Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1382: Shi Xue Advances to the Eternal Realm

Chapter 1381: Frost Eternal Sovereign Falls

The Wing Eternal Sovereigns strike contains the essence of time, severs the past, present, and future, and is unfathomably fast. It fundamentally cannot be avoided.

The Frost Eternal Sovereign shone, turned into an ice star shrouded in endless frost, and shot towards Yang Feng.

The three Eternal Sovereigns have rich combat experience. As soon as they stepped in, they went all out to kill Yang Feng in one fell swoop.

Yang Feng surged with countless mysterious runes, diffused vast Eternal aura, changed into a terrible black hole that can devour anything, and barreled towards the three powerhouses.


Along with an earth-shaking blare, a terrible energy storm spread in all directions, the void collapsed, and the space distorted.

Yang Fengs incarnation of the black hole crumbled in an instant, and he was blasted 10,000 kilometers away. His whole body is covered in strange runes, sword wounds, and ice.

The three Eternal Sovereigns were blown just 100 kilometers away. Theyre figures swayed slightly, and they shot towards Yang Feng again.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Huge explosions kept ringing in the void, and terrible energy storms raged and spread in all directions.

The powerhouses of the two universes escaped the surroundings for fear of being implicated in the battle of the four Eternal Sovereigns.

Even if its an Empyrean, they will be torn to pieces by the fearsome energy storms if they are placed in the middle of the four Eternal Sovereigns.

“So strong! Feng Eternal Sovereign is actually able to resist three Eternal Sovereigns by himself!”

“Feng Eternal Sovereign is worthy of being the strongest powerhouse of our universe!”

“Thats outrageous!”


When the powerhouses of the world of Warlocks saw Yang Feng resist the three Eternal Sovereigns by himself, their eyes flickered with excitement, and discussions flowed.

Every Eternal Sovereign is an invincible and inconceivably strong monster. Divine Eyes Eternal Sovereign of Gumana Universe, who has lived countless yeas and experienced several universe devour wars, is just slightly stronger than the other two Eternal Sovereigns.

If Frost Eternal Sovereign and Wing Eternal Sovereign work together, then even Divine Eyes Eternal Sovereign wont be a match for them.

However, Yang Feng is able to contend against three Eternal Sovereigns by himself. This is simply inconceivably.

Bona Lord smiled coldly and said in a loud voice, “A bunch of fools! Despite how powerful Feng Eternal Sovereign is, he is just one person. He is already at a disadvantage. If this continues, only death will await him.”

Upon hearing these words, the expression of Magic Note Lord and the other powerhouses of the world of Warlock suddenly turned very ugly.

As Bona Lord said, to be able to contend against three Eternal Sovereigns by himself, this is already an incredible feat. However, it is an indisputable fact that Yang Feng is at a disadvantage.

The three Eternal Sovereigns of Gumana Universe are shrewd and ruthless. They move like clap of thunder and advance and retreat together. They basically dont give Yang Feng any chances to deal with them one by one.

If this goes on, Yang Feng is bound to get exhausted and die.

A heavy, despairing atmosphere pervaded the camp of the world of Warlocks.


After Yang Feng was beaten back once more, his eyes glimmered with a chill, and he barked.

A mechanical star as big as a sky rose from Cangzhi Plane and madly extracted Cangzhi Planes plane origin.

The mechanical stars in Cangzhi Planes outer space lit up one by one, shone with countless runes, resonated with each other, and formed ripples, which flowed into the large as a sky level-8 stronghold.

In the center of the level-8 stronghold, Ling opened her eyes, and the entire level-8 stronghold radiated Eternal light that swept the void.

In an instant, two independent worlds appeared, sealing Yang Feng and Frost Eternal Sovereign in one of the worlds. Divine Eyes Eternal Sovereign and Wing Eternal Sovereign were sealed in the other independent world.

“Amazing! Feng Eternal Sovereign, so this is your hidden trump card! Thats really incredible! You plan to kill me first, and then pick Divine Eyes Eternal Sovereign and Wing Eternal Sovereign off one by one?”

Frost Eternal Sovereign scanned the vast world with a dignified color in his eyes.

“Thats right. Among the three of you, you are the weakest one. Only by killing you, only then will I have a chance to survive.”

Yang Feng was very decisive. Shrouded in a river of time, he took a step, appeared in front of Frost Eternal Sovereign, and slashed with the halberd in his hands at the other party.

“Feng Eternal Sovereign, you seem to have miscalculated! Although I am indeed the weakest of the three of us. However, Im ranked first in terms of defense!”

With an icy look in his eyes, Frost Eternal Sovereign smiled coldly, erupted with innumerable runes, surged with vast frost force, and turned into an ice mountain.


Yang Fengs halberd slammed into the ice mountain, and a green halberd ray cut open a huge crack, only a step away from Frost Eternal Sovereign.

Countless frost runes shone, and the ice mountain recovered in an instant.

