Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1369: Nether Moon Island

Chapter 1368: Eternal Grade Secret Treasure, Mirror of Fate

Within millions of light-years, terrifying energy storms were set off, and an endless amount of energies converged and formed dark clouds.

Countless lightning runes surged inside the dark clouds, and human-shaped lightning exuding Empyrean rank aura emerged in the dark clouds.

“Divine Punishment Thunderclouds!”

“Thats the legendary Divine Punishment Thunderclouds that can quell even Empyreans.”

“Back in the day, when Arcane Treasure Emperor wanted to refine an Eternal grade secret treasure, he gathered five Empyreans, yet they were still easily quelled by the Divine Punishment Thunderclouds.”

“Is an Eternal grade secret treasure about to be born?”


When powerhouses saw the thunderclouds containing the power to destroy anything in the void, a dignified color flashed in their eyes.

“Divine Punishment Thunderclouds! Because of this thing, I didnt dare refine Eternal grade secret treasures. The three great fate-type secret treasures could not be united because of it. Fend Eternal Sovereign is really bold.”

Magic Note Lord looked at the Divine Punishment Thunderclouds, and his eyes flashed with a dignified color. He is proficient in alchemy and has refined who knows how many secret treasures. He even refined several Empyrean grade secret treasures with the potential to advance to Eternal grade secret treasures. However, he didnt dare to refine Eternal grade secret treasures. After all, once the Divine Punishment Thunderclouds appear, he will die without the shadow of a doubt.

Lightning flashed and thundered, and a thunderbolt lance millions of kilometers long, that can easily pierce through a world, emerged abruptly and shot towards Yang Feng.

The thunderbolt lance is the manifestation of the universe annihilation will. If an Empyrean rank overlord is hit by the thunderbolt lance, they will be easily pierced through and turned into ashes.

Except for the 36 primary material planes, any plane in the universe of the world of Warlocks will be destroyed once hit by the thunderbolt lance.

“But! What pure universe energy!”

In the face of the earth-shaking blow of the Divine Punishment Thunderclouds, Yang Feng raised the corners of his mouth into slight smile and spread the fingers of his hand. A black hole appeared directly and easily swallowed the thunderbolt lance.

Countless runes flashed inside the black hole, and the thunderbolt lance was turned into pure force that flowed into Yang Fengs body.

The fearsome black hole reached the Divine Punishment Thunderclouds in an instant, broke out with terrifying devour force, and swallowed the Divine Punishment Thunderclouds.

“The Divine Punishment Thunderclouds were swallowed just like that?”

“The Divine Punishment Thunderclouds is gone just like that?”

“Thats the Divine Punishment Thunderclouds! The Divine Punishment Thunderclouds that can easily vanquish Empyreans! Its gone just like that?!”


The spectating Empyreans gazed at the empty sky with a blank look in their eyes. Divine Punishment Thunderclouds can easily vanquish an Empyrean. Those powerhouses thought that Yang Feng would have to fight the Divine Punishment Thunderclouds for hundreds of rounds, for several days and nights. They didnt expect that the Divine Punishment Thunderclouds would be swallowed by Yang Feng in one move.

Magic Note Lords eyes flashed with a complex color, and he sighed faintly: “An Eternal Sovereign is really strong beyond imagination. In this universe, there are not many things that can harm him.”

The three fate-type secret treasures merge with each other. At the moment when they were about to merge completely, a tremendous repulsive force gushed out of the three fate-type secret treasures and rejected the merger.

“Sure enough, a fate-type Eternal grade secret treasure is incredible. Although the powerhouse who refined this Eternal grade secret treasure was an Eternal Sovereign, yet they could not refine it at one time. They could only place it here to absorb the fate force of countless powerhouse and condense step by step.”

“But since I have advanced to the Eternal realm, this treasure is destined to come into being today.”

Yang Fengs eyes flashed. He erupted with countless runes and pointed with his finger, and a huge torrent of fate flowed into the three great fate-type secret treasures.

Under the crushing power of fate force that contains Eternal force, the three great fate-type secret treasures finally merged together inch by inch.

Nine days later, an ancient bronze mirror, which looks very ordinary yet contains fearsome power, suddenly appeared, and fate fluctuations diffused from it.

“Mirror of Fate! Unexpectedly, my first Eternal grade secret treasures is the Mirror of Fate!”

Yang Feng looked at the bronze Mirror of Fate with a queer shade in his eyes.

The Xi Shen Armor, the Unbreakable Shield, and the Spirit Osta Fortress, they all have the potential of advance to Eternal grade secret treasures. In particular, the Xi Shen Armor is Yang Fengs first Empyrean grade body protection secret treasure, yet his first Eternal grade secret treasure is the Mirror of Fate. This made him perceive the fickleness of fate.

