Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1375: Defeating the Will of Netherworld

Chapter 1374: Two Lives Flower

Yang Feng nodded.

Gu Nether Emperor held a Nether Imperial Scepter and recited an incantation, and countless runes appeared and merged into the Nether Imperial Scepter.

The Nether Imperial Scepter burst out with countless mysterious runes and turned into a ship of bones engraved with countless mysterious runes and fell into Nether Origin Sea.

When Yang Feng boarded the ship of bones, countless mysterious runes shone in his eyes, and he gazed at the ship of bones. At he same time, his aura changed continuously.

Gu Nether Emperors eyes flashed with the shade of astonishment: “To be able to comprehend the composition of this nether ship, incredible! Feng Eternal Sovereign is really incredible!”

With the help of the memories engraved in his soul and the power of Netherworld, Gu Nether Emperor can form a ship of bones that can cross Nether Origin Sea. He himself, however, cannot comprehend the principles of this spell.

Yang Feng is actually analyzing the structure of the ship of bones. Once he fully analyzes it, he will be able to easily cast the same spell. This is where the strength of human Warlocks lies.

“Feng Eternal Sovereign is unfathomable!”

Hun Nether Emperor and Shi Nether Emperor exchanged a look, and the shade of shock flickered deep in their eyes.

Along the way, Hun Nether Emperor and Shi Nether Emperor also cast a spell and summoned two nether ships respectively, taking them to a small island.

“Lord, this is Nether Origin Middle Island. It is one of the core sacred places of the nether clan.”

When he set foot on Nether Origin Middle Island, Gu Nether Emperor immediately gave Yang Feng an introduction.

Yang Feng looked around and saw that there are nether trees with rich nether aura growing on Nether Origin Middle Island.

On the nether trees, there are many fruits with dragon, fiend, devil, and other extraordinary creature runes.

Gu Nether Emperor uttered proudly, “These are Nether Origin Fruits of Nether Origin Middle Island. Once any creature ingests this fruit, they will be directly transformed into a nether clan powerhouse. Theyre a priceless treasure in the outside world.”

Unless its an Eternal Sovereign, the lifespan of any powerhouse will run out. Apart from Empyreans, anyone can consume a Nether Origin Fruit, become a nether clan powerhouse, and live another lifetime.

Many powerhouses who have exhausted their lifespan will pay any price in order to obtain a Nether Origin Fruit.

The Nether Origin Fruit is one of the most precious specialty products of Netherworld.

Yang Feng glanced at the Nether Origin Fruit trees, casually plucked some of the best fruits, and continued to walk towards the depths of the island.

As if a desolate island surrounded by death, the whole island is surrounded by endless nether qi and is full of gray tones.

In the deepest part of the island, there is a place shrouded by white light full of vitality.

Within the white light, there is a green, vibrant grassland. In the green grassland, there are ten small white flowers.

Each of the ten small white flowers contains another flower bud within their flower bud, which are intertwined, and their petals are inscribed with mysterious runes.

Gu Nether Emperor said slowly, “Two Lives Flower! A unique flower that is born once every 1 million years. As long as there is a trace of the soul imprint or soul aura, even souls that have been in the river Styx for thousands of generations can be reborn and appear in this world again.”

The means of Eternal Sovereigns are unfathomable. Even if a person died, they can still revive that person. But if a person died decades ago and their soul fell into the river Styx, then even Eternal Sovereigns wont be able to resurrect that person.

The Two Lives Flower is the only peerless treasure that can perfectly resurrect a person that has died a long time ago. As long as he has a Two Lives Flower, Death Lord can use a secret method to bring his wife back to life.

“What a great treasure.”

Yang Fengs eyes flashed with a queer shade, and he pointed with a finger at the ten Two Lives Flowers. Five of the ten Two Lives Flowers flew out and fell into his hands.

Three flowers flew out and fell into the hands of Gu Nether Emperor, Hun Nether Emperor, and Shi Nether Emperor respectively.

There are countless treasures on this island. However, since the three nether Emperors are not on good terms, they havent worked together for the past millions of years. This is the reason why ten Two Lives Flowers appeared here. If they did work together, such treasures of heaven and earth would have been plucked by them long ago.

Yang Feng waved his hand and said, “Okay, you can go back!”

Gu Nether Emperors countenance changed greatly, and he asked, “Lord, do you want to enter the deepest part of Nether Origin Sea? No one has ever entered there! Even if its an Eternal Sovereign, if they fall into the sea, all their memories will be washed away, and then they will gradually be eroded and decomposed by the water of Nether Origin Sea. Our nether ships basically cant sail in the deepest part of Nether Origin Sea.”

“Please rethink this, lord!”

Hun Nether Emperor and Shi Nether Emperor looked at each other and began to advise.

