequently, even his father, Green Dragon Emperor, had to attach importance to this being.

“Devour Lord!”

The countenance of Ghost Cicada Autarch and the other powerhouses of Gumana Universe next to him changed greatly, and their eyes flashed with fear.

Ghost Cicada Autarch is one of the four autarchs of Gumana Universe, a peerless prodigy as famous as Silver Autarch, an invincible figure in the same rank of Gumana Universe. Despite how strong he is, he has no choice but to admit that he is far inferior to Yang Feng.

“World of Warlocks Devour Lord! Great! If I cut you down, I will be able to increase my chances at attacking the Eternal realm in the future!”

A tranquil voice sounded, and a tall powerhouse equipped with a white battlegear, with white eyes, emitting tyrannical aura, walked out of the void and emanated Empyrean might.

“White Qilin Emperor!”

“White Qilin Emperor has come! Devour Lord is done for.”

“White Qilin Emperor is an unequaled overlord-level powerhouse of our universe. Now that hes here, Devour Lord is done for!”


Upon seeing this scene, the eyes of Ghost Cicada Autarch and the other powerhouses of Gumana Universe shimmered with excitement.

White Qilin Emperor is a top-shelf Empyrean of Gumana Universe. Although he hasnt reached the unequaled overlord level, but he has defeated several Empyreans.

White Qilin Emperor cares about saving face. As such, although these powerhouses of Gumana Universe know that White Qilin Emperor has a long way to go to reach the unequaled overlord level, but they still flattered him.

Now that White Qilin Emperor has arrived, Ghost Cicada Autarch and company are sure that Yang Feng is screwed.

White Qilin Emperors eyes flashed with the shade of satisfaction, and he looked condescendingly at Yang Feng and said coldly, “Devour Lord, kneel! I will leave you with an intact corpse and make your death more comfortable.”

“You want to kill me? Youre overestimating yourself!”

Along with an icy shimmer in his eyes, Yang Feng smiled coldly and took a step forward. With a flash of light, the Green Yang Halberd appeared in his hand, and he unleashed a green halberd ray containing terrifying Empyrean might slashing towards White Qilin Emperor.

“Thats Devour Lord for you. Despite being a quasi-Empyrean, you can already display Empyrean might. You have some skill. But a quasi Empyrean is just a quasi-Empyrean. To attack me without having crossed the Empyrean domain, what a reckless thing!”

White Qilin Emperors flashed coldly. He smiled icily and waved his hand, and a white qilin projection exuding Empyrean might suddenly appeared and extended a claw towards Yang Feng.

When the green halberd ray collided with the white qilins claw, it sliced the white qilin in two, and then slammed into White Qilin Emperor and cut him in two.

“You advanced to an Empyrean! How is this possible? Silver Autarch has occupied the sole Empyrean slot of your world! How could you have advanced to an Empyrean!”

When White Qilin Emperor was cut in two, the two halves of his body broke out with innumerable runes and escaped in different directions.

After sustaining sever damage in a direct confrontation, White Qilin Emperor understood that Yang Feng has not only advanced to an Empyrean, but also become an unequaled overlord-level Empyrean. If he stays here, only death will await him.

“White Qilin Emperor was actually defeated! How is this possible?”

“Devour Lord has advanced to an Empyrean. How, how is this possible? The sole Empyrean slot in that universe has already been occupied by Silver Autarch. How could he have advanced to an Empyrean?”


On the spirit mountain, Ghost Cicada Autarch and his followers felt cold all over, as if they have fallen into an ice cave. However, as peerless prodigies that are far superior to ordinary people, they were taken aback for just a moment, and then cast secret methods, turned into a stream of light, and fled in different directions.

“You want to escape? Youre too late!”

Yang Feng smiled coldly and pointed with a finger. All of a sudden, the Wheel of Time appeared and shone with innumerable runes, and two torrents of time poured out of the Wheel of Time and shot towards the two halves of White Qilin Emperors body.

The two halves of White Qilin Emperors body fell into a chaotic state of time.

A black hole appeared abruptly, drew in White Qilin Emperor, and broke out with vast devour force.

As if ants, Ghost Cicada Autarch and his followers were sucked into the black hole.

Tremendous devour force broke out in the black hole and devoured the life origin of White Qilin Emperor and them.

