Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1360: Another Transformation

Chapter 1359: Cutting Down Overlords in Succession

Yang Fengs figure swayed slightly. He brandished the halberd in his hands, and a green halberd ray slashed at the flaw of the joint attack of the 105 true dragon skeletons.

In an instant, the green halberd ray pierced through the flaw, and then slammed into a true dragon skeleton and cut it in two.

A black hole suddenly emerged and swallowed that true dragon skeleton.

The attacks of the other 104 true dragon skeletons missed their target, slammed into the earth, and blasted open large holes.

With a slight flash of light, the World Devouring Vine activated a powerful boundary to protect itself as well as the Myriad Stars Tricolor Flower.

After devouring a true dragon skeleton with one blow, Yang Feng flashed three times in a row, and three green halberd rays sliced three true dragon skeletons in two, which were then swallowed by a black hole.

“As expected, Devour Lord, you are really formidable! However, you are destined to fall here!”

The Third Ancestor Dragons eyes flashed with a fierce shade, and he roared.

The remaining 101 Empyrean rank true dragon skeletons flew back to the Ten Thousand Dragons Tomb. The Ten Thousand Dragons Tomb shone brightly, and the remaining two ancestor dragon skeletons opened their eyes.

The eyes of an ancestor dragon skeleton flickered, and it flew out from the Ten Thousand Dragons Tomb, as if it had resurrected from the river of time. It surged with endless true dragon qi, and its speed accelerated to the extreme. In an instant, it appeared in front of Yang Feng and sent a claw flying towards him.

“What fast speed! Even faster than Storm Emperor!”

“The Fourth Ancestor Dragon wielded the essence of speed. He was the first life form to master the essence of speed in the universe and was even faster than kunpeng, golden rocs, and other true spirits famous for their speed.”

“Among first generation life forms, the Fourth Ancestor Dragon was much faster than everyone else. It was only later, when the Eternal Sovereign age started, that he was surpassed by Eternal Sovereigns.”


The eyes of the spectating Empyreans shimmered with apprehension when they saw this. Only a couple of them would be able to withstand the Fourth Ancestor Dragons extremely fast claw strike.

Yang Feng activated formidable defensive boundaries.

The Fourth Ancestor Dragons claw surged with true dragon qi, ripped apart Yang Fengs formidable boundaries as if they were sheets of paper, and stabbed Yang Feng.

The Xi Shen Armor glimmered, and a terrifying twisting force erupted and twisted the trajectory of the Fourth Ancestor Dragons claw.

The claw tore a huge wound on Yang Fengs body and shifted to one side.

Yang Feng brandished the halberd in his hands, and a green halberd ray slammed into the Fourth Ancestor Dragon and blasted him thousands of kilometers away.

“The Fourth Ancestor Dragon is really tough! As expected of an ancestor dragon!”

Yang Fengs eyes lit up, and he surged with countless runes all over his body and turned into a terrifying black hole that swept towards the Fourth Ancestor Dragon and drew him inside.

When the Fourth Ancestor Dragon was drawn into the black hole, tremendous true dragon origin flowed into Yang Feng.

The Fourth Ancestor Dragon erupted with true dragon qi and struggled fiercely, trying to struggle free from the black hole, yet to no avail.

“Devour Lord! To dare devour my younger brothers remains, youre guilty of a most heinous crime! Damn you!”

The Third Ancestor Dragons eyes flashed fiercely, and he bellowed, burned the power of his true dragon bloodline, and stimulated the power of the Ten Thousand Dragons Tomb.

The Sixth Ancestor Dragons skeleton diffused terrifying dragon might and extended a claw, and stars appeared and the void shattered.

The Sixth Ancestor Dragon dominated the world with the essence of power. Back in the day, with absolute power, he killed many giants.

In the past, when the six ancestor dragons joined hands, they could even contend against an Eternal Sovereign for a short time. The Fifth Ancestor Dragon could suppress time and space, while the Sixth Ancestor Dragon could fight against the Eternal, thus establishing the peerless reputation of the six ancestor dragons.

“What formidable essence of power! The Sixth Ancestor Dragon deserves his reputation. Unfortunately, in the face of fate, no matter how formidable you are, you have to bow your head!”

In the black hole, Yang Fengs cold voice transmitted, and frightening fate force erupted abruptly and swept in all directions.

At the moment when the Sixth Ancestor Dragon was about to hit the black hole, the Fourth Ancestor Dragon was ejected out of the black hole and knocked into the claw of the Sixth Ancestor Dragon like a meteor.


Under the pincer attack of two unequaled overlord-level Empyreans, namely Yang Feng and the Sixth Ancestor Dragon, frightening cracks appeared on the Fourth Ancestor Dragons extremely tough bones, which are only second to those of an Eternal Sovereigns.

