Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1387: Infiltration

Chapter 1386: Exploring the Universe Sea

“This is a great victory. The outcome of the war has been decided. Besides, unless I step in, there wont be another Eternal Sovereign born.”

Yang Feng broke out with countless mysterious runes appeared in his eyes, diffused fate aura, and peered into the future.

Without the biggest variable that are the three Eternal Sovereign, the entire Gumana Universe cannot escape Yang Fengs eyes.

“It will take a million years to heal my injuries and make up for the loss of Eternal origin. When an Eternal Sovereign goes all out, its really scary!”

Yang Feng scanned himself with soul force, creased his eyebrows, and sighed lightly.

Every Eternal Sovereign is a paragon among paragons, a freak among freaks. When they are in peak condition, if they burn their Eternal origin and unleash a frenzied attack, they can erupt with terrifying destructive power.

Yang Feng was far stronger than Wing Eternal Sovereign, yet he still suffered serious damage at the hands of the other party. This is the terror of an Eternal Sovereign. Even is its the weakest Eternal Sovereign, they still cant be underestimated.

Yang Feng frowned slightly: “After our universe devours Gumana Universe, it will take 100,000 years for it to complete its transformation and upgrade. 100,000 later, I can take advantage of the universes upgrade to heal my injuries. Injuries to the origin are really troublesome!”

Eternal Sovereigns are eternally inextinguishable. In their universe, they can easily mobilize the power of the universe and realize all kinds of incredible phenomena.

In general, the injuries of Eternal Sovereigns will heal in a short time. However, when it come to injuries to the origin, 100 million years may be needed to heal them.

Yang Feng has a solid foundation. Even if he didnt have Divine Eyes Eternal Sovereigns Eternal origin, he would still be able to recover in tens of millions of years.

Shi Xues injuries are much lighter than Yang Fengs. However, she cannot compare to Yang Feng in terms of foundation. Without the help of external forces, it will take her at least hundreds of millions of years to recover her full strength.

After a battle with other Eternal Sovereigns, many Eternal Sovereigns are not seen again for countless years, all because they suffered really severe injuries of their origin.

Yang Fengs eyes flashed with longing: “Now I can take the next step! And explore the greater universe! I hope I can find the location of the greater universe and get treasures that will help me nurse my injuries.”

The universe of the world of Warlocks is a powerful universe that has given birth to Eternal Sovereigns. In order to advance further, those Eternal Sovereigns went to the greater universe to look for opportunities.

The greater universe has been proved to exist. However, its not that simple to reach it.

There are no more than ten Eternal Sovereigns of the world of Warlocks who have really reached the greater universe.

Jing Yuan Continents outer space.

Ripples rose, and Yang Feng appeared in the void.

“Sure enough, this is the weakest place in our universes crystal wall! It is through this place that Du Ling Emperor and them sneaked into our universe. This should be a back door opened by some Eternal Sovereign in the past!”

Yang Feng looked into the void, surged with countless mysterious runes in his eyes, and saw a weak point in the crystal wall hidden in the void.

Yang Feng slashed with his hand, and terrifying Eternal force broke out and tore a huge hole in space.

A secret channel appeared in front of Yang Feng.

Yang Feng walked up to the channel and looked around.

The channel is surrounded by the universe crystal wall. The defensive power of the universe crystal wall is terrifying. Even if Yang Feng uses all his strength, it will still be impossible for him to open a big hole in it. At most, hell be able to only open a small hole through which he can send some weak life forms.

Only when two universes devour each other and merge together, only then can an Eternal Sovereign create such a channel leading to the universe sea outside the universe.

The universe crystal wall is a powerful boundary that protects the life forms of the universe. With the universe crystal wall in place, powerful beings from the universe sea outside the universe wont be able to wipe out the intelligent life forms of the universe.

When Yang Feng reached the end of the channel within the universe crystal wall, he saw a terrible cosmic storm billowing on the other side of a crystal membrane.

In the universe sea outside the universe, there is an endless cosmic storm. If an Empyrean without secret treasures to protect themselves entered this cosmic storm, they will be easily torn to pieces and die.

Yang Fengs eyes flickered with the shade of regret: “Its a pity that the ship Du Ling Emperor and them used to cross the universe wall collapsed when they arrived in our universe. Otherwise, with it as a reference, I would be able to refine warships capable of crossing into other universes.”

The warship Du Ling Emperor and them took to get here was an Eternal grade secret treasure refined by an Eternal Sovereign of their universe, and it contained the mysteries of crossing into other universes. This Eternal grade secret treasure unfortunately couldnt fully withstand the cosmic storm of the universe sea outside the universe.

Yang Feng took a step and walked out of the universe crystal wall.

In an instant, an endless cosmic storm shrouded Yang Feng.

