Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1365: Advancing to the Eternal Realm

Chapter 1364: Youre a Step too Late

As soon as the serpent emperor of extinction died, a key condensed in Yang Fengs hand.

At the same time, formidable Eternal origin force poured into Yang Feng from the serpent emperor of extinction and nourished his body.

Eternal patterns appeared on Yang Fengs bones, making his bones stronger.

“Sure enough! Every time you kill an Empyrean born in the Cosmic Tree Sea, you can seize the Eternal origin force hidden inside them and become more powerful!”

Yang Fengs eyes glimmered brightly and surged with a scorching shade. With a flash, he appeared behind the primeval beast of devour and slashed at him with the halberd in his hands.

The huge body of the primeval beast of devour contracted slightly and erupted with strange ripples, neutralized 70% of the attacks power.

With the flash of a green halberd ray, a long gash appeared on the primeval beast of devour, and blood gushed out.

Mysterious runes appeared on the primeval beast of devours body, and the long gash healed rapidly.

“What a fearsome healing ability! The primeval beast of devour is worthy of being one of the most terrifying direbeasts in the universe. With his strong offense and defense, its really hard to kill him!”

Yang Feng frowned, and then gave up attacking the primeval beast of devour. He surged with a torrent of time and disappeared.

In an instant, Yang Feng appeared in front of an Empyrean rank blazing angel, and his right hand turned into a black claw, surged with dreadful demonic might, and stabbed into the chest of the Empyrean rank blazing angel, and then scooped out her heart.

Countless runes shone and sealed the angel heart. A black hole emerged directly and swallowed the Empyrean rank blazing angel body.

After reaching the Empyrean realm, many life forms no longer have any critical parts. Even if their head is severed, the heart is pierced, or the body is cut in two, they wont die.

The angel heart Yang Feng extracted is the crystallization of the blazing angels life origin. Only someone who has a deep understanding of angels can kill a blazing angel and extract an angel heart formed from their life origin.

A powerhouse like the Third Ancestor Dragon can also kill an Empyrean rank blazing angel, but they wont be able to extract an angel heart.

“You! Damn you!”

The unequaled overlord-level angel empress was enraged and burst out with sacred light.

Speed, power, darkness, light, space, and fire, the angel empress surged with the light of six essences, took a step, crossed an endless distance, appeared in front of Yang Feng, and slashed down with her sword.

More than 200 Holy grade mechanical rulers blocking in front of the angel empress collapsed and turned into powder.

Thousands of 7th generation battle robots were smashed into powder that dispersed with the wind.

Yang Feng smiled faintly: “Quite impressive! As expected of an angel empress!”

Ripples rose, and Xingji equipped with the Unbreakable Shield appeared in front of Yang Feng.

The Unbreakable Shield flickered and glittered with countless runes, and a miniature universe projection appeared. Inside the miniature universe, lifelike stars emerged.

Once the miniature universe turns from illusory to real, the Unbreakable Shield will be able to advance to an Eternal grade secret treasure.

When the Angel Sword containing six essences slammed into the miniature universe, the miniature universe radiated dazzling starlight.

Six visions, namely a cyan radiance, stars, a dark world, a mountain of light, collapsed space, and fire burning the space, emerged and forcibly smashed the dazzling starlight radiated by the miniature universe, and the whole miniature universe collapsed in an instant

The sword slashed down and slammed into the Unbreakable Shield itself. The sword left a terrible sword mark on the shield, and then blasted Xingji away.

“Youve gone too far!”

Countless mysterious runes appeared, and Yang Feng fully integrated with the Xi Shen Armor. The flow of time around him accelerated one thousand-fold. He suddenly appeared in front of the angel empress and sent his hand clawing at her heart.

The angel empress was about to raise her sword to fight back, when the Web of Fate suddenly appeared and entered her body. The power inside her body that she just consumed was restored and became sluggish for a moment.

At that moment, Yang Fengs right hand stabbed into the chest of the angel empress, shone with countless runes, and dug out an angel heart.

A black hole emerged, swallowed the angel empress, and frantically extracted her life origin.

A key appeared in Yang Fengs hand. At the same time, a tremendous Eternal origin force poured into his body.

“How could this be? How could he be so powerful?”

“Devour Lord is indeed invincible in the universe. However, he cant be this powerful!”

“The angel empress just showed a flaw, and then was killed directly. How is this possible?”


