Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1412: Advancing to a Demongod Emperor

Chapter 1411: Attacking the Demongod Emperors Country

“Impressive. As expected of a Demongod Emperor. Its a shame, but youre not in your peak condition right now! Let me guess, you sustained heavy injuries during the ancient Demongod war? Otherwise, you wouldnt fight me with just an avatar.”

Yang Feng smiled and erupted with Demongod patterns, and his severed right hand regenerated in an instant.

Manbas face sank. He pointed with his hand, and the terrifying battleaxe slashed towards Yang Feng again.

“Its just an avatar, yet you want to kill me? Youre overestimating yourself!”

With a cold flash in his eyes, Yang Fengs arms surged with countless Demongod patterns, broke out with Demongod Emperor force, and shot towards the terrifying battleaxe.


A terrible energy shock wave spread in all directions. The terrifying battleaxe shattered immediately.

When Manba saw this, his eyes flashed with disbelief: “Demongod Emperor force! How come you possess the power of a Demongod Emperor?!”

In this universe, only powerhouses who have advanced to the Demongod Emperor realm can possess Demongod Emperor force. Yang Feng is just a Greater Demongod. As such, it should be impossible for him to wield Demongod Emperor force.

“I am the next Demongod Emperor!”

Yang Feng smiled, took a step, appeared in front of Manba, spread the fingers of his hand, and slapped Manba on the head, and a devour black hole appeared directly and sucked Manba in.

“Youre dead! Ye Cheng! Im going to kill you together with all your kin!”

With a ferocious flicker in his eyes, Manbas figure blurred, and he tried to detonate himself.

Countless strange Demongod patterns emerged in the devour black hole and firmly wound around Manba, making it so Manba cant detonate himself.

After a few breaths of time, Manba collapsed and turned into dust that wafted away with a gust of wind.

“Go to hell!”

Yang Feng slapped Warsword Demongod on the head, and a terrifying devour black hole appeared and swallowed Warsword Demongod directly.

Two powerful Demongod origins filled Yang Fengs body, making his strength rise again.

In the center of the Realm of Demongods, there is a huge palace complex covering an area hundreds of thousands of kilometers in radius. In the center of the palace complex, there is a magnificent, mysterious city.

The mysterious city is the place where successive Demongod Emperors have resided. According to legend, the mysterious city conceals secrets to exceed the Demongod Emperor realm.

In ancient times, several Demongod Emperors fought each other for the right to live in the mysterious city, leading to their fall.

“Ye Cheng! Curse you, Ye Cheng! Pass down my order! If anyone in the Realm of Demongods kills Ye Cheng, I will reward them with the head of a Demongod Emperor!”

A voice full of rage transmitted from the mysterious city, and a fearsome will spread towards the whole Realm of Demongods.

“The head of a Demongod Emperor!”

“This is a reward issued by his majesty Manba!”

“If I kill Ye Cheng, my strength will be able to progress further!”


In the whole Realm of Demongods, the eyes of powerful Greater Demongods surged with the color of excitement when they heard this.

Manba was the sole victor of the ancient war. As such, the bodies of the Demongod Emperors fell into his hands. The head of a Demongod Emperor is enough to enable an ordinary Greater Demongod to evolve to the level of Warsword Demongod. This is enough to make many Greater Demongods to go crazy.

50,000 kilometers to the west of the huge palace complex, ripples surged, and a level-6 stronghold emerged from the void.

Interstellar warships flew out one after another and fired light beams barreling towards the palace complex. In the wake of the light beams, mushroom clouds rose and vast devastation occurred.

“Someone is attacking the City of Miracles!”

“Someone wants to kill the Demongod Emperor!”


When the three Greater Demongods living around the City of Miracles saw this scene, their hearts surged with shock. But they didnt go there to give a helping hand.

“This is the great Demongod Manbas country…”

An Intermediate Demongod realm stoneman Demongod just walked out of the palace complex, when a light beam slammed into him and blasted him apart.

Formidable Demongod auras just rose from the palace complex, when light beams descended, slammed into the palace complex, and obliterated the Demongods inside.

“How fierce!”

“Who is it?”

“They want to fight his majesty Demongod Emperor to the death!”


The three Greater Demongods around the City of Miracles felt a chill rise inside them when they saw this. They are all smart people and naturally understand that since Yang Feng has gone this far, he clearly wants to fight the Demongod Emperor to the death.

Above the City of Miracles, ripples surged, and a giant mountain emerged abruptly.

Nine Demongod dragons, who look 90% similar to true dragons, flew out of the giant mountain, and Greater Demongod realm fluctuations of power emanated from them.

