Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1359: Cutting Down Overlords in Succession

Chapter 1358: Besieged by Overlords

Tremendous power gushed out from the Myriad Stars Tricolor Flower, and a bulky vine rose from the Myriad Stars Tricolor Flower and shot towards the dragon-winged nine-headed bird.

The dragon-winged nine-headed birds eyes flashed with surprise, and it opened its nine beaks and fired nine pillars of fire barreling towards the bulky vine.

The dragon-winged nine-headed bird wields the Dragon Wings Fire, whose power is peerless. If a strand of Dragon Wings Fire were to fall on a star, it would envelop the whole star in a sea of fire.

The pillars of fire spewed out by the dragon-winged nine-headed bird can deal serious damage to even an Empyrean. Furthermore, they are the bane of countless extraordinary plants.

In an instant, the bulky vine stabbed into the pillars of fire and ran through them, and then pierced into the dragon-winged nine-headed bird.

Countless strange runes shone and wound around the Empyrean rank dragon-winged nine-headed bird, and then the light around it collapsed. The bulky vine wound around the dragon-winged nine-headed bird, crushed it into a strange bloody liquid, and absorbed it as nutrients.

“World Devouring Vine! Theres actually such a fierce guard!”

“This is World Devouring Vine, the most ferocious extraordinary plant in the universe. It can devour true dragons!”

“With such a fierce thing guarding the Myriad Stars Tricolor Flower, things have turned really troublesome!”


When the Empyreans flying this way saw this scene, their eyes flickered with a gloomy shade.

World Devouring Vine is the most dreadful extraordinary plant in the world of Warlocks. According to historical records, the World Devouring Vine has only appeared three times, always in the Eternal Sovereign age. Whenever this vine was born, it would devour worlds and Empyreans alike, turn them into nutrients, and become more powerful and terrifying.

Of the three times the World Devouring Vine appeared, Eternal Sovereigns stepped in and vanquished the World Devouring Vine twice. The remaining time, nine Empyreans were forced to work together in order to vanquish the World Devouring Vine.

Fearsome true dragon qi pervaded, and the Third Ancestor Dragon dropped down from the sky, landed near the spirit spring, looked around, and said coldly, “The Myriad Stars Tricolor Flower is mine. Anyone who dares to compete with me over it will be regarded as a mortal enemy of I, the Third Ancestor Dragon!”

Terrifying dragon might rose into the sky and tyrannical killing intent spread in all directions.

The Empyreans flying this way hesitated.

In the universe of the world of Warlocks, Yang Feng is recognized as the No. 1 powerhouse. However, among the many powerhouses below Yang Feng, the Third Ancestor Dragon is definitely one of the most terrifying powerhouses. He can easily kill ordinary Empyreans.

The Third Ancestor Dragon is one of the few ancestor dragons born in the world. Back in the day, he fought countless true spirits and viewed white tigers, black tortoises, phoenixes, and other true spirits as prey. However, due to the formidable shackles placed on his bloodline, he failed to advance to the Eternal realm and become an Eternal Sovereign. But he is definitely one of the most terrifying Empyreans in the universe.

“The Myriad Stars Tricolor Flower belongs to me!”

Ripples surged, and Yang Feng walked out of the void and stated icily.

“Devour Lord! He came!”

“Two of the most formidable Empyreans of our universe!”

“One mountain cannot accommodate two tigers! Interesting! I hope theyll have a bloody fight!”


More than a dozen Empyreans stopped approaching, hid in mysterious spaces they opened hundreds of kilometers away, and used their secret methods to spectate.

The Third Ancestor Dragon took a deep look at Yang Feng and uttered slowly, a flash of apprehension in his eyes, “Devour Lord, I am determined to get the Myriad Stars Tricolor Flower! Please let me have it. As long as you let me have it, I will give you 10 true spirit-level true dragon skeletons. I will also give you any dragon woman from the Plane of Dragons you fancy, including Holy Spirit Warlock rank dragon women. Furthermore, I will owe you a favor. As long as its not something I cant do, then I will pay you back the favor any way you like.”

Yang Feng replied coldly, “Thats quite the offer. But compared with Eternal, everything else is meaningless. I wont give up the Myriad Stars Tricolor Flower to anyone!”

Myriad Stars Tricolor Flower is a peerless treasure. An intact Myriad Stars Tricolor Flower can raise the odds of an unequaled overlord-level Empyrean when advancing to the Eternal realm by 10%. The 10% is enough to make Empyreans go crazy.

“Third Ancestor Dragon, as I said before, Devour Lord wont compromise. Join the two of us, and then lets defeat him and seize the Myriad Stars Tricolor Flower. What do you think? Well divide the Myriad Stars Tricolor Flowers petals equally among the three of us!”

A man shrouded in fearsome winds and Green Dragon Emperor slowly emerged and spoke with a light smile.

“Storm Emperor!”

“Thats the archgod ages Storm Emperor invincible in an era.”

“He is a fierce character who killed four Empyreans!”

