Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1413: King of Rulers Ziji

ngod Emperor force poured into the level-7 stronghold.

Time elapsed and another 10 years passed.

During these 10 years, Yang Feng absorbed the Realm of Demongods Demongod force, transformed it into Demongod Emperor force, and channeled the Demongod Emperor force into the level-7 stronghold.

The level-7 stronghold trembled slightly and surged with mysterious ripples.

There was a flash of regret in his eyes, and Yang Feng sighed lightly and stopped supplying Demongod Emperor force: “Already reached the limit! Its a shame, but its impossible to create an Eternal realm powerhouse in a single bound!”

It was with the help of the universe will, coupled with countless resources as well as a giant Kunmo Stone, that Ling was finally able to advance successfully and step into the Eternal realm.

Even though Yang Feng used countless precious resources of the universe, but he still couldnt directly refine a Eternal realm powerhouse.

The level-7 stronghold trembled slightly and split open.

In the center of the level-7 stronghold, there is a peerlessly beautiful woman with long, purple hair, snow-white skin, a pure and sacred luster, and a sexy figure lying quietly.

The peerlessly beautiful woman opened her eyes, and purple Demongod light circled her and formed a purple dress.

“I, Ziji, greet lord!”

The King of Rulers Ziji showed an enchanting smile and saluted Yang Feng.

“This performance! It has surpassed Ying and Xingjis. It is second only to Lings! As expected of a King of Rulers refined from the resources of a universe!”

Yang Feng glanced at Ziji, and her performance appeared in his eyes directly, which prompted him to reveal a satisfied smile.

Yang Feng uttered with a light smile, “Ill leave the rest to you!”

Ziji replied with a fascinating smile, “Yes! Lord! Your will shall be carried out!”

Yang Feng exchanged a few words with Ziji. Then, his figure fluttered, and he disappeared.

“Compared to the world of Warlocks and Gumana Universe, this universe is far too lacking! There are less than 100 life stars here. It seems that it has been severely damaged.”

Along with a flash of ripples, Yang Feng appeared, at the edge of the universe, at a star where the universe wall is weak, and waved his hand, and the magical seed he seized from Du Ling Emperor flew out.

Back in the day, Yang Feng was able to advance to an Eternal Sovereign thanks to the extraordinary fruit that Du Ling Emperor had painstakingly brought from another universe.

As soon as the magical seed landed on the star, it disappeared into the earth and madly absorbed the stars origin force.

The star trembled slightly, emanated strange ripples, and slowly absorbed the universes origin force to cultivate the magical seed.

“In order to cultivate a fruit like the Universe Fruit, you must absorb a universes origin force.”

Yang Fengs eyes surged with Demongod patterns and evolved into fearsome Demongod eyes, and he quietly watched the Universe Fruit grow.

From the memories of Du Ling Emperor, Yang Feng learned that this fruit that transcends Eternal grade fruits is called Universe Fruit. The Universe Fruit is a fruit formed by absorbing a universes origin force. It can be planted in a universe only once after said universe has won a universe devour war.

If the Universe Fruit is planted repeatedly in a universe, said universe will gradually decline, and its universe energy level will drop.

Their universe is the foundation of an Eternal Sovereign. Once the universe energy level of their universe drops, the Eternal Sovereign will weaken, as well. Even if they consume a Universe Fruit to become stronger for a short time, it will be akin drinking sea water in the hopes of quenching the thirst. Theyre strength ultimately wont be improved.

After learning about the effects of the Universal Fruit, Yang Feng was wary to plant it in the world of Warlocks.

Since the universe of Demongods doesnt contain Yang Fengs Eternal imprint, then even is its universe energy level drops, it wont affect him at all. This was the reason why he planted the Universe Fruit in this universe.

“The bait has been set up! Now lets wait for the fish to take the bait!”

The corners of Yang Fengs mouth rose into a smile, and he turned into a stream of light and disappeared.

Duyun Universe, in the rear garden of an Eternal shrine. The rear garden is covered with all kinds of beautiful flowers and is filled with wonderful flower fragrances.

Beautiful girls of different races are dancing gracefully in the garden and issuing pleasant laughter. Splendid music pervaded the garden.

A dashing man with long, blond hair, dressed in a silver robe, with a wine cup in his hand, is sitting in the garden and enjoying the dancing of the beautiful girls.

The dashing man is Ling Saisi, one of the nine Eternal Sovereigns of Duyun Universe.

“These are the Universe Fruits fluctuations. The good-for-nothings An Luo and An Na finally began to plant the Universe Fruit! However, the dimensional coordinates are incorrect. They changed! Has that universe promoted?”

Ling Saisis eyes lit up and flickered with excitement. He was the one who sent Du Ling Emperor and Du Ling Empress to the universe of the world of Warlocks.

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