Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1370: Netherworld

Chapter 1369: Nether Moon Island

The ice phoenixs eyes lit up and glimmered with the shade of hope.

In the past, killing an Eternal Sovereign was almost impossible. Thats because the world of Warlocks didnt have a single Eternal Sovereign.

However, there are three Eternal Sovereigns in Gumana Universe. If they are killed and their life origin is plundered, it can be used to save Shi Xue.

Yang Feng slashed his wrist with his hand, and drops of precious Eternal blood fell down and disappeared into Shi Xues red lips.

Under the nourishment of the Eternal blood, Shi Xues eyebrows relaxed, and she fell into a deep slumber.

Yang Feng frowned slightly, and a complex color flashed in his eyes: “The temporal backlash is really terrible! At that time, she probably tried hard so that I wouldnt notice.”

When Boyan Lord descended on the world of Warlocks, there were hundreds of Empyreans sleeping in the universe, but none of them stepped in. Thats because the temporal backlash would be really terrible.

If Shi Xue had not come out and suppressed Boyan Lord. At this time, the universe of the world of Warlocks would not be it the state it is now.

Yang Feng touched the Mirror of Fate with a finger, and countless mysterious runes welled up in the Mirror of Fate. In the deepest part of the Mirror of Fate, a star shrouded in ice and snow emerged.

Yang Feng inserted his hand into the Mirror of Fate.

The void in a starfield split open abruptly, and a large hand ejected from the void and shot towards a star with a diameter of 300,000 kilometers.

“Who dares to come to my Sky Ice Emperor Palace!”

Frightening Empyrean aura rose from the star, and Ancient Ice Deus shrouded in endless frost came out of the star, brandished a frost halberd, and attacked the large hand.


An ice-cold voice sounded in the void, and a large finger containing Eternal force shot towards Ancient Ice Deus.

“Feng Eternal Sovereign! You…”

The eyes of Ancient Ice Deus flickered with shock. He just opened his mouth, when the large finger pressed on his head, and terrifying Eternal force broke out and suppressed and sealed him.

Countless mysterious runes shone, and the large hand grabbed the star with a diameter of 300,000 kilometers. Thanks to a mysterious spell, the star shrank until is was the size of a palm, and then disappears into the rift.

In the ice palace, Yang Feng took out his hand from the Mirror of Fate, and an azure ball full of mystery appeared and emitted a cold aura.

The eyes of the ice phoenix shimmered with the shade of shock, “This is the Sky Ice Emperor Palace, where Ancient Ice Deus resides! He seized it so easily! Eternal Sovereigns are really scary!”

The Sky Ice Emperor Palace has the Empyrean rank Ancient Ice Deus. Even when she was in her peak condition, Shi Xue was not willing to easily provoke such a fearsome force. Yet such a fearsome force was easily quelled by Yang Feng.

Yang Feng flicked his finger, and the Sky Ice Emperor Palace suspended above the ice coffin and shone with countless runes. Pure ice force poured into the ice palace from the Sky Ice Emperor Palace.

Yang Feng reached into the Mirror of Fate again, grabbed nine stars containing the ice origin, and placed them above the ice coffin. Fearsome ice force poured into the ice coffin from the ten stars.

“What impressive ice force! Every one of these ten stars can give birth to an Empyreans or has given birth to an Empyrean.”

Subjected to the fearsome ice force, the ice phoenix trembled and kept retreating. She couldnt withstand the Empyrean rank chill.

Eternal blood flew out of Yang Fengs right hand and condensed into a bottle of blood. A drop of Eternal blood dropped from the bottle of blood and fell into Shi Xues mouth.

Yang Feng took a deep look at Shi Xue, and his eyes flickered with reluctance, which then gave way to determination. He glanced at the ice phoenix and said, “Ill take my leave! Stay here and protect her. When she wakes up in the future, I will help you advance to the Empyrean realm!”

The ice phoenixs beautiful eyes flashed with the shade of elation, and she responded respectfully, “Yes! Many thanks, great Feng Eternal Sovereign!”

Yang Feng sighed slightly and spread the fingers of his hand, and countless runes containing Eternal mysteries emerged and shrouded the ice palace.

Thanks to these runes, if an unauthorized Empyrean enters the ice palace, they will be killed directly. Only an Eternal Sovereign can break this boundary by force.

A torrent of fate swept the ice palace and hid it inside. Even if its an Eternal Sovereign, they wont be able to detect the ice palace.

With a flicker of ripples, Yang Feng disappeared from this place.

Cangzhi Plane, Nether Moon Island.

Nether Moon Island is the entrance to Netherworld and the boundary that separates life and death on Cangzhi Plane. At the same time, it is a terrible danger zone.

