Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1336: Alliance

Chapter 1335: Cutting Down Empyreans in Succession

“Ill stall them! Nova Lord, go kill Devour Lord!”

With a ferocious glimmer in his eyes, Myriad Trees Ancestor broke out with innumerable runes and turned into a towering ancient tree 1,000 kilometers tall.

Stars appeared on the huge tree and radiated dazzling starlight.

The Empyreans can see that there are countless life forms being generated on those stars, with each star being a world.

Amid the many stars, Myriad Trees Ancestor is the only god and supreme existence.

Countless thick vines extend in all directions, radiated brilliant light, and cut up the world, separating Green Dragon Emperor, the First Abyssal Master, and the other 4 Empyreans from the rest of the world.

Green Dragon Emperor, the First Abyssal Master, and the other 4 Empyreans used powerful offensive secret methods to bombard the barrier formed by Myriad Trees Ancestor.

The stars on Myriad Trees Ancestor exploded one after another, and the countless life forms on those stars perished.

“Hurry up! I wont last long! I can only hold on for 1 hour at most!”

Myriad Trees Ancestors will reverberated in the seas of consciousness of Nova Lord and the remaining 4 Empyreans of Gumana Universe.

Myriad Trees Ancestor sealed 2 unequaled overlord-level Empyreans and 4 ordinary Empyreans by himself, which can be rated as a miracle. Even though he is an unequaled overlord, but he has use his origin force and cant last long.

“Devour Lord, go to hell!”

With a fierce flash in his eyes, Nova Lord erupted with countless runes and turned into a spirit mountain, the Nova Mountain, radiating endless sacred light.

Dazzling light shone, and 9 Nova Beads flew out from the Nova Mountain and turned into 9 stars that shot towards Yang Feng.

The 9 Nova Beads are peerless spirit beads produced by the Nova Mountain and are comparable to an unequaled secret treasure each. When the 9 beads are deployed together, even if its an Eternal Sovereign, they will suffer heavy damage if hit.

Black Silver Lords eyes glimmered with a ferocious shade, and he erupted with innumerable runes, turned into a dark silver giant 100 meters tall, and radiated dark silver light.

In an instant, tens of billions of dark silver monsters, which were eroded by dark silver light, emerged, cast all kinds of offensive secret methods, and attacked Yang Feng.

Myriad Snakes Mothers beautiful eyes shimmered coldly, and she turned into a terrifying snake as big as the sky surrounded by countless huge snakes, with each huge snake emanating palpitation-inducing extraordinary fluctuations of power.

A golden vertical pupil appeared in the void and radiated golden light that barreled towards Yang Feng.

The golden vertical pupil is called Myriad Snakes Pupil and it contains the power of the countless offsprings birthed by Myriad Snakes Mother and controls the power of all kinds of curses. If an unequaled overlord-level Empyrean is hit by the pupils light, they will be entangled by countless strange curses and suffer greatly.

Dragonfish Lords eyes flickered ferociously, and he turned into a monster as big as the sky with a dragon head, a fish body, and 10 bulky arms, with an Empyrean grade secret treasures in each arm, and attacked Yang Feng from ten directions.

Shrouded in endless death qi and corpse qi, looking like a dead person, Spirit Corpse Lord appeared in front of Yang Feng, brandished the Eternal bone in his hand, and attacked Yang Feng, an apathetic look on his face.

The 5 Empyreans working together displayed astonishing power. Even if its an unequaled overlord-level Empyrean, when besieged by the 5 Empyreans, they would be somewhat scared. After all, they could be seriously injured or even killed if careless.

Yang Fengs eyes flashed with admiration: “So decisive! Worthy of being an unequaled overlord-level Empyrean! Myriad Trees Ancestor is really great!”

Myriad Trees Ancestor burned his life origin to separate the world in two, only then was he able to trap the 6 Empyreans of the world of Warlocks.

However, each of the 6 Empyreans is a shocking existence. Its not that easy to trap them. After this battle, regardless of the outcome, Myriad Trees Ancestor will be seriously injured. In the best-case scenario, he will fall into a dying state. In the worst-case scenario, he will exhaust his life origin and turn into a corpse.

If Myriad Trees Ancestor had not been so decisive, Yang Feng could have killed off the weaker Empyreans one by one, and then hunted down Myriad Trees Ancestor and Nova Lord. In that was the cace, the Empyreans of Gumana Universe would have no chance at survival.

“Its a shame, but your only mistake was to run into me!”

Yang Feng smiled calmly. The Wheel of Time flew out and shone with countless runes. Shrouded by the essence of time, he took a step and stepped into the future, leaving only a shadow in the present.