Inside the terrible cosmic storm, time and space have lost all meaning.

“This is, the laws of my universe have lost effect!”

As soon as Yang Feng stepped into the cosmic storm, his expression changed drastically, and he returned to his universe.

Yang Fengs complexion changed slightly: “A year has passed just like that? In the cosmic storm, the concept of time is really blurry! How dreadful! No wonder even Eternal Sovereigns arent willing to stay in the cosmic storm for no reason.”

After he set foot in the Eternal realm, as long as Yang Fengs Eternal imprint in the universe of the world of Warlocks has not collapsed, he will not die.

Even if Yang Feng stayed in the cosmic storm for 100 million years, he would still be fine. However, after 100 million years have passed, almost all the people he cares about will have died of old age.

Yang Feng frowned slightly: “The universe laws of the universe sea are completely different from those of our universe. In the universe sea, the power I can exert, that is, the power of the Eternal body, has been weakened by 99%.”

Different universes have different universe laws. In his universe, Yang Feng can destroy a plane with a random blow. With a wave of his hand, he can set off a terrible cosmic storm within an area hundreds of thousands of light-years in radius and kill any intelligent life form below the Holy Spirit Warlock realm within said area.

But in the universe sea, Yang Feng lost this power. He couldnt even use an Eternal Sovereign basic skill such as Time-Space Walk.

Yang Feng frowned slightly and said, “Ling!”

“My lord!”

Ripples rose, and Ling appeared directly behind Yang Feng.

In the final battle, Ling was also badly hurt. After searching the treasuries of the three Eternal Sovereigns and spending a portion of Divine Eyes Eternal Sovereigns Eternal origin, Yang Feng finally made a new level-8 stronghold core for Ling.

Of course, Lings combat power is still miles away from what it was before the final battle.

Yang Feng ordered: “Analyze the cosmic storm! Deploy the Universe Exploration Shuttles!”

“Yes! My lord!”

Palm-sized Universe Exploration Shuttles emerged from Ling, turned into specks of light, and flew towards the boundless cosmic storm.

As soon as they entered the cosmic storm, many Universe Exploration Shuttles were torn to pieces at once.

Some of the remaining Universe Exploration Shuttles began to evolve by absorbing the energies of the cosmic storm.

Countless streams of data emerged in Lings eyes as she analyzed the information gathered by the Universe Exploration Shuttles.

Yang Feng erupted with countless runes, turned into specks of light, and disappeared.

The universe sea is boundless. Even if an Eternal Sovereign spent all their life, they wouldnt be able to explore it completely. Without the universe coordinates, if you want to find another universe in the universe sea, you will have to spend tens of thousands of years.

Among the information left by several Eternal Sovereigns obtained by Yang Feng, there is only the general direction of the greater universe. The specific coordinates have been erased by a great, mysterious force.

As mentioned before, if their Eternal imprint is not destroyed, it is nearly impossible to slay Eternal Sovereigns. The Eternal imprints of Eternal Sovereigns are hidden in their universe. Only when a universe devour war breaks out, only then may they be exposed, and then extracted and destroyed by Eternal Sovereigns of the opposing universe.

The Eternal Sovereigns of the universe of the world of Warlocks were killed in the greater universe and even had their Eternal imprint destroyed. Even information about the greater universe was almost erased. The means of powerhouses of the greater universe are simply inconceivable.

Since the means of Eternal Sovereigns of Du Ling Emperors universe are not as incredible, the coordinates of their universe have fallen into Yang Fengs hands.

Time elapsed and 1,369 years passed.

During this period of time, Yang Feng personally stepped in and killed powerhouses of Gumana Universe. At the same time, more than 95% of Gumana Universes intelligent life forms were killed. Only some humanoid races that conform with the aesthetics of the world of Warlocks were preserved.

The blasteel race barely survived due to the protection of Yang Fengs avatar. However, it went through several rounds of purging. All the powerhouses who were hostile towards Devour Imperial Court were killed.

Devour Imperial Court, which has two Eternal Sovereigns overseeing things, unified the universe and expanded its influence continuously.

All kinds of treasures of heaven and earth of the whole universe were sent to Devour Imperial Court and fell into Yang Fengs hands.

Nourished by the tremendous amount of resources, Yang Fengs injuries healed rapidly.

On the 1,300th year, Zhou Ruoling broke through the Empyrean wall and advanced to an Empyrean.

“At last! I found the coordinates of another universe!”

Cangzhi Plane, in the rear garden of a beautiful palace that looks like paradise on earth, Yang Feng was surrounded by many beautiful women of different races. All of a sudden, his eyes brightened and revealed the shade of excitement, and he turned into countless rays and disappeared.

After a few breaths of time, Yang Feng appeared at the edge of the universe crystal wall.

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