Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1356: Quelling Warsilver Lord

Chapter 1355: Total Annihilation of the Enemies

“Devour Lord, since you wont give us a way out, then well take you down together with us! Everyone, lets attack the Rainbow Spirit Fruit!”

Multi-Armed Ancestors eyes flashed fiercely, and he brandished the 18 Eternal bones in his 18 hands. Order chains ejected from the Eternal bones and star projections appeared and barreled towards the Rainbow Spirit Fruit.

The eyes of the other 3 Empyreans glimmered viciously, and they cast offensive spells and hurled attacks at the Rainbow Spirit Fruit.

Only by attacking the Rainbow Spirit Fruit, only then may the 4 Empyreans be able to force Yang Feng out into the open and compel him to resist their attacks.

Along with a blur, Yang Feng appeared on the golden rocs head, brandished the halberd in his hands, and cut down the other party, and a black hole appeared and swallowed the golden roc.

The remaining 3 Empyreans took this chance to hurl attacks at the spirit mountains summit.

Along with ripples in space, Xingji hiding nearby appeared abruptly and raised the Shield of the Ruler. The Shield of the Ruler shone with countless rays of starlight, and 1,308 star projections appeared and activated a huge star boundary.

When the attacks of the 3 Empyreans slammed into the star boundary, they set off ripples.

Along with a blur, Ying stabbed the Lance of the Ruler into the fire qilin.

As if an invincible queen, Ling walked out of the void and brandished the Whip of the Ruler, and the Whip of the Ruler turned into a terrifying mountain of whips that barreled towards the ancestral bear.

With a fierce flash in his eyes, the ancestral bear roared and operated the essence of earth, and a yellow rock armor formed on his body.

Lings Whip of the Ruler slammed into the yellow rock armor with the might of a mountain range.

The ancestral bears incarnation of a rock mountain was crushed into pieces by the fearsome force.

“3 Empyrean rank golems! Devour Lord, youve hidden quite deep! However, since you want to kill me, then Ill take you down together with me!”

The Multi-Armed Ancestors eyes flashed with despair when he saw this scene. He broke out with countless runes all over hos body and combusted the power of his bloodline, and an unequaled overlord-level aura diffused from him.

“You dont have the ability to take me down together with you!”

With a cold look in his eyes, Yang Feng took a step, appeared in front of Multi-Armed Ancestor, and slashed at the other party with the halberd in his hands.

“Broken bones!”

Multi-Armed Ancestors eyes glimmered with a vicious shade, and he showed a malevolent smile, brandished the Eternal bones, and attacked Yang Feng.

The 18 Eternal bones broke out with mysterious and resplendent runes that formed a small closed space locking the past, present, and future.

The 18 Eternal bones slammed into Yang Feng in an instant and smashed him to pieces, and a terrifying force blasted open a fearsome hole in the void.

Multi-Armed Ancestor felt a chill in his heart: “Its fake! This is an afterimage! How can there be such a vivid afterimage, to the point that it can confuse even my eyes?”

“Alright, you can go and die!”

Yang Fengs voice appeared behind Multi-Armed Ancestor, and the Warbringer Halberd stabbed into the other partys body.

A halberd ray streaked past, and Multi-Armed Ancestors body was sliced in two.

A black hole emerged directly and swallowed Multi-Armed Ancestor, whose body was sliced in two. The black hole flashed and swallowed the fire qilin and the ancestral bear, as well.

A tremendous amount of life origin poured into Yang Feng and made him become even stronger.

“The fluctuations of power of Multi-Armed Ancestor and them have disappeared!”

“Devour Lord! These are the fluctuations of Devour Lords essence of devour!”

“Devour Lord is there!”


When the Empyreans, who had planned to rush towards the spirit mountain with the Rainbow Spirit Fruit, sensed that the fluctuations of power of Multi-Armed Ancestor and them disappeared, they cast secret methods and saw Yang Feng at once.

The expression of these Empyreans changed dramatically, and they turned into streams of light and disappeared one after another.

Although the Rainbow Spirit Fruit is precious, but their lives are more important.

“With these, I now have a total of 6 spirit leaves. My guess is indeed correct. Every Empyrean with a complete soul can get a spirit leaf.”

Yang Feng opened his hand, and five spirit leaves radiating brilliant green light appeared in his hand.

Yang Fengs eyes flashed coldly: “Not enough! More than 100 Empyreans entered the Cosmic Tree Sea! 6 Spirit leaves is not enough!”

