Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1339: Decisive Battle

Chapter 1338: Gathering

The Twin Universe Flower, in a vast field, Hives landed, and countless tentacles ejected from them, stabbed the earth, and extracted world force.

Hives are the crystallization of Gumana Universes civilization. They can extract world force and turn it into an energy source as well as transform it into all sorts of magical and mysterious extraordinary forces.

Even if only a head remains of an ordinary person, so long as the soul was not broken, they can be easily revived in Tier V Hives.

In a Tier V Hive, in front of a huge round table, there sit 11 Empyreans of Gumana Universe.

Sitting in the seat of honor, Blue Wing Lord uttered unhurriedly, “There has been no news of Leosaur Emperor for two days now. It seems that he has fallen. The leosaur elites should also have been wiped out.”

Shadowclaw Lord frowned slightly and said, “How is that possible? Leosaur Emperor brought the Leosaur City. Inside the Leosaur City, even an unequaled overlord-level Empyrean may not be a match for him! Unless an Eternal Sovereign took action, is there anyone in the Twin Universe City who can silently erase him? Didnt he just find a secret realm and deliberately all cut off contact with us.”

The other Empyreans nodded.

The reason why Empyreans such as Leosaur Emperor didnt enter the Twin Universe Flower in the first moments was due to safety considerations. Furthermore, when they entered the Twin Universe Flower, they brought their nests with them. In their nests, even unequaled overlord-level Empyreans may not be their opponents.

Blue Wing Lord said indifferently, “If it were only Leosaur Emperor, then this explanation would make sense. But in the past two days, 19 Empyreans have cut off all contact with us. This is no accident. Someone is hunting Empyreans of our universe.”

As soon as he said this, the expressions of the 10 sacred race lords changed slightly.

Every Empyrean is an invincible being who rose above others after countless battles. If an Empyrean of Gumana Universe comes to the world of Warlocks, they will be able to kill countless powerhouses. The death of 19 Empyreans is a heavy blow to Gumana Universe.

Blasteel Lord uttered unhurriedly, a glimmer of wisdom in his eyes, “In other words, an Empyrean alliance has been formed in the world of Warlocks camp. The leader of the Empyrean alliance must be Devour Lord! The tentacles of his mechanical legions have spread throughout the Twin Universe Flower world. Only he can grasp the whereabouts of the Empyreans.”

The other Empyreans nodded when they heard that.

In the outside world Empyreans can investigate hundreds of millions of kilometers with a single spell. Bit in the Twin Universe Flower, this ability has been greatly weakened. Unless its an Empyrean who specializes in investigation spells, ordinary Empyreans can spread their soul force to just thousands of kilometers away.

Under such circumstances, Empyreans can only rely on their subordinates to explore and search the Twin Universe Flower world. Powerhouses of the 10 sacred races have fought with Yang Fengs mechanical legions, which are spread throughout the Twin Universe Flower world, repeatedly, with both side suffering heavy casualties.

In the whole Twin Universe Flower world, only Yang Fengs mechanical legions have the ability to grasp information regarding this world.

Blue Wing Lord said with a slight smile, “If Im not mistaken, Devour Lord should have obtained the Twin Universe Flowers Eternal opportunity and advanced to an Empyrean. Otherwise, it would be impossible for him to focus his energy on the whole Twin Universe Flower world.”

Lightmine Lord said slowly, “Exactly. If the Eternal opportunity had been taken by another Empyrean, Devour Lord would have to guard against them. That Empyrean would have to return to Cangzhi Plane to fight for more resources and try to advance to the Eternal realm.”

It is the dream of every Empyrean to advance to the Eternal realm. Only by advancing to the Eternal realm, will they be able to live forever and wont have to fear their lifespan running out their soul decaying.

Whether its in the world of Warlocks or in Gumana Universe, the lifespan of Empyreans is at most just 1 million years, which is even less than that of a feeble divine force rank god in their divine kingdom.

Once their lifespan runs out, no matter how powerful an Empyrean is, their soul will decay, and they will become a pile of bones. Of course, much like fearsome beings like Primal Chaos Mother Spider, Empyreans can fall into a slumber. But in that way, they will be no different from living dead.

Only Empyreans who are overwhelmed by the longing to advance to the Eternal realm will cast secret methods to seal themselves, spend their days as living dead, and wait for the universe great tribulation to arrive and fight for Eternal opportunities.

To advance to the Eternal realm is the greatest wish of countless Empyreans as well as the reason for their survival until this day. In order to advance to the Eternal realm, those Empyreans are willing to pay any price. For the sake of Eternal opportunities, they will fight even other Empyreans of the same universe.

