Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1366: Michaelia Advances to an Empyrean

ht to stay put.”

Back in her day, Primal Chaos Mother Spider had seen the horror of Eternal Sovereigns. Any Eternal Sovereign is a truly invincible being of an era. At that time, she bit an Eternal Sovereign. But that was before the Eternal Sovereign has advanced to the Eternal realm. With Primal Chaos Mother Spiders strength, unless an Eternal Sovereign is mortally wounded, she is not a match for the other party.

Yang Feng said flatly, “Primal Chaotic Mother Spider, only you are left. Will you submit to me, or die?”

“Mighty Feng Eternal Sovereign, I am willing to submit to you and serve you.”

Primal Chaos Mother Spider knelt and surged with soul fluctuations, and a fearsome spider projection engraved with countless mysterious runes appeared.

Yang Feng pointed with a finger, and Eternal light condensed into an Eternal rune that broke into Primal Chaos Mother Spiders soul. In this way, Yang Feng can decide the fate of Primal Chaos Mother Spider with a will.

Unless its an Eternal Sovereign far stronger than Yang Feng or some treasure of heaven and earth of a high energy level universe, it is impossible to break the rune set up in Primal Chaos Mother Spiders soul.

Boom! Boom!

Along with loud bursts of noise, the Cosmic Tree Sea world formed by the Heaven and Earth Spirit Root began to collapse.

“Its a shame, but this world is a special world that just appeared to cultivate an Eternal Sovereign. If this world were permanent, I would be possible to cultivate Empyreans continuously.”

Two streams of light flashed, and Yang Feng and Primal Chaos Mother Spider appeared outside the Cosmic Tree Sea. Yang Feng looked at the collapsing Cosmic Tree Sea with the shade of regret in his eyes.

In the Cosmic Tree Sea, there were countless treasures of heaven and earth, including many treasures whose effects surpassed eternal god fruits. If the Cosmic Tree Sea existed permanently, it would be an inexhaustible treasury.

“Devour Lord!”

“No, its Feng Eternal Sovereign now!”

“He is the mighty Feng Eternal Sovereign!”

“Its him!”


In the void, wills emerged one after another. Powerhouses at the Holy Spirit Warlock realm and higher cast all kinds of spells and gazed at Yang Feng, and their eyes shimmered with a complicated shade.

In the past, although Yang Feng was invincible in the world, but if several unequaled overlord-level Empyreans worked together, they would still be able to pose a threat to him. But after he advanced, Yang Feng became truly invincible and immortal, which made others despair.

Along with two flashes of light, Michaelia and Shi Yu walked out of the void.

“Big brother! I want a gift!”

Michaelias eyes flashed with a cheerful color, and she threw herself into Yang Fengs arms and smiled coquettishly, filled with expectation.

“Okay! This is a present for you!”

Yang Feng smiled and flicked his finger, and the heart of the unequaled overlord-level angel empress flew into Michaelias hand.

“What a powerful angel empress heart! With this, I can advance to an Empyrean!”

Michaelias pretty eyes glimmered with the shade of excitement, and she clenched her hand. The angel empress heart turned into pure force that flowed into her body.

“If you want to receive my power, you will have to become my clone! Lets fuse together!”

A terrifying will burst out from the angel empress heart and tried to seize Michaelias body.

Although Michaelia is a pinnacle quasi-Empyrean rank being, but she cant suppress the terrifying will of the angel empress.

Yang Feng touched Michaelias forehead with a finger, and Eternal force emerged and boosted Michaelias soul, and her soul became extremely formidable.

“Youre already dead! Your power belongs to me!”

Michaelia snorted coldly. As if an unparalleled Angel Sword, her soul force slammed into the angel empresss will and crushed it.

After the angel empresss will collapsed, Michaelia absorbed the immense power of the angel empress.

Countless mysterious runes appeared and a vast, frightening power rose inside Michaelias body.

The universe energies within millions of light-years gathered and condensed into an Empyrean gate in the void.


With a cold flash in her pretty eyes, Michaelia slashed down with her sword, and a fearsome sword ray blasted into the Empyrean gate.


The Empyrean gate was sliced open. Michaelias figure fluttered, and she plunged into the Empyrean gate.

Before long, with Cangzhi Plane as the core, the universe energies within millions upon millions of light-years surged and condensed into countless Flowers of the Universe in the void.

“Flowers of the Universe! Someone successfully advanced to the Empyrean realm!”

“Michaelia has become an Empyrean!”

“She is the second powerhouse to advance to the Empyrean realm in this era!”

“The means of Eternal Sovereigns are unfathomable!”


The eyes of the spectating powerhouses surged with complicated emotions.

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