Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1351: Cutting Down Du Ling Empress

Chapter 1350: Swallowing Du Ling Emperor

“Sun Lord, stop!”

The strange existence in a black cloak suddenly unleashed a horrified shriek.

The sun lance stabbed the strange existence in a black cloak, surged with the law of karma, traced back to the origin of the strange existence in a black cloak, and stabbed into the void.

The world of Warlocks, in the core of an abandoned star, there is an exquisite palace.

A sun lance emerged from the void at once and stabbed at a black robbed Empyrean sitting on a throne in the exquisite palace.

The expression of the black robed Empyrean changed greatly, and his hand extended, turned into a giant demonic claw, and shot towards the sun lance.

The sun lance blasted apart the black robed Empyreans demonic claw, and then pierced the person himself in an instant.

Terrifying sun god fire broke out at once and swallowed the black robbed Empyrean.

A black jar flew out and emitted immortal Empyrean might, and a large amount of black liquid gushed out of the jar, fell on the black robed Empyrean, and extinguished the sun god fire.

On the black robbed Empyreans chest, there is a large hole, with tongues of sun god fire burning stubbornly, burning his life origin.

“Sun Lord is really fierce. As expected of one of the strongest Empyreans of this universe. Hes probably not far from Devour Lords level.”

The black robed Empyrean looked at the large hole on his chest and smiled bitterly. Countless runes shone, and a black radiance dispelled the tongues of sun god fire bit by bit.

Sun Lord all out strike possesses earth-shaking power. Even though it had to cross an endless distance, it was still able to severely injure the black robed Empyrean. If he doesnt consume a treasure on the level of an eternal god fruit to nurture his body and soul, it will take at least 500 years for the black robed Empyrean to recover.

The eyes of the black robed Empyrean flashed with resolve, “However, despite how strong Sun Lord is, he is far from being a match for three Eternal Sovereigns. If you cant advance to the Eternal realm, you ultimately wont be able to control your fate.”

Sun Lord is extremely powerful and can easily deal serious damage to an Empyrean. But if he is faced with an Eternal Sovereign, he isnt their opponent. If he doesnt flee in the first moments, he will surely die. On the other hand, he might not even be able to harm the Eternal Sovereign.

When Yang Feng scared away Ogre Whale Lord with a word, the whole universe was shocked. No one dared to provoke Devour Imperial Court.

The Empyreans became even more apprehensive of Yang Feng and quietly formed a secret anti-Devour Lord alliance.

10 years passed in a flash.

The sky above Jing Yuan Continent split open abruptly. A star with a diameter of 3,000 kilometers emerged from the rift, and a vast, fearsome aura emanated from the star and spread in all direction.

The aristocrats of the former three empires felt the blood inside them churn, making them change and become more powerful.

“Our ancestors are back!”

“They have returned!”

“We can become the masters of Jing Yuan Continent once more!”


The top aristocrats of the former three empires felt the changes inside them, and their eyes flickered with excitement.

“Du Ling Emperor! That old thing did really wake up!”

Scarlet Dragon Great Holys eyes flashed coldly. He looked into the distance, and his eyes, surged with a dignified shade.

One after another, 3,000-kilometer-long White Shark Battleships flew out and attacked Jing Yuan Continent.

The mechanical legions and White Shark Battleships deployed on Jing Yuan Continent took off and engaged the warships of the du ling shen race.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The earth quaked, mountains collapsed, and huge blasts sounded incessantly. The regions of the former three empires were plunged into the chaos of war.

“Firmament Holy Yang Feng! Curse you!”

A cold voice transmitted from the void, and terrifying immortal Empyrean might gushed out.

A giant hand as big as the sky slammed into a mechanical legion and crushed the mechanical legions battle robots and White Shark Battleships, leaving nothing behind.

“The ancestor is invincible!”

“Kill all these barbarians!”


The aristocrats of the former three empires were excited. They used all kinds of methods to survey the battlefield.

The aristocrats and officials that joined Yang Fengs side turned pale, and their eye flashed with despair.

Du Ling Emperor displayed invincible battle proves.

Yang Fengs mechanical legions deployed on Jing Yuan Continent can slay Great Holies. But when faced with Du Ling Emperor, they basically cant withstand a single blow.

“Du Ling Emperor, the legendary figure who defeated the three strong races of ancient times. Now that he appeared, he wont let me off. I should run!”

When Manirt saw Du Ling Emperor erase a mechanical legion with terrifying might on a light screen, he felt his blood run cold.

Against a terrifying being such as Du Ling Emperor, even if the fallbacks Yang Feng deployed all over Jing Yuan Continent are used, they stand no chance.

