Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1337: Slaying Empyreans in Succession

Chapter 1336: Alliance

“Its no use! You are destined to die at my hands.”

With a cold look in his eyes, Yang Feng took a step, appeared in front of the Black Silver Lord like a ghost, and punched him, and countless mysterious runes shone and entered the other partys body.

Black Silver Lord changed into a huge dark silver mountain 1,000 kilometers tall. Shrouded by countless abstruse runes, the dark silver mountain shrank constantly and finally changed into a palm-sized dark silver mountain, and then Yang Feng threw it into a box.

Myriad Snakes Mothers expression changed a number of times. Her beautiful eyes flickered with the shade of pleading, and she uttered pitifully, “Devour Lord, please spare me! I am willing to serve you as a servant for the rest of my life!”

Yang Feng glanced at Myriad Snakes Mother and said coldly, “I dont dare to accept an Empyrean rank servant. You better become a stepping stone for my evolution!”

Any Empyrean is an invincible existence with a perfect grade immortal body. Even if Yang Feng uses the Xi Shen Armor, it will still be difficult to penetrate deep into their soul.

Moreover, Gumana Universe is guarded by 3 Eternal Sovereigns that possess unpredictable methods, including methods that can forcibly eliminate a brand set up by Yang Feng in the souls of these Empyreans.

Myriad Snakes Mother gritted her teeth and sent a voice transmission, “Devour Lord, I know you cant trust me. However, I know of an Eternal treasury in Gumana Universe. If you swear to keep me alive, then Ill take you to that treasury.”

Yang Feng frowned slightly. The black hole collapsed, and he stared coldly at Myriad Snakes Mother and asked, “If there really is such a treasure, then why havent you claimed it for yourself?”

After he advanced to an Empyrean, Yang Feng will usher in once more a period of rapid development. However, in order to advance to the Eternal realm, the necessary resources will make one give up all hope. As such, he wont miss any chances to improve his strength.

“The vast universe has countless danger zones. Although more than 99% percent of Gumana Universe does not pose any threats to us Empyreans. However, there are still several danger zones that will threaten the lives of even Empyreans.”

“The treasury is in one such danger zone. I was going to go to that place and take it away after I stepped into the unequaled overlord level. But now I can only use it to save my life.” Myriad Snakes Mother sighed faintly.

“Fine, Ill spare your life!”

Yang Feng pondered for a while and spread the fingers of his hand, and countless runes flew out and entered Myriad Snakes Mothers body.

Myriad Snakes Mother, who is as big as the sky and can easily devour a world, turned into a delicate snake the size of a palm, and then was sealed in a jade box by Yang Feng.


Along with earth-shaking noise, a huge crevice appeared on the giant ancient tree Myriad Trees Ancestor turned into.

Despite how powerful Myriad Trees Ancestor is, but he cant withstand the attacks of 2 unequaled overlord-level Empyreans and 4 Empyreans for a long time.

A series of offensive secret methods slammed into the giant ancient tree and blasted it into pieces.

Big hands formed from spells extended and grabbed the fragments of the giant ancient tree Myriad Trees Ancestor turned into.

Myriad Trees Ancestor is an unequaled overlord-level eternal god tree and every part of his body is a great treasure that can change the fate of an ordinary person.

Standing quietly aside, Yang Feng watched silently this scene. He didnt fight with the other Empyreans over the fragments of Myriad Trees Ancestor.

The First Abyssal Masters eyes flashed with an enigmatic ray, and he said with a faint smile, “Space-Time Walk! Devour Lord, youre really amazing! Even if Time Lord revives now, he wont be your opponent.”

Yang Feng smiled faintly and said, “Its just a stroke of luck.”

Blue Moon Merfolk Empresss beautiful eyes flickered with complicated emotions, “To be able to advance to an Empyrean in this era, Devour Lord is really incredible! No wonder he was able to master an unequaled secret method like the Space-Time Walk!”

The other Empyreans of the world of Warlocks looked at Yang Feng with complicated emotions in their eyes, as well. They realized that Yang Feng has reached the apex of the world of Warlocks and become one of its most dreadful bigwigs.

Now that Yang Feng has mastered the unequaled secret method Space-Time Walk, unless theres someone who can break his secret method like the First Fiend Ancestor, it will be virtually impossible to defeat Yang Feng no matter how many Empyreans attack.

“These are the treasures of the Empyreans of Gumana Universe. According to our agreement, you can choose at will.”

Yang Feng extended his hand, and small worlds containing the treasures of Empyreans of Gumana Universe opened and radiated dazzling light.

As soon as Blue Moon Merfolk Empress and the other 4 Empyreans saw the treasures, their eyes brightened, and they extended their hands repeatedly and took away a part of the resources.

Green Dragon Emperor asked, “Devour Lord, you didnt come just to kill them, right?”

Everyones eyes fell on Yang Feng.