Frost Eternal Sovereign uttered with a light smile, “Feng Eternal Sovereign, youre really something else. Back in the day, Divine Eyes Eternal Sovereign used that treasure and spent ten days to reach this level of damage. Thats the strongest Empyrean in the past for you. After advancing to the Eternal realm, you have become even more tyrannical. But even if its you, it wont be that simple to break my defenses.”

Yang Feng frowned slightly, and then changed into a huge black hole, swept towards the ice mountain, and instantly drew it inside.

Countless devour runes glittered, extracted frost origin force from the ice mountain, and channeled it into Yang Feng.

Frost Eternal Sovereign smiled leisurely and said, “Feng Eternal Sovereign, your essence of devour is indeed marvelous. But it will take you at least 300 years to completely devour my power. I wonder how long can this world hold on?”

Ling extracted Cangzhi Planes plane origin force and the power of countless stars around Cangzhi Plane, and then took the level-8 stronghold as the core to form a separate Eternal world.

However, the tyrannically strong Divine Eyes Eternal Sovereign and Wing Eternal Sovereign wont give Yang Feng too much time.

Frost Eternal Sovereigns eyes glittered with a sinister shade. Since he saw through this point, only then was he able to be so calm. He decisively cast his defensive secret method in order to stall for time.

In a frontal confrontation, Frost Eternal Sovereign is definitely no match for Yang Feng. If he makes a misstep, he may die at Yang Fengs hands.

Yang Feng snorted coldly and willed, and a swarm of Holy grade Devour Lords suddenly appeared and flew towards the ice mountain.

“Feng Eternal Sovereign, whats the point of taking out these trifling things? Except for Eternal grade secret treasures, practically nothing can harm us.”

Inside the ice mountain, Frost Eternal Sovereign smiled lightly, broke out with countless abstruse runes, and unleashed terrifying Eternal force sweeping towards the Devour Rulers.

Shrouded by the frost force, tens of thousands of Devour Rulers were sealed into chunks of ice.

A teleportation beam surged, and the tens of thousands of Devour Rulers disappeared.

Yang Fengs eyes flashed with a resolute color: “Frost Eternal Sovereign, youre really extraordinary! If I want to kill you, I can only pay a certain price!”

The twelve Ruler Saints subordinated to Ling appeared abruptly, broke out with countless runes, and resonated with each other.

The twelve Ruler Saints fused together and turned into an invincible lance containing Eternal fluctuations of power that tore the void and stabbed towards Frost Eternal Sovereigns incarnation of an ice mountain.

Yang Fengs incarnation of the black hole opened and let the twelve Ruler Saints incarnation of a lance stab the ice mountain.


An earth-shaking blare sounded abruptly, and the twelve Ruler Saints turned into dust, only leaving twelve cores behind.

A huge hole appeared on the ice mountain, only three meters away from Frost Eternal Sovereign.

At this moment, Yang Feng burned his Eternal origin and madly extracted the power of the Xi Shen Armor, prompting the Xi Shen Armor to emit sad cries. He brandished the halberd in his hands, and the halberd turned into a stream of light and stabbed into the giant hole.

The halberd pierced through the ice mountain, slammed into Frost Eternal Sovereign, and cut the other party into two.

Countless mysterious runes appeared and forcibly sealed part of Frost Eternal Sovereigns origin force together with his lower body.


With a flash of horror in his eyes, Frost Eternal Sovereign unleashed a bellow, and a halberd appeared in his hands with a flash of light.

“Its no use! Youre screwed! To make me waste one of my hidden trump cards, you have some skill.”

Yang Fengs eyes surged with a frigid shade. A torrent of time shrouded him, his speed increased to the extreme, and he unleashed halberd strikes that slammed into Frost Eternal Sovereign like meteors.

Even though Frost Eternal Sovereign is trying hard to resist, but he was not a match for Yang Feng to begin with. Now that he suffered serious damage, he is even more so not a match for Yang Feng.

After hundreds of moves, Yang Feng slashed Frost Eternal Sovereigns head with his halberd. He spread the fingers of his hand, launched the essence of fate, plunged his hand into the void, and then extracted an Eternal imprint containing frost runes from the void.

“Feng Eternal Sovereign, spare my life! As long as you dont kill me, Im willing to work for you! And betray my universe for you!”

When he saw the Eternal imprint, the eyes of Frost Eternal Sovereign shimmered with horror and despair, and he unleashed miserable cries and begged.

As long as their Eternal imprint still exists, after an Eternal Sovereign dies, it will be possible for them to be reborn. But once the Eternal imprint is destroyed, the Eternal Sovereign will truly perish.

“Go to hell!”

With a chill in his eyes, Yang Feng brandished the halberd and slashed the Eternal imprint, and a terrifying Eternal force broke out and sliced the Eternal imprint into pieces. Frost Eternal Sovereigns soul brand was thus directly erased.

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