The eyes of Primal Chaos Mother Spider, the First Fiend Emperor, and the other seven unequaled overlords shimmered with incredulity when they saw this. The angel empress was a powerhouse on the same level as Primal Chaos Mother Spider and them. To defeat such a powerhouse is simple, but kill them is beyond difficult.

The angel empress just revealed a small flaw and was killed by Yang Feng. Thats incredible.

After the angel empress was killed, a huge amount of Eternal origin force poured into Yang Fengs body and engraved Eternal patters on his body, which increased his strength again.

Yang Fengs figure flashed slightly, and he plunged into the midst of the blazing angels. He killed the blazing angels one after another and harvested Empyrean grade angel hearts.

When Primal Chaos Mother Spider and them saw the Empyrean grade angel hearts, their eyes surged with avarice.

With enough of such angel hearts, a powerhouse may be able to promote to the Empyrean realm.

A guard composed of dozens of Empyrean rank blazing angels is extremely luxurious. Even Eternal Sovereigns may not have so many Empyrean subordinates.

The First Fiend Emperors eyes flickered with apprehension, and he stopped his attack on the dark transcendents: “Ladies and Gentlemen from the Cosmic Tree Universe! Devour Lord is too strong. Why dont we work together to quell him? If he continues like this, all of us will fall here.”

The seven forces born in the Cosmic Tree Sea revealed the shade of hesitation and stared at Yang Feng with apprehension.

The unequaled overlords who were all battered due to the pursuit of the Cosmic Tree Seas powerhouses got a chance to take a breather.

Under the gazes of the many Empyreans, Yang Feng smiled faintly. Then, his figure fluttered, and he appeared above the primeval beast of devour. The Eternal patterns inside him shone and diffused Eternal aura, and he unleashed a halberd strike that slammed into the primeval beast of devour.

The primeval beast of devour shone with countless runes. This time, however, he wasnt able to neutralize the power of Yang Fengs attack and was cleaved in two by the green halberd ray.

A black hole emerged, swallowed the primeval beast of devour, and extracted his life origin.

“Eternal aura!”

“Devour Lord has mastered Eternal power!”

“Devour Lord already possesses some characteristics of an Eternal Sovereign!”

“We must not let him live, or else we will all lose the only chance to advance to the Eternal realm!”


The eyes of the Empyreans flickered with shock. They looked at each other and reached a tacit understanding.

The nine unequaled overlord-level Empyreans of the world of Warlocks stopped attacking the Empyreans born in the Cosmic Tree Sea.

The eyes of the Empyreans born in the Cosmic Tree Sea flashed with a fierce shade, and they united to attack Yang Feng.

True dragons roared, phoenixes soared, and kunpengs howled. More than 100 Empyreans born in the Cosmic Tree Sea joined forces and displayed shocking might. Wherever they passed, battle robots were smashed and turned into powder.

Under the siege of the Empyreans, it is only a matter of time before the huge mechanical legions Yang Feng refined from the resources he plundered all over the universe collapse and are completely destroyed.

“A bunch of fools! Youre a step too late!”

Yang Fengs eyes shimmered with the shade of derision, and three key appeared in his hand.

Three radiances flashed, shrouded Yang Feng, and pulled him directly to the center of the flower.

In an instant, Yang Feng appeared in the center of the flower, opened his mouth, and ingested the resplendent flower dew.

As soon as the drop of flower dew entered Yang Fengs mouth, countless bright runes shone, and a huge amount of Eternal origin force poured into his body and nourished his body and soul.

One after another, Eternal patterns appeared in Yang Fengs body.

Five visions, namely stars, a black hole, a torrent of time, a river of fate, and spatial gates, emerged above Yang Feng. Countless runes flew out of his body and merge into the five visions.

Within a dozen plus breaths of time, all Empyreans rushed to the center of the flower, but then were obstructed by the flowers boundary.

With a fierce flash in his eyes, Sun Lord shone with countless runes, turned into a giant sun, and knocked into the flowers barrier.


The whole world appeared to shake slightly. Sun Lords incarnation of a huge sun suffered a terrifying backlash and collapsed directly.

Sun Lord was blasted thousands of kilometers away, his face pale. He coughed repeatedly and spewed a large amount of blood.

“Damn it. So thats what it is. You can get keys by killing them. Only when you get the keys, only then can you enter and get the Eternal opportunity!”

Upon seeing this scene, Primal Chaos Mother Spiders eyes glimmered fiercely, and she rushed towards the golden giant abruptly.

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