Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1384: Divine Eyes Eternal Sovereign Falls

Chapter 1383: Shock

Magic Note Lord uttered with a frown, “Ice Eternal Sovereign! Who is that?”

The Primal Chaos Mother Spiders eyes flashed with a complex shade, and she sighed lightly, “Ice Eternal Sovereign! If Im not mistaken, it should be her! Its Shi Xue. The one who slayed Boyan Lord.”

Death Lord said flatly, “Yes, it can only be her. Only she can absorb Frost Eternal Sovereigns Eternal origin, and then, with Feng Eternal Sovereigns help, take that final step and advance to an Eternal Sovereign.”

Although Frost Eternal Sovereigns Eternal origin is extremely precious, but it is very difficult for ordinary powerhouses to refine it.

However, at that time, Shi Xue was able to face the temporal backlash and slay Boyan Lord. Her combat power is amazing. She is an unequaled overlord-level paragon. Furthermore, she is quite compatible with Frost Eternal Sovereignss Eternal origin. Only then was she able to absorb his Eternal origin.

Death Lord looked into the void: “Anyway, the end of this war is about to be announced.”

In the void, the world Ling created by extracting the origin of Cangzhi Plane and countless stars trembled incessantly and even showed fine cracks. It is likely to collapse at any time.

Every Eternal Sovereign is an unparalleled being. Despite how strong Yang Feng is, it is difficult for him to resist the joint attack of three Eternal Sovereigns. Although Ling used the power of the level-8 stronghold to extract Cangzhi Planes origin, but it is still difficult for her to resist the attacks of Divine Eyes Eternal Sovereign and Wing Eternal Sovereign.

Inside the ice palace.

Yang Feng looked at Shi Xue, who has already advanced to an Eternal Sovereign, and said with a smile, “Should I call you Shi Xue, the Goddess of Ice, or Taboo Lord?”

When the ice phoenix heard this, she trembled, and her beautiful eyes filled with horror: “Taboo Lord! My lord is actually the Second Warlock Emperor of the human race?”

Taboo Lord is a great legend of the human race. She had ordinary aptitude and was of common background. If she took the orthodox Warlock path, it would be virtually impossible for her to advance to a Great Warlock. However, after a fateful encounter, she got a drop of blood essence of an immemorial demonic ape into her body, and then experienced all kinds of hardships, created the bloodline Warlock path, and finally set foot in the Empyrean domain and became the Second Warlock Emperor of the human race.

“In this life, Im Shi Xue! Brother Yang Feng!”

Taboo Lord smiled lightly, filled with the dignity, elegance, majesty, and confidence of an unequaled overlord. But when she said “brother Yang Feng”, her voice was filled with a pampered tone, which was very pleasing to the ears.

Yang Feng uttered decisively, “Okay! Xueer, we dont have much time! Lets go!”


Two streams of light flashed, and Yang Feng and Shi Xue entered a spatial gate and disappeared.

At Cangzhi Planes battlefield, a spatial gate appeared abruptly, and Yang Feng and Shi Xue emerged.

“Thats Shi Xue!”

“Eternal Sovereign aura! She actually advanced to an Eternal Sovereign!”

“Ice Eternal Sovereign! Shes Ice Eternal Sovereign!”

“How could this be?”


When they saw Shi Xue next to Yang Feng, the eyes of the powerhouses of Gumana Universe shimmered with horror, anger, and despair.

Back in the day, Boyan Lord crossed the universe wall in order to weaken the potential of the universe of the world of Warlocks.

If Shi Xue had not appeared and quelled Boyan Lord. Yang Feng and the other geniuses of the world of Warlocks would have to hide in different places and struggle to survive like stray dogs. By then, even if Yang Feng advanced to an Eternal Sovereign later, he would not be as strong as he is now.

Boyan Lord was the most important pawn in the plans of Gumana Universe. After Shi Xue broke this pawn, a deep resentment directed at her welled up in the entire Gumana Universe. Seeing her now as an Eternal Sovereign and standing side by side with Yang Feng, it naturally made them more envious and resentful.

Primal Chaos Mother Spider looked at Shi Xue standing proudly beside Yang Feng with envy in her eyes, and shouted madly in her heart: “Eternal Sovereign! Why wasnt I the one who advanced to an Eternal Sovereign! Why wasnt I the one given the Eternal origin!”

Primal Chaos Mother Spider is a first generation life form of the universe and was born as an unequaled overlord-level Empyrean. In order to advance to an Eternal Sovereign, she sealed herself and used an incredible spell to give birth to a number of daughters to work for her.

Primal Chaos Mother Spider has been sleeping for hundreds of thousands of years in order to advance to an Eternal Sovereign.

Now that Yang Feng and Shi Xue have advanced to Eternal Sovereigns, it filled Primal Chaos Mother Spider with envy.

Magic Note Lord said speechlessly, “A second Eternal Sovereign! When did Eternal Sovereigns become as common as cabbages?”

Death Lords eyes glimmered with runes, and he said unhurriedly, “Her foundation is unstable. Eternal Sovereigns like her, Divine Eternal Sovereign, Wing Eternal Sovereign, and Frost Eternal Sovereign, who have advanced to the Eternal realm with the help of outside forces, cant compare to Yang Feng in terms of strength and potential.”

In order to advance to the Eternal realm, you must comprehend four essences, which are the essences of power, space, times, and fate. The essence of power is the easiest to comprehend, followed by the essence of space. The essences of time and fate are extremely difficult to comprehend.