In the world of Warlocks, Cangzhi Plane is the center of the universe and the quintessence of the universe and it contains Eternal opportunities. This has led to countless powerhouses fighting over it. As long as the human race shows any signs of decline, it will attract countless races to tear the humans to pieces and occupy Cangzhi Plane.

The exceedingly beautiful Illusion Butterfly Lord, who is the only female Empyrean among the 11 Empyreans, wrinkled her eyebrows and asked, “What shall we do now? Do we and Devour Lord just stand facing each other?”

Blue Wing Lords eyes flashed coldly: “Of course not! The Empyrean alliance formed by Devour Lord has killed 19 Empyreans of our universe and plundered their treasuries. If we continue to stand facing each other, the Empyreans of our universe will be attacked and killed one by one. We can only unite and launch a fatal attack against Devour Lord. Drive Devour Imperial Courts forces out of the Twin Universe Flower. Otherwise, Devour Lords forces will only grow stronger with time.”

The other Empyreans pondered for a while and agreed with Blue Wing Lords words.

Over the past years, many spies have infiltrated Devour Imperial Court. According to their findings, Devour Imperial Court hasnt gone a single day without producing battle robots. Its battle robots have reached a despairing number.

Once Yang Feng has a firm foothold in the Twin Universe Flower, the powerhouses of Gumana Universe will need to pay 10 times or even 100 times the price before it is possible to drive away Devour Imperial Court from the Twin Universe Flower world.

Blue Wing Lord smiled and said, “If we attack Devour Imperial Court by ourselves, then even though well win, well have to pay a huge price. Our top priority now is to contact the other Empyreans, tell them this information, and let them join hands with us to eradicate Devour Imperial Court from the Twin Universe Flower world.”

When they heard that, the rest of the Empyreans smiled, and they became more pleased with Blue Wing Lord as the leader.

Although the 10 sacred races are sure that they can defeat Yang Fengs Devour Imperial Court, but a lion goes all out even when fighting a rabbit. For every Empyrean that joins them, the fighting strength of the 10 sacred races will be upgraded. They may even end up playing a decisive role on the battlefield

Despite having the upper hand, Blue Wing Lord didnt neglect to try amass more strength, which naturally pleased the 10 sacred race lords.

Under the dissemination of the powerhouses of the 10 sacred races, the Empyreans of Gumana Universe learned of this information.

In the center of the stamen of a three-colored flower as big as the sky, there is a beautiful and luxurious palace. On a throne of that palace, there sits a handsome young man with insect antennae on the head.

This handsome young man is Star Locust Lord, a fearsome existence second only to unequaled overlord-level Empyreans.

Hundreds of beautiful girls of different races are dancing in the palace, painting a fairyland-like picture.

Star Locust Lords eyes flashed with an overcast shade, and he sighed slowly, “Leosaur Emperor, Golden Sea Emperor, … they all fell! The universe great tribulation is really dangerous. Devour Lord, the universe child the another universe, is really dangerous! Lets withdraw!”

The fact that 19 Empyreans died within two days shocked the Empyreans of Gumana Universe.

The Empyreans of Gumana Universe are prodigy-level figures. They quickly understood the current situation. Some chose to retreat to Gumana Universe, while others chose to join the allied army of the 10 sacred races.

Originally, these obstinate and rebellious Empyreans would never have joined the 10 sacred races and become the lackeys of the 3 Eternal Sovereigns. However, due to the pursuit of Yang Feng and company, if they still want to gain benefits in the Twin Universe Flower, they can only join the camp of the 10 sacred races and defeat Devour Imperial Court.

When the Empyreans joined the alliance of the 10 sacred races, the 10 sacred races became like a tiger that grew wings and steamrolled through the mechanical legions obstructing their way.

Yang Fengs mechanical legions continuously appeared out of nowhere and harassed the rear of the 10 sacred races.

Several Empyreans united to form a fearsome adaptable force. In the wake of the several Empyreans, mechanical legions were suppressed and destroyed one after another.

Yang Fengs mechanical legions intercepted constantly, yet the 10 sacred race allied army steamrolled through them.

A few days later.

Tier V Hives, spirit mountains, warships, floating cities, miraculous flowers, and other vessels of Empyreans appeared in front of the largest mechanical city of Devour Imperial Court.

In front of the largest mechanical city of Devour Imperial Court, there are countless mechanical fortresses built and 36 mechanical stars suspended in the void. There are cannons everywhere. This is a sight that can cause ones heart to beat wildly.

Blue Wing Lord looked at the huge mechanical city and uttered, a scorching shade in his eyes, “So this is the last base of Devour Imperial Court! So long as we break through here, we can expel the forces of Devour Imperial Court completely. Pass down my order — attack!”

Countless soldiers flew out from the Tier V Hines, spirit mountains, and other vessels and flew towards the mechanical city.

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