Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1376: Resurrection

Chapter 1375: Defeating the Will of Netherworld

“Get out!”

“Get out of here!”

“Get out or die!”


Under the influence of the will of Netherworld, the wills of the nether beasts in Nether Origin Sea reverberated in the area.

In the center of the countless nether beasts, there in a nether beast emperor, and his eyes flashed with a fierce shade. Yet in the abyss of his eyes, there is a glimmer of apprehension.

“Thats great. Is this large gift basket for me?”

Yang Feng smiled calmly and spread the fingers of his hand, and the nether ship under his feet rushed towards the nether beasts like an arrow.

With a fierce flash in their eyes, the nether beasts cast various innate secret abilities, which set off waves in Nether Origin Sea that surged towards Yang Feng.

Even if its the three nether emperors, if they are hit by these waves, they will be easily eroded and turned into pools of liquid.

Yang Feng broke out with terrifying Eternal force and waved his hand, and a giant had that could sunder the sky barreled towards the nether beasts.

The ferocious nether beasts were directly suppressed by the giant hand and could not move.


With a ferocious glimmer in his eyes, the nether beast emperor unleashed a deafening roar, and incredible shock waves swept towards the giant hand.

When the shock waves formed by Nether Origin Seas power hit the giant hand, the giant hand shattered directly.

Yang Fengs eyes shimmered with a queer color, and he uttered slowly, “To be able to break my spell, thats really surprising!”

With a fierce flash in his eyes, the nether beast emperor erupted with innumerable runes, and vast will of Netherworld seemingly capable of suppressing the heaven and earth appeared on him.

As if the whole Nether Origin Sea came to life, with the nether beast emperor as the core, a terrifying vortex capable of devouring the heaven and earth suddenly rose and swept towards Yang Feng.

“You want to devour me?! Then go to hell!”

Yang Feng beckoned with his hand, the the Warbringer Halberd appeared in his hand. With a ferocious glimmer in his eyes, he brandished the Warbringer Halberd, and a fearsome halberd ray that contains Eternal aura and can quell the heaven and earth appeared and slashed towards the vortex.

When the fearsome halberd ray and the vortex collided, the will of Netherworld suffered serious damage.

The whole Netherworld shook.

Gu Nether Emperor looked up, and his eyes flickered with astonishment, “The will of Netherworld was damaged! My strength has decreased!”

Hun Nether Emperors eyes shimmered with astonishment, “Feng Eternal Sovereign was able to deal serious damage to the will of Netherworld. Thats inconceivable!”

Shi Nether Emperor sighed faintly: “Feng Eternal Sovereign! Truly preposterous!”

For the three nether emperors, the will of Netherworld is the source of everything and the origin of their strength. It is impossible for them to contend against it. Yet Yang Feng was able to damage it. This is simply incredible.

After the will of Netherworld was severely damaged, Nether Origin Sea became more frantic. The vortex suddenly turned crazy and drew Yang Feng inside.

After that vortex swallowed Yang Feng, endless nether laws surged and turned into nether threads that wound around Yang Feng and dragged him to the deepest part of Nether Origin Sea.

Terrifying decomposition force enveloped Yang Feng and tried to decompose his soul and wash away his memories.

Vast Eternal force surged, and countless runes shone, circled around Yang Feng, and guarded his soul.

“Will of Netherworld! Since you want to kill me, then break for me!”

Yang Fengs eyes flickered coldly and shone with countless runes, and the nether runes he learned from the three nether emperors evolved.

Tremendous energy poured into Yang Fengs eyes from the Kunmo Stone.

In Yang Fengs eyes, two runes condensed slowly and emitted nether aura.

The two runes had just condensed, when a vast and mighty force broke out and tried to break them.

Yang Feng willed, and the small world inside him burst out with terrible power that shattered the mighty force.

As soon as the two mysterious nether runes formed inside Yang Fengs eyes, a vast, almost endless force burst out in an instant and devoured and suppressed everything.

The fearsome nether threads around Yang Feng were devoured directly. As if seeing a ghost, the nether threads, which contain the will of Netherworld, retreated, turned into strange smoke, and disappeared.

After more than ten breaths of time, the nether threads around Yang Feng disappeared completely.

Yang Feng opened his eyes and saw nether beasts rush towards him. The water of Nether Origin Sea continuously eroded his barriers. Once the barriers collapse, the consequences will be too horrible to contemplate.

