Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1335: Cutting Down Empyreans in Succession

Chapter 1334: Joining Forces

“You three have decent strength. If you met someone else, you may have been able to compete with them. Its a shame, but you met me.”

Countless mysterious runes shone, and the Wheel of Time emerged and radiated mysterious, dazzling light. As if a god manipulating time, Yang Feng took a step and stepped into the future.

The attacks of the three Empyreans slammed into Yang Feng, but it was as if they hit empty air.

A strange shadow flashed, and Yang Feng appeared on Golden Goose Emperors head and slashed down with his halberd.

A fearsome green halberd ray slammed into Golden Goose Emperors head and cut him in two.

A black hole suddenly emerged, swept towards Golden Goose Emperor, drew him inside, and frenziedly devoured his life origin.

No matter how Golden Goose Emperor struggled inside the black hole, tremendous life origin was still devoured by Yang Feng, nourishing his body and soul.

When Wind Spirit Lord saw this scene, he felt a chill go down his spine, “Devour Lord, you have promoted to an Empyrean!”

Although he looks like a musclebrain, but Bull Demon Lord is quite astute. He broke out with countless runes, and a pair of giant dragon wings appeared behind him. His figure fluttered, and he escaped into the distance.

When Bull Demon Lord saw Yang Feng perform the shocking secret method Space-Time Walk, he realized that unless they can break the time-type Empyrean grade secret treasure, the two of them stand no chance against Yang Feng.

Back in the day, Time Lord relied on the Wheel of Time to cast Space-Time Walk, fight several archgod Empyreans, and slay them one after another, which established his reputation as an unequaled overlord. The terror of this secret method can well be imagined.

When Wind Ghost Lord saw this scene, his expression changed greatly. He broke out with countless runes, employed the essences of wind and speed, turned into a stream of light, and fled in the opposite direction of Bull Demon Lord.

“So decisive! Thats an Empyrean who has experienced many battles for you! If you ran away as soon as you saw me, then even if I wanted to chase you, it would take some effort. Its a shame, but since you attacked me, youre end has been set.”

Yang Feng smiled faintly, and the Wheel of Time shone with countless runes, turned into two torrents of time, and swept towards Bull Demon Lord and Wind Ghost Lord.

Swept by the torrents of time, the flow of time around the 2 Empyreans became chaotic.

Yang Feng stepped out of a torrent of time, appeared in front of Wind Ghost Lord unhurriedly, and brandished the halberd in his hands.

In a flash, a brilliant green halberd ray crushed Wind Ghost Lords barriers, and then sliced the person himself in two.

A black hole emerged, swept towards Wind Ghost Lord, drew him inside, the devoured his life origin.

After killing Wind Ghost Lord, Yang Feng appeared in front of Bull Demon Lord with a flash and slashed at the other party with the halberd in his hands.

“Devour Lord, stop! I am the great Divine Eyes Eternal Sovereigns carriage-pulling bull. Please spare my life. In the future, if your universe is destroyed, I will plead with the great Divine Eyes Eternal Sovereign to spare your life once!”

A cyan bell emerged from Bull Demon Lord, radiated dazzling light, and blocked in front of him.

The cyan bell shone with countless runes, and nine worlds appeared, combined into one, and formed a terrifying defensive barrier.

When Yang Fengs halberd strike collided with the terrifying defensive barrier, it smashed the barrier, and a fearsome force crushed the nine worlds in an instant. Next, the halberd ray slammed into Bull Demon Lord and left a frightening gash on his body.

Bull Demon Lord roared spinelessly, “Stop! Devour Lord, show mercy. I am willing to submit to you! Please spare my life!”

Yang Feng replied coldly, “Okay. Give up resistance and let me set up a brand in your soul.”

A cold gleam flashed deep in Bull Demon Lords eyes. He gritted his teeth, and a blurry bull soul projection with dragon wings appeared in front of him.

Yang Feng suddenly took action. Radiating green light, the Green yang Halberd in his hands erupted with extreme speed and sliced Bull Demon Lord in two in an instant.


Bull Demon Lord was shocked and angry. The two halves of his body were swallowed by the black hole.

“Your soul has been blessed by an Eternal and has many trump cards set up in it. If I set up a restriction in your soul, Im afraid I will be left in the dark. Do you really think I dont know anything?”

Yang Feng gazed at Bull Demon Lord struggling in the black hole, smiled coldly, and spoke icily.

Methods of Eternal Sovereigns are incredible and unfathomable. Even though Yang Feng has the Xi Shen Armor, but it is still impossible for him to take control of an Empyrean under the command of an Eternal Sovereign.

There was a flash of unwillingness in Bull Demon Lords eyes. His life origin was completely extracted, and he turned into ashes that drifted away with wind.

