Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1385: Victory

Chapter 1384: Divine Eyes Eternal Sovereign Falls

Yang Feng frowned, cast powerful offensive secret methods, and attacked Divine Eyes Eternal Sovereign.

Under Yang Fengs frantic attacks, cracks continuously appeared on Divine Eyes Eternal Sovereigns incarnation of a giant eye, and then mended, making for a shocking sight.

Each Eternal Sovereign is a terrifying existence with matchless life force. Previously Yang Feng was able to contend against the three Eternal Sovereigns by himself by relying on his terrifying life force.

Although Yang Feng is far stronger than Divine Eyes Eternal Sovereign, but it still wont be easy for him to kill the other party in a short period of time.

Yang Feng was able to kill Frost Eternal Sovereign in one fell swoop because he used the power of Lings twelve Ruler Saints and burned his Eternal origin and dealt the other party critical damage. Another important factor was that Frost Eternal Sovereign is weaker than Divine Eyes Eternal Sovereign, which contributed to the success of Yang Fengs attack, as well.

Divine Eyes Eternal Sovereign is a willy old fox. Even though his foundation is not as good as Yang Fengs, but he is still proficient in countless unpredictable spells. He tenaciously tied down Yang Feng.

On the other side, Shi Xue is fighting Wing Eternal Sovereign.

On that side, snow whirled in the sky and wings of light glimmered.

Worlds of ice and snow emerged one by one, and then were cut down by wings of light as large as the sky.

Even though Shi Xue is a peerless paragon, the invincible Taboo Lord of the past, but when faced against Wing Eternal Sovereign, she is still at a complete disadvantage. Countless wounds appeared all over her body.

With an icy expression on her face, Shi Xue surged with ice force, froze her wounds as they appeared, and fought madly with Wing Eternal Sovereign.

Terrible explosions continued to erupt in this area and give rise to spatial rifts.

If it were in the outside world, the fight of the four Eternal Sovereigns would lead to the destruction of an entire starfield.

Boom! Boom!

On Cangzhi Plane, the earth shook, cracks appeared in many places, and lava gushed out like blood. The environment on Cangzhi Plane became really bad.

As the center of the universe of the world of Warlocks, Cangzhi Plane possesses extremely rich life magic energy. But at this time, the life magic energy of the whole Cangzhi Plane is declining and its concentration is becoming increasingly lower.

If the concentration of a planes life magic energy is low, its difficult for said plane to produce powerful extraordinary life forms. On a star like the Earth, it is very difficult to give birth to Great Warlock realm extraordinary life forms.

In the sealed world formed by Ling, the four Eternal Sovereigns fought madly.

In the outside world, the powerhouses of the two universes fought madly, as well.

In every corner of the universe, fierce battles broke out, and millions of intelligent life forms died every moment.

Stars exploded one after another. Every time a star exploded, countless life forms died.

Without the suppression of Eternal Sovereigns, the war between the two universes became more cruel.

The universe of the world of Warlocks originally could not compare with Gumana Universe in terms of underlying strength. But the countless battle robots forged by Yang Feng erased the gap between the two universes.

Streams of battle robots poured out of Devour Imperial Courts munitions factories, threw themselves into battle, and fought madly.

Time elapsed and thirty years passed in a flash.

In Cangzhi Planes outer space, the fighting never stopped. This place had become a huge meat grinder that snuffed out the lives of powerhouses of the two universes.

Powerhouses of the two universes rushed over from all sides of the universe and threw themselves into the battle. Everyone is well aware that the battle here will decide the outcome of the war between the two universes.

A vast, terrifying aura rose from Cangzhi Plane.

“Someone advanced to an Empyrean!”

“Someone advanced to an Empyrean! But unfortunately no vision emerged!”

“Its a shame, but the laws of the universe are broken and thus no visions can appear. If there are no fateful encounters, they are destined to be weaker than other Empyreans.”

“Regina! Regina was the one who advanced to an Empyrean!”

“The potential of Devour Imperial Court is amazing! It produced another Empyrean!”


As many powerhouses discussed this, Regina flew out from Cangzhi Plane and joined the battle.

Six Tier V Hives flew out, changed into Hive monsters, and tied down Regina.

Since the powerhouses of Gumana Universe lost six Tier V Hives at once, their situation worsened by a bit.

Three years later, a new Empyrean was born in Gumana Universes camp. As soon as this Empyrean appeared, he engaged Regina.

Another seven years passed quickly.

In the sealed world created by Ling.

Divine Eyes Eternal Sovereign is covered in wounds, with one of his eyes busted, yet hes still trying hard to hold on and tie down Yang Feng.

On the other side, one of Shi Xues arms is missing. Without time to regenerate it, she just condensed an arm from ice.

After 40 years of fierce fighting, the four Eternal Sovereigns have consumed a lot of strength and have suffered serious damage. Shi Xue has nearly become an arrow at the end of its flight. She cant even regenerate her arm.