“Du Ling Emperor, you woke up at last! I can finally catch you!”

Ripples flashed on the battlefield, and Yang Feng walked out of the void, looked at the star with a diameter of 3,000 kilometers, and raised the corners of his mouth into a faint smile.

There is a grudge between Du Ling Emperor and Yang Feng. Furthermore, Du Ling Emperor has many secrets on him. As such, Yang Feng has been waiting for Du Ling Emperor to wake up all these years.

The place where Du Ling Emperor slept is very strange and mysterious. Even though Yang Feng has fate-type Empyrean grade secret treasures, but he still couldnt find any traces of the other party. Only now that Du Ling Emperor came out into the open, Yang Feng can finally lock on his position.

“Firmament Holy Yang Feng, you dare appear in front of me. It seems that you have advanced to an Empyrean! Its a shame that youre really stupid. A mere newly advanced Empyrean dares to oppose me, how utterly reckless.”

With a flash of light, Du Ling Emperor flew out of the star, and his eyes flickered with the shade of ridicule.

Yang Feng said flatly, “Du Ling Emperor, wheres Du Ling Empress? Let her come out, too! You alone are not my opponent.”

“What confidence! Yang Feng, youre just an ant of a low grade universe. I alone can kill! I dont need the empresss help!”

With a fierce flash in his eyes, Du Ling Emperor spread the fingers of his hand, and 108 white spheres flew out and turned into 108 stars.

The 108 stars shone brightly, radiated countless rays of starlight, and formed a star boundary that locked the void.

If an ordinary Empyrean wants to destroy the star boundary, they will need to unleash at least 100 full strength attacks.

Yang Feng glanced at Du Ling Emperor, a look of pity in his eyes: “You sealed the void? What a fool!”


Du Ling Emperors eyes flashed fiercely, and a 1,000-kilometer-long silver snake covered with silver scales and a scarlet true dragon covered in raging flames appeared behind him, emanating Empyrean aura.

The huge silver snake and the scarlet true dragon both have dull eyes. They are evidently golems Du Ling Emperor refined from Empyrean corpses.

The figures of the huge silver snake and the scarlet true dragon fluttered, and they appeared in front of Yang Feng. The huge silver snake opened its mouth, and a silver beam with a diameter of 10 kilometers, containing the essence of destruction ejected out.

The scarlet true dragon opened its mouth, and a breath of true dragon fire capable of injuring even Eternal Sovereigns ejected out and swept towards Yang Feng.

A black hole suddenly rose behind Yang Feng and radiated black devour light.

The huge silver snakes silver beam and the scarlet true dragons true dragon fire were easily swallowed by the black hole.

Along with a string of afterimages, Yang Feng crossed the defensive perimeter of the silver snake and the scarlet true dragon in a flash, appeared in front of Du Ling Emperor, and punched the other party.


A star appeared abruptly. As if two giant stars have collided, terrifying fluctuations of power spread in all directions.

Du Ling Emperors bones broke into countless pieces and his blood spilled. He knocked into the edge of the star boundary and spewed out a mouthful of blood, and his eyes filled with disbelief: “How is it possible? Even though you have advanced to an Empyrean, but its impossible for you to become so strong in such a short time! How is this possible?”

Du Ling Emperor had guessed that Yang Feng would be very strong, but he didnt expect Yang Feng to be this strong, to the point that the other party nearly inflicted him serious damage with a single strike.


With an indifferent look in his eyes, Yang Feng spread the fingers of his hand, and a giant black hole appeared and swept towards Du Ling Emperor.

“Save me, empress!”

Du Ling Emperor issued an earth-shaking roar, and then shone with countless mysterious runes, turned into a silver cocoon, and put all his strength into defense.

The belly of the Empyrean rank silver snake suddenly cracked open, and a beautiful woman in silver battlegear, with long, silver hair, a sexy figure, and peerless looks emerged, emanated unequaled overlord-level Empyrean aura, and slashed at Yang Fengs back with the sword in her hands.

Du Ling Empress is extremely fast. Furthermore, no one could have expected her to hide in the belly of the silver snake. This surprise attack is extremely fierce and fast.

If Yang Feng insists on killing Du Ling Emperor, he will be badly hurt by Du Ling Empress.

Ripples surged, and Xingji appeared behind Yang Feng with the Shield of the Ruler in her hands.

The Shield of the Ruler shone, absorbed countless rays of starlight, and formed a star boundary.

When Du Ling Empresss sword strike slammed into the star boundary, it unleashed a fearsome force in an instant and set off ripples on the star boundary.

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