Yang Feng beckoned with his hand and collected the treasures the three Empyreans had on them. His figure fluttered, and he entered Eternal Origin Sea.

The Island of Eternity.

“The two side arent fighting! They sure are smart!”

When he stepped onto the Island of Eternity, Yang Feng swept the island with his formidable soul force. He detected that the Empyreans of the world of Warlocks and Gumana Universe have occupied a spirit mountain each and confronted each other, yet they havent fought.

At this time, on the Island of Eternity, there is a total of 6 Empyreans of the world of Warlocks and 7 Empyreans of Gumana Universe. In terms of strength, Gumana Universe has a slight advantage.

However, if they really fought, both sides would have suffered. Moreover, there are many dangers in the Twin Universe Flower. If they fight and suffer heavy injuries, they may convenience people who come later. As such, they have restrained one another and kept a strange balance.

“This soul force! Its Devour Lord!”

“Hes back!”

“To dare come back, that damn bastard must be seeking death!”


As soon as the Empyreans sensed Yang Fengs soul aura, their eyes flashed ferociously, and they flew towards him.

Within a few breaths of time, the 13 Empyreans appeared at the edge of the Island of Eternity.

Nova Lord proposed, a cold flash in his eyes, “Devour Lord, you dare come back! You must have a death wish! Green Dragon Emperor, First Abyssal Master, join us. Lets kill Devour Lord, and then refine him into a supreme potion. We only want one-quarter of the potion. You can have the remaining three-quarters.”

When they heard that, the eyes of Green Dragon Emperor and the First Abyssal Master flickered, and they stared at Yang Feng coldly.

When faced against the 13 Empyreans, who include 4 unequaled overlord-level Empyreans, except for an Eternal Sovereign, virtually no one would be able to defeat them.

If it were not for the fact that they are afraid that Yang Feng will escape into Eternal Origin Sea, Green Dragon Emperor and the other Empyreans of the world of Warlocks would have already attacked Yang Feng.

“Green Dragon Emperor, I saved your son on the way. Ill give him back to you.”

Yang Feng threw a cyan ball of light, which turned into Green Dragon Prince and flew towards Green Dragon Emperor.

“Royal father!”

With a flash of humiliation in his eyes, Green Dragon Prince stood quietly behind Green Dragon Emperor.

Green Dragon Emperors eyes flickered with enigmatic light, and he uttered calmly, “Thank you, Devour Lord!”

Yang Feng said with a slight smile: “Green Dragon Emperor, First Abyssal Master, you must have already guessed that I advanced to an Empyrean. Even if you join forces, youll only be able to defeat me at most. In Eternal Origin Sea, it is meaningless for you to defeat me. Why dont you join forces with me, kill the Empyreans of Gumana Universe, and divide their treasures equally?”

“Fine! I agree! Lets join forces and kill the Empyreans of Gumana Universe.

The First Abyssal Masters eyes flashed. Countless mysterious runes appeared on him, 12 pairs of demonic wings unfurled behind him, unequaled overlord-level aura emanated from him, and he sent a claw shooting towards Nova Lord.

“Alright, Ill join hands with you this once to kill the Empyreans of Gumana Universe and pay you back for saving my son.”

Green Dragon Emperors eyes flashed, and he turned into a true dragon and sent a claw barreling towards Myriad Trees Ancestor.

The eyes of the other 4 Warlocks of the world of Warlocks flickered, and they clenched their teeth and attacked the other 5 Empyreans of Gumana Universe.

Yang Fengs figure flickered, and he appeared in front of Giant Stone Dragon Lord, a 10,000-kilometer-tall powerhouse engraved with innumerable abstruse runes, and slashed at the other party with the halberd in his hands.

“To compete with me in terms of strength, youre seeking death!”

Giant Stone Dragon Lords eyes glimmered fiercely, and he extended a claw. In an instant, his claw erupted with the essences of petrification and power, changed into a terrifying pillar of light capable of petrifying and crushing anything, and shot towards Yang Feng.

When the green halberd ray collided with the pillar of light, it smashed the pillar of light, and then slammed into Giant Stone Dragon Lord and sliced him in two.

“Unequaled overlord! Youre an unequaled overlord!”

Despair flashed in Giant Stone Dragon Lords eyes, and he roared wildly.

A black hole emerged abruptly, swept towards Giant Stone Dragon Lord, drew him inside, and devoured his life origin.

“Unequaled overlord-level Empyrean!”

“Devour Lord has indeed advanced and become an unequaled overlord-level Empyrean!”


The countenance of the remaining 4 Empyreans of Gumana Universe changed dramatically, their hearts shook, and their eyes shimmered with despair.

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