Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 139 – Defeating Snake Hellion Clan

Chapter 138 – Fierce Battle In Bailu City

Translator: Xaiomoge

Olerya went silent for a while, before sighing faintly: “Yes! Dame Legion Commander!”

Tetyana laughed unbridledly, expressing the resentment that she had been repressing for several hundred years: “Hahahaha! For four hundred years, dear sister! Youve been always oppressing me. All the good stuff, all the glory, all of it was for you to take; simply because you were born an hour sooner. And me? I could only live in your shadow. And now, Ive finally surpassed you. Ill show you the gap between the both of us. Im Snake Hellion Clans strongest genius, not you!”

Olearyas eyebrows creased slightly and she said slowly: “Im sorry.”

Tetyana snorted coldly, turned around and went outside: “I dont need yourIm sorry and you arent sorry! Ill prove it to you all, that I, Tetyana, am Snake Hellion Clans strongest expert. Snake Hellion Clans future Matriarch shall be me!”

There was a commotion inside Bailu City.

Countless boa cavalries gushed madly out of Bailu City, swiftly forming a 30,000 strong Bagru Boa cavalries legion in an open field.

Countless large and small poisonous snakes also gushed out of Bailu City, forming a large snake ocean on a large tract of land.

Tetyana, Olerya and Emma, Snake Hellion Clans three great level-3 Warlocks stood loftily on the level-3 extraordinary life form Komatu Silver-White Demonic Horned Boa.

Senarus Principality was a human nation conquered by Snake Hellion Clan; according to the Hellion Clans practices, this principality belonged to Snake Hellion Clans territory.

Within Hellion Clan, not unlike in the human society, there were always struggles and endless infighting. Although, under the orders from the Hellion Royal Clans, all the hellions united and killed their way out of the under world; but there were still distinctions, each with their own sphere of influence. Only the areas occupied by the Hellion Royal Clans would have a large gathering of Hellion Clans experts.

“Theyre here! This group of ants made the both of you flee in a sorry plight? The both of you are really wastes.”

Tetyana stood on the head of the Komatu Silver-White Demonic Horned Boa. Her eyes became a pair of vertical slits, she could easily see the fifth mechanized infantry division more than twenty kilometers away. She gave a cold smile and ridiculed.

Emmas eyes flashed with a touch of anger, about to refute her.

Olerya reached out and stopped her adjutant.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Tetyana had just finished speaking, when flames flashed and self-propelled artillery shells dropped on the neat and orderly snake hellion legion. Along with the uninterrupted sound of explosions, hundreds and thousands of snake hellion legions warriors with outstanding battle prowess were blasted into tatters by that shellfire. Blood sputtered everywhere.

When Tetyana saw the snake hellion legions elite warriors being blasted into tatters by the shell fire and their blood sputtering everywhere, her eyes turned extremely bloodshot and she screamed in horror: “Fuck! Theyre more than twenty kilometers away! What is it? Could they be human Warlocks magical artilleries? But werent they unusable in field warfare?”

More than twenty kilometers away; Tetyana finally realized that they had military weapons capable of long range attacks. Personally witnessing hundreds and thousands of Bagru Boa cavalries being killed made her so angry that she almost wanted to vomit blood.

With Oleryas ample battle experience, she immediately cried out loud: “Those are Steel Citys weapons, we must go over and destroy them!”

The self-propelled artillery had a wide range and formidable firepower, but once one gets near them, then they were just lumps of scrap metal.

“I dont need you to tell me what to do! Follow me, lets destroy those lumps of scrap metal!!”

With bloodshot eyes, Tetyana screamed, magical radiance flickered all over her body and a pair of wings grew on her back. She flapped her wings, shooting towards the fifth mechanized infantry division with a terrifying speed.

Olery and Emma looked and each other, before shooting after Tetyana.

The fifth mechanized infantry divisions level-5 humanoid robots took out their gauss rifles, before madly shooting towards the sky.

A variety of anti-aircraft cannons, surface-to-air missiles and other anti-aircraft arms were started, forming a thickly dotted firepower network madly shooting towards the sky.

Tetyana immediately started Demonic Snake Morph, changing into a half human half snake monster. Her body was shrouded in matchless life force. With ghost-like movements, she evaded the majority of gauss bullets; simultaneously, the rest of the gauss bullets were deviated by her life force.

The hands of Olerya and Emma continuously flickered with magical radiances, shooting black rays of light at the surface-to-air missiles, blowing them into fragments.

With a rumbling, Lightning Supersonic Fighters dropped from the sky; their cannons rumbled, madly shooting at Tetyanas group of three.

The Lightning Supersonic Fighters were the reason why Olerya and Emma had to flee in a sorry plight. If the extremely fast Lightning Supersonic Fighters werent present, then they could leisurely tear apart the battle robots down bellow.

Under the pursuit of the 100 Lightning Supersonic Fighters, countless shells bombarded Oleryas group of three, unleashing ripples on their life force covers, bringing them to the brink of collapse.

“Toxic Mist!”

Tetyanas beautiful eyes flashed with a touch of a cold glint; she gave a piercing howl, opened her mouth and spurted green mist; with the rising of the wind, it turned into a huge green poisonous mist, shrouding the mechanized infantry divisions primary battle robots down below.

Toxic Mist, this was the strongest level-3 area of effect poison-attributed spell that Tetyana practiced. Once tainted by a trace of the mist, then even Earth Knight rank experts would be poisoned to death.

But the fifth mechanized infantry division was solely composed of robots, the green mist shrouding them didnt seem to have the slightest effect.

“Theres no effect? As expected. But my spell isnt that simple!”

Tetyana gave a cold smile, then faced upwards and issued a piercing howl.

When the boas beneath the Bagru Boa cavalries heard the piercing howl, they opened their bloody maws and shot clusters of black venom towards the sky.

Tetyana extended a finger; with her as the core, a powerful suction swiftly gathered the countless churning black venom.

“Corrosive Snake Venom Rain!”

Tetyana waved her fair hand; like raindrops, countless black venom dropped from the sky and sprinkled the ground.

Drops of the black venom landed on the fifth mechanized infantry divisions primary battle robots that were already tainted with the toxic mist; the mechanized infantry divisions primary battle robots had white smoke sprang out from all over, they strangely dissolved and turning into scrap metal.

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