Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 140 – Rose Gardens Invitation

Chapter 139 – Defeating Snake Hellion Clan

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Once the level-3 spell Toxic Mist and the level-3 spell Corrosive Snake Venom Rain were combined, then they would form a terrifying large area of effect poison-attributed spell. Even level-2 Warlocks, once they were corroded by the Toxic Mist, and then sprinkled by the Corrosive Snake Venom Rain, only death would await them. In order to cast this combined spell, it was required to draw support from countless Bagru Boas. Solely one level-3 Warlock was unable of casting this terrifying spell.

Oleryas beautiful eyes flashed with a touch of a complicated look as she watched Tetyana in the sky, before sighing faintly: “She really managed to mold this spell!”

Emmas eyes flashed with a touch of delight, she revealed a trace of a smile: “This time, it should be our victory!”

Tetyana watched the large amounts of primary battle robots down below melting in the corrosive rain, the corners of her mouth rose slightly and she revealed a trace of a smile.

“Thats an amazing large area of effect poison-attributed spell. No wonder the status of Warlocks is so high in this world! Mortals simply cant resist the power of Warlocks. Even an army of one million mortals, if it didnt had the aid of Warlocks, then this spell would kill everyone in its wake.”

On the other side, Yang Feng saw the fifth mechanized infantry divisions primary battle robots being melted in that corrosive rain and he shivered slightly within.

In Turandot Subcontinent, Warlocks dictated from high above and mortals were unable to contend with them. Trough this battle, Yang Feng had a more profound understanding.

Yang Feng ordered with a cold smile: “Execute plan B!”

The fifth mechanized division immediately began dispersing; simultaneous, all battle units equipped with level-1 protective covers at once started them.

On the battlefield, several thousand battle units started their level-1 defensive covers.

Under the protection of the level-1 protective covers, the battle units survived the large area of effect spell Corrosive Snake Venom Rain.

A defensive spell!! How can it be? How can those mechanical golems have defensive spells?” Tetyana was stunned as soon as she saw those several thousand battle units erupting with protective covers.

In Turandot Subcontinent, mechanical golems rarely had defensive spells; they basically only used their strength to crush their enemies. Mechanical golems with the ability to trigger defensive spells, every one of them was exceedingly terrifying and formidable; they were terrifying weapons comparable to level-3 Warlocks, they were trump cards for many powerful forces.

Those ordinary humanoid mechanical golems were actually capable of triggering defensive spells, that undermined Tetyanas common sense.

Tetyanas superposed level-3 spell destroyed more than half of the fifth mechanized divisions battle units. The remaining battle units either madly attacked Tetyanas group of three or madly assaulted the Bagru Boa cavalries.

A variety of artillery bombarded the Bagru Boa cavalries. Every moment, there would be hundreds and thousand of Bagru Boa cavalries being blasted into pieces.

The one hundred Lightning Supersonic Fighters were also madly attacking Tetyanas group of three.

Olerya sensed that the Bagru Boa cavalries auras were continuously disappearing and cried out loud: “Tetyana, Lets withdraw!! If we dont withdraw, then our clansmen will die!!”

Bagru Boa cavalries were Snake Hellion Clans elite warriors. If those Bagru Boa cavalries were to all die, then Snake Hellion Clans strength would sufferer greatly.

“No! Heed my orders, go destroy those lumps of steel!”

With bloodshot eyes, Tetyana opened her mouth and spurted out a black poison arrow. Like a black light, the black poison arrow instantly stabbed into a Lightning Supersonic Fighter.

In a flash, that Lightning Supersonic Fighter was being corroded. There was noise for a while. With white smoke rising from it, the fighter fell to the ground, before exploding and turned into a fireball.

Tetyana and Olerya, the two women were terrifying beings of the pinnacle level-3 Warlock rank, they were proficient in many kinds of spells. Even if it were the Lightning Supersonic Fighters, they also had the ability to deal with them.

Previously, as she was chased by the mechanical legion, Olerya was in a predicament. She lacked any ability to resist, only because she had to protect Snake Hellion Clans warriors and Emma.

Olerya clenched her teeth, then opened her mouth and spurted out a black poison arrow. The black poison arrow hit a Lightning Supersonic Fighter; the fighter was immediately corroded and then fell from the sky.

Emmas figure shook and she landed on the ground. Her fair hands danced around, smashing those primary battle robots.

Lightning Supersonic Fighters were falling down and exploding.

A large number of Bagru Boa cavalries were torn into shreds amidst the shellfire. In this mad battle, everyone was in a killing frenzy.

The Bagru Boa cavalries, with their bodies of flesh and blood, finally managed to force their way through the shellfire blockade, before rushing towards the scattered fifth mechanized infantry divisions primary battle robots.

A Bagru Boa arrived next to a primary battle robot, then opened its bloody maw and crushed the fifth mechanized infantry divisions gunner robot with a bite.