Three hours later, the Rainbow Spirit Fruit ripened, and a fragrance wafted out and spread to thousands of kilometers.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The earth shook as 9 10,000-meter-tall cyan rock giants engraved with innumerable abstruse runes, radiating Empyrean aura rushed over from afar.

3 true dragons and 2 phoenixes flew towards this side.

“So these are true spirits bread by the Cosmic Tree Sea? They have strength, yet lack intelligence. Theyre just powerful weapons. However, if they have a fateful encounter, they may be able to complement their soul and become real Empyrean rank true spirits.”

Yang Feng glanced at the 14 Empyrean rank monsters, and his eyes flashed with excitement.


Yang Feng plucked the Rainbow Spirit Fruit, placed it in a jade box, and sealed it. This kind of miraculous object can display its maximum worth only when it is used to attack the Eternal realm.

“Put down that fruit! Or die!”

The 9 cyan rock giants, as if a single entity, unleashed a roar, brandished cyan rock clubs, and attacked Yang Feng.

The eyes of the 3 true dragons and 2 phoenixes glimmered fiercely, and they also attacked Yang Feng.

“You are strong enough. However, you dont have any secret methods to restrict the essence of time!”

Yang Feng smiled faintly. His figure blurred, and he disappeared from the present.

The attacks of the 14 Empyrean rank true spirits slammed into the spirit mountain where the Rainbow Spirit Fruit was born and blasted it to pieces.

Along with a surge of ripples, Yang Feng emerged behind a true dragon and sliced it in two with his halberd, and then a black hole swallowed the true dragon.

The remaining 13 Empyrean rank true spirits bellowed and attacked Yang Feng again.

Yang Feng shone with innumerable runes, traveled between the past, present, and future, and cut down and devoured the 13 Empyrean rank true spirits one by one.

“So strong! Thats Devour Lord for you!”

“Space-Time Walk! If you cant restrain this secret method, you wont be able to defeat him.”

“Space-Time Walk is an unequaled secret method! If you cant restrain it, only defeat and death will await you. Thats the Empyrean invincible in the universe for you!”


When the spectating Empyreans saw this scene from afar, their hearts surged with a chill and filled with vigilance directed at Yang Feng. At the thought that they will have to compete with Yang Feng, the Empyreans had a headache.

Space-Time Walk is an unequaled secret method that Eternal Sovereigns can master. Any Eternal Sovereigns who mastered this secret method can easily deal with this secret method. But for Empyreans, this is absolutely an unequaled secret method that is difficult to break.

“Sure enough, Devour Lord has mastered part of an Eternal Sovereigns ability. Once he advances to the Eternal realm, he will become a most fearsome Eternal Sovereign. He must not be allowed to advance to the Eternal realm. That side is ready to start!”

An Empyrean of Gumana Universe hidden in the shadows took a deep look at Yang Feng in the distance, and his eyes shimmered with an overcast shade. He turned into specks of black light and disappeared.

The universe of the world of Warlocks, in the outer space of Guang Wu Star, which is a star inhabited by humans.

With a glimmer of light, a handsome Empyrean of Gumana Universe with long, silver hair walked out of the void, looked down at Guang Wu Star, surged with killing intent in his eyes, smiled coldly, and said in a loud voice: “I am Warsilver Lord of Gumana Universe! Your universes Devour Lord dared to oppose my Gumana Universe! Go to hell!”

Warsilver Lord beckoned with his hand, and a silver lance appeared along with a glimmer of light. Warsilver Lord brandished the silver lance and attacked Guang Wu Star.

When the silver lance was sent flying, it turned into a giant lance 10,000 kilometers long, absorbed universe energies, and stabbed Guang Wu Star.


At this moment, a Holy Spirit Warlock rank aura burst out on Guang Wu Star, and a tower projection appeared. Behind the tower projection, there are 10 billion human projections. In the center of the 10 billion human projections, there sits a human Holy Spirit Warlock.


Warsilver Lord smiled derisively. When the silver lance slammed into the tower projection, it crushed the tower projection containing the power of 10 billion humans, and then smashed Guang Wu Star itself.

The moment when the tower projection collapsed, the human Holy Spirit Warlock turned into powder.

Even if its a quasi-Empyrean, they would find it hard to break the tower projection containing the power of 10 billion people. But it stands no chance in front of a real Empyrean.

Warsilver Lord wiped out the 10 billion humans on Guang Wu Star in an instant.

“Devour Imperial Courts ants! I am Warsilver Lord of Gumana Universe! I will kill all you humans on the surrounding stars. If you want to deal with me, then have Devour Lord come back and deal with me!”

Warsilver Lords eyes flashed fiercely, and he faced upwards and roared.

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