Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1343: Transcendent Lord Awakens

Chapter 1342: King of Rulers Xingji

Frost Eternal Sovereigns eyes flickered with an enigmatic color, “Who was it?”

Divine Eyes Eternal Sovereign said a name.

Frost Eternal Sovereign nodded, “Them? If it is them, then it is indeed possible to advance to the Eternal realm.”

Divine Eyes Eternal Sovereign said slowly, “Then its decided. Were going to give them our full support.”

The other two Eternal Sovereigns looked at each other and nodded in agreement.

The world of Warlocks.

“Devour Lord allied with the First Abyssal Master, Green Dragon Emperor, Blue Moon Merfolk Empress, Withered Fire Lord, and Whirlwind Lord and killed 38 Empyreans and wiped out the expeditionary forces of Gumana Universe in the Twin Universe Flower world.

A piece of information appeared on the human magic network, and the human magic network exploded.

“For 38 Empyreans to fall, how is that possible?”

“Were talking about Empyreans! 38 Empyreans, thats enough to suppress the world!”

“Thats impossible. No matter how powerful Devour Lord is, theres no way he can kill so many Empyreans in just a few days.”

“This news must be fake!”


The human magic network is full of discussion, with more than 90% of people believing it to be just a rumor.

Every Empyrean is a prodigy of an era, an invincible being of the same realm. Even variants of heaven and earth favored by the universe stand no chance against Empyreans.

Before the universe of the world of Warlocks recovered, an Empyrean was enough to sweep the universe.

Even if it is now, if 38 Empyreans appeared and joined forces, they would form an unfathomable force. The number of Empyreans that haves revived in the world of Warlocks until now hasnt even reached 38.

“Its true! Her majesty fought against Empyreans of Gumana Universe together with Devour Lord. They killed many Empyreans of Gumana Universe and wiped out the allied army of Gumana Universe.

Blue moon merfolks Blue Moon Princess left a comment on the human magic network.

“Blue Moon Princess has spoken!”

“Blue Moon Princess has never lied. Since she has confirmed it, then that means that Devour Lord has indeed defeated the Empyreans of Gumana Universe. Hes really invincible.”

“Devour Lord allied with 5 Empyreans and wiped out the Empyreans of Gumana Universe in one fell swoop! Thats the lord of the Ninth Warlock Imperial Court of our human race for you!”

“With Devour Lord here, our universe wont be swallowed by the other universe.”

“Long live Devour Lord, long live forever and ever!”

“Long live Blue Moon Merfolk Empress, long live forever and ever!”


The whole human magic network was full of jubilation. Countless human Warlocks were filled with excitement, and entire cities celebrated as if a grand festival was taking place.

Blue moon merfolks were jubilant and excited, celebrating day and night.

Many races of the world of Warlocks were also jubilant, filled with excitement. 38 Empyreans of Gumana Universe have died. This means that Gumana Universe cant launch a large-scale attack on the world of Warlocks in a short time, that everyone can enjoy a short period of peace.

Cangzhi Plane, in the center of a hidden secret realm, there is a crystal coffin full of mystery. In the crystal coffin, there is a black crystal skull.

Two mysterious flames suddenly appeared in the eye socket of the black crystal skull, and a strange will echoed in the void: “Devour Lord actually advanced to an Empyrean and cut down 38 Empyreans! Hes getting more and more fearsome.”

Cangzhi Plane, at the bottom of a sea of lightning, the sludge suddenly trembled and split apart, a worn-out ancient box appeared, and a strange sigh spread slowly in the area: “What a pity! What a pity! A step too late! A step too slow, too slow! If we want to compete for the Eternal slot, it will be 100 times more difficult for us than for a prodigy of this era.”

After confirming the accuracy of the information on the magic network, sighs transmitted from various mysterious ancient places.

At this time, the universe has recovered to the extent that Empyreans who came from eras closest to the modern era can resuscitate and ancient Empyreans can separate a wisp of their soul to perceive the world.

When they learned that 38 Empyreans have fallen, the ancient Empyreans felt a chill in their hearts.

With the exception of the Eternal Sovereign age, there have been at most only 9 Empyreans per era. For 38 Empyreans to die at once, this would be extremely rare even in the Eternal Sovereign age. Only in the era of the universe great tribulation would there be so many Empyreans dying.

Battle Demon Sects branch floating continent, in a huge underground laboratory.

“As expected of Empyreans, theyre really wealthy!”

In front of Yang Feng, there are small worlds filled with treasures of heaven and earth suspended in the air.

These small worlds are storage small worlds of the Empyreans. After Yang Feng killed the respective Empyreans, the small storage worlds fell into his hands.

In the huge underground laboratory, there are 2 damaged level-7 strongholds suspended in the air.

