Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1345: 10 Years

Chapter 1344: Magic Note Lord

The world of Warlocks, in a desolate desert, a grain of sand flew out of the desert, shone with countless runes, and changed into a beautiful flower as big as a star radiating seven-colored light.

In the center of the flower, a seven-colored stream of light flashed, and a beautiful palace appeared. A dashing young man with extraordinary temperament and full of curiosity regarding the truths of the universe in his eyes is sitting on a throne in the center of the palace. There are mysterious runes circling him.

When the flower as big as a star appeared, a spirit mountain flew over from afar and landed under the flower.

1 quasi-Empyrean, 2 Great Holies, and 23 Holies flew out from the spirit mountain.

“Welcome, my lord!”

These Holies bowed slightly and saluted the handsome young man, a flash of excitement in their eyes.

When a Holy meets an Empyrean, they generally just need to bow and salute the other party. Only Holy servants need to kneel before an Empyrean. However, Transcendent Lord puts great emphasis on his dignity, making the Holies kneel before him. In addition to Transcendent Lord, only Golem Lord made Holies kneel before him.

The dashing young mas, who looks like hes 18 or 19 years old, is the Seventh Warlock Emperor — Magic Note Lord. He is also an unequaled overlord-level Empyrean. Among the eight Warlock Emperors of the human race, he is know for his secret treasures.

Magic Note Imperial Court refined countless secret treasures. Among which, the number of Empyrean grade secret treasures it refined is far higher than that of any other human Warlock Imperial Court.

“Transcendent Lord wants to duel Devour Lord! What a headache. Hes indeed as arrogant as the legends say. However, the one who survives in the Eternal Duel Arena will become stronger, which is a blessing for our human race.”

Magic Note Lords eyes flashed with mysterious runes, and he swept the magic network with his gaze and said this nonchalantly.

Magic Note Lord asked excitedly, “Nine Treasures Great Holy, I want to contact the Devour Lord.”

Nine Treasures Great Holy is a quasi-Empyrean rank powerhouse of Magic Note Imperial Court and a subordinate of Magic Note Lord back in the day. He is a grandmaster of alchemy. He refined 9 secret treasures, each of which is incredibly powerful. When the 9 secret treasures are united, they are comparable to a slightly weaker Empyrean grade secret treasure in terms of power.

With the 9 secret treasures he refined, Nine Treasures Great Holys fighting strength is more formidable than even that of Starmoon Sky Snake Great Holy.

Nine Treasures Great Holy answered, “My lord, please wait a moment.”

After a moment, the void rippled, and a huge portal emerged. Yang Fengs voice came from the portal: “Magic Note Lord, please come in.”

With a faint smile, Magic Note Lord stepped directly into the portal.

Light flickered, and Magic Note Lord appeared in a beautiful and luxurious palace. In the center of the palace, there is a throne, on which sits a person. That person is Yang Feng.

Yang Feng waved his hand. Bright light shone, and a luxurious throne appeared in the void and floated on the same height as his throne.

As the Warlock Emperor of the Seventh Warlock Imperial Court, Magic Note Lord has made great contributions to the human race. He is a myth and a legend of the human race and deserves Yang Fengs respect.

As long as Magic Note Lord doesnt oppose him, Yang Feng is willing to treat this Warlock Emperor of the human race with respect.

Magic Note Lord sat on the throne unceremoniously.

Yang Feng asked with a smile, “Magic Note Lord, what brings you here?”

Magic Note Lords eyes shone brightly, and he uttered with an excited smile, “Your alchemy, of course! To be able to refine an Empyrean, your alchemy is really outstanding. Im here for your alchemy.”

Yang Feng mused, “Sure enough, as the legends say, Magic Note Lord is an alchemy fanatic.”

Among the eight Warlock Emperors of the human race, Time Lord is a great hero who can do anything for the sake of the human race; Taboo Lord is a hard working individual striving for his own rise; Transcendent Lord is an invincible genius with great pride; Death Lord is a romantic; Star Lord is the No. 1 prophet of the human race; Magic Note Lord is an alchemy fanatic.

According to legend, the reason why Magic Note Lord competed for the Empyrean slot to begin with was to obtain more alchemy materials. Only by becoming a Warlock Emperor and shaking the universe, only then was he able to obtain enough rare materials for alchemy research.

If Magic Note Lord had not created the Seventh Warlock Imperial Court, it would be basically impossible for him to collect so many alchemy materials and refine all kinds of powerful Empyrean grade secret treasures.

Its really easy for a Warlock Emperor to pluck stars from the sky. But when it comes to scouring the entire universe for alchemy materials, a Warlock Imperial Court is much more efficient.

Yang Feng apologized: “That alchemy is my core secret. I cant share it with you. Im very sorry.”

