Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1386: Exploring the Universe Sea

Chapter 1385: Victory

Almost at the same time, many starfields began to collapse in Gumana Universe. As if the end of the world has arrived, countless stars disintegrated into powder.

“No! How could his majesty Divine Eyes Eternal Sovereign have fallen? How could he have fallen?!”

Bona Lords eyes flashed with despair, and he screamed miserably.

Bona Lord and nine bona divine race Empyreans erupted with countless mysterious runes, surged with strange flames, and turned into ashes.

“His majesty Feng Eternal Sovereign is invincible in the world!”

“Kill them! Kill them all!”

“Dont leave a single person alive!”


The eyes of the powerhouses of the universe of the world of Warlocks flashed with excitement, their morale surged, and they madly attacked the powerhouses of Gumana Universe.

Since Gumana Universe lost ten Empyreans all at once, its battle front was on the verge of collapsed.

At this critical juncture, one quasi-Empyrean of Gumana Universe after another combusted their life origin, integrated with Tier V Hives, erupted with Empyrean rank combat power, and barely managed to block the siege of the powerhouses of the world of Warlocks.

When Divine Eyes Eternal Sovereign died, Shi Xues incarnation of an ice mountain collapsed. Her figure fluttered, and she dodged Wing Eternal Sovereigns attack, and then attacked the other party.

“Feng Eternal Sovereign, although you won this battle! However, if you want to get our universe, it wont be that simple! Go to hell! Lets die together!”

With a fierce flash in his eyes, Wing Eternal Sovereign combusted his Eternal origin and turned into a wing blade as big as the sky that slashed towards Yang Feng.

“Not good! He wants to take me down together with him!”

Yang Fengs complexion changed greatly. He gritted his teeth, frantically burned his Eternal origin, cast a secret method, and unleashed a halberd strike.

A green halberd ray tore the firmament and slammed into the wing blade as big as the sky.


The starfield within hundreds of thousands of light-years shook, and terrible shock waves spread in all directions.

All powerhouses below the Warlock Monarch realm coughed up blood, sustained serious damage, and lost their combat power. As for powerhouses at the Warlock Monarch realm and above, their body protection barriers collapsed one after another.

After the terrible shock waves disappeared, a scary black hole appeared in the middle of the battlefield.

On Yang Fengs body, there is a terrible wound extending from the left shoulder to the right abdomen and exposing his internal organs, and his left arm is missing.

With a flash of light, the Xi Shen Armor covered the huge wound on Yang Fengs body.

“Wing Eternal Sovereign is dead! We won the war!”

Yang Fengs eyes glimmered frigidly, and his voice shook the starfield.

“Victory! Victory!”

“His majesty Feng Eternal Sovereign is invincible!”

“Lets kill them all!”

“Devour Imperial Court is invincible!”


Bursts of excited roars spread, and the powerhouses of the world of Warlocks frantically attacked the powerhouses of Gumana Universe.

In Gumana Universes starfields, blood-red stars appeared at once.

Blood-red coffins emerged in the starfields.

An endless sorrow surged in the hearts of all powerhouses of Gumana Universe, making them extremely sad and miserable, as if the person they loved the most died.

In Gumana Universe, countless starfields collapsed turned into resources for the promotion of the universe of the world of Warlocks.

“Another Eternal Sovereign has fallen!”

“The three Eternal Sovereigns have fallen!”

“Its over!”

“We lost this war!”

“Now we can only escape! Escape to the edge of the universe, escape to a most barren world! There may be a chance at survival there!”


In Gumana Universe, when the powerhouses of greater races saw the visions representing the fall of an Eternal Sovereign, despair welled up inside them, and they fled to the deepest recesses of the universe.

“No! How could lord Wing Eternal Sovereign have fallen? How is that possible?”

Wing Lords eyes flashed with a ferocious color, and he unleashed a blood-curdling screech. Countless mysterious runes appeared in his body and set him on fire.

Several wing divine race Empyreans also went up in flames, screamed miserably, and burned into ashes.

“Lord Wing Eternal Sovereign has fallen!”

“Theres no hope!”

“Lets run!”

“Lets fight them!”


Upon seeing this scene, the eyes of the powerhouses of Gumana Universe shimmered with despair. Some attacked the powerhouses of the world of Warlocks, while others chose to escape.

The ranks of Gumana Universes side collapsed almost in an instant, and powerhouses of Gumana Universe fled in different directions.

Yang Feng and Shi Xue stood in the void and quietly watched the powerhouses under their command kill the enemy.

“Everyone, dont be afraid! Feng Eternal Sovereign and Ice Eternal Sovereign have been seriously injured and cant take action. If we work together and kill them, we will be able get a chance at survival and even at advancing to the Eternal realm!”

An Empyrean of Gumana Universe took a deep look at Yang Feng and Shi Xue and barked.

