Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1392: Devouring the Demongod

Chapter 1391: Demongod Corpse

Jiang Ye and Zhou Feifei are both Demongod Attendants. But if they are faced with Black Tomb, only death will await them.

“Damn it, its Black Tomb!”

“Why did Black Tomb come here?”


In Xinning City, when the powerhouses from the Southern Province saw the terrible dark cloud, their complexion changed dramatically, and they urged Demongod force and fled in different directions.

“This is malice! What great baleful aura. They want to destroy Xinning City.”

As Yang Feng was making xizu engineering robots, he suddenly looked up and frowned slightly. He surged with a cold gleam in his eyes and disappeared from the secret room.

As soon as he left the secret room, Yang Feng saw a dark cloud accompanied by tremendous black aura flying towards this side.

In the Ye Manor, the complexion of the servants turned dark, and they collapsed on the ground and twitched uncontrollably.

There is a strange black tomb under the dark cloud moved towards this side.

“This is Xinning City, my Ye Familys territory! This is not a place where you can go! Get the hell out of here!”

Yang Fengs figure fluttered. With a terrible speed that exceeds the speed of sound, he appeared on Xinning Citys outwall, looked down at the large black tomb, and shouted loudly.

“Are you Ye Cheng? Great! Go to hell!”

The black tomb suddenly cracked, and broken and rotten corpses with ferocious expressions, emitting corpse qi climbed out and formed a terrible sea of corpses that rushed towards Xinning City.

“Didnt expect to encounter the sea of corpses tactic one day.”

With a faint smile, Yang Feng jumped down from the outwall and walked in the direction of the black tomb.

After several breaths of time, the rotten corpses reached Yang Feng.


Yang Fengs eyes flashed coldly. His body suddenly expanded, and an ancient ape projection appeared behind him. As if he turned into a terrible ape god, he brandished a wolf tooth club and wantonly pounded the sea of rotten corpses.

A terrible storm formed in the sea of corpses and extended in the direction of the black tomb. All the corpses in its way were torn to pieces.

After they were smashed by Yang Feng, wisps of origin flowed into him from those rotten corpses, which then turned into ashes.

Jiang Ye watched Yang Feng within the sea of corpses from the outwall with incredulous eyes, gobsmacked, “That guy is Ye Cheng? What a ferocious guy. Is he really just a 2nd layer Transcendent Attendant?”

Zhou Feifei pointed to the corpses that turned into ashes, and her beautiful eyes flashed with incredulity: “Senior disciple brother Jiang, arent Black Tombs corpses supposed to regenerate indefinitely? Unless Black Tomb is destroyed, the black corpses will never die. How come they were turned into ashes?”

Jiang Ye was stunned, and his eyes were full of disbelief: “What kind of martial art does Ye Cheng cultivate? Why is it so incredible? To even be able to kill Black Tombs black corpses! How fearsome!”

“The black corpses are actually being killed!”

“In order to really kill a black corpse, you need to consume a lot of Demongod force! He is a mortal and cant have Demongod force!”

“Did he consecrate a Demongod during this period of time?”


There was a flash of horror in the eyes of the spectating powerhouses.

Apart from the sea of corpses tactic, the most fearsome ability of Black Tomb is that the black corpses cant be killed. Unless Black Tomb is destroyed, the black corpses will never die. It is thanks to this strange characteristic that Black Tomb has become the most terrible extraordinary force in Ning Feng County.

“Who the hell are you? How come you can you kill my black corpses!”

A voice full of astonishment and anger came from Black Tomb.

“Im Ye Cheng, the man who came to kill you!”

Yang Fengs eyes flashed coldly, and he took a big step and appeared in front of Black Tomb.

Black aura gushed out of Black Tomb, and a corpse with green face, black fingernails, and long black hair slowly came out of Black Tomb.

The corpse took a deep look at Yang Feng, his eyes flashed with wary, and he uttered, “Ye Cheng, Im Hei Juegui! There are no grievances between us! It was Huangpu Yans older brother, Huangpu Gao, who asked me to kill you. Why dont we forget what happened today and go our separate ways?”

“I see! However, I am very interested in this Black Tomb now. Since you came here to kill me, then go to hell!”

Yang Fengs eyes glimmered with killing intent. The inner force inside him circulated, and his strength rose to the level-3 Warlock realm. He unleashed a fist barreling towards Hei Juegui.

“Youre courting death! Im different from trash like Huangpu Yan. Im a 9th layer Demongod Attendant! Die!”

