Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1352: Dimensional Flower

Chapter 1351: Cutting Down Du Ling Empress

The star boundary flashed slightly, countless strands of star force broke out, and stars exploded one by one. The terrifying force unleashed by the explosion of stars sent Du Ling Empress flying.

Along with strings of afterimage, Du Ling Empress frenziedly slashed at the star boundary.

No matter how Du Ling Empress attacked, the star boundary stood strong. Ripples flashed and spread in all directions continuously.

In the black hole, countless devour runes flickered and broke out with a frenzied force, and the silver cocoon Du Ling Emperor turned into collapsed bit by bit.

In the silver cocoon, Du Ling Emperors life origin, memories, and everything else were devoured by Yang Feng.

With a flash of black light, Du Ling Emperor turned into ashes that drifted away with a gust of wind.

Yang Fengs eyes flickered coldly, and he said slowly, “So you come from Duyun Universe! Its universe energy level is higher than that of Gumana Universe and it has 9 Eternal Sovereigns.”

Du Ling Empresss expression changed greatly, and she turned into a silver ray and fled towards the outside.

“Its no use! Since you have come out, only death awaits you!”

With an indifferent look on his face, Yang Feng pointed with a finger, and the Wheel of Time appeared. A torrent of time gushed out of the Wheel of Time and swept towards Du Ling Empress.

Du Ling Empresss countenance changed. With a wave of her hand, a damaged, mysterious, ancient silver ball flew out and radiated Eternal aura.

As soon as the ancient silver bell flew out, it shone with countless runes and rang, and silver ripples surged and cut off the torrent of time.

“A damaged Eternal grade secret treasure! This treasure can slay an ordinary quasi-Empyrean! Its a shame, but it has no effect on us!”

With a cold look in his eyes, Yang Feng unleashed a halberd strike, and a green sun appeared, radiated green sunlight that can burn and purify anything, and slammed into the ancient silver bell.


A fearsome sound wave came from the silver bell and knocked Yang Feng thousands of kilometers away, and the silver bell cracked and disintegrated into countless pieces.

The damaged Eternal grade secret treasure can kill a quasi-Empyrean. But when faced against an unequaled overlord-level Empyrean like Yang Feng, it was smashed by a blow. Even if its an intact Eternal grade secret treasure, if there is no one controlling it, it will be very difficult to kill an Empyrean.

Yang Fengs Xi Shen Armor flashed, and a black ray ejected, swept the silver bell fragments, and devoured them.

Damaged Eternal secret treasures contain mysterious of the Eternal realm. They are an extreme rarity in the world of Warlocks. After Yang Feng founded the Ninth Warlock Imperial Court, he only collected 13 damaged Eternal grade secret treasures.

The damaged Eternal grade secret treasures pieces are of little use to Yang Feng, but they are a great tonic to the Xi Shen Armor.

At this instant, Du Ling Empress reached the edge of the star boundary unleashed by Du Ling Emperor, sliced open the star boundary with a sword strike, and rushed out.

Yang Feng smiled coldly, “Impressive! So decisive! Its a shame, but since I came here, Im naturally prepared!”

“Lets finish this quickly! I have to go back to study alchemy! Wasting time is a shameful thing.”

An impatient voice came from the void. A silver ball emerged abruptly and evolved into a world, and Yang Feng, Xingji, and Du Ling Empress were drawn into the silver world.


Du Ling Empress was very decisive. With a cold flash in her eyes, she broke out with unequaled overlord-level rank power and slashed the worlds wall with her sword.

Du Ling Empresss sword strike can easily slice a world apart and wipe out all the life forms on said world.

The worlds wall unleashed brilliant silver light and erupted with fearsome backlash force, and Du Ling Empress was sent flying for thousands of kilometers.

Magic Note Lord came out of the void, looked at Du Ling Empress with a proud look on his face, and said with a shit-eating grin: “To break my Silver Moon World with one blow, you have to be as strong as Devour Lord! Unfortunately, you are far from this level!”

A torrent of time surged, and Yang Feng walked out of the torrent of time and spread the fingers of his hand, and a black hole appeared and swept towards Du Ling Empress.

The beautiful eyes of Du Ling Empress flashed coldly. She unleashed a sword strike, and a silver sword ray tore the firmament and shot towards the black hole.

The black hole radiated black light and devoured the silver sword ray, and then swallowed Du Ling Empress.

When Du Ling Empress was swallowed by the black hole, she unleashed one treasure after another and attacked the black hole.

Countless runes shone in the black hole, and the treasures unleashed by Du Ling Empress turned into dust.