The 2 damaged level-7 strongholds belong to Ling and Ying respectively. Although Ling and Ying dealt heavy damage to the 20 Empyreans, but they also suffered serious damage from the 20 Empyreans and the Hive monsters. At that time, they werent even able to chase after the fleeing Empyreans of Gumana Universe together with Yang Feng.

“These treasures are enough to make you evolve again!”

Yang Feng pointed with his finger, and 2 streams of treasures flowed into the 2 damaged level-7 strongholds.

The 2 damaged level-7 strongholds swallowed the treasures of heaven and earth at once, shone with countless runes, and became increasingly brighter.

After the level-7 strongholds swallowed the treasures of heaven and earth, they quickly repaired themselves.

Yang Feng sighed lightly: “Its a shame, but even though I killed so many Empyreans, its still really difficult to cultivate an Empyrean.”

Yang Feng has a lot of talents under his command. But only Michaelia, Shi Yu, Zhou Ruoling, Regina, Wu Meiying, and a few others really have the potential to advance to the Empyrean realm.

Michaelia and Shi Yu are already quasi-Empyreans, only a step away from the Empyrean realm. But that step is like an insurmountable chasm.

The shade of a smile streaked across Yang Fengs eyes: “However, this times harvest was really great. Its enough for me to create two more Kings of Rulers.”

Time elapsed and 10 years passed in a flash.

Battle Demon Sects branch floating continent, in the underground laboratory.

A level-7 stronghold with a diameter of 1,000 kilometers is suspended in the void. In the center of the level-7 stronghold, there is a mysterious rune forming slowly.

Yang Feng spread the fingers of his hand, and pure soul force refined from the souls of Empyreans flowed into the mysterious rune.

After the rune absorbed the pure soul force refined from the souls of three Empyreans, it finally formed successfully.

Yang Feng looked at the level-7 stronghold with regret in his eyes: “Since it can only absorb the souls of the 3 Empyreans, its potential is similar to that of Ying. But its a lot worse than that of Ling.”

Ling absorbed the souls of 12 Empyreans in total and was somewhat sated. While Ying absorbed the souls of 3 Empyreans and was already full. This represents the gap in potential between them.

After all, a Kunmo Stone, an Eternal divine stone, was used to refine Ling and thus she has the potential to advance to the Eternal realm. Although Ying is a King of Rulers refined from all kinds of treasures of heaven and earth, but she is still far below Ling in terms of potential.

The level-7 stronghold opened. In the center of the level-7 stronghold, there is a peerlessly beautiful girl with short, black hair, snow-white skin, and a heroic temperament sleeping.

The peerlessly beautiful girl opened her eyes, and her eyes glimmered brightly and shone with countless runes. She is equipped with a silver battlegear. With a light jump, she leaped out of the level-7 stronghold, landed in front of Yang Feng, and knelt on on knee, “Greetings, my lord!”

Yang Feng looked at the peerlessly beautiful girl and said with a smile, “From today on, you shall be called Xingji!”

Xingji said respectfully, “Yes! My lord!”

“Younger sister Xingji, lets see how strong you are!”

Ying emerged from the shadows without any warning, looked at Xingji, and utteredthusly with a smile.

With a flash of a torrent of time, as if an invincible empress, Ling emerged from the future, appeared in the present, and looked calmly at Xingji.

“Yes! Older sister Ying!”

Xingji has a calm look on her face. The level-7 stronghold behind her opened, resonated with Yings level-7 stronghold, and formed a small world.

“Be careful!”

Ying smiled sweetly. The Lance of the Ruler in her hands flashed with countless runes, and 9 clones with identical aura, strength, and soul fluctuations appeared and attacked Xingji from 9 directions.

“Awesome! She already reached the falsehoods dressed up as truths realm! Even I cant tell them apart!”

Yang Fengs eyes surged with countless mysterious runes. He looked at shadows, and his eyes shimmered with admiration. Despite using all kinds of eye spells, he still cant tell which one is the real Ying.

Ling commented pridefully: “Not bad!”

Faced with the 9 shadows of Ying, Xingjis expression remained calm. With a flash of light, a Shield of the Ruler appeared in her hand and glimmered with dazzling starlight, and 36 stars appeared and formed a huge star barrier.

The 9 Ying clones stabbed at the star barrier, and fearsome energy shock waves spread in all directions.

The corners of Yang Fengs mouth rose into a light smile: “There are actually 3 clones that can display strength comparable to that of her true body. Ying is really exceptional She finally stepped into the unequaled overlord realm.”

After absorbing countless treasures of heaven and earth, Ying evolved again in the past 10 years and finally stepped into the unequaled overlord realm. She is now comparable to the weakest unequaled overlords in terms of fighting strength. She now can slay an ordinary Empyrean and fight against 3 ordinary Empyreans without any issues.

Lings beautifuls eyes flashed with enigmatic light, and she pouted slightly, “Im far stronger!”

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