That Bagru Boa had just crushed a gunner robot with a bite, when another gunner robot frenziedly shot at it with its gauss rifle. The hail of countless bullets pierced trough the Bagru Boa, with blood splashing everywhere.

That Bagru Boa struggled desperately, it shot its huge snake tail and rammed it against that gunner robot, smashing the gunner robot apart. After destroying 2 gunner robots, the Bagru Boa struggled for a while and then finally died.

After the the Bagru Boas managed to approach the gunner robots, for every Bagru Boa killed, 7 or 8 gunner robots would be destroyed. The tides of this battle were gradually turning in Snake Hellion Clans favor.

The fierce and brutal battle had lasted for two hours.

After Tetyana destroyed the last Lightning Supersonic Fighter – she had a pale expression, was gasping for air and clutching the wound on her abdomen – she laughed unbridedly: “Haha, I did it! I wiped out Steel Citys fifth mechanized infantry division! Hahaha, Olerya, my dear sister, have you seen it? I wiped out Steel Citys fifth mechanized infantry division, I won!! Im much stronger than you are!!”

There was no joy on Oleryas pretty face. She spat out a mouthful of blood, looked down below and sighed faintly: “However, the price we paid was too grievous!”

From the 30,000 Bagru Boa cavalries, only 3,000 remained. Oleryas adjutant, Emma, ??was also critically wounded. From the 1,000 Omogudo Flying Snakes, only 135 remained. It could be said that Senarus Principalitys Snake Hellion Clan had been crippled.

“Even so, its still my victory! As long as I win, then I can get a steady flow of reinforcements!”

Tetyana gave a crazed smile. She watched the unbridled revelry down below as the snake hellion legions remnants were victoriously crying out loud and cheering; her beautiful eyes were replete with elation. As long as she could establish herself in Senarus Principality, then Snake Hellion Clan would continue to send her reinforcements from the under world.

All of a sudden, Tetyanas smile froze. She looked into the distance and her beautiful eyes revealed a trace of fear.

In the distance, smoke and dust billowed, and mechanical rumblings reverberated.

APCs, tanks, self-propelled artillery and other military weapons were approaching.

In the clouds, Lightning Supersonic Fighters were shuttling back and forth.

“Im sixth mechanized infantry divisions division commander, Yang Tong. Lets begin the second round!” Suddenly, a beast-type bladed robot jumped above a heavy tank, it used its mechanically synthesized voice to laugh heartily.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

The mechanically synthesized voice had just sounded, when nearly endless shellfire immediately covered the several thousand remnant Bagru Boa cavalries.

Amidst the terrifying shellfire, Bagru Boa cavalries were being blasted apart, with mournful cries sounding everywhere.

“Why is this happening?! Why?!” Tetyanas face paled, she spat out a mouthful of blood and fainted. She gave her all and used every bit of strength of Senarus Principalitys Snake Hellion Clan to crush and annihilate that mechanical infantry division. But at the moment of victory, yet another mechanized infantry division appeared. Under the contrasting emotions of overwhelming jubilation and overwhelming sorrow, her mind was crushed.

“Withdraw!!” Oleryas pretty face paled. She issued a piercing howl, picked up Tetyana and became a black light escaping into the distance.

Emma also dragged her heavily wounded body along, she glared hatefully at the sixth mechanized infantry division, before fleeing in disarray.

The remnants of the snake hellion legion retreated in fright. A large number of primary battle robots entered the battle field and started sweeping it clean.

Yang Feng looked at the land littered with wreckage, his eyes slightly constricting: “Those hellions cant be underestimated; just the Snake Hellion Clan was this powerful. And it wasnt even Snake Hellion Clans entire power. It would be troublesome if I were to be targeted by the strongest experts from the allied forces.”

The under worlds allied forces had many clans among them; of which, the strongest were Dark Elf Clan and Hellion Clan. Snake Hellion Clan was merely a branch of Hellion Clans forces. According to the information displayed by Black Dragon Empire, Snake Hellion Clan had at least one Great Warlocks overseeing it, they shouldnt be underestimated.

Yang Feng calculated within: “Nowadays, in order to expand ones power, one would have to offend others; unless the other is a sissy. But expanding and not attracting the attention of the allied forces, that would certainly be a bit difficult. After occupying Senarus Principality, it is necessary to stop the expansion and observe the situation for a while.”

With Yang Fengs current strength, it was possible to recover the majority of Southern States Coalitions principalities captured by the hellions. But that would be too conspicuous. Once the under worlds allied forces joined hands, then it would be possible for them to uproot his forces.

“Long live Sir Steel Lord!!”

“Long live Sir Yang Feng!!”

“Long live Sir Yang Tong!!”


As soon as Yang Fengs mechanical legion entered Bailu City, as if awaiting their savior, everyone in Bailu City warmly received them. Countless people rushed to join the army, taking the initiative to capitulate and draw closer towards Yang Feng, letting him easily capture the hearts of the majority of Bailu Citys people.

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