Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1363: Cutting Down the Serpent Emperor of Extinction

Chapter 1362: Empyreans Fight

In the universe of the world of Warlocks, the strongest weapons under the control of gods are angels. The angels that just emerged are first generation life forms.

Every first generation angel is a blazing angel and an Empyrean rank combatant. Among them, the angel empress is an unequaled overlord-level Empyrean. Shes a terrifying being on the same level as Primal Chaos Mother Spider, the Third Ancestor Dragon, and them.

A fearsome aura transmitted from afar, and an ancestor dragon surrounded by 100 true dragons flew out and stared at the Third Ancestor Dragon.

A parasol tree shrouded by Phoenix Fire appeared abruptly. On the parasol tree, there are 100 phoenixes. In the center of the 100 phoenixes, there is a phoenix empress, who is diffusing a noble air.

The earth quaked, and a golden giant emperor with a height of 10,000 meters walked over from afar, looking like a moving golden mountain.

In this tree core world, under the influence of mysterious laws, even though the true body of the Third Ancestor Dragon as big as the sky, but it is restricted to a length of 100 meters. The golden giant emperor with a height of 10,000 meters can be rated as terrifying.

Escorted by dozens of Empyrean rank serpents of extinction, a serpent emperor of extinction with a length of 10,000 meters flew over from afar and looked coldly at the 10 Empyreans with its serpent eyes.

Escorted by tens of thousands of quasi-Empyrean rank vajra beetles, an unequaled overlord-level vajra beetle emperor flew over from afar.

Escorted by 100 Empyrean rank dark transcendents, an Empyrean rank dark transcendent emperor flew over from afar

Escorted by 60 kunpengs, a kunpeng ancestor flew over from afar and arrived here.

A 100,000-meter-long primeval beast of devour that has only appeared in legends, which feeds of planes, emerged from afar and stared at Yang Feng coldly.

Upon seeing this scene, the 10 Empyreans inhaled a breath of cold air.

The number of Empyreans in the tree core is far greater than the number of Empyreans that awakened in the world of Warlocks.

The First Fiend Emperors eyes flickered with enigmatic light, and he tried to sow dissension: “There is only one Eternal slot. Ladies and gentlemen, how do you plan to divide it? Why dont we go to the place where the Eternal opportunity is located, and then make plans about our next course of action?”

“There is indeed only one Eternal slot! But so long as you all die here! Well be able to leave this world and gain our freedom. So go to hell!”

The dark transcendent emperors eyes surged with killing intent, and he slashed at the First Fiend Emperor with a dark sword.

The 100 Empyrean rank dark transcendents glimmered, cast offensive secret methods, and attacked the First Fiend Emperor.

The First Fiend Emperors expression changed greatly, and he cast various strange spells and dodged the attacks of the Empyrean rank dark transcendents.

The dark transcendent emperor and the other Empyreans from the tree core attacked the 10 Empyreans one after another.

The 10 Empyreans cast various formidable offensive secret methods and engaged the Empyreans from the tree core.

The 100,000-meter-long primeval beast of devour took a step, appeared in front of Yang Feng in a flash, and opened its big mouth, and countless sawteeth rotated in the center of its big mouth. A terrifying black light of devour swept towards Yang Feng.

“I dont have time to waste here with you!”

Countless mysterious runes shone, and the Wheel of Time emerged. A torrent of time gushed out of the Wheel of Time, swept towards Yang Feng, and brought him to the past.

The black light of devour hit empty air.

When the primeval beast of devour saw his opponent disappear, his eyes flashed with a blank shade, and then his mouth part glimmered with countless runes and radiated devour light sweeping towards the First Abyssal Master.

“Devour Lord, you bastard!”

The First Abyssal Master hurled verbal abuse, and then cast defensive spells and fled to one side.

“Space-Time Walk!”

“Damn it! Devour Lord actually used this unequaled secret method!”

“What now?”


When the other nine overlords saw Yang Feng cast the unequaled secret method, the Space-Time Walk, their eyes flickered with the shade of envy.

If you are not proficient in the essence of time, then no matter how powerful your are, you wont be able to use this unequaled secret method. After mastering this secret method, if the opponent cant deal with it, then no attack will be able to hit you.

Yang Feng traveled in the future, easily crossed thousands of kilometers, and appeared behind the tree cores Empyreans, and the arrived at the center of the flower.

In the center of the flower, there is a clear lake, a fragrance of nectar wafting out from it.

In the middle of the lake, there is a drop of bright flower dew suspended in the air. Wisps of mysterious aura are emanating from the drop of bright flower dew.

As soon as Yang Feng saw the drop of glittering flower dew, he realized that it is the biggest and only opportunity for him to advance to the Eternal realm.