Within a few breaths of time, Ghost Cicada Autarch and company turned into ashes and disappeared.

White Qilin Emperor only persisted for a dozen plus breaths of time before his life origin was completely devoured and he turned into ashed.

Green Dragon Princes eyes flickered with shock: “So strong! So this is Devour Lord! Hes so powerful that he can even slay Empyreans at will. He crossed that barrier and advanced to an Empyrean!”

When he was in the quasi-Empyrean realm, Yang Feng could already defeat Empyreans. But it was virtually impossible for him to slay Empyreans. Only in a sealed space like the Eternal Duel Arena, from where the opponent could not escape, would he able to kill an ordinary Empyrean.

White Qilin Emperor is an Empyrean infinitely close to the unequaled overlord level. For such a fearsome being to be killed by Yang Feng, theres only one possibility, that is, Yang Feng broke through the Empyrean boundary and became an unequaled overlord-level Empyrean.

“Green Dragon Prince, you may have some use.”

Yang Feng glanced at Green Dragon Prince and pointed with his finger, and a torrent of resplendent runes flew out from his finger and flowed into Green Dragon Prince.

“Thank you for saving me, Devour Lord.”

Green Dragon Prince changed into human form and bowed respectfully to Yang Feng, a complex look on his face.

Yang Feng has advanced to an Empyrean and become an unequaled overlord-level Empyrean on the same level as Green Dragon Emperor and the First Fiend Emperor. Green Dragon Prince naturally has to show Yang Feng respect.

“No need!”

Yang Feng pointed with his finger, and an order chain appeared, wrapped around Green Dragon Prince, and locked him. Then, his figure fluttered, and Yang Feng turned into a stream of light and flew towards Eternal Origin Sea.

In a dense forest.

“This is Nirvana Seven Colors Orchid! With this Nirvana Seven Colors Orchid, I will have a 30% chance to advance to a Great Holy!”

A Holy of Gumana Universe stared at a Nirvana Seven Colors Orchid not far away, and his eyes flickered with a burning color.

A terrifying black hole suddenly emerged, swept towards the Holy of Gumana Universe, and drew him inside.

Along the way, whenever Yang Feng met a powerhouse of Gumana Universe, he would suppress and devour them. A total of a dozen plus Holies of Gumana Universe were devoured and turned into ashes by him.

With a slight flash of light, Yang Feng appeared at the edge of Eternal Origin Sea.

“Three Empyreans! And they are Empyreans of Gumana Universe! Great! If I kill you guys, I will be able to get more universe favor!”

When Yang Feng appeared at the edge of Eternal Origin Sea, he saw three Empyreans waiting at the edge of Eternal Origin Sea, clearly wishing to enter the deepest part of the sea and search for Eternal opportunities.

Before he left the island of Eternity, Yang Feng destroyed the Origin Leaf Ships. Unable to leave the Island of Eternity, the Empyreans stranded on the island could not spread any news.

“Youre Devour Lord! To provoke us, what a foolish thing to do. Thats courting death.”

Bull Demon Lord, a 100-meter-tall powerhouse with a bull head and a human body, covered in black scales, stared at Yang Feng coldly, and his eyes surged with endless killing intent.

Wind Ghost Lord, a handsome powerhouse with a black horn on the head and engraved with countless runes on the body, said flatly, “Bull Demon Lord, dont get ahead of yourself! Devour Lord is not alone. He is always accompanied by an Empyrean rank alchemy golem.”

“Wind Ghost Lord, youre being too careful! Even with Empress Ling by his side, Devour Lord is not our opponent. Lets kill him and plunder everything he has!”

With a fierce glimmer in his eyes, Golden Goose Emperor broke out with innumerable runes and turned into an extraordinary life form golden goose covered in golden feathers and radiating dazzling golden light.

The golden goose is a kind of true spirit-level extraordinary life form only slightly inferior to true dragon, phoenix, qilin, and other true spirits of this level. Nevertheless, it is a fearsome existence.

The golden goose flapped its wings, appeared in front of Yang Feng together with golden light, and grabbed at him with its talons.

Golden Goose Emperors talons are extremely formidable. A strike from them can pierce through even the head of a true dragon.

With a fierce glimmer in his eyes, Bull Demon Lord appeared behind Yang Feng in a flash, and the wolf tooth club in his hands containing the essence of power slammed towards Yang Feng.

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