Although the Mirror of Fate is an Eternal grade secret treasure, but its offensive capability isnt strong. Yet it can easily change a persons fate. And as long as someone leaves a trace in the universe, Yang Feng can find the other party through the Mirror of Fate.

In the universe of the world of Warlocks, as long as anyone has killing intent or hostility directed at Yang Feng, the Mirror of Fate will warn him, making all assassinations impossible.

Thanks to the power of the Mirror of Fate, if anyone tries to advance to the Empyrean or Eternal realms, Yang Feng will be able to perceive it easily. By then, if he wishes, Yang Feng can kill powerhouses before they can advance to the Empyrean or Eternal realms.

Yang Feng waved his hand, and Shi Xues aura entered the Mirror of Fate.

Mysterious runes gushed out of the Mirror of Fate, and a set of universe coordinates suddenly appeared in Yang Fengs sea of knowledge.

Ripples rose in the void, and Yang Feng disappeared from his place.

At the edge of the universe, there is a desolate starfield full of abandoned stars.

With a slight flash of light, Yang Feng appeared in the star field and came to an abandoned star

Yang Feng touched the abandoned star with a finger.

Ripples rose, and a powerful illusion spell set up on the abandoned star collapsed.

A magnificent ice palace suddenly appeared in front of Yang Feng.

“Who is it? Who dares to disturb my lords sleep?”

In front of the ice palace, an ice phoenix sculpture broke out with countless mysterious runes. The ice phoenix came to life, broke out with quasi-Empyrean rank fluctuations of power, and stared coldly at Yang Feng.

Yang Feng walked out of the void, stood quietly in front of the ice phoenix, and uttered unhurriedly, “It is I! Yang Feng! Feng Eternal of the Ninth Warlock Imperial Court and Shi Xues older brother!”

“So its lord Yang Feng! No, its the great Feng Eternal Sovereign! My lord has told me that if you come, you may go in. Please go in!”

Countless mysterious runes appeared on it, and the ice phoenix turned into a gorgeous girl with a noble temperament and saluted Yang Feng respectfully.

An Eternal Sovereign is a being invincible in the universe of the world of Warlocks. Even if its a quasi-Empyrean, but in the eyes of an Eternal Sovereign, they are just a slightly powerful ant.

With the ice phoenix leading the way, Yang Feng went through one palace after another and came to a palace shrouded in endless ice force.

In the center of the palace, there is a mountain of ice made of Sacred Ice. Every piece of Sacred Ice is made of the quintessence of ice. A piece the size of a fingernail of Sacred Ice is enough for an ice-type level-1 Warlock to cultivate all the way to the Glorious Sun Warlock rank.

At the top of the mountain of ice, there is an ice coffin suspended.

The ice coffin is shining with countless mysterious runes and absorbing a tremendous amount of ice force from all around.

Yang Feng took a step, crossed the many boundaries of the mountain of ice, and climbed to the top of the mountain.

The ice phoenixs eyes flickered with shock, “Amazing. As expected of an Eternal Sovereign. He is the most powerful person in this era!”

There are many powerful defensive boundaries set up on the mountain of ice. If they dont enter according to a specific set of steps, even an ordinary Empyrean will be directly suppressed and frozen.

Yang Feng came to the top of the mountain, looked at the ice coffin, and saw a peerless beauty with long black hair lying in the ice coffin. This peerless beauty is Shi Xue.

Shi Xues eyebrows are creased and her face in contorted in pain.

Yang Feng swept Shi Xue with his tremendous soul force and frowned: “What a sever injury!”

A tremendous space-time backlash force has filled Shi Xues body, reducing her life origin and lifespan with every passing moment.

The ice phoenix complained: “At that time, when Boyan Lord arrived at our universe, it was a time when the fluctuation of the universes power was most severe. If had not saved you, my lord would not be in this state right now. My lord may have become an Eternal Sovereign.”

When Yang Feng heard the ice phoenixs complaint, he smiled bitterly and didnt say a word. As he continued to scan Shi Xue with his tremendous soul force, his eyebrows became more and more wrinkled.

The ice phoenixs beautiful eyes flashed with worry, and she asked curiously, “Lord Feng Eternal Sovereign, can my lord still be saved?”

Yang Feng said slowly, a dignified expression on his face, “She can! If I split half of my Eternal origin, I can cure her completely.”

The ice phoenixs expression changed slightly and her eyes twinkled, yet she remained silent.

Eternal origin is the core of an Eternal Sovereign. Once Yang Feng splits half of his Eternal origin, he will not only be seriously wounded, but hell even drop from the Eternal realm.

It never occurred to the ice phoenix that it may be impossible to save Shi Xue with the unfathomable means of an Eternal Sovereign.

Yang Feng continued: “There is also another way! That is, to kill some Eternal Sovereigns and extract their Eternal origin. In this way, Xueers injuries can be treated and she can even advance to a higher level.”

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