Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1344: Magic Note Lord

Chapter 1343: Transcendent Lord Awakens

Yang Feng smiled and praised: “Of course, you are the strongest, Ling!”

Ling showed a satisfied, proud smile and said no more.

Ying controlled countless shadows, traveled freely among them, and attacked Xingji from all kinds of incredible angles.

Xingji just activated the star barrier and resisted Yings attacks.

“Im not fighting anymore! Its boring. Only older sister Lings whip can tear this tortoise shell to shreds! Its so annoying! If this goes on, even if we fight for 10 days and 10 nights, there wont be any outcome.”

No matter what sort of flaw Ying revealed, Xingji didnt attack. She just quietly stood behind her barrier. Impatient from the lack of progress, Ying eventually stopped attacking and called it quits.

“My lord, you have to get me a Kunmo Stone! Otherwise, this younger sister will catch up from behind and surpass me!”

Yings figure fluttered, and she appeared beside Yang Feng, hugged his arm, and spoke coquettishly.

Xingjis beautiful eyes shone brightly, and she said pitifully, as if a lovely puppy, “My lord, I also want a Kunmo Stone!”

Kunmo Stone is a kind of Eternal divine stone that contains unlimited mysterious power. Ling and the Xi Shen Armor both contain a Kunmo Stone, which is how they are so strong and have the potential to evolve to the Eternal realm.

Although both Ying and Xingji are Kings of Rulers and, after absorbing countless treasures of heaven and earth, possess unequaled overlord level fighting strength. But if they want to take another step and advance to the Eternal realm, it will be virtually impossible.

If Ying and Xingji want to advance to the Eternal realm, they have to either integrate with Kunmo Stone or integrate with a more formidable treasure of heave and earth. Otherwise, they will basically have no hope of advancing to the Eternal realm.

Yang Feng had a slight headache and smiled wryly, “Okay! If theres a chance in the future, I will certainly get you guys a Kunmo Stone.”

Although both Ying and Xingji are Yang Fengs creations and will obey him unconditionally. However, they also have their demands. As their creator, Yang Feng will naturally try his best to meet their demands.

After Xingjis birth, Yang Feng began to travel one danger zone after another of the universe, searching for Eternal opportunities.

The world of Warlocks began to recover rapidly, and the treasuries of Great Holies and Empyreans from ancient times and even Eternal Sovereign relic sites emerged one after another.

Yang Feng entered several Eternal Sovereign relic sites and had great gains. But those gains arent enough to allow him to undergo a fundamental evolution.

After the Twin Universe Flower world was occupied and fully secured, all its resources were equally divided by Yang Feng, the First Abyssal Master, and the other 4 Empyreans.

Yang Fengs mechanical legions entered Gumana Universe from the Twin Universe Flower world and fought with powerhouses of Gumana Universe several times.

After a few small victories, Yang Fengs mechanical legions stopped attacking Gumana Universe, because it was meaningless. No matter how many times Yang Fengs mechanical legions defeat the cannon fodder of Gumana Universe, as long as the 3 Eternal Sovereigns take action, they can suppress everything and turn the tables.

Time elapsed and 100 years passed in a flash.

The world of Warlocks, at the bottom of a sea full of endless mysteries. All of a sudden, the sludge on the sea floor churned, the sea split open, and a huge spirit mountain built from countless Transcendent bones emerged from the deepest part of the sea floor.

The huge spirit mountain made from countless Transcendent bones split open, and 4 quasi-Empyrean rank Transcendents carrying a golden throne inlaid with 36 suns walked out of the spirit mountain.

On the golden throne, there sits a man with a domineering and heroic temperament, who looks like the lord of plethora of demonic creatures or the emperor of myriads of gods. There is an imprint engraved with countless Transcendent brands floating in front of him.

The man opened his eyes, and his eyes flashed with countless Transcendent projections. The Empyrean rank Transcendent projections in his eyes flickered and roared.

Within millions of light-years, the energies of the universe converged and formed a terrifying whirlpool that poured into the man.

Ripples rose, and illusory imprints gathered from all directions and fused into the imprint engraved with countless Transcendent brands.

“Whats going on? My Transcendent Empyrean Imprint was snatched away by someone!”

“I spent 1,000 years to refine the Transcendent Empyrean Imprint. How could it be snatched away just like that?”

“Who the hell was it? They were actually able to steal my Transcendent Empyrean Imprint”


In the world of Warlocks, the countenance of human Warlocks who have cultivated the Transcendent Scripture changed greatly. To their dismay, they discovered that the Transcendent Empyrean Imprint, on which they spent countless resources, disappeared. Furthermore, a large chunk of their strength was absorbed by the Transcendent Empyrean Imprint.

“Its him! Its Transcendent Lord!”

“He finally awoke!”

“Its Transcendent Lord! The Third Warlock Emperor of the human race! One of the strongest Empyreans of the human race!”