Yang Feng responded frankly, “Thats right. Im here to form an alliance with you all and take control of the Twin Universe Flower. Its still too difficult for me to take control of the entire Twin Universe Flower by myself!”

After he advanced to an Empyrean, Yang Fengs fighting strength has reached an incredible level. He can easily suppress ordinary Empyreans now. However, since a large number of Empyreans of Gumana Universe have invaded the Twin Universe Flower, Yang Feng can only look for allies.

Green Dragon Emperor and the First Abyssal Master are 2 unequaled overlord-level Empyreans of the World of Warlocks who have revived already. If they join Yang Fengs camp, it will greatly enhance the strength of his camp and increase his confidence in his plan.

The First Abyssal Master smiled faintly and asked, “What do we gain if we form an alliance with you?”

Yang Feng replied with a faint smile, “First Abyssal Master, if you form an alliance with me, then Ill give you the endless Abyss.”

The First Abyssal Masters eyes lit up, and he asked, “Are you being serious?”

The endless Abyss is the birth place of the First Abyssal Master and it contain countless secrets. At the time, he was forced to come out into the world ahead of time and had to give up on the endless Abyss.

Since the First Abyssal Master lost control over the endless Abyss, his strength has weakened greatly and he was unable to recover his strength of the old days.

In his prime, the First Abyssal Master was a fearsome being that could contend against the First Fiend Emperor. But since he lost the endless Abyss and resuscitated ahead of time, his strength was weakened greatly, placing him in the ranks of ordinary unequaled overlord-level Empyreans, far from the level he was at in his prime. Upon hearing that Yang Feng wants to return the endless Abyss to him, the First Abyssal Master couldnt help but be excited.

Yang Feng said decisively, “As long as you form an alliance with me and occupy the Twin Universe Flower, then I will give you the endless Abyss.”

Yang Fengs avatar can promote to an Empyrean rank powerhouse in the endless Abyss in 10,000 to 20,000 years. However, the endless Abyss is not worth mentioning when compared with the Twin Universe Flower world.

As long as Yang Feng occupies the Twin Universe Flower, he will be able to obtain countless precious resources and even cultivate several Empyreans.

Yang Fengs eyes flashed brightly, and he uttered, “As for you guys, as long as you fight the enemies of Gumana Universe together with me and occupy the whole Twin Universe Flower world, you will be allocated the resources of the Twin Universe Flower world according to your contributions.”

Blue Moon Merfolk Empress said decisively, “Alright. Devour Lord, the blue moon merfolk are willing to fight with you against the powerhouses of Gumana Universe.”

During the universe great tribulation, the strong can get more resources and become increasingly stronger. While the weak can only be eliminated or even directly exterminated together with their race.

The Twin Universe Flower world is the incarnation of the origin of two universes. In this world, there are countless resources, including unique treasures that can enable you to break through the heaven-man boundary and god-man boundary as well as peerless treasures of heaven and earth that can enable you to break through to the Empyrean realm.

If Blue Moon Merfolk Empress doesnt join the feast of carving up the Twin Universe Flower world, she will regret it for the rest of her life. Of course, once she joins Yang Fengs alliance, she will have to compete and fight with powerhouses of Gumana Universe, and she may even be in danger of dying. Blue Moon Merfolk Empress has already predicted this.

Green Dragon Emperor pondered for a while and said decisively, “In that case, I will join your alliance.”

Withered Fire Lord, who looks like dead wood encased in flames, said flatly, “Ill join, too!”

Whirlwind Lord shrouded in a tornado uttered: “Count me in!”

Cyan Rock Emperor constructed from Cyan Steel Rock pondered for a moment and refused: “Its too dangerous to fight here. Please forgive me for refusing.”

“Since you are not willing to fight for our universe, then whats the point of keeping you? To waste resources?”

A cold voice came from behind Cyan Rock Emperor, and a terrifying claw ejected, stabbed Cyan Rock Emperor, and dug out his heart.

“Well said! Since you dont want to ally with us, then go to hell. So as to avoid our intelligence being leaked!”

With a ferocious flash in his eyes, Green Dragon Emperor blasted Cyan Rock Emperors head apart with a claw strike.

A black hole emerged, shrouded Cyan Rock Emperor, and frenziedly devoured his life origin.

The other three Empyreans felt a slight chill in their hearts when they saw this scene.

Blue Moon Merfolk Empress broke out in a cold sweat from her back and rejoiced. If she tried to leave this alliance, she would likely also be killed by Yang Feng, the First Abyssal Master, and Green Dragon Emperor.

Since Yang Fengs group of 3 unequaled overlord-level Empyreans have decided to swallow the whole Twin Universe Flower world, its natural that they wont leave someone sitting on the fence alone. Anyone who doesnt belong to the alliance has to be eradicate, so that there wont be any variables or accidents.

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