The joint attack of the 5 Empyreans hit the shadow left by Yang Feng and blew open a terrible hole on the shadow, and then the law of karma erupted, yet couldnt trace back to Yang Fengs true body.


Ripples surged, and Yang Feng returned from the future, appeared on the giant spirit mountain Nova Lord turned into, roared, and attacked the spirit mountain with the Warbringer Halberd in his hands.

Four visions, namely a torrent of time, spatial gates, stars, and a black hole, appeared directly, converged into one, and slammed into the giant spirit mountain.


Along with an earth-shaking blare, the giant spirit mountain Nova Lord transformed into cracked.

“Lets die together! Devour Lord!”

A voice full of despair transmitted from the spirit mountain Nova Lord transformed into. Countless runes shone, and a world-shaking explosion swallowed Yang Feng and everything around him.

“Damn It! Youre crazy!”

“Nova Lord, have you gone mad?”



The countenance of Myriad Snakes Mother and the several other Empyreans of Gumana Universe changed greatly, and they cast secret methods and set up defensive barriers.

The endless light swallowed everything at once. The defensive barriers of Myriad Snakes Mother and company collapsed directly, and they were swallowed by the white light.

The First Abyssal Master looked at the endless white light with expectation in eyes, “Nova Lord detonated! Was he killed?”

Green Dragon Emperor looked in that direction, and his eyes shimmered with a complicated color: “Is he dead?”

In the war against Gumana Universe, Yang Feng is an ally of the First Abyssal Master and them. However, in the competition for the Eternal slot, Yang Feng is an enemy of other Empyreans.

Deep down, the First Abyssal Master and Green Dragon Emperor think that its better for Yang Feng to die here, so that theres one peerless enemy competing for the Eternal slot less.

After the endless white light dissipated, a huge hole appeared in the earth. The hole is filled with strange, distorted forces and laws. Even if its a Great Holy, if they enter the hole, they will be killed by the distorted laws.

On the earth, there is Empyrean flesh scattered everywhere. Myriad Snakes Mother and the other 3 Empyreans of Gumana Universe were blown apart and are at their last breath.

“Thats Nova Lord for you! Sure enough, no unequaled overlord-level Empyrean can be underestimated!”

Ripples flashed, and Yang Feng emerged from the future, appeared in the present, and coughed up a big mouthful of blood, his face slightly pale.

When the big mouthful of blood was coughed up, it changed from crimson red to white and turned into a white arrow shooting towards Yang Feng.

Yang Feng flicked his finger, and the white arrow capable of slaying Great Holies collapsed at once.

“If I hadnt mastered the Space-Time Walk secret method, I would have been severely injured by Nova Lords detonation. Sure enough, no Empyrean can be underestimated.”

Black holes emerged on Yang Fengs body and dispelling the law forces of Nova Lords detonation, and his aura became more and more fearsome.

Green Dragon Emperor sighed secretly: “Hes still alive! What a monster!”

The First Abyssal Masters eyes flickered, and he said slowly, “Space-Time Walk is a top secret method that only powerhouses proficient in the essence of time can master. By mastering this top secret method, Empyreans may have a chance to slay Eternal Sovereigns.”

Space-Time Walk is an unequaled secret method that Time Lord mastered. It enabled him to run rampant in the world. However, as long as they advance to the Eternal realm, any powerhouse will be able to master a secret method like the Space-Time Walk.

It is precisely because of this that Eternal Sovereigns are so terrifying and can be regarded as invincible.

But now that Yang Feng mastered the Space-Time Walk spell, it became possible to break an Eternal Sovereigns Space-Time Walk. With this, Empyreans may be able to surround and kill an Eternal Sovereign.

A black hole swept towards the seriously injured Dragonfish Lord, swallowed him, and frantically devoured his life origin.

“Even if I die, I wont be a stepping stone for your evolution!”

With a fierce flash in his eyes, Spirit Corpse Lord broke out with countless runes and detonated.

“Its no use. Compared to Nova Lord, youre far inferior. Furthermore, you have been seriously injured. Even if you want to detonate, it depends on whether I allow it or not!”

The Wheel of Time flew out at once, and a brilliant chain made of time runes flew out and stabbed into Spirit Corpse Lord.

The corpse force inside Spirit Corpse Lord was sealed and suppressed by the chain of time runes. Spirit Corpse lord trembled slightly, unable to budge.

A black hole emerged, swallowed Spirit Corpse Lord, and turned him into ashes in a few breaths of time.

Upon seeing this scene, the two remaining Empyreans of Gumana Universe felt their blood run cold. Black Silver Lords figure fluttered, and he flew towards Eternal Origin Sea. He would rather be transformed into origin force by Eternal Origin Sea than become a stepping stone for Yang Feng.

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