Magic Note Lord uttered with an expectant expression, “That makes sense. Since its alchemy that can refine Empyreans, it is indeed really precious. How about this, I will impart you the alchemy I have mastered. Furthermore, after learning your alchemy, I swear I wont impart it to anyone and wont use it against you. As for the alchemy I have mastered, you can impart it to others at will. What do you think?”

Yang Feng refused decisively: “Im sorry, but I cant do that! I am determined to win the struggle over the Eternal slot. Magic Note Lord, since you are one of my rivals, I cant teach you my alchemy and upgrade the strength of my rival. But if I advance to the Eternal realm in the future, I can teach you my alchemy.”

Among the eight Warlock Emperors of the human race, Magic Note Lord is a real genius when it comes to secret methods. If it were not for the fact that the laws of the universe do not permit it, he might have been able to refine even an Eternal grade secret treasure.

If Magic Note Lord gets his hands on Yang Fengs alchemy, then as if a tiger growing wings, hell only become more fearsome and formidable.

Magic Note Lord pondered for a moment and said decisively, “Eternal slot! Then lets do it like this. Ill teach you my alchemy, give up the fight for the Eternal slot, and use my alchemy in your service. Of course, I also have several conditions. Firstly, you must survive the duel with Transcendent Lord 10 years later. Secondly, you are not to betray the human race. Thirdly, after you have promoted to the Eternal realm in the future, if you are able, help me achieve the pseudo Eternal state.”

Yang Fengs eyes flashed with a peculiar shade, and he said decisively, “Deal!”

Magic Note Lord is an alchemy fanatic. At the same time, he is a man of his word. Back in the day, apart from his reckless passion for alchemy, there isnt much to criticize him for. At most, he was merciless to his enemies, not unlike other Empyreans.

When an Eternal Sovereign uses a part of their Eternal origin to boost an Empyrean, the latters lifespan can be extended by 100 times. Such an Empyrean is called pseudo Eternal.

Empyreans can only live for 1 million years at most. But once they have been boosted to the pseudo Eternal state, an Empyreans longevity will increase to hundreds of millions of years. However, if the Eternal Sovereign dies, the Empyrean who was boosted by them to the false Eternal state will also die.

Of course, an Eternal Sovereign wont easily boost an Empyrean to the pseudo Eternal state, because it will consume a part of their Eternal origin.

Yang Feng asked curiously, “Magic Note Lord, didnt you wake up in this era for the sake of the Eternal slot? How can you give it up so decisively?”

The Eternal slot is the dream of all Empyreans. Many Empyreans used all kinds of secret methods, renounced the glory of being invincible in the world, and survived to this day in order to advance to the Eternal realm. They would never give up the opportunity to advance to the Eternal realm.

Magic Note Lords eyes burst out with a brilliant gleam: “Its too difficult to advance to the Eternal realm. I did have such thoughts at first. But after seeing you and Transcendent Lord, I no longer harbor such thoughts. I love alchemy and the human race. Since theres you and Transcendent Lord, then you guys can compete for the Eternal slot. I just want to study alchemy and see where the limits of alchemy lie.”

Yang Feng smiled lightly and flickered his finger, and a crystal flew into Magic Note Lords hand.

“Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful! This alchemy is truly wonderful!”

Magic Note Lord immersed himself in the alchemy and praised repeatedly, unable to extricate himself.

Magic Note Lord uttered indifferently: “Right, Devour Lord, if there are no accidents, Death Lord will wake up soon. If you promise to help him resurrect his wife after you advance to the Eternal realm, there is a 90% chance of him working for you.”

Yang Feng frowned slightly and said, “Resurrect his wife? His wifes soul has been broken and scattered. How can she be resurrected after such a long time?”

After Death Lords wife died, her soul scattered and her flesh collapsed and disappeared.

If it were within a day of her death, then with his strength, Yang Feng would be able to cast a miraculous spell and directly revive her.

But countless years have passed. Who knows what the soul of Death Lords wife has transformed into by the universe laws. Even if it was an Eternal Sovereign, it would be very difficult to revive her. If it were not the case, then after he advanced to an Empyrean, Death Lord would have already used an incredible spell and revived his wife.

Transcendent Lord said with a smile: “After a person dies, if there are no accidents, the soul will enter the river Styx, where it will be polished and turned into the purest soul force. Then it will become the soul of an intelligent life form in the universe. But in the deepest part of the river Styx, there is a kind of extraordinary flower, the Two Lives Flower. With the fragment of his wifes soul in Death Lords possession, together with the Two Lives Flower and your strength, you can summon the other fragments of his wifes soul. As for the flesh, it shouldnt pose no problem to you guys.”

Yang Feng frowned slightly and said slowly, “But thats the deepest part of the river Styx!”

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