“He woke up. Hes definitely going to compete with Devour Lord for the control of the human race!”

“One mountain cannot accommodate two tigers! Now that he resuscitated, a drama is going to play out in the human race!”


In the world of Warlocks, the gazes of frightening beings fell on the man on the golden throne, and their eyes glimmered with enigmatic shade.

The man on the golden throne is the Third Warlock Emperor of the human race — Transcendent Lord. He was once recognized as the most powerful unequaled overlord in the universe.

Among the eight Warlock Emperors of the human race, although most have been peerless prodigies invincible in the same level, but they had very difficult to deal enemies. Star Lord was stifled pretty badly prior to advancing to the Empyrean realm, while Taboo Lord was a good-for-nothing prior to embarking on the bloodline Warlock path.

Only Transcendent Lord was a virtually unequaled prodigy from the get go, who suppressed and slayed all enemies of the same realm and advanced to the Empyrean realm without suspense. After stepping into the Empyrean realm, he was still unequaled and slayed many Empyreans.

Among the eight Warlock Emperors of the human race, Transcendent Lord is the one who slayed the largest number of other race Empyreans. It is said that even unequaled overlord-level Empyreans from ancient times died at his hands.

Transcendent Lord quietly looked into the distance. As if a giant black hole, he absorbed a steady flow of universe energies.

Ripples rose in the void, and a giant spirit mountain refined from Transcendent bones emerged 100,000 kilometers away from Transcendent Lord.

“Welcome, my lord!”

54 Holies, 14 Great Holies, and 2 quasi-Empyreans flew over, knelt in front of Transcendent Lord, and spoke respectfully, a glimmered of excitement in their eyes.

Transcendent Lord uttered flatly, “Wind Deity Great Holy!”

Wind Deity Great Holy replied respectfully, “Yes! My lord!”

Transcendent Lord said, “Deliver a message to Devour Lord! 10 years later, I want duel him in the Eternal Duel Arena! If I lose, Transcendent Imperial Court shall be his!”

Wind Deity Great Holys expression changed dramatically, and he exclaimed, “My lord! You mustnt! As soon as Devour Lord advanced to the Empyrean realm, he slayed the First Fiend Emperor! Even Gumana Universes expedition army was no match for him! You mustnt duel him in the Eternal Duel Arena.”

Transcendent Lord crease his eyebrows, glanced at Wind Deity Great Holy, and asked icily, “Do you think that I will lose?”

Wind Deity Great Holy responded carefully, “I dont! My lord, you are definitely unmatched in the world! You are destined to advance to the Eternal realm! But, my lord, why dont you go to the Holy battlefield to fight him instead?”

Transcendent Lords eyes flickered with a scorching shade, and he uttered unhurriedly, “I have been sleeping since the Third Warlock Imperial Court era, it was all in order to get the opportunity to advance to the Eternal realm! As long as I cut down Devour Lord, my chances to advance to the Eternal realm will be increased to 30%. If I am cut down by Devour Lord, his chances to advance to the Eternal realm will be raised to 30%, as well. Thats pretty good! Whether I win or lose, it will benefit the human race!”

Wind Deity Great Holy spoke cautiously, “My lord, if you join forces with Devour Lord, you will be invincible in the world. Furthermore, your chances to advance to the Eternal realm in the future will be raised to 70%.”

Transcendent Lord said indifferently, “Devour Lord is very similar to me! One mountain cannot accommodate two tigers! None of us is willing to play second fiddle. It is practically impossible for us to join forces. When I advanced to the Empyrean realm, I was very sorry that I couldnt fight Time Lord and Taboo Lord. To be able to fight Devour Lord, it feels invigorating. Now go, its an order!”

“Yes! My lord!”

Wind Deity Great Holy sighed faintly, turned into a stream of light, and flew away.

In a mysterious secret realm, Yang Feng opened his eyes, stroked a blue bead, and said slowly, “Sure enough, Transcendent Lord is as domineering as ever. Its indeed impossible for us to join forces! Fine, Ill agree to duel you 10 years later!”

A blue radiance emerged from the bead, went into the void, and under a mysterious law, entered the human magic network.

“Transcendent Lord awoke and challenged Devour Lord! 10 years later, the Third Warlock Emperor and the Ninth Warlock Emperor of the human race are going to duel in the Eternal Duel Arena!”

A piece of information appeared on the magic network, and the magic network exploded.

“Transcendent Lord revived!”

“Why does Transcendent Lord want to duel Devour Lord? If they work together, no one in the universe will be a match for our human race.”

“Why does he have to duel in the Eternal Duel Arena? If he wants to see whos stronger, they can swap pointers on the Holy battlefield.”

“Sure enough, one mountain cannot accommodate two tigers! Only one of the two can survive! What a pity!”


The entire magic network churned as human Warlocks commented one after another.

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