Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1397: Slaying the Strongest Powerhouse of Southern Province

Chapter 1396: The Demongod Falls

As his Demongod force was being devoured, the ape Demongod weakened gradually.

After the Demongod with ram horns devoured most of the ape Demongods avatar, he opened his mouth and bit the core of the ape Demongods avatar.

A terrible devour force broke out in an instant and frantically absorbed the origin force of the ape Demongods avatar.

In a world on a higher level than this world, in a palace of a country full of apes.

“How is this possible?”

An ape Demongod emanating fearsome aura, with a ferocious face and a necklace made of human heads, had a glimmer of fear in his eyes.

A large, invisible mouth bit the ape Demongods chest, and terrifying devour force broke out and crazily devoured the ape Demongods origin force.


The ape Demongod took a deep breath, surged with a fierce gleam in his yes, and bellowed.

In the entire country, strands of black qi gushed out of countless apes and poured into the ape Demongods body. The ape Demongod, who was just a Lesser Demongod, emitted Intermediate Demongod aura at once and extended his hands towards the strange mouth.

Under the full strength strike of the ape Demongod, the big mouth was broken, and a large hole was exposed on his body.

All of a sudden, tiny black holes appeared, extended towards all parts of the ape Demongods body, and frantically devoured everything.

“No! I dont want to die! No, I dont want to die!”

The eyes of the ape Demongod flashed with fear, and he roared wildly, yet the tiny black holes still devoured him bit by bit until there was nothing left of him.

In the void, the aura of the Demongod with ram horns suddenly became terrifying, and he set foot into the Infinity Warlock realm and became a Lesser Demongod.

A shooting star fell down in the sky of this world.

“Trident Tyrant Ape Demongod has fallen!”

“A Demongod has fallen! Has a another Demongod war started?”

“A Demongod has fallen! Is this the precursor of a Demongod war?”


In other parts of the world, when powerhouses saw the phenomenon of a shooting star, their eyes flickered with a dignified color. In this world, each Demongod corresponds to a star. When theres a shooting star, it signifies that a Demongod has fallen. This is something nearly unimaginable in this world. Only when theres a Demongod war, only then will there appear phenomena representing the death of Demongods.

The Realm of Demongods is a world that exists in a higher dimension of this world.

The Realm of Demongods is full of Demongod force and is rich in life magic energy. In the Realm of Demongods, there are all kinds of powerful extraordinary life forms everywhere. Demongod Attendant rank extraordinary life forms are at the bottom of the food chain in the Realm of Demongods.

The majority of Demongods live in the Realm of Demongods. Only the various precious resources of the Realm of Demongod can allow them to evolve continuously.

If a Lesser Demongod stays in the Realm of Mortals, they can only live for about 1,000 years at most. But in the Realm of Demongods, they can live for more than 300,000 years. With this gap in mind, Demongods are naturally unwilling to stay in the Realm of Mortals.

“Trident Tyrant Ape Demongod has fallen!”

“Who killed him?”

“Who was it?”


The fall of Trident Tyrant Ape Demongod caused a small commotion in the Realm of Demongods.

Any Demongod is a powerhouse at the Infinity Warlock realm or higher. Furthermore, the combat power of Demongods is far greater than that of other powerhouses of the same realm. If a supreme Infinity Warlock rank powerhouse of the world of Warlocks fought a Lesser Demongod, the supreme Infinity Warlock of the world of Warlocks would lose without a shadow of a doubt.

Liu City.

After the Demongod with ram horns devoured Trident Tyrant Ape Demongod, terrifying Demongod might diffused from him and swept the Demongod Lords on the dining table.

Under the gaze of the Demongod with ram horns, the dozens of Demongod Lords trembled, and their eyes flashed with horror and despair.

A 9th layer Demongod Lord is just a Moonlight Warlock rank powerhouse. In comparison, the Infinity Warlock rank Demongod with ram horns is on another level of existence.

As long as Yang Feng wills it, the Demongod with ram horns can kill more than half of the Demongod Lords present with just a look.

“I am Devour Ram Demongod! Now that you have seen me, you have only two choices, either die or become my believer and serve me!”

With a fierce gleam in his eyes, the Demongod with ram horns looked at the Demongod Lords and uttered coldly.

Black Blossom shouted decisively, “I am willing to serve you, mighty Devour Ram Demongod! And dedicate everything to you!”


Under Yang Fengs manipulation, Devour Ram Demongod flicked his finger, and a mass of Demongod force entered Black Blossom.

As soon as the mass of Demongod force entered the body of Black Blossom, it crazily eroded the other Demongod force inside her body.

The two Demongod forces devoured each other, making Black Blossoms face contort in pain.