Strange gazes focused on Yang Feng and Shi Xue. Even the gazes of powerhouses of the world of Warlocks glimmered with the shades of malice and desire.

If Yang Feng and Shi Xue were in their prime, no matter how many Empyreans went at them, they all would be easily killed. But if Yang Feng and Shi Xue have suffer hard to heal origin wounds, then Empyreans might be able to kill them.

“Ant! Die!”

With a cold gaze in his eyes, Yang Feng pointed with his hand, and a black hole appeared and swept towards the Empyrean of Gumana Universe.

In an instant, the black hole sucked in the Empyrean of Gumana Universe, surged with countless rune, and devoured his power in a flash.

“So strong! He still has energy left!”

“Thats Feng Eternal Sovereign! A monster who slayed three Eternal Sovereigns! Even though he is seriously injured, hes still not someone that we can contend against.”

“Besides, there are no gaps in his defense.”


At this time, Xingji, Ying, Shi Yu, Michaelia, and Regina have returned to Yang Fengs side.

Swarms of mechanical rulers have appeared directly and awed the Empyreans.

Upon seeing these scenes, even though they know that Yang Feng and Shi Xue have been seriously injured, the Empyreans still had no choice but to frantically attack the powerhouses of Gumana Universe

“There are really no gaps!”

Primal Chaos Mother Spider took a deep look at Yang Feng, gazed at the many experts around him, and sighed helplessly in her heart.

If Yang Feng was killed by a top Empyrean, then Primal Chaos Mother Spider would be able to escape hiss control and have the possibility to advance to an Eternal Sovereign.

However, Yang Feng is surrounded by many experts. Even if several unequaled overlord-level Empyreans join forces, only death will await them.

After the fall of all their Eternal Sovereigns, the moral of the powerhouses of Gumana Universe collapsed. Even though Yang Feng deployed many experts to guard him, the powerhouses of Gumana Universe still stood no chance.

Countless experts of Gumana Universe have fallen.

“Feng Eternal Sovereign cut down the three Eternal Sovereigns of the enemy forces! Devour Imperial Court was victorious!”

A message appeared on Cangzhi Planes magic network.

“Victory! Devour Imperial Court was ultimately victorious!”

“His majesty Feng Eternal Sovereign is invincible!”

“Victory! Victory at last!”

“Our universe persevered!”

“From today on, we humans are the masters of the universe!”

“The Eternal Sovereign age has arrived!”

“By devouring Gumana Universe, the universe energy-level of our universe can be upgraded. The number of powerhouses will only increase.”

“Forty years, the war lasted forty years. We finally won!”

“At last, there is no need to fight! The universe great tribulation is finally over!”

“His majesty Feng Eternal Sovereign is invincible!”


On Cangzhi Planes magic network, countless human Warlocks burst into cheers.

The war between the two universes lasted forty years and claimed the lives of hundreds of millions of life forms. On Cangzhi Plane, natural disasters broke out one after another, the environment turned hostile, and the concentration of life magic energy became low.

In these forty years, more than 90% of the people on Cangzhi Plane have died, and many people have gone crazy.

Now that the final battle was finally won, people of all the races on Cangzhi Plane cried with joy and excitement.

Large-scale celebrations broke out on Cangzhi Plane. People took to the streets and celebrated the end of the universe great tribulation.

After the victory of the final battle, Magic Note Lord, Death Lord, Primal Chaos Mother Spider, Michaelia, and Shi Yu led armies to hunt the remnant forces of Gumana Universe.

One after another, starfields were captured by the five armies.

Cangzhi Plan, in a secret room.

“Universe wars of devour are really dangerous! If I hadnt obtained Divine Eyes Eternal Sovereigns Eternal origin, Im afraid it would be difficult for to me to heal my injuries even after tens of millions of years. Wing Eternal Sovereign was really decisive!”

Yang Feng opened his eyes and exhaled a long breath, and a dignified color flashed in his eyes.

In the final battle, Wing Eternal Sovereign burned everything and launched a startling blow, which dealt Yang Feng severe damage and harmed his origin.

Yang Feng used the Eternal origin obtained from Divine Eyes Eternal Sovereign to nurture his origin, barely managing to restrain the deterioration of his injuries, and begin to get better.

Shi Xue was also seriously injured in the final battle. She found a place on the Cangzhi Plane and began to recuperate.

Lings level-8 stronghold has collapsed. It will take tens of thousands of years, or even hundreds of thousands of years to collect various resources and rebuild it.

Yang Feng mused: “For Divine Eyes Eternal Sovereign to watch with hands folded as the other two Eternal Sovereigns rose, it was probably all because he was seriously injured. I currently have recovered 50% of my strength. Although I am invincible in the universe, but if I want to recover completely, it wont be that simple.”

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