“Storm Emperor, the Third Ancestor Dragon, and Green Dragon Emperor, these three are unequaled overlord-level Empyreans! Even though Devour Lord is invincible in a one-on-one fight, but he may not be the opponent of these three overlords.”


The Empyreans hidden in alternate spaces felt a slight chill in their hearts when they saw this scene.

Hidden in an alternate space, Celestial Spark Lord analyzed quietly: “Three Empyreans. Im afraid it doesnt bode well for Devour Lord. They are old, experienced Empyreans, not new Empyreans.”


The Third Ancestor Dragon took a deep look at Green Dragon Emperor and said decisively.

“Devour Lord, let me break your strange Space-Time Walk spell!”

With a fierce flash in his eyes, the Third Ancestor Dragon opened his mouth, and a huge dragon tomb constructed from 10,000 dragon skeletons appeared abruptly. Each of the 10,000 dragon skeletons is at least a Great Holy rank dragon skeleton. At the summit of the dragon tomb, there are 108 Empyrean rank true dragon skeletons. The three true dragon skeletons at the very top emit ancestor dragon rank aura.

When the huge dragon tomb emerged, it shone with countless mysterious runes. Two radiances containing endless mysteries appeared in the eyes of the three ancestor dragon skeletons.

The eyes of an ancestor dragon surged with true dragon qi, and a torrent of time flew out of the ancestor dragons eyes, entered the void, and fixed the past, present, and future.

“This is the power of the Fifth Ancestor Dragon! According to legend, the Fifth Ancestor Dragon comprehended the essence of time. Its unexpectedly true.”

“This area has been fixed by the power of the Fifth Ancestor Dragon. Unless the dragon tomb is destroyed, then Devour Lords Space-Time Walk will have no effect.”

“This is the power of top unequaled overlord-level Empyreans. If they work together, they can even contend against an Eternal Sovereign for a short period of time.”

A dignified color flashed in the eyes of the spectating Empyreans.

“Devour Lord, were going to defeat you!”

The hand of Storm Emperor, who is shrouded in violent winds, flashed, and an Empyrean grade secret treasure, the Storm Blade, suddenly appeared and slashed towards Yang Feng.

Two visions, a frightening sea of storms and a cyan aurora, emerged.

The essences of wind and speed integrated, and a cyan blade ray cut time, crushed space, and slashed towards Yang Feng lightning-fast.

An ordinary Empyrean would be sliced in two by the cyan blade ray before they could understand what is happening. This is the terror of Storm Emperor.

Green Dragon Emperor turned into a giant green dragon and spewed out an Empyrean grade secret treasures, the Green Dragon Ball, which crushed the void, suppressed everything, and shot towards Yang Feng.

Although Green Dragon Emperor once formed an alliance with Yang Feng to fight against the powerhouses of Gumana Universe, but since an Eternal opportunity is at stake, he wont go easy on the other party.

“Ten Thousand Dragons Subdue the Enemy!”

The Third Ancestor Dragons eyes flickered fiercely, and the Ten Thousand Dragons Tomb surged with dragon qi. Apart from the 3 ancestor dragons skeletons, the other 105 Empyrean rank true dragon skeletons opened their eyes, emanated Empyrean pressure, and rushed towards Yang Feng.

Yang Feng looked at the 108 Empyrean rank true dragon skeletons and praised, “As expected, Third Ancestor Dragon, you have some skill!”

Green Dragon Emperors eyes shimmered with the shade of anger, “He hasnt spared me so much as a glance. Does he believe that Im not worthy of being his opponent?”

Ripples flashed, and Ling appeared. The Whip of the Ruler in her hand shone with countless runes, crossed the firmament, slammed into Storm Emperors Storm Blade, and knocked the blade away, and then slammed into Storm Emperor himself and tore off a large chunk of the other partys flesh.

Ying came out of the void, split into three shadow clones, and stabbed at the Green Dragon Ball with the Lance of the Ruler.

The three shadow clones stabbed the Green Dragon Ball with all their might, and a terrifying force broke out in an instant and blasted the Green Dragon Ball away.

Countless afterimages appeared. Yings true body traveled between the countless afterimages and attacked Green Dragon Emperor.

At this time, the 105 true dragon skeletons appeared in front of Yang Feng, cast all kinds of top offensive spells, and hurled attacks at him.

The 105 true dragon skeletons are equivalent to 105 Shi Yu boosted by the Magic Note Throne. When hit by the joint attack of the 105 true dragon skeletons, even an Eternal Sovereign would be injured.

“Anyone who hasnt reached the Eternal realm has to lower their head before the power of fate!”

Yang Fengs eyes erupted with mysterious runes, and abstruse fate aura diffused from him.

The Blue Mirror of Time appeared and shone with innumerable runes, and a torrent of fate soared and swept towards the 105 true dragon skeletons.

Among the 105 true dragon skeletons, a true dragon skeleton suddenly trembled, and had a trivial bone cracked.

A flaw appeared in the joint attack of the 105 true dragon skeletons.

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