However, Devour Ram Demongod condensed by Yang Feng is essentially far superior to ordinary Demongods and wields the power of devour. As such, he easily devoured the other Demongod force inside Black Blossom and injected his own Demongod force.

“Greetings, my lord!”

After she was completely eroded by the Demongod force, Black Blossom knelt down in front of Devour Ram Demongod and spoke respectfully.

“I am willing to serve you, mighty Devour Ram Demongod! And dedicate everything to you!”


At first, the Demongod Lords were worried that they would explode and die due to the conflict between the different Demongod forces. Now that they realized that Yang Feng can easily dispel the other Demongod force, the Demongod Lords scrambled to serve him.

Most of the Demongods are aloof and live in the Realm of Demongods.

In this world, the most powerful beings are Demongod Apostles of royal families serving Greater Demongods. However, these Demongod Apostles are at most as strong as Infinity Warlock realm powerhouses and they can hardly grant power to others.

If a Demongod appears in the Realm of Mortals, even if its a Lesser Demongod, they will attract countless powerhouses seeking their their shelter.

Even the powerhouses of the Yuwen Family, including Yuwen Sheng, knelt on the ground and beseeched Devour Ram Demongod to accept them.

When the Trident Tyrant Ape Demongod died, the powerhouses of the Yuwen Family, who served him, clearly felt that the Demongod force inside them dissipate slowly. If they cant find a Demongod to serve, then ten years later, the Demongod force of the Yuwen Family will dissipate completely and they will become slightly stronger mortals.

Devour Ram Demongod flicked his finger repeatedly, and masses of Demongod force entered the Demongod Lords, devoured and eroded the other Demongod forces inside them, and took root inside the Demongod Lords.

Even if they get the favor of a Demongod, an ordinary mortal cant just step across realms and become a Demongod Lord. Only some peerless geniuses can bear a massive amount of Demongod force, step across realms, and advance to a Demongod Lord.

In Liu City, there is a total of dozens of Demongod Lords. Now that they all were transformed by Devour Ram Demongod, they have effectively become the most dreadful force in Southern Province.

Li Yuelians beautiful eyes flashed with an enigmatic shade, and she pleaded with Yang Feng: “Ye Cheng, Im from Moongod Temple and believe in the great Moonlight Demongod. Moonlight Demongod is a Greater Demongod. I cant change my belief into another Demongod! Please help me to plead with the great Devour Ram Demongod to spare me.”

Yang Feng uttered, “Great Devour Ram Demongod, she is my friend and a believer of Moonlight Demongod. Could you please spare her once?”

Devour Ram Demongod stared at Li Yuelian and smiled coldly: “As a Greater Demongod, Moonlight Demongod has believers all over the universe. Even if I kill an ordinary believer, they wont care.”

“I am favored by Moonlight Demongod!”

Li Yuelian clenched her teeth, and a brand containing mysterious moonlight appeared on her forehead. Sacred moonlight diffused from the brand.

That brand signifies that Li Yuelian is favored by Moonlight Demongod. Shes either a believer valued by Moonlight Demongod, or an important sacrifice. Anyone who kills her will become a target of Moonlight Demongods hostility.

“Moonlight Demongod! In that case, I will give them face and spare you. In exchange, let my apostle Ye Cheng enter Moongod Temple to browse the temples ancient records. Go back and tell your temple master that this is my will!”

Devour Ram Demongod waved his hand, and the Demongod force wrapped around Li Yuelian disappeared.

A storm was set off in Li Yuelians heart, a look of jealousy in her eyes: “Apostle! Ye Cheng has actually become a Demongods apostle! Thats unbelievable! However, since he was able to create a martial art that can enable even ordinary people to cultivate to the extraordinary realm, it is not surprising that a Demongod would favor him.”

In the Realm of Mortals, Demongod Lords are already top figures of major forces. As for Demongod Apostles, they are beings at the very top of the Realm of Mortals.

Any Demongod Apostle, even if its a Lesser Demongods Demongod Apostle, is a being of the same status as the master of a great force such as Moongod Temple. This is because Demongod Apostles are not only powerful, but also represent the will of the Demongods that back them.

There was a flash of brilliance in Black Blossoms beautiful eyes, and she stared at Yang Feng: “Apostle! He turned out to be a Demongod Apostle, that is, the leader of our faction.”

Huangpu Gao took a deep look at Yang Feng, and his eyes shimmered with the colors of bitterness and helplessness: “Apostle! Hes actually a Demongod Apostle. The world if really fickle. I actually have to work under him.”

As a Demongod Apostle, Yang Feng represents the will of a Demongod. The Demon Lords under Devour Ram Demongods command cannot rebel against him. Otherwise, they will only back themselves into a corner.

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