No matter how Hun Nether Emperor and Shi Nether Emperor resent Yang Feng, they dont dare to reveal even a sliver of it. Even if the three nether emperors work together and mobilize the power of Netherworld to fight Yang Feng, they will just be quelled without suspense.

Yang Feng said indifferently, “Its because no one has ever been there that I want to take a look. In this universe, there arent many things that can pique my interest. But the deepest part of Nether Origin Sea is one of them. Theres no need to persuade me! Go back!”

“Yes! Lord!”

The three nether emperors were helpless. They could only cast a spell, summon a nether ship, and leave the island.

“This is a prompt of fate. If I enter the deepest part of Nether Origin Sea, I can obtain huge gains. Of course, it will also be accompanied by great danger. If I am careless, I will be in danger of dying. Interesting. After I advanced to an Eternal Sovereign, this is the first time I have such a premonition.”

On the seashore of Nether Origin Middle Island, two mysterious runes containing the essence of fate appeared in Yang Fengs eyes, and strands of fate aura surrounded him.

In the world of Warlocks, an Eternal Sovereign is the pinnacle of existence. If it were not for the universe devour war, an Eternal Sovereign would be a nearly eternally undying and insurmountable existence.

In this universe, there are few things that can pose a threat to Yang Fengs life. But at the same time, there are few treasures that can improve his cultivation base.

Yang Feng encountered the same bottleneck as many Eternal Sovereigns in the Eternal Sovereign age, that is, a slow progress in strength. If there are no fateful encounters, there wont be much difference in Yang Fengs strength between now and 100 million years in the future.

Although there is danger in the deepest part of Nether Origin Sea, but there may also be a great opportunity. Yang Feng has weighed things over and over and finally decided to enter the deepest part of Nether Origin Sea.

If the three Eternal Sovereigns of Gumana Universe enter the universe of the world of Warlocks at this time, Yang Feng can quell the other party. However, the three Eternal Sovereigns wont come and throw away their lives. Instead, they will wait for the chance to have the final battle with Yang Feng.

Gumana Universe has also stopped the infiltration of the universe of the world of Warlocks. Thats because Yang Feng has the Eternal grade secret treasure, the Mirror of Fate. If he wills it, he can find and kill all the spies of Gumana Universe in his universe through the power of fate.

Now that Yang Feng refined the Eternal grade secret treasure, the Mirror of Fate, the powerhouses of Gumana Universe only have one choice, that is, to launch the final decisive battle and kill Yang Feng with absolute power when the universes have integrated.

Yang Feng doesnt fear any one of the three Eternal Sovereigns. Hes even confident that he can defeat them. But if the three immortals work together, Yang Fengs chances of winning arent high.

Yang Feng stood quietly at the edge of Nether Origin Sea for a moment and pointed with his hand, and tremendous Eternal origin force welled up, turned into countless runes containing nether aura, and formed a nether ship identical to Gu Nether Emperors nether ship.

Yang Feng jumped onto the nether ship, and the nether ship moved without any wind and swam towards the deepest part of Nether Origin Sea.

The nether ship had just swam for more than 20 kilometers, when terrible decomposition force rushed out of Nether Origin Sea and decomposed the nether ship bit by bit.

At the moment when the nether ship was completely decomposed, Yang Feng pointed with his hand, Eternal origin force surged, and Hun Nether Emperors nether ship appeared.

After this nether ship carried Yang Feng for more than 20 kilometers, it also began to decompose.

Shi Nether Emperors nether ship emerged and carried Yang Feng forward.

The nether ships of the three nether emperors appeared alternately and carried Yang Feng for 699 kilometers in Nether Origin Sea.

When a nether ship crossed the 700 kilometer mark, it sunk, decomposed directly, and disappeared.

All of a sudden, Nether Origin Sea billowed, a 10,000-meter-long nether beast made out of Eternal bones and a kind of black stone flew out, and thousands of tentacles shot towards Yang Feng.

When the nether beast moved, the whole Nether Origin Sea churned and formed towering waves that swept towards Yang Feng.

“Thats a pretty good attack! If I hadnt comprehended the law of nether, I would never be able to withstand this attack. However, since I came here, I have naturally comprehended the law of nether. Youre just throwing away your life in vain!”

Yang Feng smiled slightly. With a frigid killing intent his eyes, he pointed with his hand, and countless runes shone and formed a nether ship under his feet.

Yang Feng waved his hand, and a terrible nether wind surged towards Nether Origin Seas water and directly suppressed it.

Yang Feng extended his hand, and a giant, eternally inextinguishable hand running through the past, present, and future emerged and grabbed the nether beast.

Rune chains ejected, wound around the nether beast, and sealed it.

In Nether Origin Sea, waves churned, and one nether beast after another appeared from the sea and stared at Yang Feng with frenzied killing intent in its eyes.

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