From Nether Moon Island, the living can enter the world of the dead — Netherworld!

Nether Moon Island is located in Necro Sea. In the almost endless Necro Sea, there are countless nether creatures. No ships can sail in Necro Sea except for nether ships.

Nether Moon City is a large city on the edge of Necro Sea. In this large city, the powerhouses of various races gather to purchase precious treasures of heaven and earth of Necro Sea from creatures of Necro Sea.

“So this is Nether Moon City.”

As he strolled inside Nether Moon City, Yang Feng saw all kinds of strange races

Covered with a black cloak, as if a living dead, Death Lord was taciturn and exuded a sense of melancholy.

Yang Feng glanced at Death Lord and said, “To not say so much as a word, how boring. I wonder what your wife liked about you.”

Death Lord remained silent.

Yang Feng ignored Death Lord and walked towards the edge of Necro Sea.

At the edge of Necro Sea, there is a black, 30-meter-long nether ship engraved with countless mysterious nether runes and emitting nether aura anchored.

“A trip to Nether Moon Island costs a mid grade soul stone.”

Shrouded in a black cloth, an emissary of the nether ship, who is spliced from various bones, spoke slowly.

Yang Feng waved his hand, and two mid grade soul stones flew into the hand of the nether ships emissary. Yang Feng boarded the nether ship together with Death Lord.

At this time, there are already six people aboard the nether ship. Among the six people, there is a middle-aged man with a haggard and gloomy face, looking like a living dead; an extremely beautiful and sexy Warlock 27 or 28 years of age; two young and lively beautiful Warlock sisters; a dashing young Warlock; and a tall and sturdy ogre powerhouse with a horn on the head.

“Older sister, that uncle is so handsome! He exudes an air of melancholy, which is really fascinating!”

When a beautiful girl, who looks like shes only 15 or 16 years old, saw Death Lord, her eyes brightened, and she activated a sound-proofing boundary and whispered.

A beautiful girl who looks like shes 23 or 24 years old, yet has a mature temperament, wrinkled her eyebrows and said, “Yingying, how many times have I told you not to talk about others behind their backs. Besides, in the wide world, there are countless powerhouses. The sound-proofing boundary isnt omnipotent.”

Qian Yingying said with a smile, “Im a Glorious Sun Warlock. To eavesdrop on me, you have to be at least an Infinity Warlock rank expert. Why would Infinity Warlocks go to a damnable place such as Nether Moon Island?”

Nether Moon Islands keepers will kill all powerhouse at the Infinity Warlock realm or higher. As such, no Infinity Warlock rank powerhouse dares to go to Nether Moon Island. Even if its a Holy Spirit Warlock rank powerhouse, they will be slayed by Nether Moon Islands keepers.

The degree of danger in each planes Netherworld is different. In Feisuo Planes Netherworld, an Infinity Warlock rank powerhouse can run amuck. However, Cangzhi Plane is the core of the universe and its Netherworld is one of the most dangerous places among myriads of worlds. Even Death Lord cant go to the deepest part of Cangzhi Planes Netherworld.

Qian Yingying was very dissatisfied and said, “Besides, I said that hes fascinating. I didnt speak ill of him. Whats wrong with that?”

Qian Meimei uttered helplessly, “Dont you know that misfortune follows a loose tongue? There are times when quarrels will develop into enmity. We are on a major mission. There cannot be any accidents.”

Qian Yingying said dissatisfiedly, “I know!”

Yang Feng smiled lightly and said: “According to ancient records, countless beautiful women have gone crazy over you. That seems to be true! Death Lord!”

Death Lord was silent, a dull look on his face.

Yang Feng shook his head and paid Death Lord no more mind: “What a dull person! There are even people who like people like that!”

After a while, the nether ships messenger picked up the oars, and the nether ship set off.

Two runes appeared in Yang Fengs eyes, and he looked at the nether ship and analyzed its laws.

Every Eternal Sovereign has a terrifying learning ability and can easily analyze the laws of their universe.

Any Eternal Sovereign can use more than 100 kinds of essences. However, the most powerful essences they wield are still the essences which they used to condense the Eternal imprint.

“Hello, I am Chen Feihai from the Yuyuan Manors Chen Family. What do I call you, young ladies?”

The dashing young man smiled and approached the two beautiful Warlock sisters.

Qian Meimei frowned slightly and said in reply, “Qian Meimei!”

Yet Qian Yingyings eyes burst out with enigmatic light, and she uttered with a bright smile: “Qian Yingying!”

Chen Feihai was so eloquent that he coaxed Qian Yingying into a smile, and the two sides chatted enthusiastically.

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