“Since you want to claim my life, then lets go down together!”

Du Ling Empress released more than a dozen secret treasures, yet they were all easily destroyed by the essence of devour. Next, she clenched her teeth and shone with countless runes, and a vast force gathered madly.

“You want to go down together with me? You dont have the qualifications for that!”

A cold sneer sounded in the black hole, and the Warbringer Halberd emerged and stabbed Du Ling Empress.

When she was stabbed by the Warbringer Halberd, the runes on her body collapsed, and her life force was extracted madly. She turned into dust that drifted away with a gust of wind

“The essence of devour is really overbearing! Worthy of being one of the strongest essences!”

Magic Note Lord beckoned with his hand and retrieved the silver world, and then glanced at Yang Feng, and his eyes flickered with an enigmatic shade.

Yang Feng has cultivated the essence of devour to an unprecedented level. Even if its an unequaled overlord-level Empyrean, once they enter his black hole, only death will await them. In addition, once the Empyrean is devoured, their memories and power will become Yang Fengs spoils.

Magic Note Lord swept du ling shen races warship with his gaze, and his eyes lit up and flashed with excitement, “They werent Empyreans of our universe! Devour Lord, who were day?”

Yang Feng replied flatly, “They came from Duyun Universe, a universe whose universe energy level is higher than that of Gumana Universe. This universe has 9 Eternal Sovereigns.”

When he heard that, Magic Note Lord trembled. He creased his eyebrows and asked, “9 Eternal Sovereigns? Their universe wont try to devour our universe, will it?”

If a universe with 9 Eternal Sovereigns tries to devour the universe of the world of Warlocks, it will be virtually impossible to stop it.

If theres a huge disparity in terms of universe energy level, then there wont be any suspense in the universe devour war.

Yang Feng responded, “Its not so simple! Its impossible for a universe with high universe energy level to try devour a universe with low universe energy level. The two universes are not in the same universe dimension. Du Ling Emperor and Du Ling Empress were just spies sent by Duyun Universe to plant a coordinates marker in our universe. Once our universe evolves, the Eternal Sovereigns of Duyun Universe will take action and forcibly launch the universe devour war.”

Magic Note Lords expression changed dramatically, “They are actually capable of forcibly launch a universe devour war! Duyun Universes Eternal Sovereigns are really scary!”

According to the ancient texts handed down from the world of Warlocks Eternal Sovereigns, the universe devour war is completely random and uncontrollable. Even Gumana Universe, which has devoured many universes, still cant actively launch a universe devour war.

Yet Duyun Universes Eternal Sovereign can actively launch a universe devour war. This goes beyond the imagination of the world of Warlocks powerhouses.

Yang Feng said with a light smile: “However, this has both advantages and disadvantages. Since Du Ling Emperor and Du Ling Empress died, the coordinates marker can be pulled out. Furthermore, the coordinates of Duyun Universe fell into my hands.”

Magic Note Lord was at a loss for words, “You dont plan to attack Duyun Universe, do you?”

Yang Fengs eyes flashed with a scorching shade, and he uttered slowly, “I dont for now!”

Magic Note Lords eyes glimmered with excitement, and he licked his lips and asked, “Is that what will happen in the future? What a headache. Guys full of ambition like you are such a headache. However, Im really looking forwards to Duyun Universes secret treasure technology.”

“The ancestors fell!”

“How is this possible?”

“Ancestors! Thats the ancestors who once knocked the three strong races to the bottom! They actually died!”

“Impossible! When the ancestors wake up, they will rule the whole continent and govern the universe. This is a prophecy the ancestors left us. How could this happen? How could this happen?”


When the aristocrats of the former three empires saw this, their blood ran cold, and their eyes shimmered with despair.

Manirt laughed excitedly, as if he had returned to his youth: “Ha-ha, the lord is invincible! The lord is really invincible!”

Magic Note Lord swept Jing Yuan Continent with his gaze and asked casually, “What are you going to do with these ants?”

For Empyreans, except for Holies, the remaining beings are just ants not worth mentioning.

Yang Feng responded with a faint smile, “Im going to purge them of course. I have enough manpower to replace those disobedient guys.”

“I leaving! Dont call me if theres nothing important.”

Magic Note Lords eyes flashed with a burning color. His figure fluttered, and he flew towards the star of the du ling shen race.

“Devour Lord, thank you for slaying Du Ling Emperor and avenging our scarlet dragon race!”

With a red flash of light, Scarlet Dragon Great Holy appeared beside Yang Feng. His eyes glimmered with complicated emotions, and he bowed deeply to Yang Feng and said thusly.

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