Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1394: Fight

Chapter 1393: Yuwen Aristocratic Family

Li Yuelian smiled and said, “If you sacrifice the Demongod idol to another Demongod, you will get their favor and will be bestowed power.”

Yang Feng remained unfazed and uttered calmly, “I see. Since it is such an important treasure, there should be many powerhouses fighting over it. Im afraid the patriarchs of all aristocratic families will be moved by it. We cant win against them.”

“There are three kinds of Demongods, namely Lesser Demongod, Intermediate Demongod, and Greater Demongod as well as the legendary Demongod Emperor. The Demongod the fallen aristocrat family serves is a Lesser Demongod. Demongod Apostles are comparable to Lesser Demongods in therms of combat power. As such, they naturally wont care about a Lesser Demongods Demongod idol.”

“Moreover, the information of that aristocratic family is being blocked. Only some major forces of Southern Province have access to it.”

“There will be Demongod Lord realm powerhouses taking action. But there wont be any Demongod Apostle realm powerhouses. Since you were able to come out of Black Tomb alive, your strength should have already reached the Demongod Lord realm.” Li Yuelian spoke with a sweet smile.

9th layer Demongod Attendant corresponds to level-3 Warlock, while Demongod Lord corresponds to Great Warlock or higher.

Yang Feng replied indifferently, “Youre right. I got the favor of that great being and have already broken through and become a Demongod Lord.”

“In the end, you have also embarked on this path.”

Li Yuelian took a deep look at Yang Feng and sighed lightly, looking a little downcast, “However, in this world, serving Demongods is the only path.”

“She thinks I began to serve a Demongod.”

Yang Feng smiled and didnt correct the mistake.

In essence, Yang Feng is a terrifying Eternal Sovereign and is eternally imperishable. Even if he dies in this universe, he can still be reborn in the universe of the world of Warlocks. Even if its a legendary Demongod Emperor, they arent qualified to make Yang Feng serve them.

Li Yuelian smiled and said, “Im a 4th layer Demongod Lord! If the four of us join forces, we can compete for the Demongod idol.

Yang Feng frowned and asked, “The four of us?!”

Li Yuelian responded, “You heard right. Since there are so many experts fighting over the Demongod idol, if its just the two of us, our chances to obtain the Demongod idol will be too low.”

Yang Feng asked, “How will we divide the spoils?”

Li Yuelian answered, “The spoils will go to the person who obtains them. If they are obtained through group effort, then the spoils will be distributed according to each persons contribution.”

Yang Feng pondered for a moment and uttered decisively, “Okay!”

Each powerhouse needs resources to practice cultivation. Yang Feng has already reached the Great Warlock realm. If he wants to progress further, he needs a massive amount of resources.

Moreover, Yang Feng is quite interested in the Demongod idol of the fallen aristocratic family. For ordinary mortals, Demongod force is toxic. But Yang Feng can easily devour it and turn it into resources for his evolution.

Ning Feng County, on a mountain peak.

“Humph, Ye Cheng, what a showoff. Hes making the three of us wait. Yuelian, why would you invite such a person?”

A burly, heroic-looking man wearing black armor, with short hair and a crew cut snorted coldly and spoke with dissatisfaction.

A beautiful, innocent-looking, and big-breasted young woman in yellow, who looks like shes only 15 or 16 years old and exudes a flirtatious air, said with a smile: “Big brother Ying Duo, it still isnt the agreed upon time. Lets wait a little.”

Ying Duo glanced at the beautiful young woman in yellow with doting eyes and said with a faint smile, “If its for your sake, then Ill wait, Meimei.”

“I shouldnt be late!”

Along with a strong gust of wind, Yang Feng dressed in black, treading on dark clouds, walked towards the mountain peak.

Li Yuelian smiled charmingly and said, “Of course youre not late! Theres still a quarter of an hour left to the agreed time.”

Li Yuelian made the introductions, “Ye Cheng, let me introduce you everyone. This is Ying Duo of Dark Cloud Cave and Yuan Meimei of Ting Cloud Mountain.”

Yang Feng smiled and said, “Hello, Im Ye Cheng of Moongod Temple.”

Yuan Meimei smiled sweetly and said, “Hello, older brother Ye Cheng!”

Ying Duos eyes flashed with jealousy, and he said with a cold smile: “Moongod Temple? Ye Cheng, the true disciples of the Moongod Temple are all women. Are you also a woman?”

Yang Fengs face was expressionless. All of a sudden, an ancient ape projection appeared behind him, and he took a step, surged with Demongod force, and sent his fist flying towards Ying Duo.


Ying Duos expression changed greatly, not expecting Yang Feng to attack at the slightest disagreement. A layer of green scales appeared on his body.


Along with a loud noise, Ying Duo was blasted tens of meters away. He hit a huge rock wall and spewed out blood.

“Not dead yet? Let me send you on your way!”

