Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1390: Black Tomb

Chapter 1389: Slaying Huangpu Yan

“Okay, then go to hell!”

An icy voice sounded. Yang Feng operated the Great Ape Divine Method. In an instant, his body expanded, and he punched young master Huangpu.


Along with a thunderous sound, young master Huangpu was blasted a dozen plus meters away.

“He actually attacked a child of an aristocratic family!”

“What guts!”

“Thats a child of an aristocratic family!”

“Has Ye Cheng gone mad from practicing martial arts?”


When they saw this, the young men and women present were gobsmacked, unable to believe their eyes.

In this world, the royal families and aristocratic families dominate the world. A child of an aristocratic family can destroy a small family like the Ye Family with a few words. As such, for Yang Feng to attack young master Huangpu, this is simply outrageous.

“Ye Cheng, you dare hit young master Huangpu? Youre finished! Your whole family is finished! Get him! If he resists, kill him on the spot!”

Wang Jingquan shouted, feeling both startled and angry.

Young master Huangpu is a member of the Huangpu Aristocratic Family. If he dies here, the Wang Family will also be implicated. It might be directly destroyed by the Huangpu Aristocratic Family. At this moment, Wang Jingquan regretted bringing young master Huangpu to provoke Yang Feng.

Following Wang Jingquans command, more than 20 bodyguards rushed here from different directions.

“What a fool! Since you dare provoke me, then there is no need for your Wang Family to exist!”

With a cold look in his eyes, Yang Feng took a step forward, appeared in front of Wang Jingquan, and punched him in the head, and a terrible force erupted and blasted the other partys head apart.

“Young master!”

When he saw this scene, the bodyguard leader in the front surged with great fear. He issued an earth-shaking roar, used a blade method, and unleashed 18 slashes that shot towards Yang Feng.


As if a god, Yang Feng unleashed a punch, crushed the bodyguard leaders blade into pieces, and then blew the other partys head apart!

Upon seeing this scene, Sheng Hua was struck dumb, and a chill welled up in his heart, “What dreadful martial art! What sort of martial art is that? How can people cultivate martial arts to such an extent?”

Sheng Hua has seen some Wulin [1] experts before. Once those Wulin experts display their martial arts, a dozen plus burly men wont stand a chance against them. However, none of them was as terrifying as Yang Feng. He can kill a person with one punch as if they were an ant.

As they watched the more than 20 bodyguards of the city lords manor being killed by Yang Feng one by one, many young masters and young ladies present turned pale in the face, issued chaotic screams, and some even collapsed on the ground and soiled themselves

“Mortal, youre really brave. You actually attacked I, Huangpu Yan. You have succeeded in angering me. Let me give you a taste of pain and despair.”

A cold voice came from one side. Huangpu Yans body expanded, two horns sprouted up on his head, scales appeared on his body, a scorpion-like tail emerged on his back, and a black force swirled around him.

“Demongod aristocratic family! So this is demongod force! Interesting! Lets see how tough you are!”

With a flash of excitement in his eyes, Yang Feng narrowed the distance, appeared directly in front of Huangpu Yan, and sent a fist flying, and a great ape projection appeared and unleashed a terrible roar.

When the fist slammed into Huangpu Yan, a fearsome force broke out and blew the other party six or seven meters away.

“This power is much stronger than Warlock life force. These consecrated Demongods are quite strong. Demongod force is far above internal force.”

Although he blew Huangpu Yan away with a punch, yet Yang Feng frowned slightly. Like maggots feeding on a corpse, a hard to disperse black force appeared on his right hand, devoured his internal force, and eroded his body crazily.

“Its no use! No matter how much you mortals cultivate martial arts, you cant break through the barrier that is Demongod force! Nor can you resist the erosion of Demongod force. Ha-ha-ha!”

Huangpu Yans eyes glimmered ferociously, and he suddenly lunged at Yang Feng.

With a flick of Yang Fengs wrist, a soft sword wrapped around his waist ejected out. Internal force surged, and the sword tore through the air and stabbed towards Huangpu Yan.

“Break for me!”

Huangpu Yan punched the soft sword, and Demongod force broke out. Due to the black force, the fine steel soft sword became mottled, and then was directly smashed by Huangpu Yans fist.

“Demongod force is really formidable! But youre too weak! Divine Ape Sunders the Heavens Strike!”

Yang Fengs eyes shimmered frigidly, and a shocking great ape projection appeared behind him. He took a step, appeared in front of Huangpu Yan, operated his secret method, and unleashed a punch.

In an instant, a force three times as powerful as before broke out, ran through Huangpu Yans body protection Demongod force, and slammed into his body.

“No! Impossible? How could I die at the hands of a mortal!”

Huangpu Yan spewed out a large mouthful of blood mixed with internal organs, his eyes flashed with incredulity, and he collapsed on the ground and stopped breathing.

