Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1350: Swallowing Du Ling Emperor

Chapter 1349: Scaring Away an Empyrean with a Word

When the unequaled overlord-level Empyreans from the Eternal Sovereign and archgod ages woke up, they set off huge waves in the universe.

The awakening of an unequaled overlord-level Empyreans signifies the birth of a new powerful force.

The new powerful forces collided and sounded each other out, and even Empyreans fought.

However, as these Empyreans from ancient times strived and fought with each other, no one dared to provoke Devour Imperial Court.

Transcendent Lord left Yang Feng the Transcendent Empyrean Imprint with the 15 Empyrean rank transcendents. If the 15 Empyreans work together, they can slay an unequaled overlord-level Empyrean.

Furthermore, Ling and Ying are comparable to unequaled overlord-level Empyreans. Naturally, these Empyreans dont wish to provoke Devour Imperial Court and humiliate themselves.

Cangzhi Plane, in the air above Blue Moon Sea inhabited by blue moon merfolk, ripples surged, and a handsome powerhouse with a horn on the head and a mysterious rune containing the essence of water engraved on the forehead walked out of the void.

“I am Ogre Whale Lord! Blue Moon Merfolk Empress, come out to see me!”

Ogre Whale Lord overlooked the sea and spoke icily.

A vast force suddenly emerged and split Blue Moon Merfolk, revealing exquisite palaces constructed by blue moon merfolk thousands of kilometers underneath the surface of the sea.

Countless blue moon merfolk powerhouses looked at Ogre Whale Lord in the sky in shock and anger, yet they didnt dare to say anything.

If a low-level individual violates the honor of an Empyrean, only death will await them. Even Blue Moon Merfolk Empress wont be able to help them.

With a blue flash of light, Blue Moon Merfolk Empress appeared in the void, wrinkled her slim eyebrows, and said slowly, “Ogre Whale Lord, what brings you here?”

Ogre Whale Lord glanced coldly at Blue Moon Merfolk Empress and said frigidly, “I fancy the sea that you blue moon merfolk inhabit. Hand it over to my ogre whale race!”

As one of the earliest Empyreans to recover, Blue Moon Merfolk Empress naturally occupied a fertile place on Cangzhi Plane. This sea is a merfolk holy land that produces many precious merfolk treasures each day. It is not surprising that Ogre Whale Lord covets it.

Blue Moon Merfolk Empresss face fell, and she uttered icily, “Ogre Whale Lord, this sea is the foundation of us blue moon merfolk. For you to try to seize our foundation, youre being too much!”

Ogre Whale Lord smiled frigidly and threatened icily, “Are you dissatisfied? Then lets go to the Eternal Duel Arena and have a death match. Or else, we could fight here. But I wonder how many blue moon merfolk will remain alive after this fight.”

Blue Moon Merfolk Empresss eyes surged with anger. She took a deep look at Ogre Whale Lord and weighed things again and again.

Ogre Whale Lord is an unequaled overlord-level Empyrean who rampaged across the seas during the archgod age. He has never been defeated in a sea.

Since Blue Moon Merfolk Empress was among the first ones to wake up, she gained great benefits. Now she is infinitely close to the unequaled overlord level. However, she is still not a match for Ogre Whale Lord.

Blue Moon Merfolk Empress suddenly showed a brilliant smile: “Ogre Whale Lord, Im an ally of Devour Lord. To try steal the territory of us blue moon merfolk, dont you fear that Devour Lord will step in and quell you?”

Ogre Whale Lord frowned slightly and said unhurriedly, a look of apprehension in his eyes, “If you can make Devour Lord come forward, then I will reconsider it.”

Ever since Transcendent Lord fell, Yang Feng has been recognized as the strongest powerhouse in the universe. Evil God Ancestor is an extremely ferocious and cruel character who kills 100 evil gods every day and absorbs their flesh and soul. Even so, the ferocious and cruel Evil God Ancestor doesnt dare to come to Cangzhi Plane and challenge Yang Feng.

The nine branch floating continents of Cangzhi Planes Heaven and Earth Spirit Root are each gestating a secret treasures comparable to an unequaled Empyrean grade secret treasures and produce countless treasures of heaven and earth every day. Unsurprisingly, they are coveted by the other races of the universe. However, whether it is Primal Chaos Mother Spider, the Third Ancestor Dragon, Sun Lord, or any other unequaled overlord-level Empyrean from ancient times, none has come to fight over them. These Empyreans are all apprehensive of Yang Feng.

With a peculiar glint in her eyes, Blue Moon Merfolk Empress took out a blue pearl, and the blue pearl radiated mysterious light.

Battle Demon Sects headquarters, in a secret room, Yang Feng slowly opened his eyes. He flicked his finger, and a rune entered a blue pearl.

The blue pearl in front of Blue Moon Merfolk Emperor flashed, and a rune flew out, turned into the word “scram”, and, together with a tyrannical aura, shot towards Ogre Whale Lord.

“You want me to scram! Devour Lord, youre being too overbearing!”

Ogre Whale Lords eyes shimmered with anger, and he unleashed a punch. In an instant, his fist channeled Blue Moon Seas sea force and barreled towards the word “scram”.

