Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1379: Annihilation of the Vanguard Army

Chapter 1378: Ambushing the Vanguard Army

“I, Immitis Ogre Lord request an audience with the three Eternal Sovereigns.”

Ripples rose in the void, and Immitis Ogre Lord came out of the void and appeared in front of the Tier VI Hive in the very front.

Divine light ejected out of the Tier VI Hive and illuminated Immitis Ogre Lord

Immitis Ogre Lord flashed and appeared in a vast hall inside the Tier VI Hive.

In the hall, exuding Eternal fluctuations of power, the three Eternal Sovereigns are sitting on three thrones.

Wing Eternal Sovereign asked, “Immitis Ogre Lord, how may we help you?”

Immitis Ogre Lord smiled lightly and said, “Your majesty Wing Eternal Sovereign, I in the hopes of joining Gumana Universes camp. I have many good friends who wish to do the same!”

The eyes of Divine Eyes Eternal Sovereign surged with mysterious runes and formed eyeballs. The eyeballs emitted strange divine light that shone on Immitis Ogre Lord.

Thanks to the strange divine light, Divine Eyes Eternal Sovereign was able to see through everything about Immitis Ogre Lord.

Even if Yang Feng uses the Mask of Fantasy Spirit Emperor, he wont be able to escape the probing of Divine Eyes Eternal Sovereigns divine light.

Yang Feng assassinated many powerful enemies, destroyed one major force after another, and plundered countless resources with the help of the Mask of Fantasy Spirit Emperor back in the day.

Yang Feng has been the object of research of Gumana Universe ever since he advanced to the Eternal realm. The three Eternal Sovereigns are quite worried that Yang Feng disguised as someone close to them will come and try to assassinate them.

Immitis Ogre Lord frowned slightly, yet he still let the strange divine light shine on him.

Divine Eyes Eternal Sovereign quickly retracted the divine light and nodded towards the other two Eternal Sovereigns.

Wing Eternal Sovereign said coldly, “You can join our camp. However, you surrendered too late. You must prove your loyalty with actions.”

If it were before Cangzhi Plane recovered, a Holy Spirit Warlock joining the camp of Gumana Universe would have made the three Eternal Sovereigns overjoyed. Before Boyan Lord arrived in the world of Warlocks, if an Empyrean joined their camp, the three Eternal Sovereigns would even be willing to support them to become the No. 1 expert below the Eternal realm.

But now that the universe barrier has shattered and the final stage of the universe war has arrived, an Empyrean can no longer become the key to affect the overall situation of the war.

On a battlefield with Eternal Sovereigns, an Empyrean can only become the last straw that broke the camels back.

In order to weaken the resistance of the universe of the world of Warlock as much as possible, only then will the three Eternal Sovereign recruit traitors.

Immitis Ogre Lord smiled faintly and said, “Please rest assured. My friends are willing to dedicate everything to the three majesties. They are willing to serve as the vanguard in the attack of Devour Imperial Court.”

Divine Eyes Eternal Sovereigns eyes glimmered with the shade of praise, and he uttered, “Okay! Immitis Ogre Lord, if you do well, you will become the lord of a sacred race of our universe in the future!”

In the universe devour war, countless cannon fodder are going to die. The first tier cannon fodder are other universe powerhouses who actively joined the camp of Gumana Universe.

“Thank you, your majesties! Im going to organize the manpower and attack Devour Imperial Court.”

Immitis Ogre Lord bowed to the three Eternal Sovereigns in salute, radiated light, and disappeared.

The eyes of Frost Eternal Sovereign flickered with she shade of derision, and he uttered with a cold smile, “For an Empyrean to betray their universe, how truly foolish!”

The eyes of Wing Eternal Sovereign glimmered, and he uttered lightly, “Although a powerhouse who betrayed their universe can never advance to the Eternal realm, but they can at least save their life. A wise man submits to circumstances. Without these people, we would have to spend more time to annex this universe.”

Divine Eyes Eternal Sovereigns eyes glimmered with the light of wisdom, and he uttered unhurriedly, “Yes, without these people, we would have to spend more effort to annex this universe. With more people on our side, there will be fewer enemies, and our chances of winning will be higher. Moreover, after this war is over, theres no way too many of them will be alive.”

Frost Eternal Sovereign and Wing Eternal Sovereign exchanged a look and revealed a smile.

Immitis Ogre Lord soon integrated the powerful races eager to join the camp of Gumana Universe.

Fearsome fleets flew towards the starfield where Cangzhi Plane is located.

In a vast palace, there is a large oval table. At the head of the table, there sit three people, namely Immitis Ogre Lord, Glutton Ogre Lord, and Malum Dragon Lord.

On both sides of the oval table, there are more than 100 Holy rank powerhouses sitting.

Glutton Ogre Lords eyes flashed with a fierce shade, and he uttered slowly, “Immitis Ogre Lord! For them to place us as the vanguard, they clearly have bad intention! They want us to serve as cannon fodder! Go and tell them that we want to have the same treatment as the rest of the armies of Gumana Universe.”