With a fierce flash in his eyes, Hei Jueguis body twisted, his head turned into a wolf head, and countless strange faces appeared on his body, and he extended his hand towards Yang Feng.

Yang Fengs fighting technique is exquisite. When his fist slammed into the black claw, terrifying force broke out and crushed Hei Jueguis right claw in an instant.

A face on Hei Jueguis body cracked, and his claws regenerated in an instant and shot towards Yang Feng.

Hei Jueguis claw stabbed Yang Feng, yet the harsh sound of metal friction rose. Not even Yang Fengs skin was torn.

Hei Juegui had a look of disbelief on his face and exclaimed, “How come your defense is this strong?”

“The dead dont need to know so much!”

Yang Feng smiled coldly and punched He Juegui. His power rose to the Great Warlock realm in an instant.

“Its no use! If you want to kill me, you would need to cultivate for another 100 years… ah! No! How… no!”

Hei Juegui looked arrogant. But in the next moment, his expression changed greatly, and his eyes flashed with panic and despair. In an instant, his body exploded, and wisps of origin force flowed into Yang Fengs body.

“Hei Juegui is dead!”

“The master of Black Tomb! Die just like that?”

“How is that possible? Thats Black Tomb, the Black Tomb that even a Demongod Lord cant deal with!”


Shocked gazes focused on Yang Feng.

Yang Fengs figure shook slightly, and he leaped into Black Tomb, which is emitting gloomy ghost qi.

“Get out!”

“Die! Die! Die!”


Inside Black Tomb, there are different kinds of skeletons everywhere. As soon as Yang Feng entered Black Tomb, the skeletons surged with an indescribable force and lunged at Yang Feng one after another.

Yang Feng punched the skeletons and blasted them apart and proceeded deeper inside.

“Young man, dont go any further. If you do, death and endless despair will be waiting for you!”

A gust of wind blew over, and a strange shadow condensed in the void. The shadow stared at Yang Feng and roared strangely.

Yang Fengs eyes flickered with contempt, and he sneered: “Yous going to kill me? Trash like you doesnt have the qualification to kill me.”

Yang Feng is an Eternal Sovereign and is eternally imperishable. Even if he dies in this universe, he can be reborn in the universe of the world of Warlocks.

In order to really kill Yang Feng, a being above the Eternal realm needs to personally take action, unleash an incredible method, and, via the true spirit avatar, deal serious damage to Yang Fengs Eternal imprint in the universe of the world of Warlocks.

Another way is for an Eternal Sovereign to smash Yang Fengs Eternal imprint during a universe war of devour.

Even if there is an Eternal Sovereign in this universe, they can only smash Yang Fengs true spirit avatar at most. However, Yang Feng will be reborn in a few thousand years.

“Get lost!”

Yang Feng smashed the shadow with one blow.

“Get out!”

“You will die!”

“You will die!”


Strange vengeful spirits surged inside the Black Tomb and roared. The vengeful spirits just flew out, when they were blasted to pieced by Yang Fengs fist.

“Found it! So this is the source of Black Tomb! A Demongod corpse!”

As soon as Yang Feng came to the deepest part of Black Tomb, he saw a three-meter-tall Demongod with horns on the head and a pair of dragon wings on the back quietly sitting on a dark golden throne.

The Demongod is covered in black scales, is surrounded by Demongod force, and has a large hole in the chest.

In the large hole, blood-colored Demongod force and black Demongod force intertwined. Even after more than 10,000 years, the two forces still havent waned.

“So this is the source of this universes extraordinary force — Demongod!”

Yang Feng looked at the Demongod corpse with a burning color in his eyes.

If Yang Feng gets a Demongod corpse and analyzes this source of Demongod force, he can find a way to evolve into a Demongod and step into the apex of this world.

Yang Feng stepped forward and extended his hand towards the Demongod corpse.

“Mortal ant, kneel down! Worship me and serve me! Give me life sacrifices! I will enhance your strength! Let you step into the extraordinary realm! And reach the apex of all living beings!”

There was a cold flash in the eyes of the Demongod corpse, and a tremendous will shrouded Yang Feng, trying to make him kneel down, submit, and become his believer.

“Impressive! What formidable undying property! So his vitality is being restricted by the Demongod force at his wound. Without the suppression of the Demongod force, he can be reborn. He needs a large number of sacrifices to extract the hostile Demongod force. Hei Juegui wanted to use me as an excuse to slaughter the mortals in Ning Feng County and make a blood sacrifice. But he died at my hands instead!”

Yang Fengs eyes flashed with the shade of admiration. He guessed the purpose behind Hei Juegui visit and became even more interested in the Demongod.

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