Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1357: Deterrence

Chapter 1356: Quelling Warsilver Lord

“Warsilver Lord destroyed Guang Wu Star and wiped out 10 billion humans.”

A piece of information spread on the human magic network, and the magic network exploded.

“Warsilver Lord! Thats an Empyrean of Gumana Universe! How did he come here?”

“The Twin Universe Flower world is clearly under our control. How come an Empyrean of Gumana Universe appeared here?”

“The Twin Universe Flower world is under our control. Yet an Empyrean of Gumana Universe was actually able to appeared here. There are only two possibilities. The Gumana Universe either opened another channel for Empyreans, or that is an Empyrean who has been lurking in our universe since an earlier time.”

“Since Devour Lord has entered the Cosmic Tree Sea, who can quell Warsilver Lord?”

“More than 99% of the Empyreans of our universe have entered the Cosmic Tree Sea. To strike at this time, Warsilver Lord is really vicious!”

“Apart from Cangzhi Plane and a few other important places of Devour Imperial Court, an Empyrean can basically ran rampant anywhere else in the universe.”

“We can only try asking Devour Lord to return! As long as he returns, he will surely be able to deal with Warsilver Lord.”

“Warsilver Lords goal is to force Devour Lord to return. Once Devour Lord misses this opportunity, we humans will no longer be able to produce an Eternal Sovereign.”

“But if Devour Lord doesnt come, we will all die! Warsilver Lord already wiped out 10 billion people in one attack. If he is allowed to continue with the slaughter, we will run out of people for him to kill.”


On the human magic network, human Warlocks filled with despair argued ceaselessly, hoping that Yang Feng returns from the Cosmic Tree Sea and protects them.

In the universe of the world of Warlocks, almost all Empyreans have gone to the Cosmic Tree Sea. Theres basically no one who can oppose Warsilver Lord now. Except for several planes heavily armed by Yang Feng, the rest of the planes cant withstand a single strike from Warsilver Lord.

“Warsilver Lord, if you have the guts, then wait there! Well come and quell you!”

Above Guang Wu Star, lights shone and formed Michaelias projection in the void.

“You, a pseudo Empyrean, are not a match for me! Besides, you cant leave Cangzhi Plane! Do you want to come and throw away your life?”

Warsilver Lord glanced at Michaelias projection and spoke in a frigid tone, a look of contempt in his eyes.

Michaelias beautiful eyes flashed coldly: “If you have the guts, then just wait there! Well go there and suppress you!”

Warsilver Lords eyes flashed with an enigmatic shade, and he said resolutely, “Alright! Ill wait three days for you!”

Michaelia said coldly, “Okay! Within three days, I will personally lead an army to suppress you!”

Warsilver Lord smiled coldly and pointed at Michaelias projection, and the projection shattered with a flash of light.

Warsilver Lord also destroyed the mechanical star outside Guang Wu Star.

After destroying the mechanical star, Warsilver Lord sat cross-legged in the void, shone with countless runes, and, as if he has turned into a terrible black hole, swallowed the universe energies within hundreds of thousands of light-years.

Energy storms rose within hundreds of thousands of light-years. If an existence at the Infinity Warlock rank were to enter the energy storms, they would be easily squashed.

“So fast. As expected of Devour Imperial Court, the reaction speed and power are really dreadful!”

An hour later, Warsilver Lord suddenly opened his eyes and looked into the distance, and his eyes emitted a silver radiance.

In the distance, there is a huge fleet extending thousands of kilometers flying this way. On the flagship at the very front of the fleet, there is a person standing. That person in the angel empress Michaelia.


Michaelia glanced coldly at Warsilver Lord, pointed at him, and said frigidly.

Countless battle robots flew out of the huge fleet, turned into a torrent of steel, and swept towards Warsilver Lord.

Warsilver Lord opened his mouth, and a storm radiating endless silver light ejected and blew towards the countless mechanical robots.

When the silver storm hit the mechanical robots, their energy shields suddenly appeared and blocked the silver light.

“Devour Lords mechanical legions are really extraordinary!”

Warsilver Lord creased his eyebrows and praised. If an ordinary army was hit by the silver storm, then everyone at the Infinity Warlock realm within hundreds of thousands of light-years would be wiped out.

Yet Yang Fengs mechanical legions were able to easily withstand Warsilver Lords attack. This shows how incredible the mechanical legions are.