Yang Fengs eyes flashed with killing intent. As if a berserk ancient ape, he appeared in front of Ying Duo, and his fists slammed into Ying Duo along with explosive sounds.

Ying Duo surged with Demongod force, and layers of green scales appeared on his body. He resisted Yang Fengs attacks with all his might.

“Enough! Stop it! Ye Cheng! Ying Duo!”

Accompanied by shouting and sparkling moonlight, Li Yuelian appeared between the two and radiated moonlight that separated them.

“This power is comparable to the Starry Sky Warlock rank! 4th layer Demongod Lord is already equivalent to Starry Sky Warlock. This worlds extraordinary users are really strong.”

Yang Fengs eyes flashed slightly, and he quickly evaluated the other party. One of the reasons he attacked Ying Duo was to test Li Yuelians strength. Otherwise, even if Ying Duos defense were stronger, he would have killed him already.

With blood trickling down from the corners of his mouth, Ying Duo stared at Yang Feng, gnashed his teeth, and said, “Fairy Yuelian, he is a rabid dog. If you let him stay in the team, then Ill quit.”

Li Yuelians beautiful eyes flashed coldly, and she shouted sternly, “Ying Duo, if you want to quit, then go ahead. Ye Cheng is a member of Moongod Temple. Since you insulted him, then you must apologize to him. Otherwise, dont follow us.”

Ying Duo was so angry that veins protruded on his face. He clenched his fists and greeted his teeth. After a long time, he apologized to Yang Feng with a gloomy expression, “Im sorry, Ye Cheng, I was in the wrong.”

Yang Feng replied coldly, “Since youre aware that you were wrong, then its fine!”

“Now that everyone is here, lets go!”

Li Yuelian smiled and spread the fingers of her hand, and a lotus formed from moonlight appeared, turned into a mysterious light curtain, and swept towards the four people.

Shrouded by the lotus formed from moonlight, Yang Fengs group of four merged into the moonlight and disappeared.


A look of admiration flashed in Yang Fengs eyes. He scanned with his soul force and “saw” the other three people who disappeared.

“Follow me!”

Li Yuelian led the way.

A mysterious force shrouded the three people and made them understand where to go.

Yuan Meimei looked at a huge city in front of her with an enigmatic shade in her beautiful eyes, “This is Liu City of Huang Ye County! So theyre hiding here! I thought they would hide somewhere in the wilderness.”

Li Yuelian smiled and said, “Children of aristocratic families are used to nice clothes and delicious food. How can they endure the environment of the wilderness? They exposed their tracks in Liu Cheng, which is how our people were able discover their whereabouts.”

Basically every child of an aristocratic family is an extraordinary user at the Apprentice Demongod Attendant realm or higher and possesses far greater strength than ordinary people.

When faced against a child of an aristocratic family, a family that dominates a small city like the Ye Family stands no chance and isnt worth mentioning. Ever since they were born, children of aristocratic families had access to all kinds of amenities. They naturally arent willing to hide in the wilderness like savages.

Led by Li Yuelian, Yang Feng and company arrived at an elegant pavilion on the roof of a luxury inn of Liu City and looked into the distance.

Ten kilometers away, there is a manor covering a vast area. That manor is the target of Yang Fengs group.

Ying Duos eyes flashed with killing intent, and he said excitedly, “When are we going to take action?”

Li Yuelian replied with a beautiful smile, “Theres no need to rush. Even though the Yuwen Family has fallen, but it still has some reserves. Were not the only ones eyeing this big piece of meat. So if we just bide our time, others will take action first.”

The four had some drinks with snacks as they quietly watched the manor and waited for things to develop.

Ordinary people cant see anything ten kilometers away at night. But each one of the four people here is a Demongod Lord — extraordinary user at the Great Warlock realm or higher. The distance of ten kilometers is nothing to them.

“Here they are!”

Yuan Meimeis pretty eyes suddenly brightened, and she warned in a quiet voice.

Along with gusts of Yin [1] wind, baleful qi appeared in the distance and formed a baleful fog sweeping over.

A cavalry composed of nearly 10,000 soldiers equipped with steel armor suddenly emerged from the baleful fog and quietly appeared outside the manor.

If there are no extraordinary users, the nearly 10,000-strong cavalry can completely crush an army of 100,000 people.

“Old man Yuwen, hand over the Demongod idol! Or else the Yuwen Family will cease to exist.”

An eerie voice came from amid the gusts of Yin wind.

In response, a cold voice transmitted from the manor, “With these garbage, you want to destroy my Yuwen Family? Youre really overconfident!”

A fearsome aura rose, and ten plus men and women covered in a layer of black scales, with two horns on the head and a monkey tail wrapped around their waist rushed out of the manor.

The ten plus Demongod Attendants of the Yuwen Family broke into the ranks of the 10,000 steel cavalry, brandished their weapons at will, and slaughtered the steel cavalrymen as if squashing ants.

[1] – Yin

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