The black hole reappeared again and drew the Fourth Ancestor Dragon inside.

This time, true dragon origin of the Fourth Ancestor Dragons skeleton poured out in torrents and was absorbed by Yang Feng.

The ferocious Sixth Ancestor Dragon sent his claw flying towards Yang Feng once more.

Under the influence of the power of fate, the Fourth Ancestor Dragon flew out and shot towards the Sixth Ancestor Dragon.

The Sixth Ancestor Dragon retracted most of his strength from his claw and instead attempted to rescue the Fourth Ancestor Dragon from Yang Fengs clutches.

“Sixth Ancestor Dragon, let me show you my strength!”

Along with a blur, Yang Feng appeared in front of the Sixth Ancestor Dragon in an instant and brandished the halberd in his hands, and a green halberd ray appeared together with numerous star projections, slammed into the Sixth Ancestor Dragon, and knocked him into the ground.

“Devour Lord, stop. I admit defeat! Ill leave right now!”

The eyes of the Third Ancestor Dragon flickered with resentment, and he bellowed.

The Ten Thousand Dragons Tomb broke out with innumerable runes and sent two rays shooting towards the Fourth Ancestor Dragon and the Sixth Ancestor Dragon respectively.

“You want to leave? Do you think its that easy?”

Yang Feng smiled frigidly. His figure blurred, and he appeared in front of the Fourth Ancestor Dragon and turned into a black hole that swallowed the Fourth Ancestor Dragon and frenziedly devoured the other partys true dragon origin.

“Devour Lord, the humiliation I suffered today, I will return it to you a hundred-fold in the future!”

With a flash of anger in his eyes, the Third Ancestor Dragon gritted his teeth, retrieved the Sixth Ancestor Dragon, and then turned into a stream of light and fled into the distance.

“The Third Dragon Ancestor ran away!”

“Hes really decisive! If he continued to fight, his Ten Thousand Dragons Tomb would only be devoured by Devour Lord.”

“Devour Lord is too powerful! Hes worthy of being a paragon of this era. Sure enough, hes invincible in a one-on-one confrontation!”

“Only an Eternal Sovereign can quell Devour Lord!”


The eyes of the spectating Empyreans glimmered with the shade of apprehension.

Storm Emperor broke out with countless runes, turned into a terrifying storm, and operated the essence of speed. He turned into a stream of light and fled into the distance.

“No matter how fast you are, you are not faster than time!”

The Wheel of Time flew out and shone with countless runes, and a torrent of time swept towards Storm Emperor. Storm Emperor trembled, and the time around him became chaotic.

Ling whipped Storm Emperors head and blasted it apart.

“Damn you, Third Ancestor Dragon! You animal! I curse you! I curse you!”

After Storm Emperors head was blasted apart, his entire body unleashed an earth-shaking roar.

A fearsome black hole suddenly emerged and swept towards Storm Emperor.

“Stop, Devour Lord! Let me go! If you let me live, I wont oppose you ever again. I will also withdraw from the Universe Tree Sea.”

Despair welled up inside him, and Storm Emperor released miserable roars from all over his body.

“Since you have opposed me, then you shall die!”

With a cold gaze in his eyes, Yang Feng mercilessly drew Storm Emperor in the black hole and frantically devoured the other partys life origin.

Storm Emperor struggled violently, yet his life origin was still devoured by the black hole.

With a flash of bitterness in his eyes, Green Dragon Emperor sighed and asked slowly: “Devour Lord, seeing as were used to be allies, can you let me go?”

Yang Feng answered flatly, “We stopped being allies the moment you attacked me. In the Eternal struggle, there is progress, but no retreat. Progress leads to life, while retreat leads to death.”

Looking like he aged by more than 100,000 years, Green Dragon Emperor gave up resistance and said, “In that case, seeing as we used to be allies, please leave my son and my green dragon kind alone!”


A black hole emerged abruptly, engulfed Green Dragon Emperor, and devoured his life origin.

Thanks to Green Dragon Emperors cooperation, his life origin was fully extracted in a dozen plus breaths of time, and he turned into dust.

“Green Dragon Emperor, the Third Ancestor, and Storm Emperor, three unequaled overlord-level Empyreans joined forces, yet they werent a match for Devour Lord. Devour Lord is too terrifying!”

“Thats the Ninth Warlock Emperor for you! The most powerful Warlock Emperor in the history of the human race!”

“Apart from Eternal Sovereigns, no one can beat him in an one-one-one fight!”


When the spectating Empyreans saw this, a chill welled up in their hearts. Three unequaled overlord-level Empyreans jointly attacked Devour Lord, yet two were killed, while the last one escaped. This sort of combat power is unfathomable.

“The Myriad Stars Tricolor Flower is mine. Do you have any objections?”

Yang Fengs eyes glimmered, and he looked towards the void and asked indifferently.

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