“Its a shame, but no matter how strong Devour Imperial Courts mechanical legions are, hey will be wiped out today! Go ahead, Spellfire Snake Lord!”

Warsilver Lord smiled coldly and spoke icily.

A radiance broke out from an ordinary meteorite, countless tongues of fire erupted, and a 10,000-meter-long spellfire snake covered in fire, with scarlet eyes, containing devastating strength, flew out.

The spellfire snake opened its mouth, and a beam of fire with a diameter of hundreds of kilometers ejected and barreled towards the battle robots.

Burned by the beam of fire, thousands of 6th generation battle robots went up in flames and turned into ashes.

Warsilver Lord smiled coldly, surged with a fierce flash in his eyes, and attacked Michaelia with the silver lance in his hands.

Michaelias beautiful eyes glimmered icily, and she shouted, “Spellfire Snake Lord, youre an Empyrean of our universe! Why did you betray our universe?!”

“Why? In this universe, I will never be able to advance to the Eternal realm. Besides, while Gumana Universe has three Eternal Sovereigns, this universe doesnt have a single one. This universe is doomed to perish. I dont want to stay here and perish together with this universe. Michaelia, in order for me to live, you will have to die!”

Spellfire Snake Lords eyes flickered fiercely, and he twisted his giant snake body and flew towards Michaelia.

6th generation battle robots attacked Spellfire Snake Lords magic barrier, set off ripples on the magic shield, and consumed Spellfire Snake Lords power, yet were unable to harm him.

Warsilver Lord said, “Spellfire Snake Lord, capture Michaelia alive. You mustnt kill her!”

At the thought of that unmatched, undefeatable figure, Spellfire Snake Lords eyes flashed with fear, and he said resolutely: “I understand!”

“Michaelia, to come here in person, how stupid of you! In here, you dont have the boost provided by the Magic Note Throne. As a mere quasi-Empyrean, you basically cant withstand a single strike! Behave and be my prisoner!”

With a flash of resplendent silver light, Warsilver Lord cast an offensive secret method, destroyed the 2,000 mechanical battle robots guarding in front of Michaelia, appeared in front of Michaelia, and extended a hand towards her.

Michaelia smiled lightly, and her beautiful eyes flickered with the shade of derision, “You are the stupid one, Warsilver Lord!”

“Thats right, Warsilver Lord! You are more stupid than a pig!”

A laugh sounded beside Michaelia. A dashing young man suddenly appeared and waved his hand, and a big net radiating golden light and filled with fearsome Empyrean might swept towards Warsilver Lord.

“Magic Note Lord! Youre Magic Note Lord! Damn it! When did you wake up? How come we havent learned of it?”

As soon as Warsilver Lord saw the dashing young man, his expression changed dramatically and his eyes flickered with panic. He broke out with countless runes all over his body, and the silver lance in his hands tore the firmament and stabbed towards the big net.

Magic Note Lord smiled faintly and said, “Its useless. This Golden Monster Catching Net is not something you can resist. Your fighting style and bloodline skills are restrained by the Golden Monster Catching Net. If you resist, youll only make it more painful!”

The Golden Monster Catching Net radiated golden light, released transcendent projections, and unleashed golden order chains, which wound around the silver lance and twisted it into pieces.

Golden order chains swept towards Warsilver Lord.

Warsilver Lord glimmered with silver light and decomposed into countless specks of silver light that flew in different directions.

Swept by golden light, the specks of silver light Warsilver Lord turned into converged and formed his true body, which was then locked by golden order chains.

“Magic Note Lord! Damn it! Why havent you entered the Cosmic Tree Sea?”

When Spellfire Snake Lord saw Magic Note Lord, his expression changed dramatically at once. Eighteen pairs of fire wings grew on his body. Spellfire Snake Lord flapped his wings, surged with countless strands of fire, turned into a ray of light, and flew away.

“Devour Lord requested me to guard Devour Imperial Court, so I can only try my best to help him! Little snake, since you dare oppose our human race, dont run away. Once I catch you, I will be able to make snake soup. Empyrean rank snake soup is bound to be really delicious.”

Magic Note Lord smiled and waved his hand, and a blue jade bottle, the Ice Space Bottle, flew out.

The Ice Space Bottle shone and absorbed the forces within hundreds of thousands of light-years, and a blue torrent of ice ejected from its mouth and swept towards Spellfire Snake Lord.

A huge space barrier appeared in front of Spellfire Snake Lord. Behind the space barrier, 100 Space Rulers activated formidable space boundaries.

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