Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1372: A Nether Emperor Submits

Chapter 1371: Conflict

The three nether emperors have been eternally unchanging. However, they are not Eternal Sovereigns. They have a limited lifespan. In general, the lifespan of a nether emperor is 100 million years. After 100 million years, they will die, and then a new nether emperor will be born from their corpse.

Although the three nether emperors cannot leave Netherworld, but there are many powerful beings who will go to Netherworld to trade with then. Due to this, it is not uncommon for descendants with nether emperor bloodline to appear on different planes.

Yang Feng looked into the distance and saw a vast rive Styx run through the sky and connect countless planes. The river Styx is constantly churning and diffusing nether aura.

The river Styx is the ultimate destination of all souls in the universe.

Even if its an eternally inextinguishable Eternal Sovereign, once they fall and their Eternal imprint collapses, their soul will ultimately return to the river Styx and be decomposed.

Even if its a god in their god country, their soul will weaken and, after hundreds of millions of years, eventually decay and fall into the river Styx.

Soul projections are falling into the river Styx one after another. As soon as as soul projection falls into the river Styx, it is decomposed directly.

Beside the river Styx, there are soulstealers composed of bones, covered with a soul cloak, and holding a bone spoon.

There are souls sprinkling onto the edge of the river Styx. As if hyenas, the soulstealers rush over and scoop up the souls with bone spoons.

When the bone spoons touch the souls, the souls are pulled into the bone spoons.

Lower level souls will be processed into low level soul coins. More advanced souls will be processed into soul stones. The top-shelf souls will be given to nether monarchs as tribute.

Netherworld is dominated by the three nether emperors.

Under the three nether emperors, there are eighteen nether holies, while under the nether holies, there are nether monarchs.

The nether monarchs are powerhouses who deal with all kinds of matters of Netherworld. The three nether emperors and eighteen nether holies generally dont involve themselves in managerial matters.

“Qian sisters, for you to come to Netherworld, thats really foolish!”

A terrible nether wind blew from afar. In the nether wind, a nether ogre dragon shrouded in nether aura and emanating strange dragon qi strode this way.

The nether ogre dragon exuded Infinity Warlock rank fluctuations of power. He looked at the Qian sisters derisively, as if a big cat toying with a pair of small mice.

Qian Yingying threw Chen Feihai a pitiful look and pleaded softly, “Older brother Chen Feihai, please help us.”

The nether ogre dragon glanced at Chen Feihai, and his eyes glimmered with killing intent. He uttered coldly, “Are you going to stand up for them?”

Chen Feihai uttered decisively, “Sir, I am Chen Feihai, a legitimate son of Yuyuan Manors Chen Family. I just met these two by chance. I have to intention of standing up for them.”

The nether ogre dragon frowned and said flatly, “Yuyuan Manors Chen Family. There is some relation with your family and I. Step aside and I wont kill you.”

“Yes! Sir!”

Chen Feihais eyes flashed with humiliation, and he gritted his teeth and stood aside quietly.

Although the nether ogre dragon is just emanating Infinity Warlock rank fluctuations of power. But in Netherworld, even a Warlock Monarch rank powerhouse may not be a match for him.

Qian Meimei clenched her teeth and asked, “Third Nether Emissary, how did you find us?”

The Third Nether Emissary smiled coldly and said in reply, “Its the hun nether clans turn to be in charge. As such, the emissaries in the entire Necro Sea and Nether Moon Island are all people from the hun nether clan. You coming here is equivalent to walking right into a trap. Give up! Gu Nether Emperor is destined to die! In hundreds of thousands of years, a new Gu Nether Emperor will be born. Why have you come to Netherworld to die for him?”

“Gu Nether Emperor is going to die?”

Yang Feng willed, and the Mirror of Fate broke out with countless runes and surged with ripples, and then regained its calm. Yet nothing was displayed on it.

Yang Feng frowned: “Sure enough, I cant perceive news about Gu Nether Emperor. Netherworld is one of the few worlds in the universe that I cannot perceive with my power.”

After he advanced to an Eternal Sovereign, Yang Feng has become truly invincible in the world of Warlocks. With the Eternal grade secret treasure, the Mirror of Fate, in Yang Fengs possession, the absolute majority of places in the world of Warlocks are an open book to him.

Under the disturbance of the river Styx, despite how strong he is, Yang Feng cant pry into the secrets of Netherworld.

Qian Meimei looked at the Third Nether Emissary and said, “Once Gu Nether Emperor dies, a new Gu Nether Emperor will indeed be born hundreds of thousands of years later. However, the new Gu Nether Emperor will have forgotten everything from his past life. It will be equivalent to him being dead. He is the ancestor of our clan and the source of our strength. No matter the price we have to pay, we will not give up on saving him. Third Nether Emissary, this has nothing to do with them. Please let them go.”