After they flew out, the nine Demongod dragons merged together and became a nine-headed Demongod dragon.

A huge stone emerged out of the earth, and a stone wolf crawled out of the huge stone, a fierce flash in its eyes.

A sun flew out of the City of Miracles, and then a sun lion emerged from the sun.

“Nine Dragons Demongod, Skywolf Demongod, Sunlion Demongod! Sure enough, the three confidants of the Demongod Emperor are here!”

“The three Demongods are each stronger than Warsword Demongod. With these three guardians by his side, Demongod Emperors position is as stable as Mount Tai.”

“To dare attack the Demongod Emperor, that person is seeking death!”


When the three Greater Demongods around the City of Miracles saw the three Demongods that just emerged, their eyes flashed with a dignified color.

Nine Dragons Demongod, Skywolf Demongod, Sunlion Demongod, these three Demongods followed the Demongod Emperor Manba on various campaigns back in the day and made great contributions. Countless Demongods have died at their hands, including more than 100 Greater Demongods.

After the ancient Demongod war, the number of Greater Demongods in the Realm of Demongods has greatly decreased. The three Demongods are partly at fault for this.

With a fierce shade in his eyes, Nine Dragons Demongod looked at the 6th generation battle robots and revealed a contemptuous smile, “I can finally stretch a bit! I want Ye Chengs heart and liver! To dare provoke the great Demongod Emperor, hes guilty of a crime for which even death cannot atone!”

Skywolf Demongod licked his lips and said with a ferocious smile: “Then I want his legs! I havent had Greater Demongod flesh for a long time!”

Sunlion Demongod revealed a fierce smile: “Then I will catch all the people Ye Cheng cherishes and burn them alive one by one! Ill engrave the outcome of being a rebel deep into him!”

“Target has appeared! The Devastator Cannon is fully charged! Fire!”

All of a sudden, a cannon 10 kilometers long extended from the level-6 stronghold, and countless Demongod patterns erupted.

In an instant, a Devastator Cannon beam ejected out, shrouded Nine Dragons Demongod, Skywolf Demongod, and Sunlion Demongod, and then barreled towards the City of Miracles.

The palace complex surged with Demongod patterns. Tremendous Demongod force was channeled into the City of Miracles, allowing the city to activate a huge defensive barrier.

When the Devastator Cannon beam slammed into the huge defensive barrier, it set off ripples.

After the beam disappeared, it was revealed that the three Demongods have turned into ashes and a large tract of the palace complex was erased.

“Nine Dragons Demongod, Skywolf Demongod, and Sunlion Demongod have been dealt with!”

“The three have fallen in an instant!”

“How fierce!”


When they saw this scene, fear welled up inside the three spectating Greater Demongods.

If they were faced against any one of Nine Dragons Demongods group of three, even if the three spectating Greater Demongods worked together, they wouldnt stand a chance. Yet now Nine Dragons Demongod and them have died in an instant in a frontal confrontation. This is beyond shocking.

The swarm of warships shone, and light beams rained down on the palace complex and destroyed it directly.

The countless palaces are energy nodes that provide defensive power to the City of Miracles. Only by destroying those palaces, only then can Yang Feng capture the City of Miracles in one fell swoop.

Metal spheres flew out from the level-6 stronghold, landed in certain locations in the palace complex outside the City of Miracles, and formed mechanical towers.

The mechanical towers shone and extracted the Demongod force in the surroundings of the City of Miracles.

The Demongod force of the entire City of Miracles was extracted by the mechanical towers, and then channeled into the level-6 stronghold to recharge the Devastator Cannon.

Hiding in the void, Yang Feng quietly directed the battle between the level-6 stronghold and the City of Miracles.

The City of Miracles is a place that Demongod Emperors fight over, hiding who knows how many trump cards. Yang Feng doesnt want to go out into the open and be killed by the Demongod Emperors trump cards.

But so long as the Demongod force of the entire City of Miracles is extracted, the city wont last long.

Tens of thousands of Intermediate Demongod realm powerhouses, who are comparable to Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses, flew out of the City of Miracles.

The interstellar warships suspended in the void shone and fired light beams that slammed into the intermediate Demongods and blasted them to pieces.

The 6th generation battle robots lunged and engaged with the Intermediate Demongods.

Terrible explosions sounded incessantly.

Countless 6th generation battle robots and countless Intermediate Demongods fell at all times.

While hiding in the void, Yang Feng broke out with Demongod patterns and constantly devoured the Demongod origin that scattered when Intermediate Demongods died, and his aura climbed.

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