Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1378: Ambushing the Vanguard Army

Chapter 1377: Level-8 Stronghold

“Sure enough!”

“As expected of Feng Eternal Sovereign!”

“He dealt with the Divine Punishment Thunderclouds so easily!”

“He has become stronger!”


When the spectating powerhouses saw the Divine Punishment Thunderclouds disappear, their eyes glimmered with a complicated shade.

The Divine Punishment Thunderclouds are a fearsome existence that can slay Empyreans. However, such terrifying force was easily suppressed, sealed, and turned into resources for the level-8 strongholds promotion. This shows Yang Fengs terror.

The level-8 stronghold shone, and then the runes diffused Eternal aura.

Yang Feng frowned, bit the tip of his tongue, and spewed out precious blood essence, which merged into the level-8 stronghold.

When the level-8 stronghold absorbed Yang Fengs blood essence, it glittered with runes and broke out with flawless Eternal aura.

The level-8 stronghold opened. Lying quietly in the stronghold, Ling opened her eyes, and invincible Eternal aura rose from her unhurriedly.

“My lord! Thank you very much for bestowing Eternal force upon me!”

Ling came in front of Yang Feng and knelt on one knee, and her beautiful eyes shimmered with a scorching color.

When the other two Kings of Rulers, Ying and Xingji, saw this, their beautiful eyes flickered with envy.

Yang Feng uttered with a slight smile, “Lets see how strong you have become.”

“Yes! My lord!”

Ling took a deep look at Yang Feng, and countless mysterious runes appeared in her eyes. Tremendous strings of data were instantly transmitted into Yang Fengs mind.

The 12 Ruler Saints under Lings command appeared at once and knelt in front of Yang Feng.

The 12 Ruler Saint all exude fluctuations of power of unequaled overlord-level Empyreans.

As her direct subordinates, when Ling advanced to the Eternal realm, the 12 Ruler Saints also obtained great benefits. Any one of them has exceeded Ying and Xingji in terms of strength.

“Alloy Realm Breaking Beast, a mechanical beast that can break through universe barriers.”

“Universe Exploration Shuttle, an aircraft that can scout out other dimensions and universes.”

“Devour Origin Beast, a mechanical beast that absorbs universe origin.

“Mechanical Hive, a mechanical unit developed with the Hive as template. Tier V Mechanical Hives containing ordinary Empyrean rank combat power can be created.


One after another, mechanical beasts and weapons appeared in Yang Fengs mind.

Among the numerous mechanical beasts, the most important ones for Yang Feng are the Alloy Realm Breaking Beast and the Devour Origin Beast.

After Yang Feng advanced to the Eternal realm, although he obtained an eternal lifespan and virtually infinite power in his universe, but if he wants to advance further, it will be extremely difficult.

Yang Feng analyzed all kinds of known information. If an Eternal Sovereign wants to advance further, they can only do so by launching a war of annihilation similar to universe devour war and plunder another universes origin.

In addition, they can also go to the mysterious greater universe. But practically nothing in known about the greater universe.

Yang Feng looked at the new weapons with a queer shade in his eyes, “Universes with high latitude and high universe energy level are too dangerous! Lets start by exploring universes with low latitude and low universe energy level! If I can devour several universes of low latitude and low energy level, I am certain that I will be able to defeat the three Eternal Sovereigns of Gumana Universe!”

In the perception of any Empyrean, the universe is practically endless and boundless.

However, after Yang Feng advanced to the Eternal realm, he was able sense the edge of the universe.

The edge of the universe is surrounded by a universe crystal wall that cant be seen by even Empyreans. The universe crystal wall blocks the powerhouses of other universes from coming here.

Beyond the universe crystal wall, there are different dimensions with chaotic space-time.

Depending on their universe energy level, each universe is located in a different dimension with chaotic space-time.

Yang Feng is an Eternal Sovereign of the world of Warlocks. But once he enters a different dimension chaotic space-time without a universes coordinates, he will lose his direction and eventually die.


The whole universe was shocked by tremendous noise.

Yang Fengs eyes glimmered with a peculiar shade, “The universe barrier has finally shattered!”

The universe barrier is the most powerful means of defense of a universe with low universe energy level. Once a universe barrier is activated, no being of a different universe can enter the universe, giving the creatures of the universe time for evolution and growth.

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At the same time, a large amount of universe origin needs to be spent in order to maintain the universe barrier. It cant be maintained endlessly. Once the universe barrier reaches a threshold, it will have no choice but to collapse, or else the whole universe will begin to wither.