“Boundary! No, this is rejection of the universe will! It seems that there are no shortcuts at this stage! I can only kill all those other Empyreans!”

Yang Feng has just taken a step, when a mighty force blasted him 100 kilometers away and made him frown.

Even though hes an unequaled overlord-level Empyrean, but he cant contend against a universes universe will. Only Eternal Sovereigns can contend against a universe will with absolute power.

“Then my first target shall be the primeval beast of devour. As long as I devour him, my essence of devour will be able to progress further.”

Yang Fengs eyes flashed coldly, and he disappeared from the present and traveled to the future.

The First Abyssal Master, who was besieged by the serpent emperor of extinction and the primeval beast of devour, was covered in wounds at this time. One after another, defensive boundaries appeared around him, and then shattered.

The serpent emperor of extinction and the primeval beast of devour were powerhouses of the same caliber as the First Abyssal Master to begin with. But now that they joined forces, First Demon Lord is in great trouble. The dozens of Empyrean rank serpents of extinction further restrained the First Abyssal Master.

Less than a quarter of an hour after the battle began, many wounds appeared on the First Abyssal Master. Those wounds were filled with the essence of extinction and were difficult to heal.

Along with strange ripples, Yang Feng returned to the present from the future and appeared behind the primeval beast of devour, and a halberd shot towards the primeval beast of devour lightning fast.

The primeval beast of devour radiated dazzling light, curled up slightly, and neutralized 30% of Yang Fengs power.

When the green halberd ray slammed into the primeval beast of devour, it only left a huge cut, but it could not bisect the primeval beast of devour.

“What an impressive primeval beast of devour!”

Yang Fengs eyes shimmered with an enigmatic shade. The Xi Shen Armor on his body glimmered, and the flow of time around him accelerated a thousand-fold. With a speed exceeding the speed of light, he appeared in front of a serpent of extinction and severed its head with his halberd.

A black hole emerged and swallowed that serpent of extinction.

“This is the key!”

After Yang Feng killed a serpent of extinction, a strange key projection appeared in his hand.

Yang Feng mused: “Only by killing enough powerhouses, only then can the key that opens the boundary be fully formed! Only then can I get the Eternal opportunity!”

After that serpent of extinction was killed, the eyes of the serpent emperor of extinction, the dozens of serpents of extinction, and the primeval beast of devour flashed, and they cast secret methods and hurled attacks at Yang Feng.

Along with a torrent of time, Yang Feng disappeared from this place and entered the future.

“Fiend Realm!”

The First Fiend Emperors eyes flashed with malice. He waved his hand, and nine Eternal Fiend Bones emerged, spewed out endless demonic qi, and formed a Fiend Realm that locked the past, present, and future.

Ripples surged, and Yang Feng was forced to emerge from the future and appear in the present.

“Sorry, Devour Lord! I must use my strongest secret method to stop their attacks! Please forgive me!”

The First Fiend Emperor showed a malicious smile, cast secret methods, and traveled freely within the Fiend Realm, avoiding the attacks of the dark transcendent emperor.

“Devour Lord, you are the strongest powerhouse in our universe! Ill leave this place to you!”

The First Abyssal Master showed a smile of schadenfreude. His figure fluttered, and he turned int a stream of light and flew towards the First Fiend Emperor.

The eyes of the other Empyreans revealed enigmatic light, but no one tried to break the First Fiend Emperors Fiend Realm.

Seeing that Yang Feng was forced to exit the future and appear in the present, the Empyreans born in the Cosmic Tree Sea had a tacit understanding and did not continue to attack the Fiend Realm.

Space-Time Walk is originally an unequaled secret method that Eternal Sovereigns can master. The nine unequaled overlords need the help of various secret treasures to restrain this unequaled secret method of Yang Feng.

“Fine! Ill just suppress them!”

Yang Fengs thoughts revolved, and then he uttered decisively.

Ripples surged, and Ling, Ying, and Xingji emerged behind Yang Feng.

Lings figure fluttered, and she brandished the Whip of the Ruler and entangled the primeval beast of devour.

Xingji brandished the Shield of the Ruler, and the shield flickered and formed a formidable boundary that sealed Xingji herself, Ying, and the serpent emperor of extinction in a star world.

After the battlefield was divided in two, Yang Feng faced 56 serpents of extinction by himself.

The eyes of the 56 serpents of extinction flashed with a fierce shade, and they belched beams of extinction barreling towards the star world formed by the Shield of the Ruler.


Under the joint attack of the 56 serpents of extinction, the star world shook violently, and a fearsome crack appeared on it.

“To be distracted while facing me, youre really arrogant! Fourth form!”

Yang Fengs eyes glimmered coldly. The Xi Shen Armor shone, and a blurry projection emerged from the Xi Shen Armor and merged with him.

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