Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1367: When a Person Gets to the Top all Their Friends and Relatives Get There with Them


According to all predictions, Feng Xuanzhen was the peerless paragon of the human race in this era and one of the future leaders of the human race. But then Yang Feng emerged, defeated Feng Xuanzhen in one fell swoop, grasped all the opportunities that presented themselves, and finally advanced to the Eternal realm.

Now the combat power of Yang Fengs core subordinates has exceeded that of Feng Xuanzhen by far.

“When a person gets to the top, all their friends and relatives get there with them!”

Blue Moon Merfolk Empress looked at the Gate of Space with a biter gleam in her beautiful eyes.

Back then, in the eyes of Blue Moon Merfolk Empress, both Michaelia and Shi Yu were not worth paying attention to. But now they have both advanced to the Empyrean realm. Furthermore, they have triggered four visions. Their evolution potential is higher than that of Blue Moon Merfolk Empress.

With a slight flash of light, Shi Yu hugged Yang Fengs arm and smiled like a flower, filled with joy, “Thank you, big brother!”

“Michaelia, call me older sister!”

With that, Shi Yu also burst out with fearsome Empyrean might and threw Michaelia a look of provocation.

“Older sister Shi Yu!”

After weighing things, Michaelia judged that she is not a match for Shi Yu and called reluctantly.

With a flash of ripples, Death Lord walked out of the void, bowed to Yang Feng, and said unhurriedly, “Greetings, mighty Feng Eternal Sovereign! Please fulfill your promise to me.”

Yang Feng responded: “No problem. But before that, I have something else to do.”

“Sorry, I was too impatient.”

Death Lord nodded and suppressed the joy in his heart, and then turned into a stream of light and disappeared.

Yang Feng pointed with a finger, and the Blue Mirror of Fate and the Web of Fate appeared, burst out with dazzling light, broke out with innumerable mysterious runes, and resonated with each other.

In a secret palace, the complexion of a shrewd looking Empyrean with a monkey tail wrapped around the waist suddenly changed, and the Veil of Fate containing an endless fate aura flew out directly.

“This is the resonance of the three great fate-type secret treasures! Its Feng Eternal Sovereigns doing! What now?”

The expression of Aurum Ape Emperor changed dramatically, and he looked at the Veil of Fate with intense reluctance.

The Veil of Fate has saved Aurum Ape Emperors life who knows how many times. Without the Veil of Fate, he would have died long ago and could not have advanced to an Empyrean.

“No, the Veil of Fate is mine! No one can take it from me. If I run away immediately, even an Eternal Sovereign wont be able to catch me! Lets sever the resonance!”

With a cold gleam in his eyes, Aurum Ape Emperor pointed with his finger, and a golden rune entered the Veil of Fate.

A fearsome fate aura emerged from the Veil of Fate, cut off the river of fate, and erased all traces of fate.

Countless golden runes shone, and golden rune chains twisted around the Veil of Fate and sealed it.

Aurum Ape Emperor grabbed the Veil of Fate, and then turned into a golden ray and fled towards the outside.

“You want to escape? Its a shame, but youre a step too slow!”

Ripples surged, and Yang Feng walked out of the void and gazed at Aurum Ape Emperor, an icy look on his face.

“Greetings, mighty Feng Eternal Sovereign!”

As soon as Aurum Ape Emperor saw Yang Feng, he felt a chill in his heart. He saluted Yang Feng and spoke respectfully.

Yang Feng said flatly, “Hand over the Veil of Fate and submit to me. Ill spare your life!”

Aurum Ape Emperor bowed and said respectfully, “Mighty Feng Eternal Sovereign, the Veil of Fate is mine. You are a great and noble Eternal Sovereign and are proficient in the essence of fate. Must you fight me for a mere Empyrean grade secret treasure?”

“What do you know? The three great fate-type secret treasures contain the mysteries of fate. If the three treasures are united, they can form an Eternal grade fate-type secret treasure. I am determined to get this treasure! Since you dont want to hand it over, then you can die!”

Yang Feng pointed at Aurum Ape Emperor with a cold look in his eyes.

In an instant, Yang Fengs finger changed into a terrifying heavenly pillar that suppressed the void and extended towards Aurum Ape Emperor

“Even though you are an Eternal Sovereign, it still wont be that easy to kill me!”

With a fierce flash in his eyes, Aurum Ape Emperor took out a golden wolf tooth club, which emanated Empyrean might, tore the firmament, and shot towards the heavenly pillar.

As if containing a universe will, the heavenly pillar easily smashed the golden wolf tooth club, and then slammed into Aurum Ape Emperor and crushed him.

A black hole emerged and devoured Aurum Ape Emperor.

Yang Feng beckoned with his hand, and all kinds of secret treasures of Aurum Ape Emperor flew out and flew into his hand. The Veil of Fate also fell into his hand.

Mysterious runes shone, and the three great fate-type secret treasures, namely the Blue Mirror of Fate, the Web of Fat, and the Veil of Fate, resonated with each other and fused together.

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