“And they are?”

The Third Nether Emissary glanced coldly at Yang Feng and Death Lord, smiled contemptuously, and said in a cold voice, “You two lowly things, kneel down and lick my toes. I may consider letting you live.”

In Netherworld, even a Warlock Monarch rank powerhouse is no match for the Third Nether Emissary. This fact is at the fountainhead of his arrogance.

Yang Feng glanced at the Third Nether Emissary and said with a smile, “You will let us live? Thats is a lie. Dont you want to kill us while we kneel?”

With his fearsome power as an Eternal Sovereign, Yang Feng saw through the Third Nether Emissarys intentions at a glance.

“Youre quite smart. Unfortunately, in this world, the smarter you are, the earlier youll die!”

When Yang Feng exposed his intentions, the Third Nether Emissarys eyes flashed with intense killing intent. His right claw surged with endless nether qi, turned into a blur, and stabbed towards Yang Feng.

Chen Feihais eyes glimmered with the shade of exhilaration, and he sneered in his heart: “How stupid. To provoke people of the nether clan, what a reckless act.”

“Be careful!”

Qian Meimeis expression changed greatly, and she warned loudly.

Yang Feng gazed at the Third Nether Emissary with a look of derision on his face. Even if he stands still and lets the Third Nether Emissary attack him for 10,000 years, the other party wont be able to harm him at all.

Standing quietly beside Yang Feng, the expressionless Death Lord took a step, appeared in front of Yang Feng, and extended a finger towards the other party, and terrible life and death force broke out in an instant.

“You are…”

The Third Nether Emissarys eyes flickered with shock. Before he could finish speaking, his body collapsed into dust that drifted away with the wind.

Chen Feihais eyes shimmered with the shade of incredulity, “The Third Nether Emissary died just like that? A great figure of Netherworld died just like that?”

“So strong! Who is that person? He killed the Third Nether Emissary with just one hit. Yet such a powerhouse is that mans escort. Who on earth is that man?”

Qian Meimei took a deep look at Yang Feng, and her pretty eyes flashed with shock.

Qian Meimei gritted her teeth, went to Yang Feng, and advised him, “Sir, the Third Nether Emissary is a trusted aid of Dragon Nether Monarch. Since he was killed, Dragon Nether Monarch wont let this be! You should run away! In Netherworld, even Holy Spirit Warlocks are not a match for Dragon Nether Monarch.”

Yang Feng smiled faintly and said, “Theyre already here!”

Nether qi surged in the void, and 10 3,000-meter-long warships constructed from bones flew towards this side.

Aboard the warships, there are many strange nether soldiers constructed from bones.

Aboard the front most warship, on a throne of bones, there sits a powerhouse with a dragon head and a human body, who is emanating fearsome nether aura.

Chen Feihais eyes flashed with the shade of elation, and he mused, “Dragon Nether Monarch! He is a peerless powerhouse who previously killed human Holy Spirit Warlocks. Since he stepped in, these two are dead no matter their background.”

Qian Yingyings petite body trembled and her beautiful eyes flashed with despair, and she cried out: “How come Dragon Nether Monarch took action himself? How come hes here so fast!”

“Human powerhouse, did you kill my subordinate, the Third Nether Emissary?”

Aboard the front most warship, Dragon Nether Monarch looked coldly at Yang Feng and asked frigidly.

Yang Feng replied with a calm smile, “Yes, I did!”

Dragon Nether Monarch uttered callously, “In that case, commit suicide! As long as you commit suicide, I will forgive your sins. Otherwise, I will kill you, and then extract your blood and curse your relatives. Ill sever your familys bloodline.”

Yang Feng responded indifferently, “It has been a long time since I was threatened in this way. Im in a good mood today! Commit suicide! And I will leave you with an intact corpse.”

“Stubborn! Styx Suppression Array!”

Dragon Nether Monarch barked, a frigid look in his eyes.

The ten nether warships broke out with countless mysterious runes and appeared to connect with the river Styx, which is the incarnation of the laws of death and possesses infinity power.

A vast projection of the rive Styx emerged in the void, ran through the universe, and surged towards Yang Feng.

Styx Suppression Array is Dragon Nether Monarchs trump card. Even if its a Great Holy rank powerhouses, it they are hit by the projection of the river Styx, they will lose all memories and become an idiot.

“Impressive! In Netherworld, this spell can even vanquish a Great Holy!”

Yang Feng smiled faintly and praised in admiration, and then stabbed with his hand.

Countless mysterious runes shone, and a huge, eternally inextinguishable finger, that runs through the past, present, and future, appeared and touched the projection of the river Styx.

The projection of the river Styx, which can suppress a Great Holy, collapsed directly. At the same time, the nether warships were smashed and turned into powder together with the nether soldiers.

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