Invisible life origin flew out of Huangpu Yans body and flowed into Yang Feng.

Yang Fengs eyes brightened and revealed the shade of satisfaction: “This is pure life origin. After all, it was my true spirit that came into this world. It is engraved with a devour imprint. Even though the power of the devour imprint is greatly weakened in this different universe, but it can still devour the life origin of powerhouses.”

The devour imprint engraved in Yang Fengs true spirit is his greatest card in this different universe. It can enable him to grow and evolve rapidly.

Upon seeing this scene, the eyes of the stunningly beautiful young woman in white flashed with shock: “He died! To be able to break through Demongod force and kill a child of a Demongod aristocratic family, this is inconceivable!”

Demongod aristocratic families consecrate Demongods and can obtain Demigod force bestowed by Demigods, making them almost invincible in the world. A child of an aristocratic family can destroy an army of 10,000 people with the help of Demongod force.

Yet now Huangpu Yan was killed by Yang Feng, who relied on an ordinary martial art. This is simply unheard of.

Yang Feng glanced at the young woman in white and asked with killing intent in his eyes, “Do you want to avenge him?”

In the city lords manor, everyone else is a mortal. Only this young woman in white possesses extraordinary force.

The young woman in white responded with a light smile, “Hello, Ye Cheng. I am Li Yuelian. Huangpu Yan and I were just ordinary friends. Im not the least bit interested in avenging him. The Huangpu Family has profound underlying strength. Since you killed one of their kin, they wont leave this matter rest.”

Yang Feng uttered indifferently, “Xinning City is my territory. If they dare come, then they will die!”

“You still have things to deal with. After youre done, lets talk some more!”

Li Yuelian smiled sweetly, stepped on empty air, and walked away as if a fairy.

“Ye Cheng, you dare kill my son! I want you dead! Fire the arrows!”

Wang Ba, the lord of Xinning City, rushed over together with dozens of fully armed guards and shouted loudly.

Dozens of arrows shot at Yang Feng like shooting stars.

“Ants! Die!”

With a frosty gleam in his eyes, Yang Feng unleashed a punch, and an ancient ape projection appeared and, together with a terrifying explosion, slammed into Wang Ba and the dozens of fully armed guards.

In an instant, Wang Ba and a dozen plus guards were blasted into pieces.

“As expected, martial arts are far worse than magic in terms of ranged attacks.”

Yang Feng shook his head, looked at the guards, whose ranks have already collapsed under the cover of fear and who fled in different directions, and said coolly, “If you surrender, you wont die! But if you try to escape, only death will await you!”

When the thunderous voice burst out in the void, the fleeing guards were shocked, and a portion of them knelt down and surrendered, while another portion continued to escape.

Yang Feng flicked his finger repeatedly, and gusts of wind stabbed the fleeing guards in the head and made them burst..

Before long, only the guards the chose to surrender were alive.

After getting this news, Ye Li immediately led people into the city lords manor and began to take over the defenses of the whole Xinning City.

Shortly after, Xinning City regained its calm. The set up of the three great families changed to the Ye Family reigning supreme.

At night, in a pavilion of the city lords manor.

Yang Feng sat in the pavilion, quietly watched the lotuses not far away, and drank wine.

As if a fairy from the moon palace, with ripples sparkling at her feet, a white figure walked up to Yang Feng, sat down in front of him, and spoke with a sweet smile, “Wont you pour me a glass?”

Yang Feng motioned, saying, “Please!”

“What a mannerless man!”

Li Yuelian smiled slightly and poured herself a glass of wine.

The lotuses, the beautiful young woman, the pavilion, and the wine, they all formed a beautiful scenery.

“Did you use martial arts to kill Huangpu Yan?”

After a moment of silence, Li Yuelians beautiful eyes flickered slightly, and she took the initiative to speak.

In this world, it is impossible for mortals to defeat people of the aristocratic families, royal families, and cults who consecrate Demongods. This is a generally acknowledged truth.

Yang Feng was able to kill a child of an aristocratic family with his martial art. This is simply incredible.

Yang Feng replied flatly, “Thats right. I killed him using martial arts.”

Li Yuelians beautiful eyes flashed, and she asked, “Can you teach me that martial art?”

If this extraordinary martial art that can enable people to breakthrough the limit is combined with Demongod force, who knows how terrifying the resulting force will be.

Yang Feng smiled and answered, “I want to know about the hierarchy of this worlds extraordinary users!”

Li Yuelian smiled and said, “Okay! In our world, all extraordinary force originates from Demongods. The wielders of extraordinary force are classified as Apprentice Demongod Attendant, Demongod Attendant, Demongod Lord, and Demongod Apostle. Huangpu Yan that you killed was a Demongod Attendant.”

[1] – Wulin refers to the “community of martial artists” within the Jianghu. Its the same as “Murim” in Korean novels and manhwas

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