Lightning raged and strong winds billowed. The whole Blue Moon Sea surged and roiled.

Terrifying essence of water surged and sealed the void. Even if its an Empyrean, if they were hit by Ogre Whale Lords punch, they would be severely injured.

The word “scram” strangely crossed a river of time, disappeared from the present, and evaded Ogre Whale Lords earth-shaking blow. Next, it returned from the past to the present and imprinted on Ogre Whale Lords forehead.

A fearsome force broke out at once and sent Ogre Whale Lord flying hundreds of kilometers away.

“Time control! Devour Lord is actually this strong! No wonder they dare not provoke him!”

Ogre Whale Lords countenance changed greatly. He felt both startled and angry, his veins bulged, and a boundless heroic aura diffused from him.

However, Ogre Whale Lord isnt an unequaled overlord-level Empyrean for no reason. He calmed down at once. Upon thinking about the mysterious power contained in the rune, he broke out in a cold sweat from his back.

Although the word “scram” didnt cause Ogre Whale Lord any damage due to a lack of strength, but it showcased the terror of Yang Fengs essence of time. If Ogre Whale Lord really opposes Yang Feng, then Yang Feng will be able to easily slay him.

“Blue Moon Merfolk Empress, it was all a misunderstanding! I bid you goodbye!”

Ogre Whale Lord squeezed out an ugly smile. With a gloomy expression on his face, his figure fluttered, and he turned into a stream of light and disappeared into the distance.

Blue Moon Merfolk Empresss beautiful eyes flickered with complicated emotions, and she sighed slightly, “To scare away an Empyrean with a rune, Devour Lord is becoming stronger and stronger.”

When Devour Imperial Court was just established, Yang Feng was still a quasi-Empyrean. As an Empyrean, Blue Moon Merfolk Empress looked down on him. But in less than 1,000 years, Yang Feng has become an unequaled overlord-level Empyrean that can scare away an Empyrean with a word. This is beyond miraculous

“Ogre Whale Lord tried to seize the territory of Blue Moon Merfolk Empress, yet our lord scared him away with a word!”

A piece of information quickly spread on the human magic network, and the human magic network exploded.

“Ogre Whale Lord is an overlord of the seas from the archgod age. While in the sea, he once killed an Empyrean and defeated 4 Empyreans. To scare Ogre Whale Lord with a word, our lord is truly amazing!”

“Our lords strength seems to have advanced by leaps and bounds again! He will surely be able to advance to the Eternal realm in the future!”

“Thats our lord for you! To be able to scare an Empyrean away with a word, thats really fantastic!”

“Our lord is invincible!”


The whole human magic network was jubilant. The human Warlocks of Devour Imperial Court were all excited. The races that attached themselves to Devour Imperial Court were also excited. As for those who hate the humans, they were disheartened and full of despair.

“Ogre Whale Lord was actually scared away with a word. Devour Lord is worthy of being this eras universe child. His progress is frighteningly fast. If it were in the Eternal Sovereign age, he would definitely be a competitor most hopeful to become an Eternal Sovereign. I didnt expect for such a monster to appear in this era.”

In the spider shrine, countless spider threads shone brightly.

In the center of the shrine surrounded by countless spider threads, there is a peerless beauty with long, chestnut hair, fair, glistening skin, and a perfect figure. This peerless beauty is Primal Chaos Mother Spider, one of the most dreadful Empyreans of the world of Warlocks.

Primal Chaos Mother Spider played with a black dragon scale in her hand, a peculiar glint in her eyes: “However, the stronger he is, the more enemies he will have. As long as he hasnt advanced to the Eternal realm, we still have a chance.”

The Plane of Dragons, Myriad Dragons Mountain, in the dragon shrine, there is a person sitting on the throne. That person is the Third Ancestor Dragon.

When the Third Ancestor Dragon returned to the Plane of Dragons, despite how strong Green Dragon Emperor is, he could only step down and submit to the Third Ancestor Dragon.

The dragon race is extremely powerful. It already has 6 Empyrean rank true dragons who awakened from the river of time. Although these true dragons were invincible in an era, but they could only submit to the Third Ancestor Dragon.

The Third Ancestor Dragon said slowly, an enigmatic gleam in his eyes: “To scare away Ogre Whale Lord with a word, Devour Lord is really getting stronger and stronger.”

A strange existence shrouded in a black cloak appeared behind the Third Ancestor Dragon and said, “Mighty Third Ancestor Dragon, as long as you join hands with us, Devour Lord will be finished.”

The Third Ancestor Dragon was silent for a while before slowly replying, “Alright!”

“Youre really wise!”

The strange existence in a black cloak suddenly collapsed and disappeared.

The Third Ancestor Dragon uttered frigidly, a look of contempt in his eyes, “The ants of Gumana Universe trying to sow discord. You really think I cant see through you? Im just using you to kill Devour Lord. As long as Devour Lord dies, I will have hope to advance to the Eternal realm! At that time, I will kill all of you lowly ants and reforge the glory of my dragon race!”

Inside a sun shrine.

“Ant of Gumana Universe, die!”

Sun Lord suddenly opened his eyes and waved his hand, and a sun lance stabbed into the void and penetrated a strange existence in a black cloak.

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