“Without the help of the will of Netherworld, you dead creatures want to harm me?”

Yang Fengs eyes glimmered coldly. He pointed with his hand, and vast devour force broke out and swept towards the nether beasts.

Swept by the devour force, the nether beasts stuck together and formed a large parcel, which quickly shrunk, entered Yang Fengs hand, and was sealed directly.

With a slight flash of light, Yang Feng shot upwards and jumped out of Nether Origin Sea. Countless runes shone, and a nether ship appeared underneath his feat and carried him to the depths of Nether Origin Sea.

Yang Fengs eyes glimmered with the shade of expectation: “Since the will of Netherworld personally tried to stop me, there must be pretty good treasures in the deepest part of Netherworld. No one has been to that place since the beginning of the universe.”

The universe of the world of Warlocks has existed for more than 10 billion years. During this period of time, many of the most precious treasures of heaven and earth have been snatched away. Only in the deepest part of Netherworld, not even Eternal Sovereigns have been there.

If Yang Feng were not strong enough to subdue the three nether emperors and had not comprehended the essence of nether, he would likely be suppressed by the will of Netherworld. He would fall into Nether Origin Sea and become a part of it.

The nether ship sailed for 100,000 kilometers through calm waters, which disappointed Yang Feng.

The corpses of the nether beasts are great treasures. Yang Feng can gain huge benefits every time he kills a nether beast.

An island appeared on Nether Origin Seas border. On the border, there is a transparent crystal wall.

“This is a universe crystal wall! On the other side of the crystal wall, there is another universe. Unfortunately, with my power, it is impossible to break the universe crystal wall!”

Yang Feng took a look at the transparent crystal wall, and then boarded the island.

The island only occupies an area 100 kilometers in radius. However, the island is filled with the purest life force and chaos aura from the time when the universe was created.

“Qilin Jade Flower! It takes 100,000 years for it to grow and bloom. By consuming a Qilin Jade Flower, the blood inside you will be transformed into pure qilin blood. Theres actually such a legendary treasure here.”

Yang Feng glanced at the island, and his eyes glimmered brightly. He saw a flower made of blue jade growing quietly on a meadow. On that flower, there is a tiny qilin playing and exuding the might of a king of beasts.

“True Dragon Origin Stone! Its a stone that can hatch a true dragon!”

“Sun Deva Tree! Each of its fruits can turn into a sun!”


As Yang Feng walked across the island, he saw precious extraordinary plants, and his eyes glimmered brightly.

On this island, even grass is a rare treasure that is hard to find in the outside world that even Empyreans will be moved by. While a stone is a top Empyrean grade secret treasure material.

“This is a Kunmo Stone! What a large piece!”

When Yang Feng reached the center of the island, he saw a bucket sized Kunmo Stone lying quietly on the ground. His eyes lit up and surged with excitement.

The Kunmo Stones Yang Feng obtained before were all the size of a fist. If this bucket sized Kunmo Stone is divided, more than 40 fist sized Kunmo Stones can be obtained.


Yang Feng stared at the Kunmo Stone with excitement in his eyes: “With this Kunmo Stone, I can create a level-8 stronghold! This trip to Netherworld turned out to be really profitable!”

After Yang Feng advanced to the Eternal realm, his intelligence has skyrocketed. He already deduced the level-8 stronghold, which the xizu have never deduced. However, he lacked the materials to refine a level-8 stronghold.

Now that he obtained such a large Kunmo Stone, coupled with various top minerals on this island, Yang Feng has enough resources to make Ling evolve into a level-8 stronghold.

After Yang Feng got the Kunmo Stone, he looked around the island excitedly. Although he found many precious treasures and minerals, but he didnt find another peerless treasure that could greatly improve his combat power like the Kunmo Stone.

Yang Feng searched the island for a while. After leaving only the roots of some herbs, he departed the island.

Cangzhi Plane, Devour Imperial Court, in a hidden square.

“Here is the Two Lives Flower you wanted!”

Yang Feng flicked his finger, and a jade box with a Two Lives Flower flew into Death Lords hands.

“Many thanks, lord. If I can revive my wife, I will be your subordinate forever and will never betray.”

When he received the jade box with a Two Lives Flower, the agitated Death Lord bowed deeply to Yang Feng and spoke with gratitude.

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