The gazes of the rest of the powerhouses gathered on Immitis Ogre Lord. They are all aware that the powerhouses of Gumana Universe want them to serve as the vanguard in order to use them as cannon fodder.

Immitis Ogre Lord said solemnly, “Ladies and gentlemen, Gumana Universe has three Eternal Sovereigns! They are bound to win this war. If we dont pay a large enough of a price, then how can we assimilate into Gumana Universe? The three majesties have given us an inviolable order. They want us to serve as the vanguard and open the way for their armies.”

When the rest of the powerhouses heard this, their hearts sank, and they remained silent. They all understand this reasoning. But at the thought of attacking Devour Imperial Court, they felt their blood run cold.

Malum Dragon Lord said, “But how do we deal with Feng Eternal Sovereign? With him present, no matter how many we are, only death will await us.”

Each Eternal Sovereign is a powerhouse at the very top of the universe. If there was no Eternal Sovereigns in Gumana Universe, the as long as he spent some time, Yang Feng would be able to kill all of Gumana Universes powerhouse at the Holy Spirit Warlock realm and above.

Even if Immitis Ogre Lord and the other powerhouses are added together, they wont stand a chance against Yang Feng.

Immitis Ogre Lords eyes glimmered with the light of wisdom: “When coping with the three majesties, Feng Eternal Sovereign wont have power to spare to deal with us. When experts fight, a small variable can be the difference between victory and defeat. If Feng Eternal Sovereign wastes his power to deal with us, he will have no hope of defeating the three majesties. A clever guy like him naturally wont waste his power on us.”

If it were some other time, as long as he consumed less than 2% of Eternal origin force, Yang Feng would be able to easily suppress Immitis Ogre Lord and the other rebels. Yang Feng would just need an hour to fully recover 2% of Eternal origin force.

However, in this universe war, if Yang Feng loses 2% of Eternal origin force, it may be the cause of his defeat.

The rest of the powerhouses felt a little relieved when they heard this. Since his rise, Yang Feng has become a nightmare to countless powerful forces. If it were not for the fact that Gumana Universe has three Eternal Sovereigns, they would never have dared to oppose Yang Feng.

All of a sudden, terrible beams of light ejected from the surroundings and slammed into the huge fleet formed from various races like raindrops.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Along with heaven-shaking blares, warships, spiritual mountains, and bone ships exploded into pieces.

A Devastator Cannon beam ripped the firmament and slammed into the palace carrying Immitis Ogre Lord and the other Empyreans.

In an instant, the palaces defensive barriers collapsed, and the palace itself was swallowed by the Devastator Cannon beam.

Along with flashes of light, beams slammed into the wreckage of the palace and turned the traitors into ashes.

Countless ripples rose, and a mechanical legion flew out of the void and attacked the vanguard army composed of traitors of the world of Warlocks.

The traitor army suffered heavy damage when it was ambushed. But then it was besieged by the huge mechanical legion, which resulted in more disastrous casualties.

“Who dares to attack me!”

A 10,000-kilometer-tall mountain of flesh suddenly appeared. The huge mountain of flesh has a large belly, a glutton ogre head, a wolf tooth club in the hand, and a fierce glimmer in the eyes. The huge mountain of flesh is Glutton Ogre Lord

“Glutton Ogre Lord, youre really foolish. Your two companions have fled. Only you came to throw away your life! How foolish!”

Accompanied by light laughter, Magic Note Lord came out of the void and stared at Glutton Ogre Lord, a smile on his face.

“Magic Note Lord!”

When Glutton Ogre Lord saw Magic Note Lord, his countenance changed drastically, and his eyes shimmered with graveness.

Of the eight Warlock Emperors of the human race, seven are unequaled overlord-level Empyreans. Magic Note Lord is definitely one of the most dreadful ones. He has countless secret treasures and is the most powerful alchemist of the human race.

“Those bastards!”

Glutton Ogre Lord scanned with his powerful soul force and detected that Immitis Ogre Lord and Malum Dragon Lord had left him here alone. His expression suddenly changed drastically, and he roared.

“Okay, you can go and die!”

Magic Note Lord smiled faintly and waved his hand, and an Empyrean grade secret treasure, the Ogre Subduing Ring, engraved with abstruse runes and radiating dazzling light suddenly flew out and barreled towards Glutton Ogre Lord.

The Ogre Subduing Ring radiated ogre subduing light that shot towards Glutton Ogre Lord.

The Ogre Subduing Ring is a secret treasure Magic Note Lord refined from a leg bone of the restraining ogre race Eternal Sovereign, and it has the miraculous effect of suppressing ogre powerhouses.

“Ogre Subduing Ring!”

Glutton Ogre Lords expression changed greatly. He surged with ogre force, brandished the wolf tooth club in his hand, and attacked the Ogre Subduing Ring.


In an instant, Glutton Ogre Lord was pressed down by the Ogre Subduing Ring. He raised the wolf tooth halberd and bitterly resisted the ogre subduing light.

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