“Feng Eternal Sovereign, Ice Eternal Sovereign cant hold on much longer. In another three years, she will die at Wing Eternal Sovereigns hands. While I can hold on for five years. Youre defeat is set in stone! Surrender! As long as you submit, I will make an Eternal oath and pledge to spare your lives!”

One of Divine Eyes Eternal Sovereigns eyes is busted, while the other is regenerating rapidly. He spoke tranquilly.

“Divine Eyes Eternal Sovereign, you are the one who is going to die! Ling, go ahead!”

Yang Fengs eyes flashed with a queer light, and he smiled faintly and shouted.

In the world that has nearly reached the point of collapse, Lings figure emerged directly and shone with countless runes, and a pair of beautiful and bright mechanical wings unfurled behind her.

The level-8 stronghold appeared on the mechanical wings.

In an instant, the level-8 stronghold ignited and collapsed, and a terrible beam of destruction running through the past, present, and future barreled towards Divine Eyes Eternal Sovereign.


When Divine Eyes Eternal Sovereign saw this, his expression changed dramatically. With a flash of light, 76 broken Eternal grade secret treasures flew out and radiated sacred light that blocked in front of him

When the beam of destruction slammed into the 76 broken Eternal grade secret treasures, the broken Eternal grade secret treasures exploded directly.

The beam of destruction hit Divine Eyes Eternal Sovereign next and swallowed him.

The beam had yet to disappear completely, when Yang Feng burned his origin crazily and turned into a terrible black hole that swallowed Divine Eyes Eternal Sovereign.

“Stop it!”

The expression of Wing Eternal Sovereign changed drastically, and he crazily burned his origin, turned into a giant wing blade, and slashed towards Yang Feng.

“Your opponent is me!”

With a flash of resolve in her beautiful eyes, Shi Xue burned her Eternal origin wildly, turned into an Eternal ice mountain, and blocked in front of Wing Eternal Sovereign.


Wing Eternal Sovereigns eyes shimmered with a fierce shade, and he frenziedly attacked the Eternal ice mountain.

Every time he slashed the Eternal ice mountain, a new wound appeared on Shi Xues body, her face turned pale, and her Eternal origin was damaged.

In the black hole, a huge amount of Eternal origin gushed out of Divine Eyes Eternal Sovereigns body, which has nearly collapsed, and poured into Yang Feng.

After this strike, the sealed world formed by Ling collapsed directly, and she herself turned into a stream of light and fell towards Cangzhi Plane.

“No! I wont be defeated! I absolutely wont be defeated!”

In the black hole, with a fierce flash in his eyes, Divine Eyes Eternal Sovereign radiated Eternal light that began to form a cocoon around him.

“Its no use! You are destined to lose! Divine Eyes Eternal Sovereign! To make me pay such a huge price to kill you! You should feel honored!”

A cold and cruel voice sounded, and a fist running through the past, present, and future smashed the incomplete cocoon and blasted Divine Eyes Eternal Sovereign apart.

“I dont…”

The tenacious Divine Eyes Eternal Sovereign reformed in an instant.


Without hesitation, Yang Feng used all his strength and blasted Divine Eyes Eternal Sovereign into pieces again.

“Lets go save his majesty Divine Eyes Eternal Sovereign!”

“We absolutely cannot let his majesty Divine Eyes Eternal Sovereign fall!”


Upon seeing this scene, the eyes of the powerhouses of Gumana Universe flashed with a frenzied shade, and they rushed towards Yang Feng recklessly.

Divine Eyes Eternal Sovereign is Gumana Universes pillar of support. Once he falls, Gumana Universe will be doomed.

Magic Note Lord roared, a cold flash in his eyes, “Stop them”

The powerhouses of the world of Warlocks stepped in one after another and attacked the powerhouses of Gumana Universe.

The powerhouses of the two universe know that once the outcome of this battle is decided, the universe devour war will come to a conclusion. The winner will get everything, while the loser will die.


After smashing Divine Eyes Eternal Sovereign into pieces hundreds of times in a row, Yang Feng roared, stabbed his hand into Divine Eyes Eternal Sovereigns body, operated a secret method, and, via mysterious laws, removed the opponents Eternal imprint from the universe.

“Go to hell!”

Yang Feng burned his Eternal origin again and slashed Divine Eyes Eternal Sovereigns Eternal imprint with his halberd.


The whole universe shook. Divine Eyes Eternal Sovereigns Eternal imprint collapsed and shattered.


Divine Eyes Eternal Sovereign unleashed an earth-shaking bellow, and then collapsed and turned into the purest Eternal origin that flowed into Yang Fengs hand.

In Gumana Universes starfields, blood-red stars appeared at once.

Blood-red coffins emerged in the starfields.

An endless sorrow surged in the hearts of all powerhouses of Gumana Universe, making them extremely sad and miserable, as if the person they loved the most had died.

“Blood-red stars shine! Sorrow and heartbreak! This is the vision that appears when an Eternal Sovereign falls!”

“How could this be? How could an Eternal Sovereign of our universe fall?”


“Is our Gumana Universe going to perish?”


Panic spread throughout Gumana Universe.

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