In addition to his steel-like will and the crystallization of xizu technology, one of the most important reasons why Yang Feng was able to advance to the Eternal realm was because the universe will of the universe needed him to advance to the Eternal realm in order to contend against the enemy universes three Eternal Sovereigns.

After the level-8 stronghold was successfully refined, the universe will could no longer maintain the universe barrier.

“The universe barrier has collapsed!”

“Whats going on?”

“Why at this time?!”

“Start all defense boundaries now!”

“Enter the first level of combat readiness!”


In the world of Warlocks, all forces with the protection of Holy Spirit Warlocks realized at this moment that the universe barrier collapsed and began to activate all kinds of fallbacks and enter the state of combat readiness.

Magic Note Lord woke up from his study of alchemy and looked into the distance with a dignified color in his eyes: “The universe barrier has collapsed! The great war seems inevitable!”

Death Lord sighed faintly, took a deep look and Duoduo, and uttered, “Duoduo, Im going to fight the enemy! I going to protect our home! Please wait for me!”

Holding Death Lord in her hands, she gave him a light kiss, her face brimming with deep feelings and tenderness: “Yes, I will wait for you here. However, if you die, I wont live by myself. So promise me that youll live.”

There are many beauties in the world of Warlocks. Among the many beautiful Warlocks, Duoduo looks can be regarded as superior, but not peerless. But her love for Death Lord is as deep as the sea.

“I will live!”

Death Lord gave Duoduo a deep kiss and revealed a smile. He is brimming with confidence and might and emanates the demeanor of a invincible Warlock Emperor.

After the collapse of the universe barrier, the boundary between the two universes disappeared, as if they integrated.

In the world of Warlocks central starfield, the starfield suddenly blurred, the space-time distorted and became chaotic, and powerhouses of Gumana Universe appeared.

When the two universes merged, the area of the universes expanded crazily.

Powerhouses at the Holy realm and above clearly felt the rise of the universes universe energy level, making it easier for them to attack the Empyrean realm.

“The universe barrier is finally broken!”

“The great war has begun!”

“We cant give the people of this universe time to react!”

“Kill them all!”


One huge fleet after another flew out of Gumana Universe and flew towards the universe of the world of Warlocks.

Hives flew out from all over and flew towards the universe of the world of Warlocks with great momentum.

From the starfield of each of Gumana Universes three divine races, 150 Tier V and 3 Tier VI Hives flew out.

A total of 450 Tier V and 9 Tie VI Hives flew out from the three starfields and, while surrounded by countless other Hives, flew towards the headquarters of Devour Imperial Court.

“In this great war, everyone from Devour Imperial Court must die! Anyone who supports Devour Imperial Court will become our enemy! We wont accept their surrender!”

“Anyone who attacks Devour Imperial Court will become our friend and can join our universes camp and live!”

“Surrender and live! Resist and die!”

The eyes of the three Eternal Sovereigns of Gumana Universe shimmered frostily, and their thunderous voices rang incessantly in the void and spread to the whole universe.

After the collapse of the universe barrier between the two universe, the universe devour has entered the final stage. The laws of the two universes have been integrated. As such, the three Eternal Sovereigns can use their Eternal might in this universe and channel their words into the minds of every Holy Spirit Warlock.

“Gumana Universe has three Eternal Sovereigns, while our universe only has one! The difference is too large! Its best to side with Gumana Universe!”

“Feng Eternal Sovereign killed powerhouses of our race! The hatred between us is as deep as the sea! His retribution has finally come!”

“Devour Imperial Court wont stand a chance against the siege of three Eternal Sovereigns. Its best to take Gumana Universes side. Feng Eternal Sovereign, thank you very much. If it were not for you, Gumana Universe might not have accepted us!”

“Feng Eternal Sovereign, you have destroyed my race with cruel and vicious means. This time, I will also breach your Devour Imperial Court, ruin your efforts, destroy everything of yours, and have all the people related to you die!”

“Ive been waiting for a long time! You guys are here at last!”


In the universe of the world of Warlocks, many greater races guarded by Holies chose to submit to Gumana Universe at the first moment and sent elite experts to serve powerhouses of Gumana Universe.

In such a universe war, the victorious camp will surely purge the defeated camp. Powerhouses at the Holy Spirit Warlock realm and higher of the defeated camp will be all killed without exception. Even if you escape to the edge of the universe, you may still not be able to escape the pursuit of the Eternal Sovereigns.

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