Thanks to various fortuitous encounters, and then the universe great tribulation, Yang Feng gained the favor of the universe will and obtained all kinds of opportunities. Coupled with his own efforts, he was ultimately able to comprehend the essences of time and fate. When he advanced to an Eternal Sovereign, his was far stronger than other powerhouses of the same realm.

The three Eternal Sovereigns of Gumana Universe all used treasures similar to the Will of Time and the Mirror of Fate to set foot in the Eternal realm. Thanks to their unstable foundation, Yang Feng was able to resist the three of them by himself.

All of a sudden, a hole opened in the teetering world, and Yang Feng and Shi Xue flew inside.

Inside this world, Divine Eyes Eternal Sovereign and Wing Eternal Sovereign are casting all kinds of powerful offensive secret methods and hurled attacks at the world.

Even though Ling used Cangzhi Planes origin force, but as the medium, cracks appeared all over the level-8 stronghold. Even the core chip has cracks everywhere.

“Feng Eternal Sovereign, Ice Eternal Sovereign!”

As soon as Divine Eyes Eternal Sovereign saw Yang Feng, he narrowed his eyes, and his eyes glimmered with a grave color. At the same time, he stopped attacking the world created by Ling.

Wing Eternal Sovereigns eyes shimmered with a cold gleam, and he uttered unhurriedly, “Frost Eternal Sovereign has fallen!”

Yang Feng advised, “Divine Eyes Eternal Sovereign, surrender! Frost Eternal Sovereign has already fallen. Even if for you to continue to fight, theres no way you can win. As long as you surrender and submit to me, and then purge the powerhouses of your universe, then we can coexist peacefully!”

Divine Eyes Eternal Sovereign rejected categorically, “Out of question! Our Eternal imprints are deeply linked with our universe. Once we are defeated, the Eternal imprints will be damaged, and well become pseudo Eternal Sovereigns. At that time, wont it be just right for you to slaughter us?”

An Eternal Sovereigns Eternal imprint has merge with their universe. As such, once Gumana Universe is devoured, Divine Eyes Eternal Sovereign and Wing Eternal Sovereign will incur serious damage and drop to the pseudo Eternal Sovereign stage.

While in the pseudo Eternal Sovereign stage, Divine Eyes Eternal Sovereign and Wing Eternal Sovereign can be easily quelled by Shi Xue.

Once Yang Feng kills Divine Eyes Eternal Sovereign and Wing Eternal Sovereign and devours their power and the universe energy level of the universe is upgraded, hell be able to advance further and become more powerful.

Divine Eyes Eternal Sovereign is a willy old fox and naturally knows that Yang Feng is just trying to weaken their resolve. Theres no way that Yang Feng would give them a path to survival.

During the universe devour war, there can be no compromise for Eternal Sovereigns.

“Do it!”

With a fierce flash in his eyes, Divine Eyes Eternal Sovereign turned into a giant eye as big as a star and looked at Yang Feng, and sacred light shot towards Yang Feng.

Wing Eternal Sovereign shone with countless runes and turned into a pair of giant wings that flapped, turned into a blade ray, and slashed towards Shi Xue.

Divine Eyes Eternal Sovereign intends to restrain the strongest enemy combatant, namely Yang Feng, and let Wing Eternal Sovereign kill Shi Xue, who just advance to the Eternal realm.

With an icy gleam in her beautiful eyes, Shi Xue beckoned with her hand, and an ice sword formed from the essence of ice appeared in her hand. Countless mysterious runes shone, and an ice battlegear appeared on her. Looking like a female god of war, Shi Xue brandished her sword and slashed at Wing Eternal Sovereign.

“Divine Eyes Eternal Sovereign, your foundation is lacking! You advanced to an Eternal Sovereign with the help of external forces! Youre weaker than me! Why do you insist on fighting me?”

Yang Fengs eyes flashed with killing intent. All of a sudden, stars, a black hole, spatial gates, a torrent of time, and a river of fate appeared and barreled towards Divine Eyes Eternal Sovereign.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Huge explosions erupted in the void continuously. Divine Eyes Eternal Sovereign was beaten back again and again. In Divine Eyes Eternal Sovereigns incarnation of a giant eye, eyes containing strange powers burst one after another.

Every time an eye of Divine Eyes Eternal Sovereign burst, a new eye would form. There is no end to them.

Divine Eyes Eternal Sovereign was completely restrained by Yang Feng, and suffered damage repeatedly.

“Feng Eternal Sovereign, I admit that my foundation is lacking. I am not your opponent in a one-on-one fight. However, it wont be that simple to kill me! So long as Wing Eternal Sovereign kills Ice Eternal Sovereign, the loser will be you!”

“Your Empress Ling can only cast the universe division spell once! Otherwise, you would have separated us again and dealt with us one by one. You didnt do that not because you didnt want to, but because you couldnt. Our attacks have dealt your Empress Ling severe damage!”

“Ice Eternal Sovereign just advanced to an Eternal Sovereign and has yet to fully familiarize herself with Eternal origin. Before you can kill me, she will be cut down by Wing Eternal Sovereign! Youll be the one to lose!”

With an icy glimmer in his eyes, Divine Eyes Eternal Sovereign has analyzed the situation thoroughly. His will is firm.

Ling extracted Cangzhi Planes origin to separated the three Eternal Sovereigns of Gumana Universe in one fell swoop, which can be regarded as outrageous. However, as a result, she had to bear the full strength attacks of Divine Eyes Eternal Sovereign and Wing Eternal Sovereign. Her core origin is damaged. It is no longer possible for her to perform the universe division spell.

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